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Eskuche Kassette BLK Headphones (black)
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Cat: 443648 Rel: 19 Dec 11
Low noise headphones
Notes: The Kassette is ode to the beginningithe renaissance of sharing music and the friendship bond it fostered in creating the mixtape. As the technology of the 70s became more lightweight and easy to transport, the demand for mobile listening devices like the cassette player boomed. The Kassette is our tribute to the days of the Walkman and all they symbolized. The Kassette headphones are an pair of agile, small, on-ear-style headphones that utilizes durable industrial materials to maintain both sonic high fidelity and a contemporary aesthetic.

Keeping to the Eskuche design DNA, the Kassette incorporates our unique CD-textured ear cup construction and woven cloth cable, and merges it all with modern-day functionality. The pivoting speaker driver mechanism for adjustable on-ear fit, the mic answer/end button, which adds iPod/iPhone/iPad compatibility, and the adjustable aluminum headband allow the smallest of our headphones to pack just as much of a punch as the others.
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Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1
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