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 in stock $10.26
Crow (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: MNQ 083. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Crow (MW cut) (9:42)
  2. White Swan (9:44)
Pleasure Ground
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 in stock $21.34
Pleasure Ground (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: HOS 467. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Military Road (10:40)
  2. Earthworks/Buried In Secret (11:18)
  3. Outdoorsman/Indestructible (11:01)
  4. Apple Tree Victim (11:20)
The New Backwards (reissue)
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 in stock $12.70
Cat: IMPREC 438CD. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. Careful What You Wish For
  2. AYOR
  3. Nature Is A Language
  4. Fire Of The Green Dragon
  5. Algerian Basses
  6. Copacaballa
  7. Paint Me As A Dead Soul
  8. Backwards
  9. Princess Margaret's Man In The D'jamalfna
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 in stock $10.79
Haima (12")
Cat: RK 2. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Haima (5:07)
  2. Die Schwellen (5:11)
  3. Lyse (5:46)
  4. Kienitz (5:38)
Review: Max Kobosil is back with some sure-fire peak time weapons on the Haima EP, the second offering for RK. Starting out with the sci-fi dark ambient intro of the title track, he then gets straight into it on "Die Schwellen", a slow burning industrial techno thriller with tripped out sound design and and metallic strikes used for interesting percussion textures. On the flip we have the tunnelling and hypnotic "Lyse" with its nefarious drones drawing you into the void ever more atop of a pounding beat that he no doubt honed from playing as a resident at Berghain. Finally "Kienitz" is without a doubt the most restrained effort but probably our favourite; this stripped and minimal DJ tool features a rumbling sub bass and yet more interesting metallic textures formed into really interesting percussion patterns.
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Played by: Kessell
Media In The Service Of Terror
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 in stock $17.56
  1. Ziad Jarrah Studied Mathematics (4:54)
  2. More Of The Same (5:46)
  3. Take Vows (6:09)
  4. Wherever There Is Money There Is Unforgiveness (3:26)
  5. Interrogation Mosaic (7:37)
  6. Take Vows (The Inevitable Bitterness Of Life) (6:45)
  7. More Of The Same (Tunisia) (4:24)
Review: Dominick Fernow presents another dark and confronting opus entitled Media In The Service Of Terror. Read between the lines of the titles then listen and learn via these harsh textural abrasions on offer. The sombre and brutalist opener "Ziad Jarrah Studied Mathematics" sets the scene well, the tunnelling slo-mo techno of "Take Vows" is great and follows the same path as Vactrol Park or L'estasi Dell'oro have in recent times. "Interrogation Mosaic" shows Fernow still has the knack for some chilling imaginary soundtracks while "More Of The Same (Tunisia)" has the classic outsider techno sound that Fernow has honed on previous efforts like Remember Your Black Day or Ghosts Of Chechnya.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
The Age Of Enphemeral Man EP
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 in stock $8.10
Cat: INNER 011. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Blood Trophy (6:14)
  2. VPA (5:49)
  3. VPA (Honzo ADHD remix) (6:21)
  4. Zevra (4:24)
Review: Greek experimental techno producer in Berlin ANFS is a staple of the Inner Surface Music collective and presents another excursion in difficult greyscale listening. Starting out with the ultraviolence of "Blood Trophy" with its body bashing bass assault and overdriven drones washing over you with blatant fury, there's then the broken beat industrial techno onslaught of "VPA" which will appeal to fans of Talker or Simon Shreeve. By the way Repitch man D. Carbone aka Honzo steps up to deliver a seething and slow burning remix. Finally, strap yourself in for the abrasive soundscape of modular abuse on "Zevra".
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Played by: Kondaktor
The Idea Of Love
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 in stock $11.08
The Idea Of Love (picture-disc 7")
Cat: HRM 066. Rel: 26 Sep 16
  1. The Idea Of Love (2:29)
  2. Rue The Day (3:48)
Tracks Volume 1
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 in stock $20.52
Tracks Volume 1 (limited blood red clear vinyl 12" in matte printed sleeve)
Cat: CITI 017. Rel: 24 Aug 15
  1. Amato - "Physique" (5:13)
  2. Tzusing - "King Of System" (5:06)
  3. An-I - "Mutter" (6:00)
  4. Broken English Club - "Glass" (5:28)
Review: There's a delightfully celebratory feel about this debut volume of Cititrax Tracks, a new 12" series from Minimal Wave offshoot Cititrax. As beautifully presented as we've come to expect, Tracks Volume 1 boasts a quartet of dancefloor-ready smashers from a blend of new faces and label stalwarts. Amato (aka The Hacker) kicks things off with the glistening EBM funk of "Physique" - all restless synth refrains and pounding bottom end - before LIES affiliate Tsuzing go all dark, psychedelic and twisted on the thrillingly intense, acid-flecked "King of System". An-I go all DAF (with a touch of Front 242) on the fuzzy and dystopian stomper "Mutter", before Cititrax regulars Broken English Club delivers a storming chunk of industrial-tinged analogue funk ("Glass"). Bravo!
