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 in stock $7.13
777XXX (12")
Cat: ES-015. Rel: 13 Feb 12
  1. 777XXX
  2. Noir
  3. Veld
  4. Heart
Review: It was a pleasing surprise to catch Eject Project pop up on Russia's wonderful Ethereal Sound, and even more so to see the label stranding out to great things beyond deep house. It's more of a concept EP, with the title track exchanging frantically between ghostly piano keys and rain-fuelled noise implementations. "Noir" sounds like the ancient tribal horns of civilisations lost in time and "Veld" is an intricate patchwork of sweeping sonic feedback and long, reverberating pads. The finishing touches of "Heart" are a real pleasure - soft and euphoric keys lost to a synth fuzziness only fathomable in the mind of Eject Project.
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Into You
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 in stock $8.41
Into You (12")
Cat: ES 025. Rel: 25 Mar 13
Deep House
  1. Into You (original version)
  2. Into You (Afrikan Sciences remix)
  3. Into You (Kotzilla remix)
Review: With two releases under his belt last year, Tommy Finger Jr. continues to build on his burgeoning name with the spaced out "Into You". The synths come echoing through all kinds of filtering, while the beat draws on a curious spread of percussion for a unique slant on deep house. Afrikan Sciences pushes even further out there with a lurid tapestry of a remix that piles loping sounds on thick to create a thoroughly delirious experience. Kotzilla is less feisty on his version, bringing a more discernible beat into the mix while still doffing his cap to the lead synths and the leftfield nature of the release as a whole.
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Good News
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 in stock $8.15
Good News (10")
Cat: ES 022. Rel: 10 Sep 12
Deep House
  1. Good News
  2. Good News (Yuri Shulgin remix)
Review: New Ethereal vibes straight out of Russia! Unknown artist SH2000 marks the 22nd release for the label and it comes as a fresh addition to their already impressive catalogue. "Good News" is a wonky, acid-laden house excursion with sharp breakbeats and a studious arrangement of polyphony and effects. Over on the flip, Yuri Shulgin takes care of the remix and emphasises the disconnection between the breakbeats to full effect. It almost sounds like a dub version of the original and it's exactly the sort of thing which we like to hear. Exquisite productions from a great independent label!
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