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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
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Cat: BGPD 306. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (3:08)
  2. Sex Education: Ghetto Style (0:52)
  3. The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues (5:09)
  4. No Knock (1:31)
  5. Lady Day & John Coltrane (3:36)
  6. Pieces Of A Man (4:53)
  7. Home Is Where The Hatred Is (3:21)
  8. Brother (1:47)
  9. Save The Children (4:27)
  10. Whitey On The Moon (1:28)
  11. Did You Hear What They Said? (3:28)
The Sunshine Makers (Soundtrack)
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Cat: SNDWLP 100. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. The Sunshine Makers (3:12)
  2. The History Of LSD (3:12)
  3. Pretitle (2:41)
  4. 200 Kilos (1:01)
  5. Sold Out (3:32)
  6. Chase Scene (4:11)
  7. Being Watched (1:39)
  8. Post Reunion (1:20)
  9. The Acid Trial (2:35)
  10. Historic (2:39)
  11. Escape (1:52)
  12. Scene Goes Bad (1:02)
  13. Tim In Prison (2:25)
  14. Uptown Street Scene (2:47)
  15. The Trip (Titles) (2:35)
  16. Owsley Bust Scene (2:35)
  17. The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love (2:01)
  18. Bikers (2:02)
Review: Styled in some regards as a 'real-life Breaking Bad', the documentary The Sunshine Makers documents a partnership on a mission to expand the consciousness of the '60s set by means of a domestic LSD laboratory. Who better, indeed, to soundtrack such an affair than London-based synapse-shakers The Heliocentrics, whose irrepressible melange of psychedelia, rhythmic drive and third-eye-cleansing jazz unites the questing spirit of the '60s with the here and now. The evangelical zeal of the era's metaphysical crusaders may be viewed with some wistful nostalgia in the here and now, but their cultural legacy finds an uncanny parallel in this invigorating and addictive score from these modern visionaries.
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Two Sides Of Funky Club Jazz Vol Three: Mod Jazz Edition
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Two Sides Of Funky Club Jazz Vol Three: Mod Jazz Edition (7" in hand-stamped kraft paper sleeve + branded card sleeve +sticker) (1 per customer)
Cat: MUKAT 052 DINKED. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Whip It On Me (3:18)
  2. Got My Mojo Working (But It Just Won't Work On You) (2:48)
Review: Killer heavy Hammond organ led driving dancefloor devastation on 'Whip It On Me' taken from the 'Heavy Soul' album from 1968. On flipside and taken from the New Genius of The Blues album from 1967 and the first time ever on a 45 is Billy's killer rendition of 'Got My Mojo Working (But It Just Won't Work On You)' featuring Mr Hawks on vocals and organ and Joseph Jones on guitar. Powerful stuff from the Mukatsuku camp and another essential single for your record box and Juno copies come in exclusive packaging ! As played by The Herbaliser, DJ Spinna, DJ Amir ,DJ Marky, Dom Servini, Bob Jones,Faze Action, Djar One, Smoov and more.
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This Is What You Are
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Cat: XEXPAND 1020. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. This Is What You Are (original mix) (7:10)
  2. This Is What You Are (Opolopo remix) (6:55)
Review: One of the richest, soulful voices in the European jazz, Biondi regularly works with the likes of Incognito. The High Five Quintet complements his delivery well with a Pimptones style soft-jazz structure but plenty of rhythmic welly. For a little more house and a little less jazz, flip for Opolopo's remix. Weighty and club-ready but with Mario's full vocal still intact, it's yet another notch in Opolopo's award-worthy remix bedpost
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Hammer Anvil & Stirrup
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Hammer Anvil & Stirrup (2x10" LP in hand printed sleeves)
Cat: JMANLP 056. Rel: 08 Apr 13
  1. Topsy Turvy
  2. Mirage
  3. Jumping Beans
  4. Morphine
  5. Fruit Juice For Everyone
  6. Samba Moderno
  7. Morocco
  8. Assault On The Senses
  9. Humulus Lopulus
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Mentira (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45017. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. Marcos Valle - "Mentira"
  2. Toni Tornado - "Me Libertei"
Review: Two premium Latin funk documents on one limited 45, Mr Bongo deliver once again: Marcos Valle needs no introduction to Brazilian music enthusiasts. "Mentira" is a self-cover as Valle takes his 69 classic "Mentira Carioca" and develops the dynamic with a vocal style that's highly reminiscent of Donovan. Flip for Toni Tornado's Black Rio anthem "Me Libertei". Fusing sleazy rock n roll with jazzy Latin soul, madly this is the first time it's ever graced a 45!