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Wreck His Days
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 in stock $13.24
Wreck His Days (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BLACKEST 053. Rel: 29 Aug 16
  1. Wreck His Days (7:48)
  2. Ghost From The Coast (5:49)
  3. Reverberasia (7:08)
  4. ...And I Tried So Hard (8:04)
  5. I Beat As I Sleep As I Dream (2:46)
  6. Ay Carmela (Mujeres Libres) (3:59)
  7. Rosa/Kollontai (7:49)
Review: While the name Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards may remind you of a particular Vietnam War scene in Forest Gump, don't let that put you off, the sounds here are double the pop psychedelic rock of the film. Rumoured to involve HTRK's Jonnine Standish, Brazilian singer Lucas Santanna and These Immortal Souls' Genevieve McGuckin, Wreck His Days marks the project's second release, presented again by Kiran Sande's Blackest Ever Black. A dark presence inhabits all seven tracks of this LP that should appeal to fans of Goblin, to Italian Horror and Giallo OSTs with "Reverberasia" fusing metal with ambient Italo doom. As the title suggests "Ghost From The Coast" is swathe of haunting atmospheres and coarse textures, only with an underlying bassline funk, while an eight-minute "...And I Tried So Hard" provides some sparkling respite from the forlorn sounds of everything preceding it. "I Beat As I Sleep As I Dream" then penetrates Kosmische territory, with acoustic, Latin guitars easing the tension of a devilish "Ay Carmela". Without a doubt one of the best collections of music BEB will release in 2016.
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Esto (LP)
Cat: BDNLP 002. Rel: 12 Sep 16
  1. Pray (4:35)
  2. Divisive (5:14)
  3. Thirst (6:16)
  4. Fanatical (6:01)
  5. Esto (5:38)
  6. Doom (3:03)
  7. Sun (3:10)
  8. Derivation (6:38)
  9. Waste (3:59)
  10. Down The Drain (3:18)
  11. They Know (4:47)
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 in stock $12.70
Composer (LP)
Cat: SP 074. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Poly- (3:33)
  2. Semantics (3:16)
  3. Image Furnace (4:27)
  4. Ecstatics (5:04)
  5. Escape (6:16)
  6. Acid (4:18)
  7. Pattern/WAYTA? (4:39)
Review: Los Angeles based producer Alex Gray aka D/P/I of returns, this time on French imprint Shelter Press with more avant electronics excursions on the Composer LP. Thee seven sound collages are said to be an experiment in rhythm, where human error is introduced to basic sounds (such as a djembe or conga) via midi controllers, introducing complex processes and effects which naturally developed into compositions. Gray himself hopes his album "can act as a beacon of creativity for future generations, who are currently being completely saturated by marketing content for products and media that will do nothing but confuse and distract them.
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Helium Sessions
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 in stock $9.45
Cat: OTON 96. Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. LAGEOS 1 (5:56)
  2. Nucleon (7:56)
  3. Helios (6:50)
  4. Spectrum V (6:05)
Review: Given his usual productivity and regular release schedule, it's something of a surprise to find that Helium Sessions is Tobias Freund's first solo single for two years. Typically, the Ostgut Ton man is in a bleak mood, expertly fusing dense, high-octane drums, horror-influenced electronics, creepy textures and paranoid field recordings on superb opener "LAGEOS 1". "Helios" increases the tempo further via seemingly sped-up drum patterns and grandiose, room-filling chords, while closer "Spectrum V" throws a little industrial attitude into the mix - alongside skittish, pitched-downm jungle-style breakbeats - to complete the paranoid, dystopian mood. This latter track is particularly bold, suggesting that Freund has found his voice again after a period away from the limelight.
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Played by: Vadim Griboedov
Buttechno: Sport (Soundtrack)
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 in stock $9.45
Buttechno: Sport (Soundtrack) (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BTX 000. Rel: 26 Oct 15
  1. M (3:38)
  2. Aerial Line Layer (4:32)
  3. Bass (2:56)
  4. P-L (2:30)
  5. Electric (5:13)
  6. East (3:30)
  7. Zov Echo (1:33)
  8. Yalta Digger (5:02)
  9. Untitled H (2:28)
  10. Styx Vol 2 (2:11)
  11. Metal (3:09)
  12. Rassvet (2:43)
Review: Pavel Milyakov has largely impressed since making his debut under the Buttechno alias earlier this year, delivering a pair of 12" singles that gather together short, hardware-driven experiments in a variety of dystopian styles. Here, the Russian producer debuts under his given name, once again flitting between dark and spacey dancefloor workouts, bleak broken techno, macabre electro, wonky IDM and panicky ambience. Despite the stylistic shifts, the EP hangs together impressively, thanks in no small part to Milyakov's penchant for industrial textures, tape echo and haunting melodies. If you're into the releases of L.I.E.S and Berceuse Heroique, you need this in your life.
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Big Deal
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 in stock $15.67
Big Deal (12")
Cat: LIES 071. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Big Deal (6:33)
  2. Last Laugh (4:57)
Review: New York's Black Dice had to land on their native LIES imprint at some point. It was only a matter of time before label head Ron Morelli picked them up, and he's done so in fine style. The American Tapes, DFA, and Paw Tracks casuals are made up of Eric Copeland, Aaron Warren and Bjorn Copeland, and the trio like to get a little wacky over their coldwave grooves. "Big Deal" is a true post-punk reincarnation, a track that manages to pick out everything that was right about the early 80's by adding in elements of noise, rock, and a little techno. A monumental tune. "Last Laugh" is more dubwise in its approach, where a distorted guitar sways from side to side amid a fuzzy whirlpool of aqueous sonics and dusty percussion. A great release from LIES, and a fresh addition to their more usual house and techno onslaught.
