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Acid Stomp
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Acid Stomp (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MB 01. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Robin Ball - "Acid Stomp"
  2. Robin Ball - "Acid Duck"
  3. Robin Ball & Neil Tibbetts - "Sqolch" (Robin Ball remix)
  4. MVDC - "Back In The Dayz"
Review: The Memory Box parties have been celebrating the classic foundations of acid house for some time, and now they've launched a label to push their love of squelchy 303 even further. Robin Ball steps up for the first release with some classic examples of how to ride the well-worn machine and keep it sounding fresh like the first rays of morning through the warehouse window. "Acid Stomp" needs little explanation - it teases with some subdued 303 warbles before the real meat of the track kicks in and the frequency starts freaking. "Acid Duck" is a more reduced affair, while collaboration with Neil Tibbetts "Sqolch" works a few deep house elements into the mix. MVDC finish the EP off with the abrasive, grungy thrust of "Back In The Dayz".
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Played by: NightMoves
Drop It Down Low/Remember
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Drop It Down Low/Remember (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MB 03. Rel: 25 Sep 17
Deep House
  1. Drop It Down Low
  2. Drop It Down Dub
  3. Remember (Vibes mix)
  4. Remember
Review: Memory Box the label born from the party of the same name looks to boss Robin
Ball for its next release. Following his first EP, which had all the influences of acid
house past and future, this release shows respect to Chicago.
Ball has been involved in the dance scene since the age of 14 when he first started his
own parties. Since then he has emerged as a singular voice with a discography that
takes in essential cuts all the way back to the mid-nineties, most often on
Groovepressure. Now back under his own name, he is in fine form.
The title track opens the EP in robust fashion, with bubbly drums and gurgling synths
all underpinned by a knotted bassline. Dark, filtered vocals add menace and sci-fi pads
help take this one out of this world. The dub version removes the vocal and thus places
all the focus on those expertly programmed, loose but driving drums.
On the flip, Remember' is a more light-footed groove that races along a slick bass
line. Cosmic chords add some freakiness and the whole thing is kinetic and infectious.
Again displaying fine studio skills that result in grooves with real feelings, this one is
sure to make a big impact.
This is another standout four track package of timeless house music from the ever
exciting Robin Ball.

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Then Again (4/4 Mix, Strings Mix, Robin Beats Remix, Robin Ball Remix)
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  1. Then Again
  2. Then Again (4/4 mix)
  3. Then Again (Strings mix)
  4. Then Again (Robin beats remix)
  5. Then Again (Robin Ball remix)
Review: Then Again' by Orson Bramley is the second release on the Memory Box label. Orson is the founder of British electro funk pioneers Transparent Sound, one of the UK's longest running electro acts. This is his solo work under his own name. Orson has been playing some live Acid House shows at Memory Box parties and this release is the fruit born from the live show. The A side includes the original mix which is an acid electro crossover, plus a four to the floor mix and a beautiful ambient strings mix. The B side sees two remixes from acclaimed producer and Memory Box head honcho Robin Ball, who is also known for his work as Resonators on his recently re-launched Groovepressure label. The first is under his new breakbeat rave alias Robin Beats and the other under his own name which sees him take in a deeper house, techno, electro vibe more akin to his Groovepressure label.

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