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Maki Asakawa
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Maki Asakawa (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: HJRLP 111. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Nemuru No Ga Kowai (3:46)
  2. Chicchana Toki Kara (live) (2:24)
  3. Blue Spirit Blues (5:44)
  4. Fushiawase To Lu Na No Neko (2:45)
  5. Govinda (4:10)
  6. Chicchana Toki Kara (2:43)
  7. Boro To Furutetsu (7:58)
  8. Aisa Nai No Aise Nai No (4:03)
  9. Uramado (4:55)
  10. Kamone (4:01)
  11. Machi (3:31)
  12. Gogo (7:31)
  13. Zenkamono No Christmas (3:07)
  14. Hikkoshi (3:49)
  15. Cabaret (4:25)
  16. Konna Funi Sugite Iku No Nara (3:54)
  17. Onna (2:56)
  18. Yuki Ga Furu (4:09)
Where The Gods Are In Peace
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Cat: DAP 046CD. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Gold Rush
  2. Hook & Crook
  3. Tombstone (Movement 1 Good Doer - feat Zap Mama)
  4. Tombstone (Movement 2 Mami Water Down - feat Zap Mama)
  5. Tombstone (Movement 3 Gates Of Zion - feat Zap Mama)
Review: On Where The Gods Are In Peace, their first album for five years, long-serving NYC Afrobeat revivalists Antibalas return to Daptone with fellow veterans Zapa Mama in tow. The all-female Belgian combo provides vocals on album centrepiece "Tombstown", a suite of track in three distinctive "Movements". All three parts, which are drenched in reverb and delay and operate at a far slower tempo than much of Antibalas's output, are decidedly cosmic in tone, with greater percussive intricacy, subtle Afro-jazz influences and an impressive variety of instrumental solos. Of course, it wouldn't be an Antibalas album without a rousing dancefloor epic or two, and happily both the Fela Kuti style "Gold Rush" and funk-fuelled "Hook & Crook" tick that particular box.
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Where The Gods Are In Peace
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Where The Gods Are In Peace (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DAP 046LP. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Gold Rush (10:52)
  2. Hook & Crook (8:56)
  3. Tombstone (Movement 1 Good Doer - feat Zap Mama) (5:19)
  4. Tombstone (Movement 2 Mami Water Town - feat Zap Mama) (5:34)
  5. Tombstone (Movement 3 Gates Of Zion - feat Zap Mama) (4:34)
Review: Martin Perna's infamous Antibalas crew, or 'bulletproof' as we like to call them, have been one of the most consistent sources of quality afrobeat since the late 90s, first coming through on the then fledgling Ninja Tune, out of the UK. Over the last five years, Brooklyn's ever-impressive Daptone Records have snapped them up, with this new album, Where The Gods Are In Peace, being the group's second LP for the afro powerhouse label. "Gold Rush" opens with a frenetic, supremely funky ode to Fela, all nervous and cosmic, followed by the comparatively deeper and more laid-back groove of "Hook & Crook". "Tombstone", on the B-side, receives three mixes, each of them featuring Zap Mama on the vocals - the deepest shade of afrobeat you'll find out here. Antibalas gives us hope that new music can be just as powerful as the original material from the 70s. 10/10.
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Idle Hands
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Cat: SB 7025. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Idle Hands (3:48)
  2. Seeds Of Life (feat Eddie Palmeri) (5:09)
Review: Legendary bandleader Eddie Palmieri took a rare groove excursion from his Latin legacy in the early 70s for two albums as Harlem River Drive. Criminally overlooked, Soul Brother have dusted off two of the many highlights from his self-titled debut; "Idle Hands" is a sleazy, Gaye-style message with an almost spoken word quality to the vocals and a smoky wooziness to the horns while "Seeds Of Life" is a real end-of-set belter that rises and rises with tight orchestration between the guitar, horns and drums. Incredible... This can't be slept on this time round.