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Suburban Hunting
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 in stock $26.47
Suburban Hunting (limited heavyweight coloured splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CITI 018. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Nursing Home (2:18)
  2. Vacant (5:50)
  3. Derelict (5:31)
  4. Godless (6:10)
  5. Scum (4:02)
  6. Tourist Zone (4:16)
  7. Crime (6:19)
  8. Suburban Hunting (6:14)
  9. Knives (6:07)
  10. Prayer Space (5:13)
  11. Shallow Pits (2:04)
Review: It's been a delight to see Oliver Ho's Broken English Club project develop artistically over recent times, with some fine records for Jealous God and Veronica Vasicka's Cititrax label along the way. Suburban Hunting sees Ho deliver his debut Broken English Club album, featuring some 11 tracks of primitive electronics and cinematic pseudo techno cuts. Tunes like "Vacant", "Derelict", or "Scum" all share a loose techno framework, but the real aesthetic is much vaster than that, verging on remnants of post-punk, industrial and all that goodness and hybrid class that came out of the late 1980's. It's another fine addition to the sublime Cititrax discography, and we recommended it just as much as the previous numbers.
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Never Lose Your Shadow
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 in stock $20.52
Cat: MW 055. Rel: 22 Sep 14
  1. Never Lose Your Shadow
  2. Public Fun
  3. LD 60
  4. Magic Words Command
Review: The combination of Richard H. Kirk and Minimal Wave was never going to disappoint, but the four tracks on this Never Lose Your Shadow 12" are still very special! Digging deep through the archives of the Cabaret Voltaire front man, Veronica Vasicka presents a quartet of solo recordings that have never been committed to wax before. The highlight is undoubtedly the A Side title track, a lolloping ten minute track of hypnotic industrial action made all the more memorable by Kirk's acerbic intonations about "the blind leading the blind". If you've caught a Vasicka DJ set recently you will have probably lost yourself to these ten minutes. On the flip are three tracks recorded in the same late '70s period which are distinctly more experimental in tone and just as vital.
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Her Needs
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 in stock $10.53
Her Needs (hand-numbered heavyweight clear vinyl 7")
Cat: MW 042. Rel: 01 Apr 13
  1. Her Needs (1988)
  2. Her Needs (1999)
Review: Primitive Brumbeat is the order of the day from Minimal Wave on this weighty seven inch presentation of early Karl O'Connor material. Recorded under the Sandra Plays Electronics banner, Her Needs presents two versions of the same track from different periods of O'Connor's musical development and provide further enticing historical evidence of one of techno's most illuminating figureheads. Those who indulged in the brilliant White Savage Dance 12" from Downwards from late 2011 will be all over the DIY odes to O'Connor's childhood heroes such as DAF and Liaisons Dangereuses here. The 1999 version in particular which originates from the same recording sessions that ended in the seminal Diversion Group release A Man Has Responsibilities.
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Quarter Turns Over A Living Line
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 in stock $12.72
Cat: BLACKES 001LP. Rel: 19 Nov 12
  1. Passed Over Trail
  2. The Last Foundry
  3. Soil 7 Colts
  4. Exist In The Repeat Of Practice
  5. The Walker In Blast & Bottle
  6. Your Cast Will Tire
  7. The Dimming Of Road & Rights
Review: ** Repress ** Raime inaugurated the Blackest Ever Black label, so it makes sense that the London duo should be the first artists on the label's ever growing roster to deliver a full album. Quarter Turns Over A Living Line finds Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead progressing from the sample based material of their early releases in favour of live instrumentation, though the elongated sessions spent "painstakingly piecing together" the hours of recorded music ensures their trademark eeriness and despondency remains intact. There's a boldness of vision apparent from the rumbling, recycled orchestrations of lead track "Passed Over Trail" that captures your attention and doesn't relent from there. "The Last Foundry" comes across like a funeral procession mourning the passing of Skull Disco, while "Exist In The Repeat Of Practice" brandishes the kind of foreboding stasis that was prevalent in much of Demdike Stare's Modern Love Tryptych of releases. A plinking digidub rhythm seems thrillingly incongruous amidst the enveloping sonic drudgery of "The Walker In Blast & Bottle", while Raime could feasibly soundtrack a spaghetti western set in Dante's Hell with "Your Cast Will Tire". Quarter Turns Over A Living Line makes for a quite brilliant body of work that demands your full attention and craves repeat listens.
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Testpressing #006
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 in stock $11.62
Testpressing #006 (12" + insert)
Cat: LOVE 097. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. 40 Years Under The Cosh
  2. Frontin'
Review: Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker make a swift return to the Testpressing series with a sixth installment arriving just a month after the excellent TP#5. The superbly titled "40 Years Under The Cosh" finds the Demdike pair wedged in the punishing crawlspace between Detroit Techno and vintage grime for six thrilling mind bending minutes, with the track gradually falling apart at the seams as the middle of the track draws close. Fans of both Pharrell Williams and Demdike Stare (there must be one or two) will probably express disappointment that "Frontin" isn't a cover of the big hatted fella's noughties hit; instead it's a brutal exercise in lurching industrial wave that will fry the brain cells of unsuspecting individuals.
