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Hazyville (2xLP)
Cat: WDNT 007. Rel: 31 Dec 14
Deep House
Dog Car Boy/Back For More
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Cat: ZEN 1264. Rel: 13 Oct 97
I Aka I
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I Aka I (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 228. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. Ote
  2. Feather
  3. Eluded
  4. In Line
  5. Mudafossil
  6. Hex
  7. Ooh Uhh
  8. Biutiful
  9. Fool Moon
  10. Make It Fast
  11. Shah
  12. Snow
  13. Growl
  14. Too Many
  15. Needs
Review: Tehran-born, London-based Ash Koosha is something of a jack-of-all-trades, dividing his time between filmmaking, soundtrack composition, and music production. He first showcased his skills in the latter category with 2015's GUUD, a quietly confident debut album on Olde English Spelling Bee. Here he graduates to the loftier climes of Ninja Tune to deliver an even stronger follow-up. There's much to admire throughout, from the woozy vocal cut-ups, Flying Lotus style beat manipulation and soaring strings of "Ooh Uh", to the fairground 'braindance' oddness of "Biutiful" [sic]. At times, he calls on his Iranian heritage, making the Arabian instrumentation, glitch-hop production and Autechre style electronics of "Mudafossil" stand out.
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I Aka I
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I Aka I (gatefold 180 gram clear vinyl LP)
Cat: ZEN 228. Rel: 27 May 16
Pattern Of Excel
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Pattern Of Excel (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 222. Rel: 13 Jul 15
  1. Good/Swimmer (1:47)
  2. Artificial Stasis (2:47)
  3. Dx2 (1:07)
  4. Suffer Gene (2:30)
  5. Refoah (0:08)
  6. Shallowness Is The Root Of All Evil (1:43)
  7. Paofex (3:21)
  8. Kanu (2:49)
  9. Aga (3:25)
  10. Inflatable (2:16)
  11. Paw In The Sky For Pigs (4:32)
  12. Disney Girls (2:48)
  13. SDM (3:44)
  14. Memory 6 (3:38)
  15. Towels (3:24)
Review: The arrival of this second solo album in as many years from US producer Lee Barron was preceded by the curious announcement he plans to be referred to as b (which translates as Not Bannon). Obviously Bannon feels Patterns of Excel is a landmark, with the producer looking to move on after spending some 14 months on the album. Those looking forward to more of the searing jungle instrumentals Bannon deployed on his excellent debut LP Alternate/Endings will be disappointed with Patterns of Excel a fifteen track exploration of glitchy ambient electronics and droning textures. It feels right at home on Ninja Tune.
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Pattern Of Excel
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Cat: ZENCD 222. Rel: 13 Jul 15
  1. Good/Swimmer
  2. Artificial Stasis
  3. Dx2
  4. Suffer Gene
  5. Refoah
  6. Shallowness Is The Root Of All Evil
  7. Paofex
  8. Kanu
  9. Aga
  10. Inflatable
  11. Paw In The Sky For Pigs
  12. Disney Girls
  13. SDM
  14. Memory 6
  15. Towels
Review: The arrival of this second solo album in as many years from US producer Lee Barron was preceded by the curious announcement he plans to be referred to as b (which translates as Not Bannon). Obviously Bannon feels Patterns of Excel is a landmark, with the producer looking to move on after spending some 14 months on the album. Those looking forward to more of the searing jungle instrumentals Bannon deployed on his excellent debut LP Alternate/Endings will be disappointed with Patterns of Excel a fifteen track exploration of glitchy ambient electronics and droning textures. It feels right at home on Ninja Tune.
