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Endlessly (Record Store Day 2015)
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 in stock $10.20
Endlessly (Record Store Day 2015) (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: EXPAND 106. Rel: 27 Apr 15
  1. Endlessly (5:23)
  2. Endlessly (radio mix) (3:57)
  3. Cry (5:31)
Say You Love Me Girl
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 in stock $9.65
Cat: EX 7009. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Say You Love Me Girl (4:43)
  2. Time (3:47)
The Tin Man
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 in stock $9.65
Cat: XECD 64. Rel: 24 Aug 15
  1. Bleed Me Dry
  2. I Believe In You
  3. Leave The Light On
  4. Can't Stop
  5. Just Leave
  6. We All Fall In Love Sometimes
  7. Changes
  8. Everlasting Light
  9. Somewhere Around
  10. Just Leave (Soul Talk remix)
  11. Somewhere Around (Soul Talk remix)
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 in stock $8.55
Cleverly (12")
Cat: EXPAND 104. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. Cleverly (Soul Talk dance mix)
  2. Cleverly (original mix)
  3. Cleverly (Soul Talk remix)
  4. Cleverly (Bayoz Music remix)
Sweet Power Your Embrace
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 in stock $9.65
Cat: EXPAND 107. Rel: 14 Sep 15
  1. Sweet Power Your Embrace (6:35)
  2. Mi Sabrina Tequana (My Sister's Daughter) (5:31)
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 in stock $9.10
Wonderful (7")
Cat: EX 7007. Rel: 07 Sep 15
  1. Wonderful (radio version) (3:53)
  2. Wonderful (4:01)
London Skies
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: 7XE 002. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. London Skies (Soul Talk mix)
  2. Don't Delay
I Go To Pieces Everytime
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 in stock $10.20
Cat: EXS 002. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. I Go To Pieces (Everytime...) (2:30)
  2. I Can't Take It Like A Man (2:51)
Let Me Be Your Pacifier
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: GG 712016. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Let Me Be Your Pacifier (3:13)
  2. I've Quit Running The Streets (2:54)
Review: Mississippi's Jealous Kind Of Fella Garland Green enjoys a long overdue revisit from Expansion as two of his 1977 recordings (from his second album Love Is What We Came Here For) receive their first ever 45" outing. "Let Me Be Your Pacifier" is the soul soothing ballad of with swooning horns and measured delivery that allows each instrument to shine. "I've Quit Running The Streets" looks more towards Motown for inspiration with its big bold horns and relentless energy and well-polished soul power.
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Your Love Is My Desire (reissue)
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 in stock $12.68
Cat: ERASMUS 1LP. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Your Love Is My Desire (4:44)
  2. She Shined A Light (4:05)
  3. Feelin' Higher (3:53)
  4. Think Positively (3:45)
  5. Stuck In The Mudd (3:14)
  6. Just Me & You (4:42)
  7. Funk Permit (2:52)
  8. Superfunk (4:05)
  9. Will You Love Me Tomorrow (4:57)
Just Me & You (reissue)
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 in stock $10.20
Cat: EH 712016. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Just Me & You (4:44)
  2. Your Love Is My Desire (4:44)
Review: Having appeared on several EPs throughout the late '70s and early '80s on labels like Westbound and Capitol, most people think of Erasmus Hall as one person. Rather, they were actually a collective of artists that were given the name by grandmaster George Clinton of Parliament / P-Funk. This might not be immediately audible on the gentle waves of "Just Me & You", but the song does contain a certain air of oddity and conniving funkiness that rendered that period of disco just so damn enticing. The flip contains "Your Love Is My Desire", another gentle heart-warmer to stick on in those more intimate moments... What a delightful little 7"!