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Anthology: Messages
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Cat: LPSBPJ 26. Rel: 18 Jul 05
  1. The Bottle
  2. It's Your World
  3. Johannesburg
  4. Winter In America
  5. The Liberation (Red, Black & Green)
  6. Home Is Where The Hatred Is (live)
  7. Racetrack In France
  8. Hello Sunday Hello Road
  9. We Almost Lost Detroit
  10. Delta Man (Where I'm Coming From)
  11. Angel Dust
  12. Show Bizness
  13. Madison Avenue
  14. Shut 'Um Down
  15. Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams)
Twin Danger
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Twin Danger (limited red LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: B 002250001. Rel: 27 Jul 15
  1. Pointless Satisfaction (5:13)
  2. Coldest Kind Of Heart (4:37)
  3. I Love (Loving You) (4:06)
  4. Just Because (4:08)
  5. No One Knows (4:28)
  6. Sailor (4:16)
  7. In Many Ways (4:11)
  8. Save It (4:46)
  9. When It Counts (4:15)
  10. Take It From My Eyes (4:44)
Liquid Spirit
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Liquid Spirit (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 374315 4. Rel: 16 Sep 13
  1. No Love Dying
  2. Liquid Spirit
  3. Lonesome Lover
  4. Water Under Bridges
  5. Hey Laura
  6. Musical Genocide
  7. Wolfcry
  8. Free
  9. Borwn Grass
  10. Wind Song
  11. The In Crowd
  12. Movin'
  13. When Love Was King
  14. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  15. Time Is Ticking
  16. Water Under Bridges (Robato version)
Review: Few contemporary jazz songwriters have emerged with such demonstrative authenticity and clarity as Gregory Porter. Liquid Spirit continues where the prolific artist left us with Be Good and Water; soulful, funky and galvanised in honest emotion. Echoing foundation-setting singers such as Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield and even further back to the likes of Sammy Davis Junior, Porter flings us from vibe to vibe with precision-written lyrics and emphatic delivery. Highlights include the double-bass slapping stomper "Liquid Spirit", the boogie-fuelled "The In Crowd", the Cullum-esque "When Love Was King" and the tear-jerking finale "Water Under Bridges." Beautiful business.
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Come Away With Me
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Cat: BLUELP 32088. Rel: 19 Apr 04
  1. Don't Know Why
  2. Seven Years
  3. Cold Cold Heart
  4. Feelin' The Same Way
  5. Come Away With Me
  6. Shoot The Moon
  7. Turn Me On
  8. Lonestar
  9. I've Got To See You Again
  10. Painter Song
  11. One Flight Down
  12. Nightingale
  13. The Long Day Is Over
  14. The Nearness Of You
Played by: Blue Note Records
The Source
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Cat: 576832 9. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Moody Boy
  2. Bad Roads
  3. Cruising
  4. On Fire
  5. Woro Dance
  6. Tony's Blues
  7. Wolf Eats Wolf
  8. Cool Cats
  9. Push & Pull
  10. Ewajo
  11. Life Is Beautiful
Review: Tony Allen is on record as saying that The Source, his first album on iconic jazz label Blue Note, is the best recording he's made. Given his length of service and vast discography, that's a bold claim. Certainly, it's a fine album, with the legendary drummer and his selected musicians - mostly jazz players from Paris, plus a Cameroonian guitarist and previous Allen collaborator Damon Albarn on one cut - effortlessly blur the boundaries between Afrobeat and the kind of jazz pioneered by Allen's percussion heroes Art Blakey and Max Roach. It's a brilliant hybrid that fits Allen's unique style of drumming like a glove, and there's no doubt that the former Fela Kuti sticks-man is the real star of the show.
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Everything's Beautiful
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Everything's Beautiful (gatefold LP)
Cat: 888751 57821. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Talking Shit (3:07)
  2. Ghetto Walkin' (feat Bilal) (5:56)
  3. They Can't Hold Me Down (feat Illa J) (7:30)
  4. Maiysha (So Long) (feat Erykah Badu) (3:21)
  5. Violets (feat Phonte) (5:47)
  6. Little Church (feat Hiatus Kaiyote) (0:47)
  7. Silence Is The Way (feat Laura Mvula) (5:13)
  8. Song For Selim (feat King) (2:36)
  9. Milestones (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow) (4:16)
  10. I'm Leaving You (feat John Scofield & Ledisi) (3:10)
  11. Right On Brotha (feat Stevie Wonder) (5:02)
Search For The New Land (75th Anniversary Edition) (remastered)
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Cat: 471732 4. Rel: 25 May 15
  1. Search For The New Land (15:44)
  2. The Joker (5:05)
  3. Mr Kenyatta (8:39)
  4. Melancholee (6:13)
  5. Morgan The Pirate (6:25)
The Awakening
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The Awakening (gatefold LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: BEWITH 020LP. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. The Awakening (6:16)
  2. I Love Music (7:20)
  3. Patterns (6:18)
  4. Dolphin Dance (5:06)
  5. You're My Everything (4:42)
  6. Stolen Moments (6:29)
  7. Wave (4:28)
Review: The Awakening is the seventh and final studio album from The Ahmad Jamal trio. It was originally released way back in 1970, and in the years since has become something of a must-have for jazz collectors. Given that finding original vinyl copies is getting increasingly difficult, this reissue is more than welcome. Musically, it's a boisterous and hugely entertaining affair, with Jamal's virtuoso piano playing taking centre stage. With an accompanying drummer and double bass player providing steady, if unspectacular, backing, Jamal tickles the ivories like a man possessed. Along the way, he doffs his cap to a number of then popular jazz styles, remodeling them in his own image.