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Remix EP
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Remix EP (12")
Cat: ZEN 12423. Rel: 14 Dec 15
  1. I Wanna Know (Seven Davis Jr Midnight remix) (5:09)
  2. I Wanna Know (dBridge remix) (3:22)
  3. I Want You (Animal Collective remix) (3:03)
Review: Back in January, Steve Spacek scored one of this year's most unique long players with the Beat Spacek album Modern Streets which was crafted using only iOS apps. Yes, a very modern concept, but Spacek's mastery of his art ensured this was no gimmick but a fine addition to his storied discography. Before Ninja Tune sign off for the year, the label have issued this 12" featuring a diverse cast of contributing remixers moulding the LP opener "I Wanna Know" in their own vision. Up top, Seven Davis Jr rewires the track into a sublime house groover far removed from the sub heavy drama of the original track. It's a family affair on the flip with Spacek's brother D-Bridge turning in a wonderfully funked out take, whilst Animal Collective's Deakin takes the track down a whole weirder path.
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The Music Scene
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Cat: ZEN 149. Rel: 18 Jan 10
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. It's Raining Clouds
  2. The Music Scene
  3. Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer?
  4. Attack The Doctor
  5. The Prettiest Sea Slug
  6. The Daily Routine
  7. Tricky Turtle
  8. Four Walls
  9. Pity Party
  10. Farewell Spaceman
Carbon Dated
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Cat: ZEN 7184. Rel: 23 Jul 12
UK Garage
Downtown Science
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Cat: ZENCD 113. Rel: 17 Oct 05
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Expiration Date
  2. Roll Out The Red Carpet
  3. Serenade
  4. Cherry Picker
  5. Crashing Down
  6. Stop Motion Traffic
  7. The Art Of Walking
  8. Good Block Bad Block
  9. Dough Nation
  10. Quiet Storm
  11. The First Snowfall
  12. Long Walk Home
  13. Music By Cavelight (Films DVD (188 mins))
Black Sands
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Cat: ZENCD 140. Rel: 29 Mar 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Prelude
  2. Kiara
  3. Kong
  4. Eyesdown (feat Andreya Triana)
  5. El Toro
  6. We Could Forever
  7. 1009
  8. All In Forms
  9. The Keeper (feat Andreya Triana)
  10. Stay The Same (feat Andreya Triana)
  11. Animals
  12. Black Sands
Review: Black Sands, the eagerly anticipated fourth album from Simon Green AKA Bonobo, is no revolutionary change from his signature sound but does come with perhaps even more subtlety and complexity than his previous offerings. Having constantly instilled a degree of integrity and value back into chill out music following the influx of Cafe Del Mar and Coffeeshop compilations, Green once again displays a musicianship that sets him apart as a true artist and producer amongst a sea of downtempo and chillout DJs.
His undeniably clear understanding of composition and arrangement of live instruments has enabled Green to make an album that reaches out through diverse styles, taking influence and inspiration from wherever possible. On Black Sands, Green delves into electronic music and bass more than he did across Animal Magic, Dial "M" For Monkey or Days To Come but does so with enough subtlety and finesse to refrain from causing a radical shift in his product. Tracks like "Kiara," "We Could Forever" and "All In Forms" all utilise beats and bass in a more contemporary outlook than we are used to with Bonobo. Of course the instrumental feel is still there for all to see. Title track "Black Sands" takes this position for almost seven minutes of a horn infused waltz whereas "Kong" assumes the traditional soul-jazz Bonobo take and "Animals" lets delicate drum patterns guide us through pleasing tempo shifts.
The instrumental vibe is highlighted further in the album's approach to vocals. Unlike his last album, Days To Come which was littered with vocals, Black Sands houses only three tracks that contain vocals. The breathy vocals of Andreya Triana complete tracks like "Stay the Same" and "The Keeper" turning them in more traditional songs. Black Sands is another loving crafted offering that uses orchestral arrangements but this time merged with more of a dance aesthetic. As he continues to make chillout more credible in his experimental way, it's no wonder that Bonobo is one of the biggest artists to come from the excellent Ninja Tune.