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I'm About Lovin' You (reissue)
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: AH7 12014. Rel: 08 Dec 14
  1. I'm About Loving You
  2. When You're Gone
I'm About Lovin You (reissue)
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: AH 712014. Rel: 09 Feb 15
  1. I'm About Lovin You
  2. When You're Gone
The ATCO Years
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 in stock $9.27
Cat: EXCDM 50. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. My Number One Need
  2. I'm About Lovin' You
  3. When You're Gone
  4. We Must Make It Happen
  5. I've Been Loving You Too Long
  6. Love Is
  7. Almost Ain't Good Enough
  8. When I'm Loving You
Review: Before finding success in the disco/boogie era under the One Way alias, Al Hudson & The Soul Partners produced a string of brilliant soul jams for Atco Records. While these have long been popular amongst soul collectors, they've remained strangely under-celebrated in the dance music world at large. This collection from Expansion attempts to change that by gathering together every track from the seven singles they released for Atco between 1975 and 1976. Featuring a mix of sensual floor fillers, seductive slow jams and grandiose, horn-heavy, Philadelphia International style anthems, The Atco Years is packed with A-grade material, including underground soul anthems "I'm About Loving You" and "When You're Gone".
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Forever With You
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: EX 7005. Rel: 07 Sep 15
  1. Forever With You (4:19)
  2. Set A Little Trap (4:18)
Come On In Love (remastered)
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 in stock $9.27
Cat: EXCDM 54. Rel: 07 Mar 16
  1. Jay's Theme
  2. Strange Funky Games & Things
  3. You've Changed
  4. I Can Feel Your Love Slipping Away
  5. Come On In Love
  6. I Can't Let You Go
  7. Your Sweetness Is My Weakness
  8. Thinking Of You
  9. You're All I Need
  10. Strange Funky Games & Things (radio edit - bonus track)
  11. Strange Funky Games & Things (instrumental - bonus track)
Better Than This
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: XEPAND 1030. Rel: 16 Jun 14
Deep House
  1. Better Than This (Frankie Knuckles Director's Cut classic soul mix)
  2. Better Than This (Soul Talk mix)
  3. Better Than This (Dego & Kaidi mix)
  4. Better Than This
Review: Paul Johnson - not to be confused with his Dance Mania namesake - is a British vocalist known for his work with '80s gospel group Paradise. A special numbered version of this record was released for Record Store Day this year, but if you missed out on that, or don't want any of the bells and whistles, here's the OG. And what soulful house artist could be better to remix such a track than Frankie Knuckles, who does so with a classic cut of heavenly house music like only he can, while the Soul Talk mix is down beat and sultry, oozing the same type of emotion you'd hear from Marvin Gaye. Meanwhile Dego & Kaidi open up the B-side with a stripped back, but still very musical version of "Better Than This", while Osiki Ojo really works the oohs and ahhs in their mix. Only happiness and love on this record.
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Because You Love Me
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 in stock $10.20
Cat: SJ7 2014-1. Rel: 09 Feb 15
  1. Because You Love Me
  2. Because You Love Me (Intimate dub)
Review: 21 years later... The legendary Shirley Jones finally returns with brand new material. "Because You Love Me" is the first sign of freshness taken from her forthcoming album. Shirley's honey-tones are as strong and emotional as ever while Errol Henry's production is the ultimate in lounge-loving silkiness. Complete with a dub on the B, this is as smooth and authentic as you'd expect. Bring on the album.
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How Long
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 in stock $8.55
How Long (7")
Cat: EX 7008. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. How Long (3:29)
  2. I Want What You Want (4:07)
You Made A Believer Out Of Me (reissue)
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 in stock $10.20
Cat: EXS 001 . Rel: 23 May 16
  1. You Made A Believer Out Of Me (3:23)
  2. Thank You For Loving Me (3:12)
LJ Reynolds/Travellin
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 in stock $10.16
Cat: EXP2CD 15. Rel: 05 Mar 12
  1. Key To The World
  2. Why Do You Do The Things You Do
  3. Tell Me
  4. I'm Still In Love With You
  5. We Can Work It Out
  6. Ain't No Woman Like My Baby
  7. Southern Pearl
  8. Lonely Superstar
  9. I Love Doing What Makes You Happy
  10. Words
  11. Travelin'
  12. Call Me
  13. Trust In Me
  14. You've Got It
  15. Say You Will
  16. Special Effects
  17. You And Me
  18. Let Me Satisfy You
  19. Fast Action
Evening Of Love
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: MI I 2801. Rel: 28 Jul 08
  1. Evening Of Love
  2. Shame On The World
Played by: Expansion Records
Born For This
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 in stock $11.49
Cat: XECD 42. Rel: 02 Aug 04
