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MDR 14.1
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  1. Answer Code Request - "Transit"
  2. Norman Nodge - "BB 1 0"
  3. Lockermatik - "M_Lock 4"
  4. Ryan James Ford - "Arthure Iccon"
Review: All hail Dettmann! Having included a veritable swathe of unreleased material from artists affiliated with his label on the excellent Fabric 77 earlier this year, Marcel Dettmann has done the right thing and issued the majority across two 12"s released this week. As is the case when granted the chance to own these cuts, it's interesting to see if they retain the power and intensity they conveyed when utilised by Dettmann within the context of the mix cd. In the case of "Transit" and "BB 1.0" from Answer Code Request and Norman Nodge respectively, that's a resounding yes! The latter's production is a particularly potent slab of lysergic sonic dementia that the more adventurous selectors will be playing for years to come. Dettman's A&R skills are on full display with cuts from Stefan 'Kryptic Universe' Schindler's new Lockermatik project and newcomer Ryan James Ford.
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Planetary Assault Systems (remixes)
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  1. Apron (PAS Tubed mix 2)
  2. Apron (PAS The Rhythm remix)
  3. Rush (PAS Deep Release remix)
Review: Amid a whole stack of MDR represses of late the label throws in three new cuts of older Dettmann material remixed by arguably the top boy of UK techno. Luke Slater under his all devouring Planetary Assault Systems alias provides two remixes of "Apron" from 2009's MDR06 and another for the track "Rush". The 'PAS Tubed mix 2' of "Apron" is a jittery piece of Luke Slater brilliance that harks back to his earlier, minimal productions as Planetary Assault Systems on Peacefrog, while the 'PAS The Rhythm remix' stays true to the dusty sound Dettmann surfaced with toward the end of last decade. Meanwhile on the flip in the 'Deep Release remix' of "Rush" sees Planetary Assault Systems provides more bona fide booming techno for Berghain that re-popularised the genre several years ago.
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Let's Do It
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Cat: MDR 001/51837. Rel: 28 Aug 06
  1. Let's Do It
  2. Radio
Review: ** Repress ** And the next Berliner ready to take over the world is Mr. Marcel Dettmann. If you thought Sleeparchive was something then just wait till you check this out. Dettmann's first solo release on his confidently self titled label is a building, minimal techno tool with snappy, crunchy percussion and brooding sub bass only heightened by what sounds like another wicked job by the guys at Dubplates & Mastering. No nonsense club techno that's ready to blow up. A sure shot, a must, essential. Please note this is a limited edition stamped white label. Don't sleep. Tip!
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NN 3.0
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NN 3.0 (12")
Cat: MDR 003/54396. Rel: 16 Jul 07
  1. NN 3.0 (intro)
  2. NN 7.4
  3. NN 8.0
We Can Be Friends
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 in stock $10.66
Cat: MDR 015. Rel: 26 Oct 15
  1. We Can Be Friends (6:34)
  2. Morocco (6:27)
  3. Fast Jam (5:26)
  4. Untitled 11 (5:28)
Played by: Kessell
Review: All that we know about the enigmatically named Sa Pa is they are affiliated with Weimar crew Giegling, emerging earlier this year with the Fuubutsushi album on the Forum sublabel that garnered comparisons with Prince Of Denmark. Sa Pa's penchant for subaqueous techno now lands the producer a 12" debut on Marcel Dettmann Recordings. Lead track "We Can Be Friends" is so dubbed-out and murky that it could almost run as a background percussive piece in your mix - that's not to say that we don't think it's absolutely killer, because it is! "Morocco" is completely in a world of its own, crackly feedback and sparse sonics abound, while "Fast Jam" is a heady techno stomper with a punchy low-end and sublime percussion, a track that is followed by another murky load of swamped atmospherics in the form of "Untitled 11". If we have to be completely honest, this has been our favourite MDR 12" in a long time, and it comes with a heartfelt recommendation. Killer.
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In To 5
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In To 5 (12")
Cat: MDR 020. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. In To 5 (5:10)
  2. Serial Command (6:13)
  3. Sixteen 11 (5:52)
  4. Lichter (5:05)
Review: Marcel Dettmann Records commence 2016 as they finished 2015; namely a superb techno 12" from a lesser spotted name. Following Giegling tyke Sa Pa into the MDR fold is Wrong Copy, an unheralded name but clearly a producer (or producers) that know their way round a studio set up. Across the four tracks on this In To 5 12", Wrong Copy suggest they are in possession of a diverse production palette with the title track the most charming bit of Detroit-referencing house music committed to Herr Dettmann's label. Both "Serial Command" and "Lichter" ramp up the rhythmic intensity, but sandwiched inbetween is the more contemplative sprawl of "Sixteen 11".
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MDR 14.2
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MDR 14.2 (12")
Cat: MDR 014.2. Rel: 22 Dec 14
  1. Dario Zenker - "Nearlin"
  2. Francois X - "Rising"
  3. Rod - "RSPCT"
  4. Marcelus - "Flash"
Review: The second of two swiftly announced 12"s on Marcel Dettmann Records to arrive this week features four more cuts the Berghain resident included in his excellent mix for Fabric earlier this week, and whilst the first was evenly split between high profile artists and newcomers this one is four heavy hitters deep. Dario Zenker, Francois X, ROD, and Marcelus all feature here and if you listened to fabric 77 it's likely you'll have been fiending after one of these tracks in particular. Within the context of fabric 77, "RSPCT" by Benny 'ROD' Rodriguez was an overpowering highlight and it's loses none of it's intensity when listened to in full. The broken, bruised and brushed techno rhythms of "Flash" by Marcelus is equally good.
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Items 1 to 7 of 7 on page 1 of 1
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