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The North Borders Tour: Live
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Cat: ZENCD 202. Rel: 20 Oct 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Cirrus
  2. Stay The Same (feat Szjerdene)
  3. Heaven For The Sinner (feat Andreya Triana)
  4. Prelude
  5. Kiara
  6. Ten Tigers
  7. Kong
  8. Ketto
  9. Emkay
  10. Towers (feat Szjerdene)
  11. Recurring
  12. We Could Forever
  13. Transits (feat Szjerdene)
  14. Know You
  15. Pieces (feat Cornelia)
The North Borders
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The North Borders (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 195. Rel: 01 Apr 13
  1. First Fires (feat Grey Reverend)
  2. Emkay
  3. Cirrus
  4. Heaven For The Sinner (feat Erykah Badu)
  5. Sapphire
  6. Jets
  7. Towers (feat Szjerdene)
  8. Don't Wait
  9. Know You
  10. Antenna
  11. Ten Tigers
  12. Transits (feat Szjerdene)
  13. Pieces (feat Cornelia)
Review: Since first emerging at the tail end of the '90s, Simon Green has become downtempo music's most marketable star, appealing just as much to occasional listeners and 40-something housewives as underground heads. Throughout that time, he's carefully shifted his sound to take in current trends and musical developments, whilst retaining a certain picturesque aesthetic. This fifth full-length, his fourth for Ninja Tune, continues that trend. Amongst the usual shuffling beats and twinkling melodies you'll find garage-esque vocal cut-ups, rubbery dancefloor rhythms, Floating Points style neo-jazz, string-laden two-step and some seriously wonky soul featuring vocals from Erykah Badu.
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Black Sands
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Black Sands (2xLP)
Cat: ZEN 140. Rel: 05 Apr 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Prelude
  2. Kiara
  3. Kong
  4. Eyesdown (feat Andreya Triana)
  5. El Toro
  6. We Could Forever
  7. 1009
  8. All In Forms
  9. The Keeper (feat Andreya Triana)
  10. Stay The Same (feat Andreya Triana)
  11. Animals
  12. Black Sands
London Zoo
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London Zoo (gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: ZEN 132. Rel: 21 Jul 08
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Angry (feat Tippa Irie)
  2. Murder We (feat Ricky Ranking)
  3. Skeng (feat Killa P & Flowdan)
  4. Too Much Pain (feat Ricky Ranking & Aya)
  5. Insane (feat Warrior Queen)
  6. Jah War (feat Flowdan)
  7. Fuckaz (feat Space Ape)
  8. You & Me (feat Roger Robinson)
  9. Freak Freak
  10. Warning (feat Flowdan)
  11. Poison Dart (feat Warrior Queen)
  12. Judgement (feat Ricky Ranking)
Played by: Powlo Thirsty Ear
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Filthy (double 10" + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 10353. Rel: 12 Aug 13
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Freakshow (feat Danny Brown & Kiki Hitomi)
  2. Louder (feat Flowdan)
  3. Dirty (feat Flowdan)
  4. Kill Them (feat Daddy Freddy)
Review: Dropping a searing double pack of 10" badness ahead of the forthcoming Angels & Devils album, The Bug is back in business with some apocalyptic gutter bass of the highest order. "Freakshow" matches the leering delivery of Danny Brown with the sinister croon of King Midas Sound's Kiki Hitomi over a horn-laden trap swagger to devastating effect. "Louder" pits Flowdan in the depths of a nauseating half-step march, while "Dirty" takes the London MC into a barrage of equally nerve-jangling drum rattles and alarm-clanging stabs. Long-time Bug collaborator Daddy Freddy rolls up his sleeves for "Kill Them", anchoring the dread stomp with a fearsome growl as anthemic as it is nihilistic.
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Angels & Devils
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Cat: ZENCD 211. Rel: 25 Aug 14
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Void (feat Liz Harris)
  2. Fall (feat Copeland)
  3. Ascension
  4. Mi Lost (feat Miss Red)
  5. Pandi
  6. Save Me (feat Gonjasufi)
  7. The One (feat Flowdan)
  8. Function (feat Manga)
  9. Fuck A Bitch (feat Death Grips)
  10. Fat Mac (feat Flowdan)
  11. Fuck You (feat Warrior Queen)
  12. Dirty (feat Flowdan)
Review: It's been some six years since renowned misery guys Kevin Martin won plaudits for London Zoo, a typically dark, intense and aggressive full-length that showcased his unique ability to blend dubstep, grime, dancehall and dub techno textures into nightmarish new shapes. Angels & Devils, his belated follow-up, is intriguingly different. While the second half of the set is blessed with plenty of robust, floor-friendly riddims (each blessed with vocals from a range of impressive collaborators), the first half is an altogether more downbeat affair. In fact, it's these moments - the droning, dub-inflected ambience of "Pandi" and the bluesy, soundscape dub-soul of "Save Me" - that hit home hardest.
