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Crying Wolf EP
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 in stock $9.74
Crying Wolf EP (hand-stamped purple vinyl 12")
Cat: KCMTDL 012. Rel: 27 May 13
Deep House
  1. Crying Wolf (feat Alex Mills)
  2. Restless Souls (feat Cari Golden)
  3. Love (feat Sheff)
Review: London house duo No Artificial Colours arrive on Kerri Chandler's Madtech label with the Crying Wolf EP, three tracks of bass heavy deepness that fits in nicely with the aesthetic the label has been neatly developing over its steady stream of releases. Unlike most of their contemporaries who seem content to pillage their vocals from an ever decreasing number of sources, NAC are all about bespoke vocal contributions; the title track pairs Alex Mills' '90s style with the duo's darkly swung production and booming toms, while "Restless Souls" sees Cari Golden's vocals go together with some classically filtered bassline action. However, it's perhaps Sheff's contribution on "Love" that is the standout, offering the perfect fusion of early 90s house vocals and contemporary house sounds.
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Swimming Slow
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Swimming Slow (purple vinyl 12")
Cat: KCMTLP 800. Rel: 17 Mar 14
  1. Swimming Slow (Throwing Snow remix)
  2. Swimming Slow (Gang Colours remix)
  3. Swimming Slow (Sweater Beats remix)
  4. Swimming Slow (Citizen remix)
  5. Swimming Slow (original mix)
Review: London singer Py lays down her darkest, most reflective vocals to date on this smoky, electronic lullaby. Coming across with a touch of Massive Attack, it showcases Py's versatility on a whole new level. Remix-wise past collaborator Throwing Snow unleashes a gritty, industrial strength warehouse version, Gang Colours get all Balearic with a lolloping beat, drifting keys and woozy guitars, Sweater Beats experiment with classic electro ingredients and contemporary dynamics while slap down a bold reverberated 4/4 idea. Each remix writes a whole new chapter for an already exciting book where Py plays the consummate lead role.
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Heaven (12")
Cat: KCMT 015. Rel: 05 Aug 13
  1. Heaven
  2. Grab Somebody
  3. Jam Roll (For Love)
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