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Push Play: Sayonara (For Now) Sonia Soto
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Cat: BOS2CDLP 031. Rel: 08 Sep 14
  1. Julie Gordon & Backdraft - "Aim High"
  2. Rennie Pilgrim - "Erica's Fix"
  3. Freestylers - "Electroshock"
  4. Aquasky & Ragga Twins - "Superbad 2014" (feat RTC & Mr Thing)
  5. Zeeskulls - "Rock The House" (Zombie Robot & Terry Hooligan remix)
  6. Deekline - "Not Forgotten"
  7. Soto - "Ghetto Blast Ya" (feat Top Cat - Shengi remix)
  8. Hempolics - "This Is My Highland"
  9. Seattle Yacht Club - "Feeling The Sunshine"
  10. Atomic Hooligan - "Live Your Life" (feat Genesis)
  11. Sasha Simone & Gal - "Move"
  12. D Region, Sketch & Code - "Re Evolution" (feat Kim Nile & Shadow Bloc)
  13. T Power - "Blow Out" (feat Elisabeth Troy & Stamina MC - pt 4)
  14. Hellfire Machina - "Aperture" (feat Judith Ude)
  15. Pyramid vs Jay Cunning - "Call Me"
  16. Ben & Lex - "You Got Me"
  17. Additives & Preservatives - "Breathe Deeply" (feat Yolanda)
  18. Soto - "Sayonara"
  19. Astro Duo - "Krell Tek"
  20. The Moody Boyz - "This Is Automatic"
  21. Lawgiver - "Quasar"
  22. Soto - "Ghetto Blast Ya" (feat Top Cat - Ray Keith remix)
  23. Dubzee - "Smoking" (feat Trinity Chris & Demolition Man)
  24. Smokesta D Region & Code - "Blinkers" (feat Cogee)
  25. Soto - "Hootenanny" (Shutdown's Missing Sonia remix)
Review: Sonia Akow, once of breaks crew SOTO, was a familiar face on the breaks scene throughout the '90s and 2000s, and an integral part of the Botchit & Scarper family. Sadly she passed away last year from leukaemia. Push Play pays tribute to her via two discs of new and exclusive material from the "beats and bass" community, with proceeds going to the Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. Putting aside the compilation's charity credentials, it's a strong collection, with superb contribiutions from Pyramid and Jay Cunning (the garage-breaks bounce of "Call Me"), Sasha Simone & Gal (the sunshine soul of "Move"), The Moody Boys (the bleep-heavy early breaks revivalism of "This is Automatic") and, of course, SOTO (the touching "Sayonara").
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Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1
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