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. For You
  2. Healing Time
  3. Love Of My Life
  4. Cant't Let Him Go
  5. Never Knew Love Like This
  6. Free
  7. You Still Mean So Much
  8. Something In The Way
  9. Baby Love
  10. Born For This
Something On Your Mind
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 in stock $9.65
Cat: EX 7010. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Something On Your Mind (4:18)
  2. Closer (3:48)
Your Smile
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: 7XE 003. Rel: 09 Mar 15
  1. Your Smile (CW Unlimited Gold remix) (4:49)
  2. Your Smile (feat Drizabone - Drizabone remix) (4:55)
Keith Patrick
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 in stock $9.91
Cat: EXCDM 056. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Be My Girl
  2. How Far
  3. All My Love
  4. Sail Away
  5. Heaven
  6. Reach For The Sky
  7. You're The One
  8. Love U Now
  9. Night To Remeber
  10. Night To Remeber (extended version)
Played by: Expansion Records
Take It On Up (Expanded Edition)
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 in stock $10.75
Cat: EXCDM 40. Rel: 11 Feb 13
  1. Heaven Only Knows
  2. Take It On Up
  3. Tell Me Why
  4. Got To Find My Way
  5. Happy For Love
  6. Funk It Over
  7. You & Only You
  8. Sphinx (instrumental)
  9. Lay Your Head (On My Shoulder)
  10. In Your Eyes
  11. Take It On Up (12" extended version - bonus tracl)
1960 What?
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 in stock $8.00
1960 What? (12")
Cat: XEXPAND 1010. Rel: 28 May 12
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. 1960 What? (original)
  2. 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass rerub)
Review: US newbie Gregory Porter was man of the year as far as nu-soul and funk goes and championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson,Patrick Forge & Nik Weston to name but a few. This record had an incredible amount of attention around it even before its release and to be honest, it ain't no surprise! It's just a future classic, end of discussion - it takes Detroit's fine soul and funk heritage onto a new level, showing us that classics are still very much in the making. Porter's own voice is majestic and prophetic as he talks about "Motor City burnin'" and who then goes on to deliver his powerful and emotional words. There's even a slightly "housier" remix by Opolopo, giving us the chance to also enjoy this mighty record at the centre of late-night set...this is certified Theo Parrish material right here!
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Played by: Dave Lee / Joey Negro, Jonna (City Fly / Shadeleaf Music), Cez (Pop Your Funk), Andrew Pirie (Melting Pot), Casbah 73, Dr Rubberfunk, Reece Johnson (Roots for Bloom), Domenic Cappello, OdDio, Harvey K-Tel (Music For The People), Rob Gribbin, Bobby Tempo, 7 Samurai, Jun Matsuoka, Chester Fields, Michael Terzian, Bonar Bradberry, TrueSelf, Mr. Fiel, Smoove, J.Cub - E.A.R / CUB Records, West Norwood Cassette Library, Ronnie Turner(Blunted funk project), DJ Johnny Rebel, Nathaniel jay, Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts), Switch Groov Exp. (Bab Musique), Pat Les Stache (Cabana Disco), Ionik (Traveller Records), Doc Martin, Ezequiel Lodeiro Soulfood Argentina, Thatmanmonkz (Shadeleaf Music), Richard Sen, WOLF Music, Lay-far, Paul Thornton (Dig Deep / Reboot), Nick Carling (Fruitful/beetroot), Jazzee Loudness, Diesler, Elitechnique, ASHLEY BEEDLE, Steven Tang (Emphasis Recordings), Marcel Vogel aka Em Vee, The Gemini Brothers, Jesus Gonsev, Sir Jarvis - Badass 45 Records, Dairmount (Room With A View), Roberto Rodriguez, Juno Recommends Brokenbeat/Nu Jazz, Marlow, Nickodemus, Agogo Records, Eddie C, Four Walls, Demetrio Giannice (Enterbt Rec.), Sticky Pete, Suonho, Juno Classics, Expansion Records, Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta, Kai "KZR" Alcé, Nicola conte, The Jazz Meet, NICK V, Doo, Marcello Giordani, Fantastic Man, Renegades Of Jazz, Sleep D / Butter Sessions, Mitchell Goor, Don Crisp, Anji Stone, Detroit Swindle, Kito Jempere, Juno Best Sellers 2015, PAPERecordings, ERIC ERICKSSON, Spittal (Craigie Knowes), Liam Geddes, MIL (Music is Love Records), Pontchartrain, DJ Monchan
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On My Way To Harlem
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 in stock $9.91
Cat: GP 712013. Rel: 01 Jul 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. On My Way To Harlem (Jazz & Cole edit)
  2. 1960 What ? (Jazz & Cole edit)
Review: A modern day Scott-Heron, without the myriad of demons on his back, Grammy-nominated jazz singer Porter has such a distinctive voice, charm and band command. He clearly lends himself well to edit culture (as proved by the huge success of the many "1960 What?" versions in recent years) and this 7" from Expansion is no exception. "On My Way To Harlem" is straight up narrative jazz with fantastic attention paid to the subtle samba and solemn horns. "1960 What?" speaks for itself; far more authentic to the original than the other versions that have popped up, if you've not already got a favourite edit - Jazz & Cole have the answer.
