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After The Job
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Cat: HINF 8675. Rel: 30 Sep 13
  1. After The Job
  2. Copa Jams
  3. Doomed
  4. Bungalow
Review: Given the fanfare afforded to the two most recent Hinge Finger releases from Blawan and Joy Orbison, the appearance of Mix Mup represents a return to the more low key nature of Bankhead and Orbison's debut release from Madteo. Best known for his work alongside Kassem Mosse, solo output from Lorenz Lindner is however sparse - this four track release is only his sixth EP since he emerged as Mix Mup roughly a decade ago. The Tina Turner sampling title track sets the tone, demonstrating Mix Mup's prowess for crafting broken house and techno via unorthodox methods - there's no such thing as a kick drum here. Instead faltering basslines rub up against rugged clattering percussion. "Copa Jams" is the closest thing to outright floor burner but still sounds like little else, it's roughshod Detroit electro throb pulsating to a literal growl at times. On the flip, "Doomed" sees Lindner excel at fractured rhythms and textures once more whilst "Bungalow" offers some insight into the delicate side of the Mix Mup production palette.
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Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1
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