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Eowave Classic Colours Modular Patch Cables (pack of 10, 30cm long)
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 2 in stock $14.63
Cat: 641800 Rel: 08 May 17
Pack of 10 patch cables - classic colours
Notes: 30cm x 10 Classic Colours (2 Black, 2 Yellow, 2 White, 2 Red, 2 Orange).
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Eowave Orage Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module
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 1 in stock $175.57
Cat: 553609 Rel: 24 Nov 14
Voltage controlled oscillator synth module
Notes: In our projet Orage Magnetique dedicated to the design of a sound spaciolab to recreate sounds from space (inspired by the sounds recorded by the Huygens-Cassini mission), the module Orage (Storm) is a complex analogue oscillator that simulates the intensity of space magnetic storms.

The intensity is in KP, from 1 to 10. The Orage is a triangle core based voltage controlled oscillator which enables different modulation types from thru zero FM synthesis , linear as well as exponential modulations, pulsewidth modulation to phase inversion modulation.

It has 5 individual outputs for sine, triangle, saw, pulse , square waveforms. It also has a sync input.
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Eowave Quantrid Swarm Synthesizer
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coming soon $TBA
Cat: 648957 Rel: 01 Jun 17
Notes: The Quandrantid Swarm is a versatile, unique instrument for sound designers and musicians looking to explore exquisite and unfamiliar timbres that range from subtle to outrageous, nebulous to shimmering. It is comprised of a digital synthesizer voice with a percussive element, 2 pole analog filter, an LFO with 8 waveforms, and a spring reverb.

The 8 touch keys can be used as a mono keyboard, polyphonic keyboard or an 8 step sequencer. The QS interfaces with other instruments via MIDI, and CV/Trig inputs. Pre-patching allows you to get hands on immediately, but you can and should use patch cables to to fully explore the potential of this instrument.
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Eowave Ribbon MK2 12 Bit Synthesizer USB & CV Gate Controller
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 2 in stock $237.35
Cat: 604966 Rel: 21 Mar 16
Tactile 12bit synth & CV/gate controller device
Notes: The Ribbon MK2 is a tactile instrument which is sensitive to position and pressure. At the same time a 12 -bit synth and a USB and CV/Gate controller, it can be used in many different ways - as a solo instrument, to control virtual instruments and iOS or to control analog/modular systems and CV/gate devices. The Ribbon comes with a software editor, which allows you to choose from 9 oscillator sources, LFO and FM modulation and delay and downsampling effects. 16 Presets can be stored and recalled on the fly using the two buttons on the Ribbon.
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Eowave Sommateur X6 Audio Mixer Module
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 1 in stock $70.44
Cat: 553616 Rel: 24 Nov 14
Audio mixer synth module
Notes: Very small 6 to 1 input audio mixer with linear Pots
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Eowave Source D'Energie Power Supply Module
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 1 in stock $86.70
Cat: 614710 Rel: 27 Jun 16
Power supply eurorack synth module with 12V & 5V rails - 5HP wide
Notes: The Source D'Energie is a power supply module designed to power up to a 6U case with +/-12v and 5v rails. Wall wart plugs can be used for a skiff or case with few modules, but for anything more than that we recommend a 4A power supply such as this. The Source D'Energie has two 16 pin headers, perfect for powering two rows of your system. LED's on the panel indicate the health of each rail at a glance

Tech Specs
- 5hp Eurorack
- 13.5-15 VDC Input
- +12 @ 1.5A / -12 @ 1.5A / 5v @ 500ma
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