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Fresh Cut
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 in stock $9.44
Fresh Cut (CD)
Cat: EXCDM 57. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Doesn't Have To Be This Way
  2. Lonely Road
  3. Magic Doll
  4. I Found Someone
  5. Listen Up
  6. If Walls Could Talk
  7. Just My Imagination
  8. You Are My Piece Of Mind
  9. Fighting Chance
  10. I Know I'm In The Mood
Played by: Expansion Records
Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: SP 712016. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling (3:16)
  2. Got To Be Love (5:08)
Luxury Soul 2016
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 in stock $9.65
Luxury Soul 2016 (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: CDBEXP 16. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. The Sound Principle - "Heartbreaking" (classic mix)
  2. Gene O - "Love In My Eyes"
  3. Chazz Mac - "Love Crazy"
  4. Daniel March - "Falling"
  5. Mariama Ceesay - "Soon Ending Story" (Robyn Lazlo mix)
  6. Antwyn Jackson - "Still"
  7. Latrese Bust - "Because Of You" (feat Noel Gourdin)
  8. Kejam - "Diamonds" (feat Terry Harris)
  9. Sun Soul Orchestra - "Can't Deny It" (T Groove remix)
  10. Diane Marsh - "Promise"
  11. David Morin - "Heaven"
  12. Zed Soul - "Papa, You Are My Hero" (feat Noel McKoy & Najee)
  13. The R&B Soul Orchestra - "Call On Me"
  14. Candace Woodson - "Free" (Tom Glide remix)
  15. James Day & Darren Polite - "DUI (Dancing Under The Influence Of Love)" (feat Cleveland Jones)
  16. Tristan - "Keep On" (GMC remix)
  17. Dasha Logan - "Leave Your Man" (Soul Talk remix)
  18. Tony Momrelle - "Different Street" (feat Tony Remy)
  19. Katie Leone - "Yellow Flower"
  20. The Sensationalles - "Crystal Clear To Me" (Nigel Lowis mix)
  21. Matthew Winchester - "The Other Side"
  22. Marc Staggers - "So Amazing"
  23. Ian Martin - "Treat You Right" (feat Jill Zadeh)
  24. Sham De Re - "Funky Maharaja" (feat Xantone Black - heavy funk mix)
  25. James Day & Darren Polite - "It's All Divine" (feat Trina Broussard & U Nam)
  26. Paul Johnson - "The Road"
  27. Victor Haynes - "Amazing"
  28. Carmichael Musiclover - "Unconditional"
  29. Damon Cooper - "Will You Be My Lady"
  30. Ian Martin - "One On One" (feat Jill Zadeh)
  31. Aaron Parnell Brown - "Leave The Light On"
  32. Tracy Hamlin - "Plans For Two"
  33. Tyrone Lee - "Listening To Your Heart"
  34. Dunn Street - "Even A Fool"
  35. Kashif - "Help Yourself To My Love" (live)
2nd Phase
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 in stock $10.49
2nd Phase (CD)
Cat: EXCDP 66. Rel: 13 Apr 15
  1. Supersize My Sunshine
  2. Hey Sister
  3. Tune In
  4. Finally Found (feat Heson)
  5. Skip This 2
  6. Running Out Of Time
  7. 2nd Phase
  8. Chainreaction
  9. Lost
  10. Morning
  11. Falcon
  12. Lost Outtake
  13. Finally Found (feat Heston - Sweet Soul mix)
  14. Keep On (GMC remix)
Played by: Expansion Records
Soul Togetherness 2011: 15 Modern Soul Room Gems
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 in stock $14.06
Cat: LPEXP 39. Rel: 24 Oct 11
  1. Shuya Okino - "Give Your Love A Chance"
  2. Heston - "Greatest Lover" (CB remix)
  3. Nothende - "Celebrate"
  4. Kelly Price - "And You Don't Stop"