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Air (limited heavyweight vinyl LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BEWITH 015LP. Rel: 15 Aug 16
  1. Realize (3:47)
  2. Mr. Man (3:11)
  3. Baby I Don't Know Where Love (4:34)
  4. Martin (2:34)
  5. In Our Time (5:07)
  6. Man Is Free (4:27)
  7. Sister Bessie (2:34)
  8. Lipstick (4:37)
  9. Man's Got Style (2:49)
  10. Jail Cell (5:11)
  11. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free (3:31)
Review: Serious reissue business: Be With take us back to 1971 for Air's one and only album. The brainchild of Googe Coppola (who you may recognise from Fire Island or cameos with Jeremy Steig) and her partner in jazz Tom Coppola, you can hear vapour trails of the pastoral, laidback folk of the late '60s with a more forthright funk energy and jazz mindset as the lovers and their bandmates dazzle us with meandering melodies and stories; from The Doors level organ frenzy of "Baby I Don't Know Where I Love" to the galloping momentum of "In Our Time" that suddenly stops dead into an almost medieval breakdown by way of ballads such as "Sister Bessie" and Afrobeat-style horn chaos like "Lipstick", this really captures an exciting time in music and, if the music is as honest as it seems, a rather exciting time in the lives of the Coppolas too...
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Encore (LP)
Cat: FARO 122LPX. Rel: 07 Aug 17
  1. Bis (feat Azymuth) (3:50)
  2. Caminho Da Roca (4:15)
  3. Dona Das Meninas (feat Azymuth) (4:45)
  4. Eu Quero Paz (feat Azymuth) (3:53)
  5. Abertura (2:08)
  6. Tupa Tupi (3:36)
  7. Sucuri (5:20)
  8. Amor Na Contra Mao (3:59)
  9. Tudo De Bom (3:34)
  10. Filhos (feat Ivan Lins) (3:01)
  11. Preludio (1:25)
Review: On its initial release a decade ago in 2007, Arthur Verocai's Encore - the Brazilian artist's belated follow-up to his obscure, eponymous 1972 debut album - was hailed as something of a modern classic. 10 years on, the set has lost none of its breezy sparkle, as this re-mastered vinyl reissue proves. It features a mixture of samba, jazz-funk and bossanova songs, with featured players including many of those who played on 1972's Arthur Verocai (Azymuth being the best-known to European and American audiences). The production, courtesy of Harmonic 313 member Dave Brinkworth, is superb, too; so sympathetic is it to Verocai's original 1970s style, in fact, that it could have been recorded at the same time as his now acclaimed debut. If you missed out first time round, this should be essential listening.
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Burn (LP)
Cat: LEGO 032VL. Rel: 06 Jun 11
  1. Gutterball
  2. Lonely For You Baby
  3. Workout
  4. Eazy Rider
  5. The Skunk
  6. Lope Song
  7. Booga Lou
  8. Cigar Eddie
  9. I Believe In Miracles
Earth Blossom
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Earth Blossom (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: HS 005VL. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. Ode To Ethiopia (4:28)
  2. Earth Blossom (3:24)
  3. Open Pastures (4:28)
  4. Song For An Untitled Lady (3:50)
  5. Ra (5:57)
  6. Darling Doria (5:08)
  7. Get Up & Go (6:33)
Review: Released in 1974, during Strata East's golden era, Florida free drummer John formed his first pop-up troupe to record this one-off document. At points overwhelmingly funky (the seashore laps and waves of the sun-kissed "Ode To An Untitled Lady"), at others frenetic, chaotic and challenging (the time signature switches and spiralling horns on "Ra"), at others softly cinematic and dreamy (the abstract floatation sermon of the title track) Earth Blossom creates and exists in its own cosmos. As such, it is timeless and will remain contemporary sounding for many decades to come.
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Hassan's Walk
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Cat: PMG 004LP. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Hassan's Walk (15:29)
  2. Speak No Evil (5:40)
  3. Calvary (9:16)
  4. 'Round Midnight (8:58)
My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt
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My Name Is Doug Hream Blunt (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: LB 0083LP. Rel: 19 Oct 15
  1. Fly Guy (6:07)
  2. Gentle Persuasion (6:44)
  3. Whiskey Man (5:40)
  4. Break Free (6:20)
  5. Ride The Tiger (5:26)
  6. Caribbean Queen (5:11)
  7. Big Top (4:43)
  8. Trek (5:23)
  9. Love Land (4:54)
  10. Fly Guy (instrumental) (6:16)
Review: If you know Blunt's story then you'll already know how genuinely cool, exciting and creative he is. If you don't, look it up - he didn't even start learning to playing music until his mid-30s and he regularly touted his lo-fi, wonky community-spirited fuzzy funk by busking and performing at old people's homes. A big influence on Luka Bop founder David Byrne, Dean Blunt, Dam Funk and many more, this is the first time his work has been available since his highly sought after self-released album Gentle Persuasion. Scuffed, scratched and strangely mixed down, his status as an 'outsider funk' spokesman makes complete sense when heard in all his glory. Genuinely unique.