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Zim Zim Zim
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Zim Zim Zim (1-sided 12")
Cat: ZEN 12417. Rel: 07 Sep 15
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Zim Zim Zim (feat Burro Banton) (4:32)
  2. Zim Zim Zim (Zim version) (4:35)
Review: After last year saw Kevin Martin's primary project looming large with the Angels & Devils album and a slew of singles, The Bug is back on Ninja Tune with a new single. "Zim Zim Zim" features seasoned dancehall MC Burro Banton raining down vocal fire over a typically grandiose Martin production, all slow, heavy-footed stomp and strangely emotive slabs of grinding metallic synth tones that sound like the end of the world bursting out of the speakers. Banton's nagging delivery sits perfectly on the track, but for those that want to home in on the subtleties of the production the "Version" provides all the space you need for those staggering sounds to roam.
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Every Day
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Every Day (2xLP)
Cat: ZEN 59B. Rel: 24 Oct 05
Man With The Movie Camera
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Man With The Movie Camera (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 78. Rel: 26 May 03
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. The Projectionist
  2. Melody
  3. Dawn
  4. The Awakening Of A Woman
  5. Reel Life
  6. Postlude
  7. Evolution
  8. Work It!
  9. Voyage
  10. Odessa
  11. Theme De Yoyo
  12. The Magician
  13. Theme Reprise
  14. Yoyo Waltz
  15. Drunken Tune
  16. The Animated Tripod
  17. All Things
Played by: AYBEE
Ma Fleur
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Ma Fleur (2xLP)
Cat: ZEN 122. Rel: 07 May 07
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. To Build A Home
  2. Familiar Ground
  3. That Home
  4. Child Song
  5. Music Box
  6. Ma Fleur
  7. Prelude
  8. As The Stars Fall
  9. Into You
  10. Breathe
  11. Time & Space
Review: "Ma Fleur" is the first full studio album by Jason Swinscoe's Cinematic Orchestra since 2002's "Everyday". The record was written as the soundtrack to a specially commissioned screenplay for an imagined film (which may or may not be made). Shortly after finishing "Everyday", a piece of music which achieved great critical and commercial success, Jason Swinscoe relocated from East London to Paris. Here he began work on the instrumentals which would form the basis of his new record - more moods than finished tracks, a series of sketches or diagrams of directions to follow. Having completed a rough version by early 2005, he gave this to a friend who disappeared for three weeks and came back with short story scripts in which each scene represented a story of a different time in life, expressing the emotions which underpin the journey from birth to death. Jason then took this and worked some more on the tracks, and in turn gave this back to his scriptwriter, the two aspects of the project developing alongside one another. Gradually, Swinscoe recruited suitable vocalists for the atmospheres and themes he wanted to deal with. The remarkable Fontella Bass, who is now sadly in frail health, is the woman behind both legendary soul number "Rescue Me" as well as some of the Art Ensemble of Chicago's finest moments, had worked on "Everyday" and was an obvious choice to voice the parts of the elderly protagonist that Swinscoe envisaged. Mercury-nominated Lou Rhodes is not only a fantastic singer but a young mother and so perfect for the "mid-life" singer. The as-yet unheralded Patrick Watson, a remarkable vocalist from Montreal, became the youngest of the trio.
