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Bird Matrix (remixes)
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Cat: K7319 EP1. Rel: 02 Nov 15
  1. Actress - "Bird Matrix" (Kid606 club remix) (10:13)
  2. Actress - "Bird Matrix" (Kid606 dub remix) (8:35)
  3. GNESIS - "Pear" (original mix) (3:17)
  4. Actress - "Bird Matrix" (Simbiosi remix) (6:40)
Played by: Ali Renault
Review: Germany's K7 have got it on lock-down with this latest 12', a full rework EP of Actress' "Bird Matrix" killer by a pair of dance luminaries. First up is Kid606, a man who has been making 'outsider' music since before the term was ever coined, and one who has been every bit as important to the dance music scene all the more commercial names. Kid606's Club Mix is driving, filled with slithering percussion and led by a gorgeous swarm of aqueous synths and Zelda-like sonics, while the dub version slows things down and muddies the groove up into a heady, meditative bundle of melodies and beats. Simbiosi, on the other hand, goes for the jugular and delivers a heavy, stomping techno retuning of the original - what a blinder! There's also a tune by the mysterious Gnesis, "Pear", which appeared on Actress' own K7 compilation. Ya need!
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Rust (12")
Cat: K7321 EP1. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. Rust (4:09)
  2. Rust (Midland remix) (6:51)
Graspers (halfspeed mastered)
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Cat: K7 321LP. Rel: 25 Jan 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Adrift (4:10)
  2. Rust (4:08)
  3. Borderlines (4:51)
  4. Beseech (3:47)
  5. Call (4:02)
  6. Is It Because (3:42)
  7. Murmur (3:27)
  8. Deft Ways (5:05)
  9. Feel A Little (2:24)
  10. Graspers (5:04)
  11. Extract (3:11)
  12. Adrift
  13. Rust
  14. Borderlines
  15. Beseech
  16. Call
  17. Is It Because
  18. Murmur
  19. Deft Ways
  20. Feel A Little
  21. Graspers
  22. Extract
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Graspers (CD)
Cat: K7 321CD. Rel: 25 Jan 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Adrift
  2. Rust
  3. Borderlines
  4. Beseech
  5. Call
  6. Is It Because
  7. Murmur
  8. Deft Ways
  9. Feel A Little
  10. Graspers
  11. Extract
Review: Last year, Akase duo Harry Agius and Robert Redway set out their stall with a pair of impressive singles on K7. Here, they return to the long-running German label with a similarly atmospheric and otherworldly debut album. Sitting somewhere between intoxicating outsider house, woozy synth-pop, undulating tech-house and heartfelt blue-eyed soul, but with a radio-friendly vibe all of its' own, Graspers is the kind of set that should appeal to a wide range of listeners. Certainly, it's full of memorable songs, enjoyable late night moments, emotion-rich compositions and evocative productions. As debut albums go, it's quietly confident and boasts an unfussy beauty.
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Holy Night & Poor Magic
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Cat: K7 331EP1. Rel: 25 Apr 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Holy Night (4:14)
  2. Poor Magic (4:02)
  3. Holy Night (Tom Trago remix) (8:05)
Getting Closer
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Cat: K7 309CD. Rel: 10 Jun 13
Deep House
  1. I Died 1000 Times (feat Charlene Soraia & October)
  2. Oscar
  3. My Way (feat Joe Dukie - Tanner Ross & Slow Hands remix)
  4. Cubizm
  5. Born In A Rolling Barrel (feat Tikiman, October & Applebim)
  6. Time Fades
  7. Wallflower (feat Fink)
  8. Future Love
  9. Beam Me Up (feat Charlene Soraia & Scuba)
  10. Inside
My Way
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My Way (12")
Cat: K7 309EP3. Rel: 08 Jul 13
Deep House
  1. My Way
  2. My Way (Dusky remix)
  3. My Way (Midland remix)
  4. My Way (Tanner Ross & Slow Hands remix)
Review: Marking the second single to be lifted from Will Saul's nourish pop project Close, "My Way" marks one of the album's many forays into vocal territory with a sterling turn from Fat Freddy's Drop crooner Joe Dukie. As well as the calming tones of the original, there is plethora of remixes to accompany the release from regular Saul collaborators for his Simple and Aus labels. Dusky take the lead first with a pumping, garage-fuelled version that keeps the melodics in a moody refrain and the vocal fully intact, while Midland shakes things up with a simmering revision that injects some grainy synth fuzz into the mix and chops the vocal down to one looping sample for the main hook. Tanner Ross and Slow Hands get utterly blissed out with their snail-paced version that does away with sonic detritus and lets the warmth and musicality shine through.