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Empyrean Isles (remastered)
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Cat: 470856 2. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. One Finger Snap
  2. Qliloqui Valley
  3. Cantaloupe Island
  4. The Egg
Assiyo Bellema
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 in stock $8.45
Cat: AFR 45013. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Mulatu Astatke - "Assiyo Bellema" (feat Frank Holder & Niaaza Alsherif) (2:53)
  2. Teshome Meteku - "Hasabe" (3:55)
Review: Another weighty slab of Ethiopian music history from Mr Bongo... First up is the hugely influential fusionist Mulatu Astatke with the Latin-meets-Afro jam "Assiyo Bellema". Loaded with frenetic guitars and mesmerising drum work from Frank Holder, this was actually recorded during Mulatu's time in London. Flip for an equally influential force in Ethiopian music: Soul Ekos Band affiliate Teshome Meteku with a more traditional local sound, Teshome's yearning insistent vocals wrap around the horns and tight drums like fog around a mountain. Captivating.
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Muziqa Muziqa
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 in stock $8.73
Cat: AFR 45014. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Seyoum Gebreyes & Wallias Band - "Muziqa Muziqa" (3:42)
  2. Wallias Band - "Muziqawi Silt" (3:44)
Review: Destination Ethiopia: The Wallias Band are one of the country's longest standing troupes with over 20 years service to their name from the early 70s to early 90s and serious accomplishments such as being the first Ethiopian band to tour the USA. Here they're represented in all their full spread glory; "Muziqa Muziqa" has an almost northern soul dynamic with its speed and wily sax blasts from Seyoum while "Muziqawi Silt" is a much more measured, introspective affair. Beautiful.
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We Insist! Freedom Now Suite (stereo)
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 in stock $16.06
We Insist! Freedom Now Suite (stereo) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 771877. Rel: 14 Apr 14
  1. Driva Man
  2. Freedom Day
  3. Triptych: Prayer/Protest/Peace
  4. All Africa
  5. Tears For Johannesburg
  6. Oh Yeah Oh Yeah (bonus track)
Cosmic Music
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Cosmic Music (gatefold LP)
Cat: SV 120. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Manifestation (11:40)
  2. Lord Help Me To Be (7:26)
  3. Rev. King (11:04)
  4. The Sun (4:02)
Review: John and Alice Coltrane's Cosmic Music has long been considered one of spiritual jazz's greatest moments. The album was recorded in 1966 and '68, features amongst its backing players the mighty Pharoah Saunders, and was initially released as an ultra-limited "private press" record by Alice Coltrane following her husband's death. It was, of course, later brought to wider attention by an official Impulse Records release, though this reissue boasts Alice Coltrane's original private press artwork. Variously out-there, discordant, effervescent and hugely atmospheric, tracks like "Lord Help Me To Be" and "Rev. King" still sound groundbreaking and mind-altering all these years on.
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On The Go (Special Edition) (remastered)
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 in stock $21.70
Cat: GONDLP 005. Rel: 06 Jun 16
  1. Music For A Dancing Mind (8:54)
  2. Song For Charlie (7:01)
  3. The End Of Dukkha (6:41)
  4. Samatha (9:13)
  5. The Journey Home (6:57)
  6. The Move (5:29)
  7. Only You (bonus track) (6:35)
  8. Singing Everyday (bonus track) (8:16)
  9. Breathless (bonus track) (6:58)
Review: Matthew Halsall is without doubt one of the brightest young talents in the British jazz scene. Since 2008, the man has been adding a fresh and playful tone to a very grounded musical genre, and at the same time carrying through the dynasty of jazz legends such as John Coltrane or Pharaoh Sanders. On The Go is his album from 2011, repressed this week by Gondwana Records, who have been very impressive since their first releases back in the mid 2000's, and the LP is one for the tasteful connoisseur. The mood is meditative and the air is smoky, where Halsall's trumpet travels gracefully across a space made up of striking piano solos, broken waves of drums, and an altogether peaceful sort of outlook.