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Cold Krush Cuts
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Cold Krush Cuts (3xLP + download code)
Cat: ZEN 26. Rel: 13 Oct 14
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Funki Porcini - "Groover"
  2. KT & Hex - "Global Chaos" (Archi version)
  3. 2 Player vs The Herbaliser - "Sometimes"
  4. DJ Vadim & Mark B - "The Breaks"
  5. The Herbaliser - "The Real Killer (Rooftop Prowler)" (part 2)
  6. Luke Vibert - "Get Your Head Down"
  7. London Funk Allstars - "Goodbye Cruel World"
  8. Coldcut - "Naked Leaves"
  9. DJ Food - "Spiral Dub"
  10. DJ Food - "Spiral Dub"
  11. Hex - "Harmonic"
  12. Cabbageboy - "Mod You"
  13. DJ Toolz - "Readybrek"
  14. Amon Tobin - "Creatures"
  15. Peezee - "Nightrous"
  16. Up, Bustle & About - "An Unkmarked Grave In Memory Of Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid"
  17. Up, Bustle & About - "The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill" (OestroGwen mix)
  18. Up, Bustle & About - "The Revolutionary Woman Of The Windmill" (OestroGwen mix)
  19. The Herbaliser - "My Chombee Has The Flaw"
  20. DJ Food - "The Breaks Of Wrath"
  21. Drome - "Alice Effekt"
  22. Gideon - "Glass"
  23. DJ Food - "Sunvibes"
  24. EVA - "Oddly Godly"
  25. Funki Porcini - "Going Down"
  26. The Herbaliser - "40 Winks" (No Sleep Vadim mix)
  27. DJ Vadim - "B Boy"
  28. DJ Vadim - "Headz Still Ain't Ready"
  29. DJ Vadim - "Aural Prostitution" (DJ Cam remix)
  30. 9 Lazy 9 - "Electric Lazyland"
  31. London Funk Allstars - "Give It To Me Raw"
  32. London Funk Allstars - "Broadcasting Live From Planet Blapps!"
  33. London Funk Allstars - "Today London, Tomorrow The World"
  34. London Funk Allstars - "Junkie's Bad Trip"
  35. London Funk Allstars - "Knee Deep In The Beats"
  36. Coldcut - "Sign"
  37. DJ Vadim - "Call Me"
  38. DJ Vadim - "Call Me"
  39. DJ Food - "Bass City Roller"
  40. The Herbaliser - "A Mother For Your Mind"
  41. DJ Vadim - "Aural Prostitution (I Wonder Why)" (feat A-Cyde & Sli Poetry - DJ Vadim remix)
  42. DJ Vadim - "Morning Prayer"
  43. DJ Food - "Dark Lady"
  44. DJ Vadim - "Lounge Shiznitz"
  45. London Funk Allstars - "Love Is What We Need"
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S&G (12")
Cat: ZEN 12326. Rel: 09 Jul 12
Electro House
  1. S&G (radio edit)
  2. S&G (album version)
  3. Diamond Drops
Joined Ends Remix EP
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Cat: ZEN 12414. Rel: 06 Apr 15
  1. The Sky Opposite (Tim Hecker remix) (4:41)
  2. Ann River, Mn (Bibio remix) (3:56)
  3. Ann River, Mn (Kuedo remix) (3:33)
  4. Draft Culture (Nathan Fake remix) (9:14)
Review: Some six months on from the release of Dorian Concept's widely acclaimed sophomore set, Joined Ends, Ninja Tune is finally supplying us with an EP of reinterpretations. Pleasingly, there's much to admire, from the Pat Metheny style guitars, dream-pop vocals and stripped-back rhythms of Biblo's take on "Ann River, Mn", to the deep tropical rhythms and fluid synths of Nathan Fake's excellent rework of "Draft Culture". Best of all, though, is Kuedo's version of "Ann River, Mn", a cacophonous late night workout full of rubbery double bass, creepy electronics and horror-influenced melodies.