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DJ Kicks
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DJ Kicks (mixed CD)
Cat: K 7295CD. Rel: 16 Apr 12
Deep House
  1. Deft - "Loqux & Past"
  2. Kris Wadsworth - "Mainline" (Jimmy Edgar remix)
  3. Chasing Kurt - "Money"
  4. Bozzwell - "In My Cocoon"
  5. Larse - "Karoo"
  6. Milscot - "All Alone" (feat Angela Sheik - Domyan Just Slow remix)
  7. Adam Stacks - "Hey Love"
  8. Phil Kieran & White Noise Sound - "Never Believed"
  9. Sigward - "Nuerd"
  10. Maya Jane Coles - "Not Listening" (DJ Kicks)
  11. Virgo Four - "It's A Crime" (Caribou remix)
  12. Roberto Bardini - "Hate Me" (Muteoscillator Fairy Tall remix)
  13. Tripmastaz - "Guess Who"
  14. Standard Fair - "Little Helper 16-3"
  15. Nocturnal Sunshine - "Meant To Be"
  16. Zenker Brothers - "Berg 10"
  17. Last Magpie - "No More Stories"
  18. Zoe Zoe - "Church"
  19. Gerry Read - "Roomland" (Youandewan remix)
  20. T Williams - "Analog Tour"
  21. Marcel Dettmann - "Translation Two"
  22. Claro Intelecto - "Hunter's Rocket To The Sky"
Review: Given her current popularity, it's no surprise to see all-conquering house hero Maya Jane Coles mixing the latest instalment of !K7's long-running DJ Kicks series. The diminutive DJ/producer is in fine form, too, mixing up typically atmospheric house cuts and clandestine deepness with saucer-eyed late night faves and forgotten B-sides (see Bozzwell's surprisingly emotional "In My Cocoon"). As a mix it's as deep, melodic and groovy as you'd expect, with a strong vocal theme running throughout. As it progresses, it tiptoes further into bleary-eyed darkroom territory, via stand-out cuts from Marcel Dettmann, Caribou (his thrilling remix of Virgo Four), Gerry Read and T Williams.
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DJ Kicks
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DJ Kicks (CD)
Cat: K7 332CD. Rel: 27 May 16
DJ Kicks
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DJ Kicks (2xLP + CD)
Cat: K7 332LP. Rel: 27 May 16
Gangs EP
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Gangs EP (limited CD single)
Cat: K7 277LCD. Rel: 31 Jan 11
  1. Only Me I Can Save
  2. Marvel
  3. Memory Loss
  4. X-F
  5. Lights
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XXX (2xLP)
Cat: K7 265LP. Rel: 26 Jul 10
  1. Function Of Your Love
  2. Hot, Raw, Sex
  3. Turn You Inside Out
  4. New Touch
  5. One Twenty Detail
  6. Rewind, Stop That Tape
  7. Push
  8. Physical Motion
  9. In My Color
  10. Midnite Fone Call
  11. Vibration
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Words (12")
Cat: K7276 EP. Rel: 25 Oct 10
Electro House
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
Session 1
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Session 1 (CD)
Cat: K7 252CD. Rel: 01 Feb 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Who's The Realest?
