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These Days EP
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 in stock $7.50
Cat: GRU 017. Rel: 08 Oct 12
Minimal/Tech House
  1. These Days (feat Kevin Knapp - original)
  2. These Days (feat Kevin Knapp - Jimmy Edgar Implication)
  3. Night Watch (original)
  4. Plastic Dreams (20 Year Tribute)
Machine Code EP
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 in stock $8.88
Cat: GRU 032. Rel: 14 Apr 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Machine Code (original)
  2. Indigo (original)
  3. Machine Code (Paul C & Paolo Martini remix)
  4. Indigo (Alexis Raphael remix)
Review: Back in action after a couple of years out of the releasing game, Audiojack drop this new single on Gruuv that harks back to their earlier years of releasing. Most notably, "Machine Code" moves with the same android electro pulse that inhabited their remix of Paul Woolford's "Erotic Discourse". "Indigo" meanwhile takes a slinkier route into punchy deep house with dubby undertones and a catchy bassline. The remixes take up the B side, with Paul C and Paolo Martini turning out a funky and percussive take on "Machine Code" and "Indigo" getting a tracky tech house treatment from Alexis Raphael.
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Psychonautics EP
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 in stock $8.88
Cat: GRU 040. Rel: 30 Mar 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Scarlett Groove (7:07)
  2. Luna (6:54)
  3. Psychonaut (6:18)
5 Years Of Gruuv EP 1
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 in stock $10.00
5 Years Of Gruuv EP 1 (limited hand-numbered 12" + insert)
Cat: GRU5YR 001. Rel: 06 Jul 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Audiojack - "In One Ear" (7:40)
  2. Ekkohaus - "Burnin' Up" (7:12)
  3. Dachshund - "Imminent" (6:51)
  4. Channel X - "For You" (6:36)
5 Years Of Gruuv EP 6
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 in stock $10.00
5 Years Of Gruuv EP 6 (limited numbered 12")
Cat: GRU5YR 006. Rel: 19 Oct 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Philip Bader - "Tec Talk" (7:02)
  2. ThermalBear - "Mushy Peas" (7:18)
  3. Emanuel Satie - "Black Milk" (7:38)
  4. Danton Eeprom - "Shoreditch Sam" (7:32)
5 Years Of Gruuv EP 2
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 in stock $10.00
5 Years Of Gruuv EP 2 (limited hand-numbered 12" + poster + sticker)
Cat: GRU5YR 002 . Rel: 20 Jul 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Gorge - "Square Wave Romance" (6:32)
  2. Waifs & Strays - "Beat On The Drums" (6:14)
  3. Julien Chaptal - "Number 4" (feat Juliana) (6:32)
  4. Luna City Express - "Tell Me When You Ready" (6:26)
Corner Trax EP
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 in stock $8.88
Cat: GRU 036. Rel: 03 Nov 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Down The Block
  2. RZ One
  3. By Your Side
  4. By Your Side (Tuccillo remix)
Review: Following well-received releases on Bpitch, Cadenza, Tsuba and Quartz, French producer Okain pops up on Audiojack's Gruuv imprint with a trio of tried-and-tested tracks. Opener "Down The Block" is particularly playable, with snaking sax lines and cut-up spoken word vocals riding a heavyweight bassline and hectic, boompty-influenced percussion. "RZ One" follows a similar template - adding a little more jazz swing for good measure - while "By Your Side" boasts ear-pleasing deep house fluidity. The latter track is remixed by Tucillo, who turns it into a grandiose slice of dreamy, fluttering tech house with a chunky, floor-friendly groove.
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5 Years Of Gruuv EP 3
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 in stock $10.00
5 Years Of Gruuv EP 3 (limited hand-numbered 12" + poster + sticker)
Cat: GRU5YR 003. Rel: 03 Aug 15
Deep House
  1. Oxia & Yannick Baudino - "Simple Life" (6:59)
  2. A1 Bassline - "Hold" (6:03)
  3. Tuff City Kids - "Taddler" (5:52)
  4. Kyodai - "The Place To Be" (7:04)
Played by: Washerman
Review: Leeds tech house heroes Audiojack celebrate five years of existence of their beloved Gruuv imprint and celebrate proceedings in style. French tech house legend Oxia teams up with Yannick Budino on "Simple Life" putting in a peak time deep house effort with lush chords, a groove with the right amount of shuffle and swing and an ultra-warm bassline. "Hold" by A1 Bassline has tom drums that truly beat you into submission before those hats come crashing in, in a way that'll have hands in the air in no time! The Live At Robert Johnson affiliated duo Tuff City Kids throw in effort you'd expect; catchy as hell hooks of the retro kind on this infectious earworm. "The Place To Be" by Kyodai is thumping 808 drums accompanied by an epic, modulated synth workout that just has to heard to be believed.
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5 Years Of Gruuv EP 4
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 in stock $10.00
5 Years Of Gruuv EP 4 (limited numbered 12" + poster + sticker)
Cat: GRU 5YR004. Rel: 24 Aug 15
Minimal/Tech House
  1. David Pher - "Wild Eyes" (6:55)
  2. Tuccillo - "Alfatrack" (7:37)
  3. Audiojack & Kevin Knapp - "On The Record" (7:38)
  4. Paul C & Paolo Martini - "Big Black Car" (6:29)
Review: Leeds tech house Heroes Audiojack celebrate five years of their own Gruuv imprint with another EP commemorating the occasion. We're up to volume four now and the pursuit of slinky sure-fire tech house continues. Tuccillo's "Afratrack" is sultry and druggy after-hours vibes reminiscent of Robert Dietz while "On The Record" by Audiojack and Kevin Knapp is the kind of rolling peak time tech house that will be tearing up Ibiza this Summer. On the flip we have "Big Black Car" by Paul C and Paolo Martini which equally reeks of the island with its sleazy, truly funky, big room vibes.
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Items 1 to 9 of 9 on page 1 of 1
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