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Joined Ends
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 in stock $10.32
Cat: ZENCD 214. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. The Sky Opposite
  2. Ann River, Mn
  3. Mint
  4. Clap Track 4
  5. Draft Culture
  6. Schadentrauer
  7. Nest Nest
  8. The Few
  9. Trophies
  10. Do, Undo, Redo
  11. 11 04 2012
  12. Tried (Now Tired)
Played by: O'Flynn
Review: It would be fair to called Joined Ends, Oliver Thomas Johnson's second album under his familiar Dorian Concept alias, "long-promised". It was being touted for release back in 2011, soon after he signed with Ninja Tune. Interestingly, it's a very different beast to his 2009 debut album, When Planets Explode, and the club-friendly singles that followed. A veritable technicolour blast of warm chords, shimmering synthesizer melodies, dream-pop vocals and skittering low-end rhythms, Joined Ends ripples with unfussy positivity. It's far from a straightforward set - Johnson is too imaginative a producer for that - but it certainly has a singular vision. It may not be the album we were expecting, but it's an impressive set nonetheless.
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3 Hours
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3 Hours (CD single)
Cat: ZENCDS 308. Rel: 26 Mar 12
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. 3 Hours (album verion)
  2. Hit Me (feat Jimmy Edgar - radio edit)
  3. Hit Me (feat Jimmy Edgar)
  4. 3 Hours (instrumental)
  5. Hit Me (feat Jimmy Edgar - instrumental)
  6. 3 Hours (Kilon Tek rework)
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DVA (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 199. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Hush Interlude (feat Michaela Srumova)
  2. Young Minds
  3. She Beats
  4. Filters
  5. After The Fall
  6. Sing To Me
  7. Dem Worlds
  8. Primary Colours
  9. Sleep With My Enemies
  10. Wicked Game
  11. Fight For Your Love
  12. Mouth To Mouth
  13. Searching
  14. Centuries
  15. Criminal Gift
In The Wild
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In The Wild (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 212. Rel: 11 Aug 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Aqui, Port Lligat
  2. New Haven
  3. Uptight
  4. Do Me
  5. Greater Antilles (part 1)
  6. Nine
  7. Frontin
  8. Untitled 12
  9. Ahead The Ship Sleeps
  10. Rolling
  11. Dos Gardenias
  12. Heart & Soul
  13. Grief
  14. In The Shit
  15. Danger
  16. Some Jazz Shit
  17. Greater Antilles (part 2)
Review: In the period since the release of his late 2012 album Hardcourage, Drew Lustman has founded his own label as well as dropping singles on Swamp81 and Ninja Tune, slipped out the odd remix and kept up a busy touring schedule. Where he managed to fit in the studio time for a fourth album In The Wild is not clear but a new FaltyDL long player will always be welcome. At 17 tracks long, In The Wild is Lustman's most comprehensive display of his production palette by some distance with the Brooklyn based artist using the afforded space to really go deep into his various creative impulses. It's a lot to take in immediately, but tracks such as "Frontin'" and "Ahead The Ship Sleeps" feel like FaltyDL on top form.
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Straight & Arrow
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Straight & Arrow (heavyweight vinyl 12" picture disc)
Cat: ZEN 12337X. Rel: 04 Mar 13
  1. Straight & Arrow (original)
  2. Straight & Arrow (Four Tet remix)
Review: Avid record buyers should be more than familiar with "Straight & Arrow" a pleasant, bumping excursion through warbling vocal edits and soft brushed beats from Falty DL. Not only was it a highlight of his recently released Hardcourage LP, but Ninja Tune have already issued it in single format replete with a diverse clutch of remixes from Gold Panda, Four Tet and ballroom duo Mike Q and Divoli S'vere. This picture disc edition is clearly aimed at the fetishistic Drew Lustman completists out there, weighing in at a hefty 180g and brandishing some superlative graphics from the distinct visual agency La Boca. It also houses the seven minutes of dewy eyed, slowly percolating techno that was the remix from the irrepressible Four Tet on the flip.