  2. Ginger Jumps The Fence
  3. The Sensual Woman
  4. The Missing Suitcase
  5. Shocka Zulu
  6. Shattered Soul
  7. Goldrush
  8. Forty Winks
The Moon Rang Like A Bell
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Cat: K7 318CD. Rel: 26 May 14
  1. Show Me Love
  2. Murmurs
  3. Cavity
  4. Out Alee
  5. Innocent
  6. Broken Blue
  7. Chambers (Passing Train)
  8. Down From The Rafters
  9. Animal
  10. Seven White Horses
  11. Xtalk
  12. No Sound
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Church (12")
Cat: K 7316EP2. Rel: 29 Jun 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Jabru - "Church" (feat Joel Cullpepper - original mix) (5:31)
  2. Jabru - "Church" (feat Joel Cullpepper - Zedd Bias remix) (5:58)
  3. Will Saul & Kommon - "Two For One" (original mix) (5:23)
  4. Will Saul & Kommon - "Two For One" (Appleblim remix) (6:29)
Review: As a follow-up to Will Saul's exclusive-packed - and generally well received - DJ Kicks set, !K7 has decided to reissue two of the most celebrated tracks, with fresh new remixes. On the A-side you'll find Jabru and Joel Culpepper's "Church" - a decidedly organic, soulful chunk of deep house/UK garage fusion - with accompanying Zed Bias rub. The UKG veteran gives it a bouncy, bassy two-step makeover, wisely retaining Culpepper's brilliant vocals. Flip for Will Saul and Komon's spacey "Two For One", where dreamy flourishes rub shoulders with throbbing electronics and delicate house beats. The remix is provided by Appleblim, who adds a new layer of percussive toughness - in a bruk-meets-two-step style - whilst retaining the warmth of the original.
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Blitz N Ass
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Cat: ASCD 002. Rel: 22 Oct 07
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. BLN
  2. Style
  3. Gameboy
  4. Double Barrel Name
  5. Getyoshitout
  6. Hands In Your Pockets
  7. Hight-Tech (feat M Sayyid)
  8. Disposable (feat Stereotyp)
  9. Takin' Your Street
  10. Flatline (feat RQM)
  11. Party Hard (feat Autodrive)
  12. Chill Jill
  13. Rainbow Coloured Rizzla (Collagen)
  14. Collagen
  15. Sit 'N' Chuckle
Bloc Party Tapes
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Bloc Party Tapes (mixed CD)
Cat: !K7 313CD. Rel: 04 Nov 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Zia - "Manifesto Meditations"
  2. Do Make Say Think - "I Love You (La La La)"
  3. Tweak & Tony Allen - "Leroy"
  4. Wiley - "Numbers In Action" (Sticky remix)
  5. Wookie - "Battle" (feat Lain)
  6. French Fries - "Space Alarm"
  7. Bloc Party - "Obscene" (Kele Okereke remix)
  8. Double 99 - "RIP Groove"
  9. Fela Aniulapo Kuti & Afrika 70 - "Shuffering & Shmiling"
  10. Torske - "Jeg Vil Vaere Soppelmann"
  11. Larry Heard presents Mr White - "The Sun Can't Compare" (long version)
  12. Cajmere - "Percolator" (Jamie Jones Vault mix)
  13. Junior Boys - "Like A Child" (Carl Craig remix)
  14. Vaghe Stelle - "The Platform" (Samoyed remix)
  15. Jacques Greene - "The Look" (Koreless remix)
Review: K7's Tape series has already seen the indie royalty likes of Foals, The Rapture and The Big Pink compile mixtapes of mix their favourite tunes. That considered they've still outdone themselves by securing Bloc Party's frontman Kele Okereke for this time round. The thirteen track mix shows surprising range from Okereke, with garage standards such as "RIP Groove" and the Wookie classic "Battle" rubbing up against party grime from Wiley and more 4/4 fare from Larry Heard, Cajmere (in Jamie Jones remix form) and Carl Craig's award winning Junior Boys remix. A pleasant curveball appears in the form of the Samoyed remix of Vagghe Stalle.
