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MFB Dominion Club Synthesizer
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Cat: 648352 Rel: 01 Aug 17
MFB Dual LFO Twin Low Frequency Oscillator Synth Module
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 4 in stock $122.47
Cat: 553443 Rel: 03 Nov 14
Twin low frequency oscillator synth module
Notes: The DUAL LFO module houses two individual low frequency oscillators (LFOs) used mainly for modulation purposes. Each LFO section offers three selectable waveforms, CV-input with attenuator and a rate ranging from 10 seconds to approximately 100 Hz. By applying positive or negative voltage, this range can be widened with a factor up to 30, resulting in extreme slow or fast modulation rates.

Both LFOs offer individual inputs to reset the waveform, making it possible to synchronize to a sequencer with appropriate rate settings and separate reset-impulses.

LFO 1 offers triangle, saw tooth down and square waveforms, LFO 2 offers triangle, saw tooth up and sample & Hold. Output voltages are +/- 5 volts at maximum.

When not patched, the two CV-inputs are internally cross-wired, meaning that LFO 1 controls the speed of LFO 2 and vice versa with both attenuators being active to set modulation intensity.

The module has a width of 40mm (8 TE).
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MFB Nanozwerg Pro Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer Module
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 2 in stock $226.99
Cat: 646929 Rel: 05 Jun 17
Eurorack version of the successful Nanozwerg synth - 24HP
Notes: The NANOZWERG PRO Module is complete monophonic analogue synthesizer unit within a very compact size.

With its VCO, Suboscillator and 12 dB Multimodefilter the synth voice is able to create various sounds from bass- and sequence- to electro-, effect- and drone styles. Furthermore, you can add white NOISE and external signals to create more complex sounds or just for use as filterbox.

An overview about the features of the NANOZWERG Pro Module:

The VCO creates the waveforms Triangle, Sawtooth, Square and Pulse. The foot scale (octave range) goes from 32' to 4' and the fine tuning around +/-6 semitones. For fatten the sound a Suboscillator can be switched to three different intervals or White Noise alternatively. A Mixer knob blends VCO waves into Sub/White Noise. A Glide effect is provided too.

The 12-dB-State-Variable-Multimodefilter owns LOWPASS, BANDPASS, HIGHPASS and NOTCH and its CUTOFF can be controlled manually, by LFO or ADSR. The RESONANCE allows selfoscillation and KEYFOLLOW spreads the filter frequency depending on the note.

The LFO offers four waveforms including SAMPLE&HOLD and ONE SHOT who works as a envelope - after a gate impulse one cycle of the selected waveform is generated. An innovation is - the first three waveforms can be morphed to each other. Beside Filter CUTOFF, PITCH and PULSEWIDTH of the VCO can be addressed by the LFO.

The first ADSR envelope controls the CUTOFF with negative or positive slope, the second ADSR controls the VCAs volume.

Almost every parameter can be controlled via CV, the envelopes and LFO have CV outputs. An external in feed the VCF alternative with other soundsources. MIDI IN allows to control the module with your DAW or other MIDI gear.

The NANOZWERG PRO receives NOTE ON, PITCH WHEEL (+/- 1 halftone) and MIDI CC. Alternative the faster M-BUS connection offers the same features.

The Module has a width of 24 HP = 121 mm.
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MFB Tanzbar Lite Analogue Drumcomputer (EU power supply included)
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 3 in stock $379.03
Cat: 603456 Rel: 04 Apr 16
Drum machine with 9 analogue percussion instruments & 64 pattern chase sequencer - all in a robust metal chassis
Notes: The Tanzbar Lite drumcomputer is a further development of the MFB 522. He offers nine powerful analogue percussion instruments. A chase sequencer stores up to 64 patterns. You can chain up to 16 different patterns, A/B let you switch or alternate between A and B. Moreover you can program up to 16 different Flam algorithm. Step lenght is individual selectable for each instrument - polyrhythms are easy to get. 32 steps, 16th or 16th/8th triplets are the basic metrics and a 15 different shuffles can be set globally. Four different accents are available. Five independed LFOs can be used to modulate the pitch of Bassdrum, Claps, Tom/Conga, Cowbell and Clave. They offers four waveforms and can be programmed independly for each step. The compact chassis is built from steel plate.

All Soundparameter can be recorded in step- or realtime mode. The sequencer sends Midi notes and can trigger other soundsources. Tanzmaus send and get Midi Clock. Beside Master Volume each instrument has its own volume pot and mute function. You have five individual outs and one stereo out, Claps are in stereo. The compact chassis is built from steel plate.

Instruments Parameters:
Bassdrum : Decay Time, Tune, Attack Level, LFO
Snare: Tune, Noise Level, Noise Decay
Rimshot: Level
Claps: Filter, Reverb Decay Time, Intensity, Number and Patterns of Attacks, LFO
Tom/Conga: Decay Time, Tune, Panning, LFO
Cowbell: Decay Time, Tune, LFO
Claves: Decay Time, Tune, LFO
Cymbal: Decay Time, Tune, Blend Ping/Cymbal
Open Hihat: Decay Time, Tune
Closed Hihat: Decay Time, Tune

*EU power supply included
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MFB VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier Module
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 1 in stock $68.62
Cat: 553437 Rel: 17 Nov 14
Voltage controlled amplifier synth module with 3 audio inputs & 2 outputs
Notes: The VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) module is a classic amplifier to control audio- and CV-signals.

MFB-VCA offers three inputs, of which input 1 can be continuously attenuated. Inputs 2 and 3 offer no attenuators but different sensitivities. They are intended as alternatives for different signal sources rather than to be mixed.

Both CV-inputs can be adjusted in amplification. An envelope generator will typically control CV-1. A distinctive feature for CV-input 2 is its dependency to CV-input 1. Only if voltage is applied to CV-1, any CV-2 control becomes active. A typical application would be a dynamic tremolo effect: With CV-1 under envelope control and CV-2 under LFO control, the tremolo will only be audible with a note held. Typical parallel CV-inputs found in other modules would need a second VCA-module to achieve this effect.

There are two parallel outputs: Output 1 has fixed level and output 2 offers variable attenuation.

The module has a width of 40mm (8 TE).
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