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Don't You Know I Love You
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Cat: PFG 094. Rel: 04 Dec 06
Rock (All)
Review: Findlay gives the singer-songwriter back the edge that made the likes of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon more than just bardy entertainers. His ambitious music may be intimate, bare, and dare-I-say-it sensitive. Vitally though it's also courageous, triumphant, challenging and otherworldly. Emotionally-driven, psychedelic, spiked with wit, blessed with a cidery traditionalism and foiled with subtle, yet noticeably modern, production from Simian's Simon Lord, Findlay's work is truly 'alternative folk'. But he says he's "more influenced by sixties music in turn influenced by folk". Crosby, Stills and Nash, The Band, and cult auteur Jackson C Frank (whose autonomous album was produced by Paul Simon) are his own points of reference.
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In And Out Of Fog And Lights
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coming soon $10.98
Cat: PF 070. Rel: 13 Oct 97
In And Out Of Fog And Lights
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coming soon $14.27
Cat: PF 070CD. Rel: 13 Oct 97
Vestiges & Claws
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Vestiges & Claws (gatefold vinyl LP)
Cat: PFG 172. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. With The Ink Of A Ghost (5:15)
  2. Let It Carry You (5:31)
  3. Stories We Build, Stories We Tell (3:23)
  4. The Forest (3:12)
  5. Leaf Off / The Cave (4:48)
  6. Every Age (3:01)
  7. What Will (6:17)
  8. Vissel (3:29)
  9. Afterglow (3:35)
  10. Open Book (2:32)
Review: It's now been nine years since Swedish troubadour Jose Gonzalez rose to worldwide ubiquity thanks to his cover of The Knife's 'Heartbeats', and this is only his third solo record in twelve years. True to form, 'Vestiges And Claws' is a notable development of Gonzalez' sound. Whilst there may be no shortage of the kind of delicately constructed and tastefully somnambulistic songcraft by which he made his name - somewhat akin to a 21st century Cat Stevens - there is both a depth of subject matter and a glorious breadth of instrumentation to these ditties that bear the hallmark of an restless artist disinclined to rest on his laurels.
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Let It Carry You (remixes)
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Cat: PFG 178. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Let It Carry You (Holy Ghost! remix) (7:35)
  2. Let It Carry You (Dino Soccio remix) (6:28)
Review: Jose's tones have been charmed by remixes in the past; notably by Jori Hulkkonen on "Crosses" and Todd Terje on "Killing For Love". Almost 10 years later and Holy Ghost! and Dino Soccio remind us how it's done on "Let It Carry You" from Jose's 2014 album Vestiges & Claws. Holy Ghost! gives Gonzales such a sparkling polish and spaces out his lyrics he sounds like Hot Chip while Dino adds a more cosmic, chuggy dubby Norwegian sound. Like previous twists on Jose, both are sublime.
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Machine Dreams
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 in stock $14.17
Cat: PFG 134. Rel: 31 Aug 09
  1. A New
  2. Looking Glass
  3. My Step
  4. Feather
  5. Thunder Love
  6. Never Never
  7. Runabout
  8. Swimming
  9. Blinking Pigs
  10. Come Home
  11. Fortune
Nouvelle Vague
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 in stock $16.22
Cat: PFG 051LP. Rel: 09 Aug 04
  1. Love Will Tear Us Apart
  2. Just Cant Get Enough
  3. In A Manner Of Speaking
  4. Guns Of Brixton
  5. This Is Not A Love Song
  6. Too Drunk To Fuck
  7. Marian
  8. Making Plans For Nigel
  9. A Forest
  10. I Melt With You
  11. Teenage Kicks
  12. Psyche
  13. Friday Night Saturday Morning
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coming soon $14.27
Deletions (CD)
Cat: PFECD 001. Rel: 09 Jun 97
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