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Bloc Party Tapes
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Bloc Party Tapes (mixed CD)
Cat: K 7313CD. Rel: 14 Oct 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Zia - "Manifesto Meditations Intro"
  2. Do Make Say Think - "I Love You (La La La)"
  3. Tweak & Tony Allen - "Leroy"
  4. Wiley - "Numbers In Action" (Sticky remix)
  5. Wookie - "Battle" (feat Lain)
  6. French Fries - "Space Alarm"
  7. Bloc Party - "Obscene" (Kele Okereke remix)
  8. Double 99 - "Rip Groove"
  9. Fela Anuilapo Kuti & Afrika 70 - "Shuffering & Shmiling"
  10. Torske - "Jeg Vil Vaere Soppelmann"
  11. Larry Heard Presents Mr White - "The Sun Can't Compare" (Long version)
  12. Cajmere - "Percolator" (Jamie Jones Vault mix)
  13. Junior Boys - "Like A Child" (Carl Craig remix)
  14. Vaghe Stelle - "The Platform" (Samoyed remix)
  15. Jacques Greene - "The Look" (Koreless remix)
DJ Kicks
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DJ Kicks (3xLP repress)
Cat: K7 327LP. Rel: 18 Apr 16
Deep House
  1. Yaw - "Where Will You Be" (4:13)
  2. Flying Lotus - "Tea Leaf Dancers" (feat Andreya Triana) (3:40)
  3. Les Sins - "Grind" (4:47)
  4. Noir & Haze - "Around" (Solomun vox) (6:10)
  5. Julien Dyne - "Stained Glass Fresh Frozen" (feat Mara TK) (3:58)
  6. Jitwam - "Keepyourbusinesstoyourself" (3:17)
  7. Dopehead - "Guttah Guttah" (2:35)
  8. Talc - "Robot's Return" (Modern Sleepover part 2) (4:33)
  9. Peter Digital Orchestra - "Jeux De Langues" (3:12)
  10. Jai Paul - "BTSTU" (2:53)
  11. Beady Belle - "When My Anger Starts To Cry" (4:14)
  12. Daniel Bortz - "Cuz You're The One" (5:03)
  13. Joeski - "How Do I Go On" (feat Jesante) (4:29)
  14. Nightmares On Wax - "Les Nuits" (3:37)
  15. SLF & Merkin - "Tag Team Triangle" (6:57)
  16. Lady Alma - "It's House Music" (Moodymann edit) (5:35)
  17. Tirogo - "Disco Maniac" (4:23)
  18. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Fall For You" (feat April - Sandy Rivera Classic mix) (4:50)
  19. Soulful Session & Lynn Lockamy - "Hostile Takeover" (4:27)
Review: It would be fair to say that Studio K7 has pulled off something of a coup in getting Kenny Dixon Jr. to agree to compile and mix the latest installment in the long-running DJ Kicks series. It is, somewhat remarkably, the legendary Detroiter's first commercially available mix set. This triple-vinyl edition features a whopping 19 cuts - all in unmixed form - from the 30 track mix. Musically, it's a blazed, jazzy, soulful and groovy as you'd expect, and contains a mixture of downtempo beats, nu-jazz and hazy house cuts from the likes of Flying Lotus, Dopehead, Peter Digital Orchestra, Nightmares On Wax, Soulful Session and Lady Alma.
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Drumlesson Zwei
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Cat: K7 257CD. Rel: 12 Apr 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Sandstorms
  2. Groove La Chord
  3. Sleepy Hollow
  4. Isolated Syncopation
  5. Acid Eiffel
  6. Distorted Rudiments
  7. Oxygene (part IV)
  8. Jaguar (part one)
  9. Jaguar (part two)
  10. Distant Rhythm
  11. High Noon
  12. Sandcastles
Drumlesson Zwei
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Cat: K7 257L. Rel: 12 Apr 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Sandstorms
  2. Groove La Chord
  3. Sleepy Hollow
  4. Oxygene (part IV)
  5. High Noon
  6. Jaguar (part one)
  7. Jaguar (part two)
  8. Acid Eiffel
  9. Sandcastles
DJ Kicks
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DJ Kicks (2xLP + CD)
Cat: K7 316LP. Rel: 16 Jun 14
Deep House
  1. Axel Boman - "Dubbel" (dub)
  2. Animal Hands - "Beacon Island"
  3. Joe Gray - "Tozai"
  4. Cottam - "Healing Process"
  5. Lrusse - "Presence"
  6. Walton - "Birds"
  7. Will Saul & Komon - "Two For One" (DJ Kicks)
  8. October - "KR 100" (dub)
  9. David Clement - "Follow Me Home" (Lee Jones remix)
  10. Legowelt - "Etherial Techno Music Will Never Die"
  11. Gerry Read - "Baseball"
  12. Second Storey - "Oxygene"
  13. Will Saul & Komon - "Bendy"
  14. Animal Hands - "Beacon Island"