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Rich Prick Poor Dick
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Rich Prick Poor Dick (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: ZEN 12419. Rel: 28 Sep 15
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Rich Prick Poor Dick (4:47)
  2. Bookaloo (5:59)
Review: Pick up a dictionary, look up 'curveball' and you'll find "Rich Prick Poor Dick". You won't... But you should. After his experimental soundscapery on his In The Wild album, FaltyDL has decided to go all-out on our tooshes with two rather disparate club cuts. The unforgettably titled lead track is a rampant, near-150BPM, techno slapper with heavy elements of psy trance thrown into the mix for good measure and strong flavour. "Bookaloo" plays the cheeky, trippy antidote. A much slower (but still beat-heavy) beat jam, it's bedazzled in an array of both melodic and rhythmic leads and counter leads. Now look up the word 'essential'.
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Visceral & Rich Prick Poor Dick (special low-price bundle)
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 in stock $16.98
Cat: ZEN 12419/20. Rel: 30 Nov 15
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Visceral (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ZEN 12420. Rel: 07 Dec 15
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Visceral (5:19)
  2. The Ah Track (7:08)
Played by: Secretsundaze
Review: Although it has pretty much always been the case, it has to be said that Falty DL is absolutely on fire at the moment, and the New Yorker has been releasing bangers left, right and centre since the start of the year. This time, he takes a break from his own imprint and lands back on London's mighty Ninja Tune with a couple of bangers, all nice and deep, like. "Visceral" is a gentle garage hybrid running at a fast pace and blending all sorts of melodies into its shell, while "The Ah Track" verges onto housier territories. There is, of course, plenty of the man's own flair and manipulation at its core. As per usual, it's rocking gear for the floor.
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Distance & Time
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 in stock $14.56
Cat: ZEN 136. Rel: 08 Oct 07
  1. Trouble's What You're In
  2. This Is The Thing
  3. If Only
  4. Blueberry Pancakes
  5. Get Your Share
  6. Under The Same Stars
  7. So Many Roads
  8. Make It Good
  9. Little Blue Mailbox
Review: "Distance & Time" is a brand new album from Ninja Tune troubadour Fink. Produced by Andy Barlow (Lamb), this features the single "This Is The Thing", recently used on a Mastercard advert.
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Hard Believer
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 in stock $18.51
Hard Believer (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RCPD 001. Rel: 14 Jul 14
  1. Hard Believer
  2. Green & The Blue
  3. White Flag
  4. Pilgrim
  5. Two Days Later
  6. Shakespeare
  7. Truth Begins
  8. Looking Too Closely
  9. Too Late
  10. Keep Falling
Sort Of Revolution
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 in stock $12.44
Cat: ZEN 146. Rel: 01 Jun 09
  1. Sort Of Revolution
  2. Move On Me
  3. Six Weeks
  4. Nothing Is Ever Finished
  5. See It All
  6. Q & A
  7. If I Had A Million
  8. Pigtails
  9. Maker
  10. Walkin' In The Sun
Live In Concert
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 in stock $12.02
Live In Concert (CD + booklet)
Cat: ZENCD 201. Rel: 14 Oct 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Fink - "Berlin Sunrise" (with The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)
  2. Fink - "Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us" (with The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)
  3. Fink - "What Power Art Thou" (with The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)
  4. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - "The Infernal Machine"
  5. Fink - "Wheels"
  6. Fink - "This Is The Thing"
  7. The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - "The Unanswered Question"
  8. Fink - "Perfect Darkness" (with The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)
  9. Fink - "Sort Of Revolution" (with The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra)
Magic Johnson
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 in stock $9.41
Magic Johnson (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: ZEN 12426. Rel: 07 Dec 15
Deep House
  1. Magic Johnson (4:40)
  2. Tape Johnson (6:00)
Review: OYE crew and Berlin purveyors of dusty, hip-hop inspired deep house make their major label debut for Ninja Tune and good on them. It really is their time at present, what with their Money $ex and Box Aus Holz imprints going from strength to strength. "Magic Johnson" inspires the greatness of the song's namesake. All dusty jazz breaks, dreamy rhodes and xylophones and whirring organs are the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday stroll through Prenzlauer Berg after a night of clubbing on no sleep, finishing off in Mauerpark for falafel and record digging. Want something moodier and sleeker? The pair are on hand with the dubbed up "Tape Johnson" take on the B Side.
