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Frequency Central Bartos Flur CV To Trigger Gate Generator Module
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 1 in stock $142.78
Cat: 614110 Rel: 20 Jun 16
CV to trigger/gate generator synth module
Notes: Bartos Flur is a CV to trigger/gate generator. It analyses incoming CV and breaks it down into steps. It can make an analogue sequencer into a drum machine, it's excellent for pinging filters, it works as Gate to Trigger converter, using an ADSR as the input you can trigger further ADSRs from the outputs for complex envelopes.

- CV In 1 is for 0V to 5V CV: envelope, analogue sequencer etc. When no jack is in the socket the knob acts as an offset, ie the socket is normalled to 5V.
- CV In 2 is for +/-5V CV: LFO and other bipolar sources. When no jack is in the socket the knob acts as an offset, ie the socket is normalled to 5V.
- Clock In for 5V clock. Bartos Flur will only track it's inputs when a Clock In goes high. When no jack is in the socket, Bartos Flur is always tracking, ie the socket is normalled to 5V.
- Trigger/gate switch decides if the 8 outputs are trigger or gate.

- 20 mA +12V
- 10 mA -12V
- 0 mA 5V
- 35 mm Depth
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Frequency Central Continuum Phaser II Module
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 1 in stock $158.77
Cat: 614113 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Eurorack phaser synth module - 12HP wide
Notes: Continuum has it's roots in my previous guitar effects pedal designs. First there was Causality 4, then Causality 6, then Gemini Dual Core.

Continuum looks and acts rather like a VCF, in fact that's exactly what a phaser is, an all-pass VCF. There's far more to phasers than just sweeps up and down from an LFO, so Continuum has two CV inputs, so you can use a variety of CV sources simultaneously.

The topology of Continuum is 4 swept OTA all-pass filter stages with a fixed all-pass filter stage either side of the swept core. There's a switch to select regen over odd or even stages. Most phasers stick to odd stages, but there are undiscovered sonic possibilities using even stages of regen.

Continuum is now a 2 PCB set and skiff-friendly, a tasty PCB sandwich no less! One PCB holds the main circuit, the other all panel components (pots/sockets/switch). The two PCBs are joined by male/female headers The new version is on RED PCB stock (the old version being a GREEN PCB).

For audio demos, please visit -
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Frequency Central Electro Cardiogram VCF VCA Diode Ladder Filter Module
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 1 in stock $154.51
Cat: 614116 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Eurorack voltage controlled filter (VCF) & voltacge controlled amplifier (VCA) synth module - 10HP wide
Notes: Electro Cardiogram VCF/VCA.

The ECG is a diode ladder filter and uses 6 x red LEDs for the diodes. Diode ladder filters have a different sound to transistor ladder filters, and if you're gonna use diodes, why not use LEDs and get a free light show too - the LEDs will brighten as you turn up the cutoff of the filter, or when a CV is applied. For maximum visual effect ECG is mounted on a translucsuent red acrylic panel. ECG is based on my Vogue VCF/VCA, the inspirations for the changes to diode ladder the Roland TB303 filter.

Module width: 10HP
Module depth: 65mm
Current draw: +10ma/-10ma

For audio demos, please visit -
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Frequency Central MU System X ADSR Module
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 1 in stock $148.12
Cat: 614156 Rel: 04 Jul 16
MU format ADSR synth module - 1MU wide
Notes: The snappiest envelope in Euro just became the snappiest envelope in MU. With a 1 MU footprint and options for Dotcom and MOTM power headers it should suit every MU system’s requirements.
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Frequency Central Multipoles Mult Module
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 1 in stock $45.29
Cat: 614124 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Eurorack mult synth module
Notes: Multipoles is a funky little mult with visual indication of +ve and -ve going signals via it's red and green LEDs. There is a very small draw on incoming signals used to power the LEDs, so Multipoles should not be used where 1V/oct is important - but you'd use a buffered mult for that anyway wouldn't you?

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Frequency Central Pocket Calculator Divider Module
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 1 in stock $119.35
Cat: 614125 Rel: 04 Jul 16
Eurorack divider synth module - 10HP wide
Notes: Pocket Calculator is a divider module which outputs divisions both musically and mathematically. A wide range of rhythmic uses are available by using the two sets of outputs either in combination or individually.