  15. Komon & Appleblim - "The Visionary State"
  16. Joe Gray - "Tozai"
  17. Cottam - "Healing Process"
  18. Youandewan - "Ego"
  19. Jabru - "Church" (feat Joel Culpepper)
  20. Lrusse - "Presence"
  21. Walton - "Birds"
  22. Leon Vynehall - "Time"
  23. Will Saul & Komon - "Two For One" (DJ Kicks)
  24. Sei A - "Reserve"
  25. Axel Boman/Close - "Dubbel/Born In A Rolling Barrel" (dub - feat Tikiman)
  26. Sei A - "JTR"
  27. October - "KR-100" (dub)
  28. David Clement - "Follow Me Home" (Lee Jones 89 remix)
  29. Marquis Hawkes - "Life Struggle"
  30. Bicep - "Nova"
  31. Will Saul - "Pedal Power"
  32. Legowelt - "Etherial Techno Music Will Never Die"
  33. George FitzGerald - "Wanting Needing"
  34. Gerry Read - "Baseball"
  35. Escape - "Flinch"
  36. Second Storey - "Oxygene"
Review: Given his multiple production aliases, love of collaboration and two acclaimed labels - the effervescent Aus and Simple Music - its surprising Will Saul has time to think, let alone lay down a DJ Kicks mix. That the resultant mix is a woozy, atmospheric, multi-textured voyage through many shades of deep house, techno and bass-flecked electronic music is less surprising. Tightly packed with exclusives - see Bicep's rave-flavoured "Nova", for starters - and with cuts from pals October, George Fitzgerald, Cottam and Axel Boman, amongst others, there's plenty for fans of Saul's ever-evolving sound to cheer. This vinyl edition packs 12 of the 24 cuts from the mix across two slabs of vinyl and you get also get a CD of the mix with Saul building a distinctly warm and wide-eyed vibe over 80 mesmerizing minutes.
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Without You
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Cat: K7 312EP1. Rel: 30 Mar 15
Deep House
  1. Without You (original mix) (5:08)
  2. Without You (Melchoir Productions Ltd Sueno Sin Ti remix) (9:36)
  3. Without You (Osksar Offerman Without Her remix) (6:28)
  4. Without You (Mistakes Are Ok Midnight version) (6:50)
Review: The DJ Kicks 12" series was always an integral part of !K7's long running and much loved mix series, offering the vinyl selectors out there a chance to do some damage with the original production contribution from each artist enlisted. For whatever reason it's been dormant for a few years but gets rebooted here much to the joy of John Talabot completists everywhere, with the Spaniard's superb "Without You" given a much needed vinyl pressing! A highlight of the Hivern man's 2012 DJ Kicks mix, the soft embrace of the original is complemented by a triplet of remixes that veer of in different directions. Perlon veteran Thomas Melchior dons his Melchior Productions Ltd guise for a self styled Sueno Sin Ti remix that is the epitome of stripped back deepness, whilst Oskar Offerman flushes the production with some blue eyed soul on his fine effort. Mystery Hivern production unit Mistakes Are OK hint at future promise with a wonderfully relaxed closing remix that will get the Balearically-minded DJs excited.
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DJ Kicks
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DJ Kicks (mixed CD)
Cat: K7 312CD. Rel: 04 Nov 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. North Lake - "Journey To The Center Of The Sun"
  2. Pye Corner Audio - "Underneath The Dancefloor"
  3. Maps - "I Heard Them Say" (Andy Stott remix)
  4. Pye Corner Audio - "Zero Centre"
  5. Michael Ozone - "Hetrotopia" (Young Marco remix)
  6. Madteo - "We Doubt (You Can Make It)"
  7. Harmonious Thelonious - "The Grasshopper Was The Witness" (Elmore Judd & Rowan Park remix)
  8. Tempel Rytmik - "Anagrama"
  9. John Talabot - "Without You"
  10. Axel Boman - "Klinsmann"
  11. Joaquin Joe Claussell presents Residue Part One - "Eno" (Melodic dub)
  12. Bostro Pesopeo & Pional - "Bonus Beats"
  13. Mara TK - "Run" (Moodymann remix)
  14. Alex Burkat - "Shower Scene"
  15. Mistakes Are Okay - "Night Watcher"
  16. Unknown - "#001"
  17. Round - "Glass"
  18. Max Mohr - "Old Song"
  19. Samo DJ - "Tai Po Kau"
  20. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Escape To Nowhere 21."