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Events At The Fatal Party EP
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Events At The Fatal Party EP (140 gram vinyl 12" repress)
Cat: CY 002. Rel: 22 Aug 16
  1. Fallbeil - "Brutal Ignorant"
  2. Die Form - "Fear Of The Bloody Night (1985)"
  3. Die Form - "Hurt (1985)"
  4. Slugbug - "Goback"
  5. Die Form - "Fear Of The Bloody Night" (IBM Industrial Strength Dub)
Review: After a strong first release Contort Yourself returns with "Events at the Fatal Party" which comes over more as a description than a title, brimming with a bubbling sense of tension and fear. Hamburg duo Fallbeil kick things off in impressive style with a crunchy acid monster which twists and turns followed by two killer proto-techno cuts from legendary French industrial band Die Form from their 1985 tape Hurt. Here we find ourselves in a unsettling scenario with metallic voices scowling over clanging machines and guitar feedback in an unhinged way. The mysterious Slugbug (L.I.E.S./Russian Torrent Versions) starts the flip with "GOBACK", a creeping acidic beast moving unstoppably forward as a reverberating voice ripples throughout. Any calm is then shattered by IBM a.k.a. Jamal Moss whose remix of Die Form hammers home a tough seven minutes of mangled synths, bubbling acid and thundering drums. A highly recommended, intense journey.
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Shark Story Of The Century EP
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 in stock $8.63
Shark Story Of The Century EP (140 gram vinyl 12" repress)
Cat: CY 003. Rel: 22 Aug 16
  1. Enrique - "Dissociate"
  2. Beau Wanzer - "Weasels"
  3. Esplendor Geometrico - "Rotor" (1988)
  4. Esplendor Geometrico - "Rotor" (Broken English club remix)
  5. Prostitutes - "Cuyahoga Frankenstein"
Review: The Contort Yourself tradition of electronics pioneers, modern masters and new names continues into CY003. Enrique comes under that latter banner. The Hot Releases alumnus introduces the EP with the piston pounded belligerence of Dissociate. L.I.E.S. and Nation veteran Beau Wanzer continues this stroll into aggression. Weasels is an upturned work of techno. Nuts, bolts and the grisly inner workings are on show for this fast paced floor mangler. Spain's industrial stalwarts Esplendor Geometrico open the flip. From 1988 the grit of the factory floor is carried into Rotor. A touch of the mystical is injected, chants looped through the hypnotic rhythms in this simmering classic. Broken English Club is on hand to rework Rotor into a guttering piece of Electro tainted machine music. If you're hoping for some respite, think again. Prostitutes (Diagonal) closes with the cruel pummelling percussion of Cuyahoga Frankenstein. A brutal, beefy and brilliant 12.
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Scatology (LP + insert)
Cat: COIL SCAT. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. Ubu Noir (2:07)
  2. Panic (4:17)
  3. At The Heart Of It All (5:09)
  4. Tenderness Of Wolves (4:23)
  5. The Spoiler (4:12)
  6. Clap (1:12)
  7. Solar Lodge (5:34)
  8. The Sewage Worker's Birthday Party (4:17)
  9. Godhead Deathead (5:13)
  10. Cathedral In Flames (4:35)
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 in stock $60.50
4K7 (numbered white vinyl 4xLP box)
Cat: VOD 40. Rel: 09 Dec 13
  1. Resonanz 1
  2. Resonanz 2
  3. Nach Unten
  4. Sysiphos Gliim
  5. Unter Der Stadt 2
  6. In Der Ebene
  7. Clones
  8. Troglodyten
  9. Elektrauma
  10. Undine
  11. Nosferatu
  12. Du Darfst
  13. Elektroland
  14. Konstrukt 2
  15. Elektrauma 2
  16. Kultmusik Fur Ein Altes Land
  17. Titanic
  18. Strenge Klange
  19. Dammerattacke
  20. Gelber Himmel
  21. Maschine 6B
  22. Einer 5
Played by: Thread London
2nd (reissue)
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2nd (reissue) (2xLP limited to 200 copies)
Cat: VOD 962/3RE. Rel: 01 Feb 16
  1. Edge (2:57)
  2. 1958 (3:36)
  3. Mass (6:20)
  4. Le Viol (7:02)
  5. Constructivists (3:34)
  6. Sonambulists (6:24)
  7. Female Mirror (4:57)
  8. Sexual Overture (5:53)
  9. Reel 1 (3:31)
  10. Otto M (13:37)
  11. Genitals & Genosis (The Texture Of Two Tape Recordings) (11:59)
  12. Soundtrack For The Theatre Of Eroticism (16:04)
  13. Now Haag (3:59)
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Cat: DEN 250CD. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Interphase
  2. Prophase
  3. Metaphase
  4. Anaphase
  5. Telophase
Review: For the best part of a decade, Ricardo Donoso has been delivering albums that inhabit the no-man's-land between drone, dark ambient, experimental electronica, and neo-classical soundscapes. On Quintessence, his eighth full-length excursion, Donoso continues to mine these complimentary genres. So while opener "Interphase" glides along on evocative strings and gentle ambient chords, "Metaphase" crackles with crunchy electronic intensity, with Donoso's dark mood coming to the fore. Elsewhere, the majority of the tracks sit somewhere in between these two contrasting approaching, with manipulated orchestration rubbing shoulders with moody, droning electronics and reverb-laden audio textures. It makes for an impressive, if a little chilly, collection of otherworldly cuts.