  5. Deborah Bond - "05:35"
  6. Rahsaan Patterson - "6am"
  7. They - "Fatback"
  8. Mary Mary - "Survive"
  9. Shirley Jones & Jean Carne - "Whatever It Takes" (Joey extended club mix)
  10. Reel People - "Tell Me Why" (feat Tony Momrelle)
  11. Maydie Myles - "Kiss Of Life"
  12. Sharon McMahan - "Maybe You'll Be Back"
  13. Sarah Fonteyne - "Messing"
  14. Los Charly's Orchestra - "Feeling High" (instrumental)
  15. Leon Ware - "On The Beach" (Atjazz Love Soul remix)
Wonderland: The Spirit Of Earth Wind & Fire
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 in stock $9.27
Cat: CDEXP 40. Rel: 11 Jun 12
  1. Dee Dee Bridgwater - "Tequila Mockingbird"
  2. Pockets - "Got To Find My Way"
  3. Deniece Williams - "The Boy I Left Behind"
  4. The Mighty Clouds Of Joy - "Glow Love"
  5. Sylvia St James - "Let Love Groove Me"
  6. Tavares - "Love Uprising" (single version)
  7. Alton McClain & Destiny - "Answer To My Prayer"
  8. Paulinho Da Costa - "Let's Get Together"
  9. Grey & Hanks - "Dancin'"
  10. Flora Purim - "Angels"
  11. Ronnie Laws - "All For You"
  12. The Emotions - "There'll Never Be Another Moment"
  13. Ramsey Lewis - "Sun Goddess" (single version)
  14. Valeria Carter - "City Lights"
  15. Caldera - "Ancient Source"
  16. Abraham Laboriel - "And I Do"
  17. Chaka Khan - "Lover's Touch"
  18. Blue Magic - "I Waited"
  19. Stargard - "(Once In A Lifetime) Dream Come True"
  20. Gene Harris - "Theme For Relana"
Soul Shine: 16 Contemporary Summer Soul Vibes
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 in stock $10.48
Cat: CDEXP 50. Rel: 20 Jul 15
  1. Leon Timbo - "You're My Darling"
  2. Crossroads - "Since I Found You" (feat Natasha Springer)
  3. Tony Remy - "Lighthouse" (feat Tony Momrelle)
  4. Carmen Rodgers - "Beyond The Stage"
  5. Ola Onabule - "Soul Town" (Nigel Lowis remix)
  6. Olga Makovetskaya - "Too Much In Love" (feat Incognito)
  7. Soul Talk - "Not Giving Up"
  8. Sheree Brown - "All Your Love"
  9. Victor Fields - "Let Me Be Good To You"
  10. Samuel D Sanders - "Make You Mine" (Nigel Lowis remix)
  11. Ruth Koleva - "What Am I Supposed To?" (Kaidi Tatham remix)
  12. Chelsea Wilson - "One Day At A Time"
  13. James Day - "Repertoire" (Groovecity Hornz mix)
  14. Victor Haynes - "Picking Myself Up"
  15. Tracy Hamlin - "My Good Day" (feat Frank McComb)
  16. Neo - "Your Smile" (CW Unlimited Gold mix)
Soul Togetherness 2014: 15 Modern Soul Room Gems
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 in stock $9.65
Cat: CDEXP 48. Rel: 22 Sep 14
  1. Paul Johnson - "Better Than This" (Soul Talk remix)
  2. Lalah Hathaway - "Shine" (feat Divageek)
  3. Noel Gourdin - "No Worries"
  4. Lisa Stansfield - "So Be It" (Soul Talk remix)
  5. Joe - "Future Teller"
  6. Garcia - "Praying For Rain"
  7. Linda Clifford - "I Can't Let This Good Thing Get Away"
  8. Glen Goldsmith - "London Skies" (Soul Talk remix)
  9. SouLoutions - "Listen" (Drizabone remix)
  10. Eric Benet - "Harriet Jones" (Cool Million remix)
  11. Tracy Hamlin - "Never Too Much"
  12. J Holiday - "Thinkin About You"
  13. The Company - "Superstar" (Reel People vocal mix)
  14. Neil Pierce - "Ready For Your Love" (DJ Spen Downtempo soul mix)
  15. Tyrone Lee - "Get My Life Back" (Galactic soul mix)
Soul Togetherness 2015
