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Broken Sunlight Series 2
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 in stock $13.66
Broken Sunlight Series 2 (green vinyl 10")
Cat: HPR 00210. Rel: 28 May 12
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Feel The Way (feat Tiron & Ayomari)
  2. Feel The Way (instrumental)
  3. Feel The Way (acappella)
  4. Tonight (feat J-Live & Luscious Beats)
  5. Tonight (clean)
  6. Tonight (instrumental)
Broken Sunlight Series 6
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 in stock $15.38
Broken Sunlight Series 6 (clear vinyl 10")
Cat: HPR 006. Rel: 17 Dec 12
  1. Don't Play Around (feat Aloe Blacc & Charles Bradley - main)
  2. Don't Play Around (instrumental mix)
  3. Tough Break
  4. Don't Play Around (acappella)
Review: Nu Mark's been teasing his fans since May, releasing selected cuts from his new album Broken Sunlight in coloured vinyl 10" instalments. With the attention reaching fever pitch, he's unleashed one of the biggest cuts on the LP. Hooking up with the dollar-hungry Aloe Blacc, it's a horn-heaving slice of hip-hop funk that pushes all the right buttons. "Tough Break" is a double-time deal sealer. With more horns and a frenetic rhythm, it's Nu Mark at his very best. Essential.
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Broken Sunlight Series 4
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 in stock $15.38
Broken Sunlight Series 4 (white vinyl 10")
Cat: HPR 00410. Rel: 30 Oct 12
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Tropicalifornia (feat Quantic - main)
  2. Tropicalifornia (drumapella)
  3. Oya-Indebure (feat Laudir De Oliveira - main)
  4. Oya-Indebure (instrumental)
  5. Oya-Indebure (acappella)
Broken Sunlight Series #1 EP
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 in stock $14.79
Cat: HPR 001. Rel: 23 Apr 12
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Dumpin' Em All (feat Bumpy Knuckles - main)
  2. Dumpin' Em All (clean)
  3. Dumpin' Em All (instrumental)
  4. When You Sleep (feat Large Professor - main)
  5. When You Sleep (clean)
  6. When You Sleep (instrumental)
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