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Future Tyrants
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 in stock $9.18
Future Tyrants (limited hand-numbered 12")
  1. Civilian Slaughter (5:36)
  2. Future Tyrants (5:42)
  3. Seven Rays (4:11)
  4. Fenix (7:21)
Review: Joey Blush AKA Blush Response hails from NYC but is very much a resident of Germany's capital nowadays. In fact, he's so popular there already that he's landed on Philipp Strobel and Gabriel Brero's aufnahme + wiedergabe, home to like-minded EBM enthusiasts and darkwave specialists. "Future Tyrants" itself is a pulsating slice of noise-filtered techno, and "Civilian Slaughter" scraps the straight beats in favour of pure chaos in the form of huge walls of cavernous sonics. The flip sees the nastiness that "Seven Rays" deliver some pounding, head-tripping kick drums amid squelching sounds, and the more minimalistic "Fenix" deliver some real poison. Nasty!
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Motor City (remixes)
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 in stock $9.71
  1. Motor City (Abdullah Rashim remix) (4:58)
  2. Endless Nights (Yen Towers remix) (4:17)
  3. Motor City (Quiltland remix) (3:44)
  4. Innercity Haze (1991 remix) (6:53)
Review: Martin Herterich aka Stockholm's Sand Circles "Motor City" gets the remix treatment. Originally appeared on Los Angelino imprint Not Not Fun back in 2012. These fine revisions are by fellow purveyors of Scandinavian underground electronics. Northern Electronics main man Abdulla Rashim's take on the title track is even more haunting and emotive than the original while Swedish trio Yen Towers take on "Endless Nights" is rather savage in its restraint and quite chilling, truth be told. Finally Astro:Dynamics affiliated Quiltland's remix of "Motor City" retains the old school charm of the original in a great modern synth-pop interpretation.
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Superbad (12")
Cat: SNTS 009. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. Dwell In Hell (6:27)
  2. Foresight To Ignite (5:57)
  3. Ignorance Reigns (5:45)
  4. Wild Pitch (5:00)
Review: Steven Porter: easily the funniest alias we've heard in a long time. No, people; this ain't the American, early noughties progressive house legend who once famously described his style of music as 'Porterhouse'. In all seriousness: this is the collaborative project of Japanese artists Yuji Kondo and Katsunori Sawa who have appeared previously with their extreme noise terror for the likes of DJ Nobu's Bitta and Berlin's Weevil Neighbourhood. On the Superbad EP they give us the bleak body bashing industrial textures of "Dwell In Hell" and the Sunn O))) sounding black metal guitar drone of "Wild Pitch". Elsewhere, the brutal futurist extremism of "Ignorance Reins" calls to mind classic British Murder Boys.
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American Manier
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Cat: BOP 04. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. The Chop Stop (4:37)
  2. Auctoritas (4:01)
  3. Bryozoa (1:59)
  4. Stag Error (5:05)
  5. Deatomized (3:39)
  6. Reciprocal Altruism (2:21)
  7. Sift Throught Art Collecting People (7:42)
  8. CS510X (2:48)
  9. Unsubscribe (2:37)
  10. Under The Boris Zenker Building (3:02)
  11. Living Youths (4:31)
Review: In recent times, Tadd Mullinix seems to have focused mostly on his long-running JTC project. Here, he dons his industrial/electro/new wave/EBM alias Charles Manier, a handle last used for a superb album on Nation back in 2013. American Manier explores similar territory to that set, with Mullinix focusing on sharp analogue rhythms, macabre textures, stylish synthesizer parts and unsettling, end-of-days vocals. It's an intoxicating brew that guarantees a string of highlights, from the ghostly, nightmarish beat science of "Deatomized" and bustling EBM throb-job "Sift Through Art Collecting People", to the brutal, Dexter-style Rotterdam electro of "Unsubscribe".
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Composer (CD)
Cat: SP 074CD. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Poly-
  2. Semantics
  3. Image Furnace
  4. Ecstatics
  5. Escape
  6. Acid
  7. Pattern/WAYTA?
Conditioning For Solitude
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Conditioning For Solitude (140 gram clear vinyl 12")
Cat: TMS 001. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Conditioning For Solitude
  2. Body Burn
  3. 3 Minute Warning (Sheila Fleurrater remix)
Review: For the opening EP from Too Many Squares, Frank butters manages to gene-splice together the raw DNA from all of the ugly-beautiful sounds present in the birth of modern dance music.
"Conditioning for Solitude" is the hum of dark tubes, the slice and hiss of sharp synthesised percussion and the scream of blissful dementia. The mutant that existed for a brief and joyous frozen moment while disco was still birthing house.
"Body Burn” is the tropics with a black sun and Africanism with a stopwatch instead of a heart.
Recalling experimentalist forays by the likes of Liaisons Dangereuses, Patrick Cowley and Karen Finley, the 2 originals on offer manage to recall the raw passion of an era without feeling contrived or derivative.
The EP is rounded off by Sheila Fleurrater’s remix of “3 Minute Warning” which continues the pioneer-ist motif, albeit allying itself with a much more early industrial aesthetic.
