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Flying Sausage EP
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Flying Sausage EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HUDD 054. Rel: 27 May 16
Deep House
  1. Cycle Psycho
  2. Dimension 5
  3. Smoke And Flesh
  4. Flying Sausage
Review: Hudd Traxx first release of 2016 comes from Parsian House Don Chris Carrier after the label had a big year in 2015 with their 10th Anniversary. Back to business then and no messing around on this one as Carrier delivers 4 slices of gloriuosly crafted House Music with something to please everyone. 'Cycle Psycho' is a raw house groove that filters the main hook up and down throughout the track accompanied by heavy beats reminscent of early Cross Section releases. 'Dimension 5' is a cheeky Acid number that Carrier has done so well in the past and he delivers here once again with this. Flip for the B Side and find more groovy head nodding material with 'Smoke And Flesh'. Tough beats and a trippy vocal with various hits make this one a sure fire future hit. Chris rounds things up nicely on B2 with a sleezy deep one for the heads entitled 'Flying Sausage'. 2016 looks set to be another good one for Hudd Traxx HQ.
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West Country
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Cat: HUDD 049. Rel: 20 Apr 15
Deep House
  1. Pariah (8:03)
  2. Youth (6:02)
  3. Race The Clock (6:08)
Review: London based US Producer Lance De Sardi joins the Hudd Traxx fray for the last 12" before the label hits 50 releases and commence the 10th Anniversary celebrations. Although there's only three cuts on West Country, De Sardi more than shows his diversity as a producer and it's a fine addition to a discography that dates back to the '90s. "Pariah" kicks the EP off in fine style with smooth beats, an infectious vocal and lush pads ensure that this will be a big one for the heads. Flip for the B Side and find a tough acidy number in "Youth", and a groovy track in "Race the Clock" which is made for the dance floor. 2015 is already proving to be a big year for Hudd Traxx following releases from Iron Curtis & Nachtbraker, and Lance De Sardi keeps the flag flying high with this solid EP.
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10 Years Of Hudd Traxx: Now & Then Part 4
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Cat: HUDD 053. Rel: 02 Nov 15
Deep House
  1. Ekkohaus - "Modest Fun"
  2. Mihai Popoviciu - "Two Minutes Ago"
  3. Rio Padice - "Dirty Belvedere"
  4. JT Donaldson - "Just Bounce"
Review: The 4th and final part of Hudd Traxx 10th Anniversary series comes from Ekkohaus, Mihai Popoviciu, Rio Padice & JT Donaldson. Previous parts featured tracks from the likes of Chez Damier, Agnes, Iron Curtis & Luna City Express. Part 4 keeps the high standards that Hudd have set and Ekkohaus steps up to open proceedings. 'Modest Fun' is a peak time house cut with a big sub bass, shuffling hats and lush keys to boot. Mihai Popoviciu's 'Two Minutes Ago' plays a hypnotic Xylophone hook mixed with the dreamy vocal chant of 'Don't stop, let's go' to round off the 'Now' side in a classy fashion. Rio Padice & JT Donaldson close out the EP on the 'Then' side being 2 of the label's biggest sellers to date. Hudd Traxx have been swamped with requests for a repress of Rio Padice's 'Dirty Belvedere' so it was a no brainer for this to make the cut. JT Donaldson's 'Just Bounce' was played by any DJ worth their salt in 2009, and it's clear to see why, as once you've listened once, it goes on repeat a good few times. A great way to close out this 4 Part 10th Anniversary series.
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These Drops Are Giving Me A Breakdown EP
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Cat: HUDD 055. Rel: 27 Jun 16
Deep House
  1. My Heart Feat Astral T
  2. High In The Evergreens
  3. Yes In This Way
  4. My Business Ain't Your Business
Review: Rhythm Plate released one of the best releases on Hudd Traxx in 2007, half of RP returns under the guise of Goshawk for Hudd 055. Matt brings Astral T back with him for the A1 track and 'My Heart' certainly gives 'Inside Me' a run for it's money. Warm Chords, lush vocals and slick beats are all laid down to perfection to kick off the EP in fine style.A2 follows the deep tones set on A1 with the wonderful 'High In The Evergreens. The B Side kicks off in a more upbeat style with 'Yes In This Way' which would fit nicely in a Derrick Carter peak time set. Goshawk finishes off with a cheeky garage number that is reminiscent of Grant Nelson's early work on Nice n ' Ripe which can only be a good thing.