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 in stock $9.65
Cat: CDEXP 51. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Charlie Wilson - "Hey Lover"
  2. Opolopo - "Round & Round" (feat Diane Charlemagne)
  3. Winans Borthers - "Dance" (feat The Clark Sisters - Louie Vega Latin Soul mix)
  4. Paris Toon & Mothers Favorite Child - "Reflections Of A Disco Ball" (feat Tanya Tiet)
  5. Syeena Johnson - "All This Way For Love"
  6. JD73 - "Believe In Love" (Soulpersona mix)
  7. Joe Buhdha presents Terri Walker - "Feel Right"
  8. McCrei - "Show Me" (Nigel Lowis remix)
  9. Lorraine Clarke-McGhie - "Do You Know?"
  10. Ashling Cole - "Give It To You"
  11. Aaron Parnell Brown - "Somewhere Around" (Soul Talk remix)
  12. Kenya - "Let Me" (Tom Gilde rework)
  13. Diplomats Of Soul - "Sweet Power You Embrace" (feat Incognito & Vanessa Haynes)
  14. Creators - "Just You & Me"
  15. Los Charly's Orchestra - "All Around The World" (feat Xantone Blacq - extended version)
Soul Survivors: A Dance Disco Boogie Jazz & Fusion Selection
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 in stock $11.30
Cat: CDEXP 52. Rel: 29 Aug 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Bill Curtis & Friends - "Get Your Head Out The Phone" (with The Fatback Band - Funky Dance mix)
  2. MODE - "Heaven" (Frankie Valentine remix - feat Leroy Burgess)
  3. Lenny Fontana - "When You Feel What Love Has" (feat Leroy Burgess)
  4. DJ Skip - "Don't Go" (Shane D Solar club mix - feat Shalamar)
  5. Incognito - "Show Me Love" (Yam Who rework)
  6. The Pasadenas - "Round & Round" (Old School mix)
  7. Louise Pollock - "Aquarian Dream"
  8. Soul People - "Our Time Is Coming"
  9. Beggar & Co - "Open Sesame"
  10. Nu-Era - "Beta Waves"
  11. Eric Roberson - "Don't Hide Your Wings"
  12. Angela Johnson - "Whatever It Takes"
  13. Vladimir Cetkar - "In The Open Space"
  14. Omar - "Ordinary Day" (Scratch Professor retwist)
Step By Step
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 in stock $9.91
Cat: LW7 2011. Rel: 01 Aug 11
  1. Step By Step
  2. On The Beach (Atjazz Love Soul mix)
Why I Came To California (reissue)
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 in stock $10.20
Cat: LW 712015. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Why I Came To California (4:09)
  2. Rockin' You Eternally (4:19)
Review: Released in celebration of Expansion's recent re-serving of two of Leon's early 80s albums - Rockin' You Eternally and Leon Ware - here's a delightful 45 that reminds us of his finest solo moments. "Why I Came To California" is a sun-kissed soul boogie groove with big horns and even bigger chorus. "Rockin' You Eternally" (which is, let's face it, one of the smoothest song titles to ever come from the 80s) showcases Leon's softer side. A ballad steeped in sentiment, play this loud enough and everyone in a five mile radius will stop and get smoochy.
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Papa You Are My Hero
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 in stock $9.91
Cat: 7XE 004. Rel: 04 Jul 16
  1. Papa, You Are My Hero (feat Noel McKoy & Najee - 7" mix) (5:25)
  2. Papa, You Are My Hero (feat Noel McKoy & Najee - instrumental) (5:21)
Played by: I Love 45's!
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