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A Smaller Divide
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Cat: AICD 02. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Capstan
  2. Anti-Jupiter
  3. Second Uniform Estimate
  4. Fringe Morals
  5. A Smaller Divide
  6. Triptiek
  7. Sequential Convex
  8. Self-Adjoint
  9. Kanton3
  10. Norms Of True Behavior
  11. Tetras Part
Review: Sendai duo Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey do not make fluffy, comfortable music. Their 2012 debut album, Geotope, was a veritable feast of dystopian rhythms, glitchy electronics, brain-melting noises and twitching computer glitches. This belated follow-up sticks to the formula, delivering a set of raw tracks that veers wildly between skuzzy, starburst electro ("Second Uniform Estimate"), iron-clad uneasy techno futurism ("A Smaller Divide"), Autechre-ish computerized crustiness ("Tripitek"), experimental ambience (the clanking, modem symphony "Self Adjoint") and becalmed electronic fuzziness (the decidedly spooky "Norms of True Behavior"). Even at its most unorthodox, there's an unusual beauty and picturesque quality amongst the electronic chaos.
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Dead (CD)
Cat: SCR 091. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Drag (Vision Fortune version)
  2. Where Flies Sleep (Jah Hatt Fears Spectres version)
  3. The Sky Of All Places (Hookworms version)
  4. Family (Oliver Wilde version)
  5. This Purgatory (Blood Music version)
  6. Mirror (Giahnt Swan version)
  7. Blood In The Cups (Dominic Mitchison version)
  8. Sink (Factory Floor version)
  9. Lump (Gramrcy version)
  10. Sea Of Trees (Richard Fearless version)
  11. Mirror (Robert Hampson version)
  12. Sea Of Trees (Andy Bell version)
  13. This Purgatory (Stuart Braithwaite Mogwai version)
Review: Despite their credentials as MBV-damaged shoegazers par excellence, Bristol's Spectres are a good deal more forward-thinking than the average reverential peddler of effects-laden euphoria on the block, and evidence is provided here, in the form of this compilation of remixes they've assembled from last year's debut 'Dying' in collaboration a choice collection of boundary-destroyers and shapeshifters. Whether swathed in kosmische electronica courtesy of Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite or delving in abstract house thanks to Factory Floor, these engaging sojourns point to new horizons and fresh dimensions for this malevolent and mischievous foursome.
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Burning Images
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 in stock $11.62
Cat: VV 003. Rel: 29 Aug 16
  1. Face The Target (5:35)
  2. Scarab (6:06)
  3. Burning Images (5:44)
  4. Body Harder (5:48)
Played by: Kondaktor
Enter 513 EP
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 in stock $9.71
Cat: M2E 02. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. SG1 (7:04)
  2. Thorn (4:42)
  3. 513 (4:45)
  4. Uwe (6:05)
Ali Zarin
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 in stock $24.84
Ali Zarin (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ARCHIVE 35. Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. Ali Zarin (part 1) (21:54)
  2. Ali Zarin (part 2) (12:29)
  3. Ali Zarin (part 3) (8:55)
  4. Demo (01) (7:25)
  5. Demo (02) (3:54)
  6. Demo (03) (4:15)
  7. Demo (04) (3:00)
  8. Rest-Track (1:50)
Review: More rare and previously unreleased recordings from the late Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze have been collected by Staalplaat on the Ali Zaarin LP for their Muslimgauze Archive series. As it says in the liner notes "Even more than most Muslimgauze releases, "Ali Zarin" sounds like it could have come out 20 years ago and be equally contemporary." In all its three parts, the harsh textural and bass driven proto- IDM experiments of "Ali Zarin" were so ahead of their time like the vast majority of Jones' other works. There are several untitled tracks simply titled "Demo" which feature exotic middle eastern rhythmic journeys that are more familiar of his work and also captivating enough for the legend's most discerning followers
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Played by: Skudge, Thread London
Dies Juvenalis
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 in stock $16.48
Dies Juvenalis (LP + insert)
Cat: HG 1603. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Percettive Riflessioni (9:32)
  2. Dies Juvenalis (second coming) (6:20)
  3. Veration XXX (7:01)
Realm Of Consciousness
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 in stock $28.36
Realm Of Consciousness (gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: AL 001. Rel: 22 Aug 16
  1. Tale Of Us - "Lies" (5:36)
  2. Monoloc - "Phoenix" (5:58)
  3. Recondite - "Murphy's Law" (6:14)
  4. Woo York - "Poseidon" (6:11)
  5. Somne - "Triangle" (7:11)
  6. Jon Hester - "Logan" (5:57)
  7. Locked Groove - "Emeralds" (8:03)
  8. Ryan James Ford - "Toree Bahrstad" (5:34)
  9. Obscure Shape & SHDW - "Die Wiederkehr" (6:37)
  10. Mind Against - "Gravity" (7:29)
Review: Tale of Us launch their Afterlife label in style with the Realm of Consciousness compilation. Bringing together some of the best-known names in contemporary techno as well as a group of newcomers, it moves effortlessly between esoteric moods. Tale of Us contribute the ambient intro, while Monoloc and Woo York are both in more mellow form than usual on the melodic "Phoenix" and "Poseidon" respectively. Meanwhile, Recondite contributes the sad melodies and throbbing bass of "Murphy's Law" and Locked Groove balances supernaturally beautiful hooks with powerful bass pulses on "Emeralds". Even more dance floor-focused tracks, like Obscure Shape & SHDW's "Die Wiederkehr", are filled with trancey melancholia.