As well as a clock input which sculpts just about any gate or trigger to a reliable set of pulses for Pocket Calculator to do it's division on, there's also a manual reset button and the option to reset remotely via the Reset socket.
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Frequency Central State 700 Filter Module
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 2 in stock $189.66
Cat: 614128 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Eurorack variable filter synth module based on Roland System 700 filter module - 10HP wide
Notes: Based on the Roland System 700 state variable filter module. Lowpass, bandpass and highpass outputs.

A big part of the sound of the State 700 is the way in which resonance is reduced as the audio inputs are driven harder. It won't self oscillate with a hot audio input, throttle back a little and you'll get squelchy ear bleeding resonances!

For audio demos, please visit -
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Frequency Central System X CV Mixer Module
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 1 in stock $82.05
Cat: 614133 Rel: 20 Jun 16
CV mixer synth module based on Roland System 100M 132 module
Notes: - Based on the Roland System 100M 132 module.

- 4 inputs, 2 outputs - normal and inverted.

- +5V normalled to input 3, -5V normalled to input 4.

- Although named a CV mixer, it performs equally well as an audio mixer. If you intend to use it primarily as an audio mixer, replace the pots with A100K.

For audio demos, please visit -
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Frequency Central System X Envelope Module
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 1 in stock $118.27
Cat: 614138 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Eurorack envelope synth module based on Roland System 100M envelope - 4HP wide
Notes: The second module in the Roland System 100M clone series, the System X Envelope on 4HP. Includes the addition of a range switch for fast/slow response. Even snappier than a crocodile sandwich.

For audio demo, please visit -
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Frequency Central Trans Europa CV Processor Generator Module
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 1 in stock $189.66
Cat: 614148 Rel: 04 Jul 16
Eurorack CV processor/generator module with unique features - 10HP wide
Notes: Trans Europa is a CV processor/generator module with a number of unique features:

- Octave switching over 9 octaves
- Voltage controlled octave switching, CV input is bipolar +/-5V
- Semitone transposition over 1 octave
- Voltage controlled semitone transposition, CV input is bipolar +/-5V
- 8 Modes (see below)
- Glide feature, which can be applied either manually or by external gate.
- CV thru, you can patch a 1V/oct voltage source in Trans Europa's Input, it will be replicated at the Output, with the benefit that all Trans Europa's features can be applied.

Although both CV inputs are bipolar +/-5V, they will also operate well from 0V to 5V CV sources, courtesy of the cunning way in which the input data is interpreted by Trans Europa. CV inputs are not 1V/oct, as Trans Europa was designed as a transposer rather than a quantiser (see 'Backstory'). For example, in Mode 1 (Semitones), 0V to +5V CV input will allow transpositions over 13 semitones, -5V to +5V will allow transpositions over 25 semitones, in both cases 0V corresponds to no transposition.

8 Modes are available:
- Semitones
- Minor 7th
- Major 7th
- Rick's Chord
- First Fourth Fifth
- Diminished
- Sustained A
- Sustained B

By applying control voltages to the Transpose CV input, arpeggios and tuned pseudo-random sequences can be achieved based upon the Mode selected, further enhancements can then be made by modulating the Octave CV input. Suitable input devices are wheels, joysticks, touch pads, FSRs, ribbons, LFOs, ADSRs, S/H etc.

Trans Europa can be used in a number of different ways:

1. As a simple CV source for quick on-the-fly octave and semitone transposition, using the Octave and Transpose knobs only.
2. As a complex CV source for octave and semitone transposition by applying CVs to the Octave and Transpose CV inputs, in this way many interesting pseudo sequences and arpeggios can be created.
3. In conjunction with 1V/oct source, using Trans Europa to transpose the octave and semitone of the 1V/oct source. Additionally, the 1V/oct source can be used to transpose pseudo sequences and arpeggios set up in point #2 (above).

The original idea for Trans Europa was to provide a simple octave switch for VCOs which lacked this feature. We then decided that it would also be nice to include semitone switching too. It soon became apparent that working with PIC rather than in the analogue domain would provide for both features plus a lot more. PIC gave us the ability to include CV control of both octaves and semitones. It also presented the opportunity to include additional transposition modes, which added arpeggiation-like abilities to the feature set.

We added 1V/oct CV 'thru' so you can send a 1V/oct source such as a keyboard through Trans Europa and have the ability to transpose it both manually and under CV modulation. Finally, as Trans Europa developed into a CV processor, we decided to add gated glide to round out it's feature set.