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Played by: Rikki Humphrey
Sings & Plays
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Sings & Plays (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: NOT 2LP137. Rel: 17 Oct 11
  1. That Old Feeling
  2. It's Always You
  3. Like Someone In Love
  4. My Ideal
  5. I've Never Been In Love Before
  6. My Buddy
  7. But Nof For Me
  8. Time After Time
  9. I Get Along Without You Very Well
  10. My Funny Valentine
  11. There Will Never Be Another You
  12. The Thrill Is Gone
  13. I Fall In Love Too Easily
  14. Look For The Silver Lining
  15. Let's Get Lost
  16. This ls Always
  17. Long Ago (& Far Away)
  18. Someone To Watch Over Me
  19. Just Friends
  20. I Wish I Knew
  21. Daybreak
  22. You Don't Know What Love Is
  23. Grey December
  24. I Remember You
Lunar Cruise (reissue)
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 in stock $10.99
  1. Iron Paradise
  2. Nahm
  3. Ancient Palace
  4. A Vanished Illusion
  5. Jyomuran
  6. Monody
  7. In D
  8. Madorone
  9. Chang-Dra
  10. Lunar Cruise
Review: Earlier in the year, WRWTFWW and Palto Flats both reissued Japanese percussionist Midori Takada's brilliant 1983 debut album, Through The Looking Glass. Now WRWTFWW has gone a step further, releasing another hard-to-find touchstone of Japanese ambient: Takada's 1990 collaboration with jazz pianist Masahiko Satoh, Lunar Cruise. It's another sublime set, all told, with Takada's impeccable percussion work - both jazz-style free drumming and more melodious instruments such as marimba, kalimba and xylophone - being complemented by Satah's slick and atmospheric synthesziers. It's perhaps a little more challenging in places than Through The Looking Glass - some tracks are dense and tribal in tone, or unashamedly experimental - but rarely less than wonderfully atmospheric.
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What Color Is Love
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 in stock $16.06
Cat: 50019. Rel: 28 May 07
  1. Dancing Girl
  2. What Color Is Love
  3. You Goin Miss you Candyman
  4. Just As Long As We're In Love
  5. Ho Tsing Mee (A Song Of The Sun)
  6. I'd Rather Be With You
  7. You Don't Care
Savage Rhythm: Swingin Dance Floor Sounds To Blow Your Top
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 in stock $14.09
Cat: STAGO 53. Rel: 21 Jul 14
  1. Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang - "House Rent Party Day"
  2. Duke Ellington - "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)" (feat Ivie Anderson)
  3. Count Basie - "Sent For You Yesterday" (feat Jimmy Rushing)
  4. Tiny Bradshaw - "Shout, Sister Shout"
  5. Jimmie Linceford Orchestra - "Stratosphere"
  6. Cab Calloway & Leon Chu Berry - "Savage Rhythm"
  7. Gene Krupa & Irene Daye - "Drum Boogie"
  8. Artie Shaw & His Gramarcy Five - "Special Delivery Stomp"
  9. Tommy Dorsey - "Loose Lid Special"
  10. Charlie Barnet - "Redskin Rhumba"
  11. Benny Goodman Orchestra - "Roll 'Em"
  12. Bob Crosby Orchestra - "Diga Diga Doo" (parts 1 & 2)
  13. Artie Shaw - "Traffic Jam"
  14. Casa Loma Orchestra & Glen Gray - "Zig Zag"
  15. Jimmy Lunceford Orchestra - "Lunceford Special"
  16. Bud Freeman & His Summa Cum Laude Orchestra - "The Eel"
  17. Coleman Hawkins & His Orchestra - "Rocky Comfort"
  18. Big Sid Cartlet - "I Never Knew"
  19. Gene Krupa & His Chicago Allstars - "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles"
  20. Slim Gillard & His Flat Foot Floogie Boys - "Chicken Rhythm"
  21. Will Bradley & His Orchestra - "Beat Me Daddy (Eight To The Bar)"
  22. Harry James & His Orchestra - "Back Beat Boogie"
  23. Earl Hines & His Orchestra - "Ridin' & Jivin'"
  24. Hot Lips Page & His Orchestra - "They Raided The Joint"
When The Night Is Right
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 in stock $13.81
Cat: CR 2019. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. When The Night Is Right! (6:57)
  2. It's Changed (6:05)
  3. Lean Meat (6:20)
  4. Apex (6:52)
  5. Impressions (10:22)
Played by: Admin
1958 Miles (reissue)
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 in stock $16.06
