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Wysing Forest
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 in stock $8.44
Cat: 45 BCCD. Rel: 23 Jun 14
  1. Two Degrees
  2. Amphis
  3. Unfurling
  4. Free Migration
  5. Highrise
  6. Tree Spirit
  7. The Balance Of Power
  8. Snippet
  9. Amphis (reprise)
Review: Modular synthesizer fetishist Luke Abbott apparently got the inspiration for this sophomore set during time spent as the "musician in residence" at the Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridgeshire back in 2012. Named after a piece of woodland close by, it sees Abbott using live analogue electronics to try and create a "natural life cycle" over the album's nine tracks. Interestingly, it differs from his impressive debut album in a number of ways; while Holkham Drones touched on krautrock, drone and intense ambience, Wysing Forest doffs a cap to spiritual jazz, Terry Riley and ambient explorer Pete Namlook. It's a beguiling set, all told, and one that constantly veers between crunchy bursts of intense IDM and becalmed, breathtaking ambience.
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Outdoor Museum Of Fractals/555hz
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 in stock $20.81
Outdoor Museum Of Fractals/555hz (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 48 BC. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. James Holden & Camilo Tirado - "Outdoor Museum Of Fractals" (26:09)
  2. James Holden & Camilo Tirado - "Outdoor Museum Of Fractals" (20:37)
  3. Luke Abbott - "555hz" (16:25)
  4. Luke Abbott - "555hz" (16:23)
Review:  Last year, Border Community heavyweights James Holden and Luke Abbott took part in a special performance to mark the 80th birthday of minimalist legend Terry Riley. Here, the extended pieces they performed that night are finally released. Holden's 46-minute piece - performed with tabla player Camilo Tirado, and created by writing a special sequencer for his modular synthesizer - is little less than an exotic, slowly evolving masterpiece, up there with the American composer's finest synthesizer works. Abbott's "555Hz", on the other hand, is an altogether deeper and more languid affair, but no less enthralling. Built around droning, drawn-out chords and subtle melodic shifts, it bubbles away attractively like the greatest intergalactic ambience.
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Dust Collision
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 in stock $4.09
Cat: 33 BCCD. Rel: 28 Nov 11
Minimal/Tech House
  1. I Knit You
  2. Dancing On Your Scalp
  3. Human Twin
  4. Archetype
  5. Maze Rider (live from The Cave)
  6. For A Shadow
  7. Dust Collision
  8. Echoes & The Light
  9. Green Machine
  10. Holy Beast
  11. Mad Thinker Get Out Of My Skin
  12. Les Djinns
Review: Kate Wax was always going to be a perfect fit with James Holden's Border Community. Wax's is a dark, haunted take on pop music, with the kind of minor-key tones and drones that pervade her new home across its considerable legacy. While there's been a penchant for fuzzy production values in this kind of music this year, Wax instead has a refreshing airiness to her tracks without holding back on the elements. Where some of her contemporaries come off sounding stilted or just plain try-hard, Wax sounds assured and alluring in her execution of the cohesive idea that makes up Dust Collision.
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