  21. Paradise's Deep Groove - "Innermind"
  22. Abby - "Street" (Wraetlic remix)
  23. DJ Jus-Ed - "Turn Of The Century"
  24. Genius Of Time - "Juno Jam"
  25. Kron - "Silikron" (Jürgen Paape remix)
  26. Talaboman - "Sideral"
  27. Pional - "It's All Over (Locked Groove Rendition)"
Review: Those who checked John Talabot's excellent debut album, Fin, will know that his approach to house music is a little left-of-centre. Clearly inspired by the genre's quirkier fringes, he appears to enjoy creating tracks that veer from woozy and intoxicating, to tropical and pagan. Here, he makes his approach even clearer with a triumphant 27-track mix-up for the long-running DJ Kicks series. Variously deep, melancholic, unusual, inspired and atmospheric, the mix contains impressive contributions from the likes of Young Marco, Pional, Andy Stott, Jus' Ed, Joe Clausell and Talabot himself, as well as a rare outing for the rare (and rather fabulous) "Innermind" by Paradise's Deep Groove
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Shopsca: The Outta Here Versions
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Cat: K7 330LP. Rel: 01 Feb 16
  1. Harry Dean (Mato version) (4:55)
  2. Open Sky (Stefan Obermaier version) (6:13)
  3. Have Some Fun (FaltyDL remix) (4:21)
  4. Have Some Fun (Urbs Big City mix) (5:49)
  5. Swimswimswim (Mato version) (4:15)
  6. Have Some Fun (Speak + Spell version) (5:19)
  7. Kickin It Down (Ogris Debris version) (6:39)
  8. Put It On (Headman/Robi Insinna version) (4:59)
  9. Happy Hour (Demus dub version) (4:26)
  10. Fly Away (0:35)
  11. Crazy Love (Tom Demac remix) (5:44)
  12. Harry Dean (Mato version)
  13. Open Sky (Stefan Obermaier version)
  14. Have Some Fun (FaltyDL remix)
  15. Have Some Fun (Urbs Big City mix)
  16. Swimswimswim (Mato version)
  17. Have Some Fun (Speak + Spell version)
  18. Kickin It Down (Ogris Debris version)
  19. Put It On (Headman/Robi Insinna version)
  20. Happy Hour (Demus dub version)
  21. Fly Away
  22. Crazy Love (Tom Demac remix)
Skilled Mechanics
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Cat: K 7328CD. Rel: 25 Jan 16
  1. I'm Not Going
  2. Hero
  3. Don't Go
  4. Beijing To Berlin
  5. Diving Away
  6. Boy
  7. Bother
  8. How's Your Life
  9. Here My Dear
  10. We Begin
  11. Well
  12. Necessary
  13. Unreal
Review: Tricky seems to be getting nostalgic in his old age. Having recently joined forces with Massive Attack for the first time in two decades, he's continued the "old boys" act by getting former Wild Bunch Sound System colleague DJ Milo (better known these days for his work as DJ Nature) to co-produce this 11th solo studio album. For the most part the "Knowle West Boy" sticks to the smoky trip-hop script he's been pushing since the '90s, though it should be noted that it's nowhere near as dense and dark as some previous sets. In fact, at points it's positively cheery, as the electrofunk-influenced "Hero", melodious "Driving Away", bubbly "Here My Dear" and shuffling "Necessary" so aptly prove.
