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Resense 042: Stank Soul Edits Vol 2
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 in stock $7.40
Cat: RESENSE 042. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Break's All Tight (2:46)
  2. Mama's Little Breakbeat (2:33)
Review: The second of two big break edit 45s: World champion monkey boxer Mako and decorated turntablist Mr Bristow get real with two more funk obscurities. "Breaks All Tight" struts with a classic Motown feeling and a vocal power that's not dissimilar to Lee Fields. "Mama's Little Breakbeat" keeps it real with a swinging twist on Kris Peterson's "Mama's Little Baby". Both absolutely tickle the dance. Vinyl only, too.
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My Wild Love
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 in stock $7.40
Cat: RESENSE 039. Rel: 23 Mar 15
Drum And Bass
  1. My Wild Love (4:22)
  2. Let's Get Twisted (3:11)
Review: Not a lot is known about this Berlin-based project right now, besides rumours of a full album of originals later on this year. For now we have two awesome bootleg/edits... "My Wild Love" gives The Doors a smoky, mid 90s rolling D&B twist they've always deserved while "Twisted" takes Wayne G's heavily sexual spoken word hard house anthem from 1997 a Latin twist that no one could ever have predicted... And is about a trillion time better than the original. We need more of this.
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Crown Royal
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 in stock $3.70
Cat: RES 018. Rel: 13 Dec 10
  1. MustbeatCrew - "Crown Royal"
  2. Gimmick Bros - "Anabacoa"
Review: The latest Resense release sees Crown Royal fuse a mixture of 1960s soundtrack samples, chants and breakbeats under a crooning vocal. On the flipside 60s Latin samples are augmented by some jazzy beats and drum samples with an infectious piano refrain offset by obscure vocal snippets. Tip!
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Items 1 to 5 of 5 on page 1 of 1
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