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La Legende D'Eer
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 in stock $17.56
La Legende D'Eer (limited 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KR 024. Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. La Legende D'Eer (part I) (24:02)
  2. La Legende D'Eer (part II) (21:33)
The Land Of Rape & Honey
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 in stock $19.44
The Land Of Rape & Honey (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 651. Rel: 01 Apr 13
  1. Stigmata
  2. The Missing
  3. Deity
  4. Golden Dawn
  5. Destruction
  6. The Land Of Rape & Honey
  7. You Know What You Are
  8. Flashback
  9. Abortive
Filthy Pig
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 in stock $14.86
Filthy Pig (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile orange vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 1202. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Reload
  2. Filth Pig
  3. Lava
  4. Crumbs
  5. Useless
  6. Dead Guy
  7. Game Show
  8. The Fall
  9. Lay Lady Lay
  10. Brick Windows
Metal Dance 2: Industrial New Wave EBM Classics & Rarities 79-88
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 in stock $13.24
Cat: STRUT 107CD. Rel: 14 Oct 13
  1. Tuxedomoon - "59 To 1"
  2. Logic System - "Unit"
  3. Psyche - "Te Saint Became A Lush"
  4. Skinny Puppy - "Deadlines" (400 Blows remix)
  5. Propaganda - "(The Echo Of) Frozen Faces"
  6. Visage - "Der Amboss" (instrumental)
  7. Rusty Egan - "The Twilight Zone" (Trevor Jackson edit)
  8. Material - "Secret Life"
  9. Rene Bandaly Family - "Tanki Tanki" (Rabih Beaini edit)
  10. Experimental Products - "Work That Beat"
  11. Crash Course In Science - "Jump Over Barrels"
  12. Liaisons Dangereuses - "Etre Assis Ou Danset"
  13. Esplendor Geometrico - "Necrosis En La Poya"
  14. Ministry - "Over The Shoulder" (12" version)
  15. Test Dept - "The Unaccepatable Face Of Freedom: Face 3"
  16. Mile High Club - "Walking Backwards"
  17. Chbb - "Ima Iki-Mashoo"
  18. Front 242 - "Body 2 Body (2Trax)"
  19. Visa Versa - "Riot Squad"
  20. Chris & Cosey - "Driving Computer"
  21. Doris Norton - "Personal Computer"
  22. Plus Instruments - "Vom Ertrunkenen Madchen"
  23. Conrad Schnitzler - "Das Tier"
  24. Neon - "Lobotomy"
  25. Arthur Brown & Craig Leon - "The Conversation"
  26. Haruomi Hosono - "Platonic"
  27. Godley & Creme - "Babies"
Review: Strut and Trevor Jackson do the right thing and collude on a second edition of Metal Dance, with a veritable feast of 80's industrial and primitive electronics to sink into. Some 27 tracks deep, Metal Dance 2 widens the remit of the first compilation by a year, collating material from the period 1979 to 1988 and features artists and bands that should be familiar to your eyes in Skinny Puppy, Chris & Cosey, Crash Course In Science and Liaisons Dangereuses along with many lesser known acts. Jackson himself contributes an edit of iconic Blitz DJ Rusty Egan whilst Morphine Records boss Rabih Beaini highlights Lebanon's history with primitive electronics on an edit of Rene Bandaly Family's eighties curio "Tanki Tanki". Impressively, the compilation also features a track by CHBB, a band whose members went on to form DAF and Liaisons Dangereuses and whose small discography was limited to four rare cassettes.
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Played by: D Stump
Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs
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 in stock $13.51
Cat: 812279 7601. Rel: 29 Aug 11
  1. NWO
  2. Just One Fix
  3. TV II
  4. Hero
  5. Jesus Built My Hotrod
  6. Scare Crow
  7. Psalm 69
  8. Corrosion
  9. Grace
Matter (Deluxe)
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Matter (Deluxe) (LP + 7")
Cat: DE 060LP. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. Automotive
  2. Circulat (Hertz)
  3. Transitory
  4. Lanternslide
  5. Mortal_Immortal
  6. Rotation Mécanique
  7. Velocity Life
  8. Static
  9. Inured (Pink Elln mix)
  10. Relate
Played by: Le Chocolat Noir
I Staggered Mentally (reissue)
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 in stock $15.94
  1. He Is Patriotic (3:12)
  2. Out Of Order (3:40)
  3. Plateau Stage (4:09)
  4. All Present & Correct (3:27)
  5. Karsic (3:17)
  6. Sex Crimes (4:26)
  7. Sure Is Kinda Spooky (2:26)
  8. Mass Disorder (4:54)
  9. Fiends (3:18)
  10. Sort Out (3:06)
Review: John Whybrew, Ian Sharp and Dean Piavani are Portion Control. In case you didn't know about them, they're one of the most influential industrial bands to have come out of the 1980's and have also been a massive inspiration for the likes of Depeche Mode and Skinny Puppy. Moreover, it's their signature brand of rhythmic, mostly instrumental post-punk which has made the music of Craig Leon and others so sought after these days. Originally out in 1982 on Phaze Records, these ten tracks are timeless pseudo-techno jams which will always be coveted by DJs, musicians and samplers alike. Cop it now because the original is rather pricey!
