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Analogue Solutions Megacity Tear Drop 64 Step Analog Sequencer
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 1 in stock $964.65
Cat: 578098 Rel: 06 Jul 15
64 step analog sequencer, with patch cables & UK power supply included
Notes: Standalone 64 step analogue step sequencer with a host of unique features that sets it apart from others.

- True analogue step sequencers using CV pot's not encoders
- Analogue CV circuits
- Massive 64 steps (series mode) or 2 x 32 steps (2 channel parallel mode)
- 2 CV outputs with Range and Glide (Portamento)
- 4 Gate outs (2 per channel)
- 2 CV quantisers
- MIDI Out
- Jump and Reset - activate from MIDI note, Push Button and external Gate
- Fill In and clock divide modes for variation
- Compatible with Eurorack and most analogue synths with CV/Gate input
- Voltage controlled clock
- Many options for sequence control
- Very easy MIDI sync possible using a dedicated MIDI note
- Solid steel and aluminium construction
- High quality sealed potentiometers, sturdy switches.
- Unique green LED matrix style tear drop raining LEDs

Megacity comes with a starter pack that includes:

- Patch cables
- Patch pad - a note pad containing printed blank patch templates
- Power supply
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Analogue Solutions Resistor Pin For Vostok
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 1 in stock $16.39
Cat: 474848 Rel: 25 Feb 13
1 x replacement resistor pin for the Vostok (10K Ohms)
Notes: 1 x replacement resistor pin for the Vostok (10K Ohms).
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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