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Out Of Order Vol 1
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Cat: HUDD 046. Rel: 22 Sep 14
Deep House
  1. JT Donaldson - "Got Myself Together"
  2. Maximiljan - "Son Of A"
  3. Professional Gigolo - "Professional Gigolo"
  4. Tuneon - "Hangin On"
Review: Proud Yorkshire label Hudd Traxx have been putting out a reliable stream of quality deep house since 2005, with artists like DJ Sneak, Rick Wade, Iron Curtis, Jay Bliss and Agnes just some of the many names to appear on the label. This 46th release features three debutants, while the fourth name, J.T. Donaldson, spearheads the release with a wishy-washy, bassline driven deep house vocal cut "Got Myself Together". Hudd Traxx provides Dusseldorf producer Maximiljan with his first physical release with the track "Son Of A" which merges the linear 909 house style of Norm Talley with smooth chords and cheeky vocals similar to the now defunct Swiss house duo Azuni. But most interesting for the label on this release, it's the two new names in Professional Gigolo and Tuneon that prove Hudd Traxx still know where to look when it comes to unearthing new and vibrant talent.
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10 Years Of Hudd Traxx: Now & Then Part 3
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  1. Eddie Leader - "Way Back" (feat Hector Moralez) (5:54)
  2. Washerman - "Twilite" (6:43)
  3. Brett Johnson - "Mr Smarty Pants" (6:12)
  4. Rhythm Plate - "Keep Moving" (6:40)
Review: Hudd Traxx 3rd installment of their 10th Anniversary series comes from Eddie Leader, Hector Moralez, Washerman, Brett Johnson & Rhythm Plate. Label owner Eddie Leader delivers a deep & moody house groover with the slick vocals of long time Hudd Artist Hector Moralez, aptly title 'Way Back'. Washerman picks the pace up with 'Twilite', which is reminiscent of legendary Detroit label Underground Resistance, and adds to the continued diversity of this project. Brett Johnson's 'Mr Smarty Pants' is re-released after gaining plays from the likes of Laurent Garnier and an edit by Dyed Soundorom. Closing out the EP are 2 of the most underrated Producers in the business; Rhythm Plate. 'Keep Moving' was Overshadowed by 'Inside Me' on the 'Robbin Hudd EP' in 2007 but is given it's time to shine on 'Now & Then Part 3' and is a fine addition to the 10 Year celebrations.
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10 Years Of Hudd Traxx: Now & Then Part 2
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  1. Luna City Express - "Good Condition" (5:18)
  2. Sek - "Thug Life" (interlude) (6:26)
  3. Iz & Diz - "Happy" (7:55)
  4. Rick Wade - "Do It" (5:41)
Review: The second part in the Hudd Traxx 10th Anniversary 'Now & Then' compilation sees tracks from Luna City Express, Sek, Iz & Diz and Rick Wade. Berlin duo Luna City Express serve up a lush deep house groove that builds throughout the track, and will bring a smile to the faces of those who follow them on their beloved Moon Habour Recordings. Sek uses slick beats, trippy leads, a driving bassline and some 'Thug life' vocals to ensure this one has 'future classic' written all over it. Go back in time (to 2006 to be precise) on the 'Then' side to find Iz & Diz's 'Happy'. The words 'epic' & 'journey' are often misused in music but both can be mentioned about this track. It had devastating effect on first release and is set to do the same again nearly 10 years later. Rick Wade closes things out in fine style to fly the Detroit flag on an all Chicago / Detroit side.
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10 Years Of Hudd Traxx: Now & Then Part 1
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  1. Tomson - "On The Buttons" (6:35)
  2. Damier - "El Fin Esta Cerca" (5:15)
  3. Synthcast, Pagal & Eddie Leader - "The Bass" (Agnes Knees Down mixx) (6:46)
  4. Iron Curtis - "You Are" (6:44)
Review: Hudd Traxx celebrate their 10th Anniversary and 50th Release in style with a 4 part Compilation called 'Now & Then'. The first part includes tracks from Chez Damier, Tomson, Agnes & Iron Curtis. Over the years Hudd have released music from the likes of Matthew Herbert, DJ Sneak, Rolando, Rick Wade, Iz & Diz, JT Donaldson and a whole load more. The concept behind the release celebrates both new & classic tracks on the 'Now' & 'Then' sides respectively. Man of the moment Tomson kicks things off with a typically straight up House number entitled 'On The Buttons', and definitely is right on them with this one. Chicago legend Chez Damier steps up to the plate next with an Epic Deep House groover with elements of soulful Jazz, which will be well received for those late night or early morning sets. Flip for the 'Then' Side & find 2 Classic tracks with Agnes remix of 'The Bass' & Iron Curtis' 'You Are'. Both still sound as good as they did on their initial release, and prove that buying Hudd Traxx music now will still sound as fresh in another 10 Years time.
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I Am With You
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I Am With You (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HUDD 056 . Rel: 27 Jun 16
Deep House
  1. I Am With You (Iron Curtis remix)
  2. I Am With You (Outboxx remix)
  3. I Am With You (Ekkohaus remix)
  4. I Am With You (Sakro remix)
Review: The original of I Am With You by Tomson, Eddie Leader & Chez Damier was huge in 2014, played by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Heidi, Gerd, Dominic Cappello & Raresh. Hudd Traxx bring in Iron Curtis, Outboxx, Ekkohaus & Sakro for the remixes, nuff said!
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