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World Of Rubber
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 in stock $22.15
Cat: DE 096LP. Rel: 20 Jul 15
  1. Definition Of Honours (4:15)
  2. In Bits (3:03)
  3. Fixation (4:03)
  4. Save Our Souls (3:27)
  5. Distortion (3:14)
  6. Underneath The Glass (6:38)
  7. Zero (4:27)
  8. Japanese Headset (2:00)
  9. Black Flowers (5:27)
  10. Courts Of Wars (3:47)
  11. Metal Sheet (1:19)
  12. Germany (5:35)
  13. State Of Emergency (4:33)
  14. I Need Noise (2:19)
  15. The Cutting Motion (1:52)
  16. Intro (3:35)
  17. Split Screen (4:25)
  18. Death Process (3:56)
  19. The Telephone Call... (5:06)
  20. Deadly Norwegian Attack (0:36)
Review: Second Layer's World of Rubber, first released on Cherry Red way back in 1981 - some two years after the duo's first outing on 7" - has long been considered something of an industrial classic by those in the know. Here, it gets a deserved re-press from the folks at Dark Entries. 34 years on, it still retains the power to shock, with Adrian Borland and Graham Green's raw, weighty mix of post-punk basslines, sharp guitars, fuzzy electronics, tape loops and basic drum machine grooves still sounding deliciously fresh. Certainly, it's comparable to many more celebrated releases of the time, and arguably more spontaneous in feel.
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 in stock $14.59
Cat: DE 099. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Liquidation (4:58)
  2. The Power Of (4:59)
  3. Self Destruction (4:19)
  4. Never Land (3:35)
  5. Inside-Outside (4:45)
  6. Suicide (2:37)
  7. Short Circut (2:55)
  8. Pressure (4:14)
  9. Aversion (3:01)
Review: Peter Van Bogaert, also known as Liquid G by his diehard fans, is one of Belgium's most important industrial artists. The man has been releasing gruesome electronic cassettes since the mid 1980's, but while he has always been a digger's heaven, his output has remained largely in the shadows to the rest of the world. Luckily, Dark Entries are here to save the day as always, and compile some of his best and rarest work on an LP. Proto-techno wouldn't really do these tracks justice as they're actually much more than that. Ranging from jacking post-punk instrumentals, to starry synth jams and lamenting vocals, this is surely up any emo kid's alley. "Self Destruction" sounds particularly ahead of its time, and it's surely one to check out!
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Clifford Darling Please Don't Live In The Past (remastered)
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 in stock $21.34
  1. Advertisement (3:37)
  2. Prototype Pop (4:35)
  3. Exiles Excerpt (4:49)
  4. A Day In The Country (6:25)
  5. Elephant Decibels (0:32)
  6. Power Circles (3:07)
  7. Alaskan Polar Bear Heater (4:44)
  8. Umbrella (4:18)
  9. J Edgar Hoover (3:38)
  10. Blame (3:10)
  11. Meanwhile, Back At Exiles... (2:31)
  12. Dance (5:07)
  13. Saturday Night (4:31)
  14. Man Dat Hip (1:55)
  15. An American In Paris (1:54)
  16. Tarzan's Grip (3:40)
  17. That That Revolves (4:31)
  18. Special Day (3:44)
  19. Malt Duck (1:45)
  20. Never Fall In Love (2:11)
  21. Nazi Beach Party (3:06)
  22. A Relic Of The Empire No 2 (2:32)
  23. Tiny Fingers (1:35)
  24. Sydney Quads & The Megascope Space Probe (1:16)
  25. Play It Again (1:36)
  26. Carry My Books (0:50)
  27. Nightsong (7:02)
  28. Car Ad (2:04)
Review: Originally out on Ink Records way back in 1985, Severed Heads' Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past is a personal favourite of ours from the iconic Australian act. The band were and always have been one of the few post-punk outfits to truly push the boundaries and diverge onto what some may now call proto-techno. Inside this particular LP, you get a sublime example of their signature percussion style, a fast-paced rattle of steely drums and hi-hats surrounded by odd bundles of lo-fi and distorted synth grit. With the amount of amazing tunes at the core of this beast, it would do the album no justice to just describe the all to you in mere words, but what you need to know is that the music here is totally timeless, a glorious journey down the greyer ends of the 80's dance movement, and a magnificent introspective into what is surely Australia's most interesting band of all time. Essential gear.
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A Dissembly (reissue)
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 in stock $18.64
A Dissembly (reissue) (LP + 1-sided flexi-disc)
Cat: DE 110. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Asylum (4:30)
  2. Semi Sex Act (8:08)
  3. Karnage (3:49)
  4. Kalm (2:37)
  5. Francis Bacon (6:26)
  6. Beirut (4:59)
  7. Karnal (4:23)
  8. Physikal Jerk (3:50)
  9. Smack (3:18)
Review: Josh Cheon's Dark Entries label plunge once more into the depths of the UK underground in the 1980s and come up the other side with this crucial reissue of A Dissembly by Konstruktivits. A quick history lesson: former Heute man and Throbbing Gristle/Industrial Records associate Glenn Michael Wallis was and remains the towering creative force behind Konstruktivits who are active to this day and have been "perverting your ears since 1980." Of the numerous albums Konstruktivits have been responsible for, it is their debut LP from 1982 that Dark Entries have chosen to reissue here, offering a newly remastered take on A Dissembly that suggests Wallis and associates to be worthy sonic companions to Muslimgauze, Tuxedo Moon, Clock DVA and Throbbing Gristle. The freaks out there will love this one.
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Played by: Ali Renault
Beaches & Canyons
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 in stock $25.39
Beaches & Canyons (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DFA 2125LP. Rel: 12 Aug 13
  1. Seabird
  2. Things Will Never Be Same
  3. The Dream Is Going Down
  4. Endless Happiness
  5. Big Drop
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