Early on in development, we decided that Trans Europa was to be a dedicated transposer, rather than a quantiser, by making this decision we were able to make the Transpose CV input far more manageable and useable, specific pseudo sequences and arpeggios are far more easily dialled in.

Trans Europa is 10HP and 50mm deep.
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Frequency Central Ultra Wave VCLFO Module
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 1 in stock $169.43
Cat: 614150 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Voltage controlled low frequency oscillator synth module based on Electric Druid TAPLFO2D family of code
Notes: Ultra Wave is a fully expanded version of the Wave Runner LFO. It's a multi-waveform sync-able LFO based on the Electric Druid TAPLFO2D family of code, but with some significant additions and improvements. The WAVERUNNER 1 PIC and code is exclusive to Frequency Central and was developed specifically for the Wave Runner/Ultra Wave, and is not compatible with similar modules.

Ultra Wave has both manual and CV control of frequency, clock multiple, waveform and wave distortion. Additionally there's sync input and output level CV input. Two outputs, LFO and clock.

For audio demos, please visit -
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Frequency Central Vogue VCF & VCA Module
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 1 in stock $158.77
Cat: 614151 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Eurorack voltage controlled filter (VCF) & voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) synth module based on the Moog Rogue VCF and VCA - 10HP wide
Notes: Proudly presenting the lastest module in the ever expanding Frequency Central stable - 'Vogue VCF/VCA' - a faithful clone of the Moog Rogue VCF and VCA on 10HP. Vogue... rhymes with... Rogue... rhymes with Moog.

Vogue has two outputs, VCA and VCF, so the module can be used as a VCF and VCA combined, or you can bypass the built-in VCA altogether and use the module as a stand-alone VCF. The VCA CV input is shared with VCF CV input #1, although it is not affected by the attenuator - so you can feed an ADSR into this CV input, attenuate it for the VCF, but still have the VCA kicking out at full gain. I thought this was a cool way to add the extra functionality of the Rogue's quirky VCA without needing any extra panel space!

Module width: 10HP
Module depth: 65mm
Current draw: +10ma/-10ma

For audio demo, please visit -
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Frequency Central Waverider VCDO MkII Module
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 1 in stock $212.05
Cat: 614154 Rel: 20 Jun 16
Eurorack digital voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) synth module
Notes: Waverider Digital VCO - here we go! Now in production, wavetable VCO with tons of features: CV'd interpolating waveforms, CV'd subosc waveforms and octaves, CV'd glide, bitcrushing and more!

Frequency: The Frequency CV input accepts 0-5V control voltages, quantized to semitones, to cover the MIDI note range 0-63. It is possible to limit the CV input with the CV attenuator. The basic frequency range of the VCDO is ten octaves from MIDI Note 0 to MIDI Note 120 (8.18Hz to 8372Hz), and can be selected by the manual Frequency knob.

Detune: The Detune CV input is not quantised, and allows for -5V to +5V CV to modulate +/-8 semitones. The manual Detune knob allows adjustments to be made +/-100 cents.

Waveform: The VCDO section has 16 waveforms which you're unlikely to have seen before, arranged as a wavetable. The VCDO is able to crossfade from one to the next, creating a wavetable which you can scan through under voltage control, -5V to +5V. It would have been easy to include standard waveforms like ramps and triangles, but there are many oscillators that produce those. This oscillator has its own character and provides something different.

Sub Wave: As well as the main oscillator, there is also a sub oscillator with 8 waveforms. Each waveform can be selected at one of four octaves, either +1 octave (above the main osc pitch!), in unison, -1 octave, or -2 octaves. Additionally, the Sub Wave can be selected externally by CV, -5V to +5V.

Glide: Waverider also includes a glide/portamento effect, glide times range from 12ms/octave to 2.4secs/octave. Turning the Glide knob to minimum switches the glide effect off. Additionally, Glide can be externally controlled by any gate source, 0V = Glide off, 5V = Glide on.

Crush: The Crush knob controls the sample bit resolution of the output (ie bitcrushing). This can be reduced from 8-bit down to 1-bit in eight steps.

VCDO and Sub Osc Outputs: 8-bit, 62.5KHz sample output rate. The internal waveforms and calculations are 8-bit, and new samples are output via the on-chip PWM modules at 62.5KHz. The PWM modules' outputs are at 125KHz.

For audio demos, please visit -
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