1958 Miles (reissue) (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 772173. Rel: 26 Jun 17
  1. On Green Dolphin Street (9:52)
  2. Fran-dance (5:51)
  3. Stella By Starlight (4:43)
  4. Budo (4:17)
  5. Love For Sale (11:45)
  6. Little Melonae (7:22)
  7. Sweet Sue, Just You (3:41)
Head Hunters
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 in stock $68.74
Head Hunters (gatefold 200 gram vinyl 2xLP (plays at 45RPM))
Cat: ANLP 84. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. Chameleon (15:36)
  2. Watermelon Man (6:24)
  3. Sly (10:17)
  4. Vein Melter (9:01)
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 in stock $17.75
Getz/Gilberto (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 060075 3551561. Rel: 20 Oct 14
  1. The Girl From Ipanema
  2. Doralice
  3. P'ra Muchucar
  4. Meu Coracao
  5. Corcovado
  6. So Danco Samba
  7. O Grande Amor
  8. Vivo Sonhando
Chega De Saudade (reissue)
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 in stock $13.51
Cat: VP 90003. Rel: 03 Jul 17
  1. Samba Da Minha Terra (2:21)
  2. O Barquinho (2:31)
  3. Bolinha De Papel (1:19)
  4. Saudade Da Bahia (2:17)
  5. A Primavera Vez (1:52)
  6. O Amor Em Paz (2:22)
  7. Voce E Eu (2:30)
  8. Trenzinho (Trem De Ferro) (1:50)
  9. Coisa Mais Linda (2:49)
  10. Presente De Natal (1:53)
  11. Insesatez (2:25)
  12. Este Seu Olhar (2:14)
  13. Manha De Carnaval (bonus track - 7 Inch EP (1959)) (2:35)
  14. Chega De Saudade (2:01)
  15. Lobo Bobo (1:21)
  16. Brigas, Nunca Mais (2:06)
  17. Ho Ba La La La (2:17)
  18. Saudade Fez Um Samba (1:49)
  19. Maria Ninguem (2:24)
  20. Desafinado (2:00)
  21. Rosa Morena (2:05)
  22. Morena Boca De Ouro (1:59)
  23. Bim Bom (1:16)
  24. Aos Pes Da Cruz (1:35)
  25. E Luxo So (1:56)
  26. O Nosso Amror; A Felicidade (bonus track - 7 Inch EP (1959)) (3:05)
Bells For The South Side
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 in stock $22.53
Cat: 5711952. Rel: 19 Jun 17
  1. Spatial Aspects Of The Sound
  2. Panoply
  3. Prelude To A Rose
  4. Dancing In The Canyon
  5. EP 7849
  6. Bells For The South Side
  7. Prelude To The Card Game, Cards For Drums, & The Final Hand
  8. The Last Chord
  9. Six Gongs & Two Woodblocks
  10. R509A Twenty B
  11. Red Moon In The Sky/Odwalla
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 in stock $11.85
Marseille (CD)
Cat: JV 570136. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Marseille (instrumental)
  2. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  3. Pots En Verre
  4. Marseille (with Abd Al Malik)
  5. Autumn Leaves
  6. I Came To See You/You Were Not There
  7. Baalbeck
  8. Marseille (with Mina Agossi)
African Songbird (reissue)
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 in stock $21.98
Cat: MM 103. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Africa (21:26)
  2. Music (8:52)
  3. African Songbird (5:12)
Black Fire (reissue)
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 in stock $25.91
Cat: MM 109. Rel: 05 Jun 17
  1. Brother (5:05)
  2. Feelings (Deep In Your Heart) (5:17)
  3. Sky Ride II (5:40)
  4. Heaven (I've Found In You) (5:14)
  5. Black Fire (3:38)
  6. You're Everything (3:37)
  7. Love Your Baby Right (4:12)
  8. Windsong (5:40)
A Tribute To Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
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 in stock $14.64
  1. Moanin' (4:59)
  2. Night In Tunisia (6:03)
  3. Politely (6:38)
  4. The Drum Thunder Suite (6:43)
Review: Those who've studied Tony Allen's distinctive drumming style often cite Art Blakey as an influence, so it's little surprise to find him paying tribute to the legendary jazz drummer on this superb album. Joined by his regular band, Allen covers a quartet of tracks written and recorded by Blakey and his band, the Jazz Messengers. The results are predictably impressive, with Allen's loose and polyrhythmic percussion providing a rock solid foundation for the horns, piano and double bass that sits atop. It's naturally closer to all-out jazz than to Afrobeat, but still bristles with the kind of punchy horns and life-affirming playing that characterizes Allen's work. "Thunder Suite", in which Allen drops a number of sweaty drum solos, is particularly potent.