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Beijing To Berlin
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Cat: K 7328EP1. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Beijing To Berlin (2:49)
  2. Necessary (3:33)
De Natte Cel
e-mail me when released
coming soon $10.32
Cat: K7 324EP1. Rel: 06 May 16
Minimal/Tech House
Review: In January 2015, Seth Troxler and Tom Trago decided to mark the passing of legendary Amsterdam venue Trouw by getting together in the studio. The resultant track - a woozy, undulating, 10-minute deep house epic - was first showcased on Troxler's DJ Kicks mix last autumn. Here, it gets a deserved single release, with accompanying remixes from Prins Thomas and Voyage Direct artist Maxi Mill. The Norwegian producer does a terrific job reinventing the track as a long-slung Balearic disco gem, full of glistening guitars, chiming melodies, percussive breakdowns and heavy, punk-funk bass. In contrast, Maxi Mill emphasizes the spacey elements of the original track, laying down a rolling, Detroit-influenced deep house shuffler.
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DJ Kicks
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DJ Kicks (mixed CD)
Cat: K 7324CD. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Niki Nakazawa - "Would It Be"
  2. Herbert - "Suddenly" (Phil Parnell Pianissimo play through)
  3. DJ Koze - "Bodenweich"
  4. Cobblestone Jazz - "Northern Lights"
  5. Wolfgang Haffner - "Melodia Del Viento" (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer Meloopdia remix)
  6. Troxler & Trago present The Greatest Entertainment Show On Earth: T&T Music Factory - "De Natte Cel (DJ Kicks)"
  7. Hauke Freer - "XK"
  8. Butch - "Dope"
  9. Session Victim - "Stick Together"
  10. Club Artists United - "Sweet Chariot" (Kerri 'Kaoz 6:23' Chandler dramatic dub)
  11. Jasper Street Company - "Reach" (Basement Sessions main vocal mix)
  12. K-Alexi Shelby - "Sex-N-R-001"
  13. Mood II Swing - "Ohh" (feat John Ciafone)
  14. Derrick L Carter - "Dreaming Again"
  15. Byron Stingily - "Why Can't You Be Real" (Danny 12" mix)
  16. Vanessa McMillian - "Stay With Me"
  17. Dean Street Crew - "The Credit Card" (feat Sweet Pussy Pauline - original Tribe mix)
  18. Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Research Arkestra - "Enlightenment"
Review: Some DJs use the opportunity of a DJ Kicks mix to showcase the eclectic nature of their record collections, while others see it as a chance to give an airing to the dancefloor records that have inspired them over the years. Seth Troxler's mix sits somewhere in between. On the one hand, there are impeccable jazz and downtempo moments from the likes of Sun Ra, Herbert (as remixed by Phil Parnell) and DJ Koze, whose "Bodenweich" is an undeniably atmospheric, off-kilter delight. On the other hand, Troxler has picked out some genuinely brilliant, mostly US-centric house selections; deep, soulful and bumpin' fare from the likes of Butch, Kerri Chandler, Jasper Street Company, Mood II Swing and Derrick Carter. On paper, it's an odd combination, but somehow Troxler has made it work.
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DJ Kicks: The Exclusives
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DJ Kicks: The Exclusives (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: K7 300LP. Rel: 12 Mar 12
Funky/Club House
  1. Four Tet - "Pockets"
  2. Henrik Schwarz - "Imagination Limitation"
  3. Hot Chip - "My Piano"
  4. Apparat - "Sayulita"
  5. The Juan MacLean - "Feel So Good"
  6. Soul Clap - "Lonely C" (feat Charles Levine)
  7. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "LOVE"
  8. Gold Panda - "An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds"
DJ Kicks
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DJ Kicks (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: K7 283LP. Rel: 14 Mar 11
  1. Sect - "In The Park" (feat Ben Westbeech)
  2. No Regular Play - "Takin' U Back"
  3. Tanner Ross - "Goodbye, Summer"
  4. Slow Hands - "Rough Patch"
  5. Soul Clap - "Lonely C" (feat Charles Levine)
  6. Zev - "We All" (feat Greg Paulus)
  7. Charles Levine, Denix Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi - "Stay Home"
  8. Nicolas Jaar - "Can't See What Is Burning There"
  9. Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mirahi - "Crank It Up" (feat Camburn)
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