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The Eyes Themselves
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Cat: MOTE 041. Rel: 23 Feb 15
  1. The Eyes Themselves
  2. Strange Attractor
  3. Arc
Review: Some new Planetary Assault Systems material from Mr Luke Slater is always a welcome sight and The Eyes Themselves finds the techno pioneer on suitably mind bending form. Issued naturally by his own Mote Evolver, this three track 12" bristles with the sort of intense, physical energy that makes the music feel alive and somewhat alien with the title track a perfect embodiment. Across the six minutes, "The Eyes Themselves" develops from a dark throb into full blown techno psychedelia that possesses the ability to draw the more open minds into another dimension. Similar things could be said about "Strange Attractor" so we will draw your attention to the B side cut "Arc" where intensity is the predominant characteristic across the eight thrilling minutes.
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Future Modular
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Cat: MOTE 038. Rel: 24 Feb 14
  1. Future Modular
  2. Riot In Silo 12
  3. Serc
Review: While Luke Slater is busy as always, his Planetary Assault Systems output has slowed since the release of the all conquering Messenger LP for Ostgut Ton in 2011. For this Future Modular 12", Slater is less visceral and more arpeggiated than previous releases, harking back to a '90s-early-2000s PAS-sound, specifically the A-side's title-track. On the B-sides there's the deep, trippy and linear "Serc", but before that there's a sinister "Riot In Silo 12" that's showered in 909-hi-hats to get through first.
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Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series: Part 2
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coming soon $9.38
  1. Kat (Josh Wink remix)
  2. Kat
Arcade EP
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Arcade EP (12")
Cat: MOTE 035. Rel: 06 May 13
  1. Arcade
  2. Surface
  3. Intern
  4. Somewhere
Review: Following Psyk's excellent label debut for Mote Evolver in the shape of Distane, the producer returns for another EP of robust, yet minimalistic techno. The title track is as tripped back as they come, utilising simply a stomping kick drum and metallic bell tones to create a devastating techno tool; "Surface" is similarly sparse, but trades earth shaking qualities for an idiosyncratic combination of irregular claps which are thrown into the mix alongside slender synth stabs. "Intern" meanwhile takes things on a funkier tip, where distant snare rolls and marimba-like tones combine to create a deceptively simple techno tool; it's a stark contrast to "Somewhere" which is significantly brighter in its approach, accenting Psyk's fierce rhythms and dub chords with a colourful cluster of house-inspired stabs.
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Human EP
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Human EP (12")
Cat: MOTE 043. Rel: 22 Jun 15
  1. Human (5:41)
  2. Powder (5:19)
  3. Aumento (5:39)
Razors EP
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Razors EP (12")
Cat: MOTE 033. Rel: 10 Dec 12
  1. Razors
  2. Over
  3. Bloodless
  4. Trouble
Review: With an ever-widening presence in the modern vanguard of militant techno, Shifted once again sidles up to his regular haunt of Mote Evolver to hammer home some inescapable truths about monochrome dancefloor physics. On all four tracks, there's an unrelenting urgency borne by the steadfast arrangements of rhythmic devices, all locked in so tight the notion of individual elements seems irrelevant. "Razors" grinds and crackles with precision, while "Over" frays into fractals at the edge of its looping drums. "Bloodless" operates a lone acid sentry while "Trouble" hunches down into a mechanical whirr, but all these cuts will do the damage when it counts.
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