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Film Music (Deluxe Edition)
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 in stock $55.22
Film Music (Deluxe Edition) (3xLP box + book + MP3 download code)
Cat: EARTH 007LP. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. Boys & The Sea (part 1) (3:38)
  2. Boys & The Sea (part 2) (0:35)
  3. Dance At The Stadium (2:22)
  4. Waltz (3:27)
  5. My Younger Brother (1:41)
  6. The Last Romantic (5:39)
  7. Evening Cafe (1:38)
  8. Summer Blues (2:28)
  9. All This Jazz (4:28)
  10. A La Invenzia (2:45)
  11. Don't Be Sad (2:47)
  12. Waltz (3:06)
  13. Unfinished Recording (2:38)
  14. Russian Ragtime (2:24)
  15. Dolphins (2:51)
  16. You Have Such Eyes (4:10)
  17. Goodbye Boys (2:21)
  18. On Tsvetochnaya Street (3:03)
  19. A Moment (2:06)
  20. Prelude For Ket (3:24)
  21. Roads (2:59)
  22. Couple In A Cafe (4:18)
  23. Expectation Of The New Year (1:13)
  24. Snow Over Leningrad (2:45)
  25. No One's Home (2:11)
  26. Along My Street For Many Years (2:45)
  27. What Is Happening To Me? (2:19)
  28. I Like (1:34)
  29. Aria For A Moscow Guest (1:51)
  30. I Asked The Ash Street (3:35)
  31. I Asked The Mirror (1:35)
  32. The Third Stroitelnaya Street (1:53)
  33. Melody (3:10)
  34. The Last Waltz (1:45)
  35. I Love (2:58)
  36. Morning Clouds (0:53)
  37. Moscow Morning (2:03)
  38. Moscow Morning (variation) (2:46)
  39. Morning In The Mountains (4:09)
  40. Prelude For Cello & Piano (2:20)
  41. Nocturne (2:22)
  42. I Am Writing To You By Accident (2:34)
  43. On The Scout (2:16)
  44. Over The Fields The Twilight Is Indistinct (1:58)
  45. Your Voice (3:01)
  46. Accordion Waltz (2:49)
  47. It Happens (2:52)
  48. Until Tomorrow (2:42)
  49. Don't Be Sad (2:48)
  50. I Am A Tree (3:12)
  51. Goodbye Boys (variation) (2:09)
Played by: Sasha Khizhnyakov
My Baby Just Cares For Me (remastered)
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 in stock $13.24
  1. My Baby Just Cares For Me (3:35)
  2. You Can Have Him (5:50)
  3. Cotton Eyed Joe (2:51)
  4. Don't Smoke In Bed (3:08)
  5. Summertime (2:51)
  6. Love Me Or Leave Me (3:23)
  7. I Love You Porgy (4:09)
  8. Stompin' At The Savoy (2:07)
  9. Mood Indigo (4:00)
  10. Trouble In Mind (live) (5:26)
  11. African Mailman (3:07)
  12. Willow Weep For Me (3:14)
A Tribute To Terje Rypdal
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 in stock $23.11
A Tribute To Terje Rypdal (gatefold 2xLP + CD)
Cat: RLP 3194. Rel: 04 Sep 17
  1. Orner (5:52)
  2. Over Birkerot/Silver Bird Heads For The Sun (14:49)
  3. Chaser (6:17)
  4. What Comes After (6:31)
  5. Warning: Electric Guitars (5:19)
  6. Tough Enough/Rolling Stone/Tough Enough (19:12)
  7. Avskjed (6:56)
  8. Dream Song/Into The Wilderness/Out Of This World (6:03)
  9. Sunrise (8:49)
  10. Orner
  11. Over Birkerot/Silver Bird Heads For The Sun
  12. Chaser
  13. What Comes After
  14. Warning: Electric Guitars
  15. Tough Enough/Rolling Stone/Tough Enough
  16. Avskjed
  17. Dream Song/Into The Wilderness/Out Of This World
  18. Sunrise
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 in stock $28.03
Spaceways (LP)
Cat: ORW 470811O. Rel: 27 Feb 17
  1. Prelude & Shadow-Light World (9:16)
  2. The Wind Speaks (9:06)
  3. We Sing This Song (5:46)
  4. Outer Space Incorporated (9:54)
  5. We Travel The Spaceways (2:27)
Review: Having first made this Sun Ra reissue available in limited quantities for Record Store Day 2016, Org Music has decided to give it a full release. Spaceways showcased material that the spiritual jazz pioneer recorded with his "arkestra" in 1966 and '68, most of which eventually saw the light of day on El Saturn Records in 1974. Given that copies of that particular release are nigh on impossible to find, this reissue is more than welcome. It's as spacey, intergalactic and out there as you'd expect, with the ten-minute "Outerspace Incorporated" - all extended drum solos, cacophonous hand percussion and trippy horn motifs - and groovy "We Travel The Spaceways" being particularly potent.
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Free Jazz
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 in stock $22.26
Free Jazz (LP + insert)
Cat: 20 CACKLP. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Description Automatique D'un Paysage Desole (12:47)
  2. Souvenir De L'oiseau (5:43)
  3. Souvenir De L'oiseau 2 (2:39)
  4. Description Automatique D'un Paysage Desole (Autre version) (5:11)
  5. La Tour Saint-Jaques (12:31)
  6. Souvenir De L'oiseau 3 (2:43)
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