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The Yard Work Simulator
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coming soon $20.63
Cat: ZEN 227. Rel: 27 May 16
Deep House
The Yard Work Simulator
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coming soon $12.75
Cat: ZENCD 227. Rel: 27 May 16
Deep House
e-mail me when released
coming soon $TBA
Pieces (12")
Cat: ZEN 12325. Rel: 18 Jun 12
  1. Pieces (radio edit)
  2. Pieces (album version)
  3. Lights (M25 version)
Blow Your Headphones
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 in stock $13.05
Cat: ZEN 28. Rel: 24 Mar 97
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Opening Credits
  2. Bring It (feat What What)
  3. Another Mother
  4. More Styles
  5. Ginger Jumps The Fence
  6. Put It On Tape
  7. Saturday Night (feat Fabian & Big Ted)
  8. Intermission
  9. Shocker Zulu
  10. The Blend (feat What What)
  11. Shortys' Judgment
  12. Theme From Control Centre (reprise)
  13. Hardcore
  14. Mr Chombee Has The Flaw
  15. End Credits
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 in stock $19.41
Mercenary (2xLP)
Cat: ZEN 41. Rel: 19 Apr 99
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Intro
  2. Who's The Realist?
  3. When I Shine (feat Bahamadia)
  4. Moon Sequence
  5. Mission Improbably (feat What What)
  6. Goldrush
  7. Mind In The Frame (feat Blade)
  8. Shattered Soul
  9. Road Of Many Signs (feat The Dream Warriors)
  10. Let It Go (feat What What)
  11. The Missing Suitcase
  12. Starlight (feat Roots Manuva)
Moon Money
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coming soon $TBA
Cat: ZENCD 316. Rel: 30 Apr 12
  1. There's A Man Waiting At The Bottom Of The Stars
  2. The Kid Who Drowned At Summer Camp
  3. #MindControl
  4. Everybody's Parents Will Die
  5. The Girl Who Stole My Tamogatchi
  6. 0_0
  7. Coconut Powder
  8. The Choking Game
  9. Addictions
Second Sight
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 in stock $7.27
Cat: ZEN 12427. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Second Sight (6:45)
  2. Ritual (5:51)
Review: First making his name as a producer on local Manc operation Fat City, Hoya Hoya resident Illum Sphere has quite the cultured discography with high profile labels like Tectonic, Monkeytown, 3024 and Ninja Tune in his locker. It was with the latter that Illum Sphere released his debut album Ghosts Of Then and Now in 2014, and the music has slowed down since then, with just a RSD released Spectre Vexd doublepack arriving later that year. The wait is over however, as Illum Sphere confidently strides forward with this club-ready Second Sight 12" for Ninja Tune with both the title track and B-side "Ritual" apparently "reflective of a shift to a more machine-sounding approach" from the producer and bodes well for future Illum Sphere music. This is a less formulaic, and more highly resonant Illum Sphere and comes highly recommended.
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coming soon $18.82
Patience (LP)
Cat: ZEN 229. Rel: 10 Jun 16
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coming soon $12.75
Patience (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 229. Rel: 10 Jun 16
One Armed Bandit
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 in stock $15.48
Cat: ZEN 152. Rel: 15 Mar 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. The Thing Introduces...
  2. One-Armed Bandit
  3. Bananfluer Overalt
  4. 220V/Spektral
  5. Toccata
  6. Prognissekongen
  7. Book Of Glass
  8. Music! Dance! Drama!
  9. Touch Of Evil
  10. Endless Galaxy
Played by: Den Haan
Live With The Britten Sinfonia
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coming soon $13.05
Cat: ZENCD 196. Rel: 06 May 13
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 in stock $12.27
Starfire (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 223. Rel: 01 Jun 15
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Starfire
  2. Big City Music
  3. Shinkansen
  4. Oban
  5. Prungen
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 in stock $13.96
Starfire (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 223. Rel: 01 Jun 15
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Starfire (8:49)
  2. Big City Music (13:55)
  3. Shinkansen (7:45)
  4. Oban (12:40)
  5. Prungen (6:32)
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