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A Mind Forever Voyaging Album Sampler
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 in stock $8.57
Cat: CR 1291. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. 6800 (2:36)
  2. The Killing Game Show (6:27)
Ultimate Traxxx
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 in stock $9.12
Cat: CR 1287. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Gigolo (5:53)
  2. Co.Art (5:25)
  3. Alziemer (4:23)
  4. Fabric (7:24)
The VGP Sessions
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 in stock $9.39
Cat: CR 1293. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Energia (live cut) (6:02)
  2. Cigarettes (2:25)
  3. The Deads At Twelve (4:40)
  4. Nr 13 (3:35)
Played by: Marsupials
Doomsday Argument EP
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 in stock $9.39
Cat: CR 1295. Rel: 17 Jul 17
  1. Doomsday Argument (6:10)
  2. The Great Filter (5:32)
  3. Post Singularity Day (5:10)
  4. Antifragile (5:58)
Imrali (Live At Medika Zagreb)
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 in stock $13.41
Imrali (Live At Medika Zagreb) (cassette limited to 70 copies)
Cat: CREMECS 02. Rel: 12 Jun 17
  1. Imrali (21:09)
  2. Imrali (21:02)
Intergalactic Communicationz EP
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 in stock $9.39
Cat: CR 1292. Rel: 16 Jan 17
  1. At The Gates Ov Futron (5:08)
  2. Drexciyan Aquarium (2:53)
  3. Poseidon's Dream (3:43)
  4. Intergalactic Communication (3:52)
Riot EP
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 in stock $9.39
Riot EP (12")
Cat: CR 1296. Rel: 17 Jul 17
Deep House
  1. Riot (5:38)
  2. Last Friday (6:29)
  3. Reduction (5:02)
  4. Ozyork (6:18)
Outlawed From Reality
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 in stock $9.39
  1. Pessimist - "Empty House" (RT Choppage mix) (5:55)
  2. Rhythmic Theory - "Outlawed From Reality" (5:37)
  3. Rhythmic Theory - "Cyclic Motion" (5:38)
  4. Rhythmic Theory - "Rachael's Theme" (7:39)
Wrath Of Zeus EP
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 in stock $9.64
Cat: CREME 1290. Rel: 04 Jul 16
Deep House
  1. Bundle Of Acid (7:04)
  2. Wrath Of Zeus (6:37)
  3. Who You Gonna Call (6:37)
  4. She Owns The Game (6:26)
Review: Since proving his skills via the self-funded Raw Tools imprint, Romanian producer Romansoff has released impressive material on Bitter Moon, Signal Code and Ruff Draft. Here, he makes his first appearance on Creme Organization, unfurling a quartet of cuts that sit somewhere between Legowelt, ASOK, and John Heckle after a fist full of love tablets. Pleasingly, it's a varied affair, featuring both deep and melodious moments (the trippy vocal samples, chiming melodies and shuffling beats of "Who You Gonna Call"), and more obviously upbeat cuts (the swirling, space age throb of "Bundle Of Acid"). Our pick is the tactile, energetic and melodious "Wrath of Zeus", but all four tracks are nigh on essential.
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Dreams Of Konders
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 in stock $9.64
Cat: CR 1277. Rel: 24 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Meggaton
  2. Dreams Of Konders
  3. Pyramids
  4. Space Is The Place
Review: Given that Simoncino has never hidden his admiration for early deep house producers - much of his material sounds like it was inspired by Larry Heard, the Burrell brothers and Lamont Booker - it's unsurprising to find that his latest EP pays tribute to legendary NYC deep house producer Bobby Konders. Stylistically, this isn't much of a shift; as usual, Dreams of Konders comes swaddled in dreamy pads, vintage synthesizers and the unmistakable pulse of original analogue drum machines. Simoncino explores a range of moods - from the deep space swirl of "Meggaton" and chugging pulse of "Pyramids", to the snuggly warmth of the title track - with the faintly foreboding "Space Is The Place" standing out.
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 in stock $10.19
Sunshower (12")
Cat: CRCLASSICS 02. Rel: 10 Mar 14
Deep House
  1. Sunshower (vox)
  2. Sunshower (instrumental)
  3. Sunshower (1992 version)
  4. Sunshower (Legowelt remix)
Review: Launched last year with a tenth anniversary edition of Gotta Have The Pokey, the sole 12? release from Danny Wolfers under his ghetto house-referencing Raheem Hershel alias, the Creme Classics series continues apace with a much anticipated reissue of one of the label's most curious releases. Originally released in 1989, Nami Shimada's "Sunshower" was the most unlikely of deep house hits, getting spun and remixed by Larry Heard and subsequently licensed by The Hague-based label in 2004 replete with one of Danny Wolfer's darkest remixes. With the record long out of print and being offered for some overly imaginative prices on Discogs, Creme decision to reissue the record should be met with vociferous applause by late adoptees to the label.
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Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts (remixes)
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 in stock $9.39
  1. Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts (KiNK remix)
  2. Against The Tide (Marquis Hawkes remix)
  3. Son Of House (Moon B Houze Mutha remix)
Review: With Creme Organization the label responsible for finally it coaxing a debut album out of UK house veteran Neville Watson, it seems fair for the Dutch label to open up tracks from the excellent Songs To Elevate The Heart for reinterpretation. Commissioning remixes from KiNK & Rachel, Moon B and Marquis Hawkes demonstrates the level of quality you'd expect from DJ TLR's unrelenting label too. Watson's old Bulgarian mucker KiNK is first up with a wonderfully uplifting house refix of the title track alongside his more recent production partner Rachel that hogs the A Side. Down below DABJ's secret weapon Marquis Hawkes adds some detuned acid and pounding metallic kicks to "Against The Tide" whilst Atlanta's Moon B drops a fuzzy edged, self styled Houz Mutha take on "Son Of House" that might just be our favourite.
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