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Bedroom Square
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Cat: RCR 002. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Betaville (10:25)
  2. Breakwater (6:59)
  3. Betaville (Timothy J Fairplay remix) (6:43)
Review: Alvaro Cabana's Madrid based imprint (though mainly digitally formatted) has now made the jump to vinyl and boy are we happy. Charmingly named after his hometown (do check his reasoning on his Soundcloud; an interesting read) this label has some real potential, having released some great stuff by up and coming stars Jonathan Kusuma and Squarewave. It is now the turn of Canadian duo Jokers of The Scene who adopt the new alias A Jokers Bizarre for this particular outing. Leading the way is "Betaville", a soulful and emotive classic house jam in the vein of early Chicago/Detroit that clocks in at over 10 minutes. It is pretty epic. "Breakwater" goes for the more slo-mo nu-disco vibe and is just made for drifting, quite hypnotising. The remix by Timothy J Fairplay on the flip, is pretty sick too we must say!
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Dance Till It Hurts EP
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Cat: MODEL 30. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Party Track (Kai Alce remix) (6:33)
  2. Turn Out (5:08)
  3. Party Track (Midnight In Malmousque mix) (6:21)
Review: Since his debut back in 2012, Anaxander has just kept on impressing with his personal touch to deep, teched-out house music. His travels have taken him to labels like Local Talk, Boe, Quintessentials, and now the wonderful Mondelisme Records for what is perhaps his biggest moment yet. "Party Track" is remixed by NDATL boss and all round house music don Kai Alce, who transforms this cut into a delightful deep house scorcher with a bouncy, feel-good approach. The B-side contains the more swanky, bass-heavy waves of "Turn Out", followed by Anaxander's own Midnight In Malmousque mix of "Party Track", a dirtier and more sleazy version than Alce's. Sick.
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Black Ice EP
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Black Ice EP (white vinyl 12")
Cat: VES 004. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Black Ice (6:25)
  2. Black Ice (Nightdrivers remix) (6:33)
  3. For The Music (7:02)
  4. For The Music (Laura Jones remix) (6:18)
El Cuarto EP
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Cat: DEGU 019. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Say Yes (2:22)
  2. Ah Yes (6:13)
  3. La Notte Dei Tempi (6:38)
Played by: Eddie C
Review: Three hugely disparate cuts from mysterious producer Batongo; "Say Yes" is a straight-up piano and vocal ballad that would sit well against the likes of Sampha, James Blake or even Chet Faker. "Ah Yes" is a thundering house stomper that's reminiscent of Subliminal or Underwater Records' output 12 or so years ago while "La Notta Dei Tempi" continues to play with the 'yes' sample but with more of a soulful phrasing over deeper, progressive dynamics, a soft-but-lolloping beat and velvet synths. Don't say no.
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Nerd Technique
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Cat: TFBM 002. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Nerd Technique (Maxi Mill remix) (6:39)
  2. Nerd Technique (Echonomist remix) (6:23)
  3. Nerd Technique (Shield re-edit) (6:56)
  4. Silent People (12" edit) (7:29)
Played by: Blue Mondays
Sour Stroke EP
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Cat: BEC 5156371. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Sour Stroke (5:36)
  2. Gradient Groove (4:57)
  3. Sequence Shift (4:25)
Holy Night & Poor Magic
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Cat: K7 331EP1. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Holy Night (4:14)
  2. Poor Magic (4:02)
  3. Holy Night (Tom Trago remix) (8:05)
Vintage Vinyl
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Vintage Vinyl (hand-stamped heavyweight purple vinyl 12")
Cat: SCHATVV 06. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Restless (dub) (6:16)
  2. Mists Of Time (5:05)
  3. Aliena's Journey (4:55)
Review: Josh Brent's Schatrax imprint is responsible for some of the most seminal techno and house from the nineties and we're glad to see that the new generation now appreciates his stuff too; about time! He re-issues some legendary tracks from his back catalogue for the heads. "Restless (dub)" is some nefarious dancefloor drama in the vein of Detroit legend Suburban Night's earlier stuff. The gorgeous ambient house excursion "Mists Of Time" delves into the exotic wonderfully while "Aliena's Journey" (originally released on the self titled 1998 album)" is a serving of soulful and emotive deep house that's as good as anything Fresh 'N Low were going at the time as well.
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Bv Re-cuts #2
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Bv Re-cuts #2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SOM 1275. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. I Ain't Gonna Wait (edit)
  2. Infractions
  3. Words To A Nation
Review: This special release revisits classic Brothers' Vibe tunes, edits and a never before released on vinyl track. Kicking off proceedings is the 1989 gem "I Ain't Gonna Wait". An early Brothers' Vibe piece and massive underground anthem! Brothers' Vibe distinctive gritty style of groovy house takes us on a hypnotic journey into uncharted territory. Melody and percussion interchange amongst a framework of zippy synths and sinuous kicks. Released under the moniker Silent Rodgerz, the second track "Infractions" saw the light of day back in 2008 solely in digital format on a MixxRecords compilation. Low slung with an acid influence, the cut reveals a distinctly natural groove lead by the classic bassline. The final track is the definition of a house classic!! Featuring echoing words of the great Maya Angelou, "Words To a Nation" exudes a timeless quality, unveiling a masterpiece which stays firmly in your head...
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Gone Today Here Tomorrow
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Cat: WOBB 01. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Cosmic Shit (feat Tre Hemingway) (3:40)
  2. Moments In Life (4:04)
  3. Exxxtasy (4:15)
  4. Space N Time (3:23)
  5. The Sun (3:50)
  6. Better Tomorrow (4:20)
Review: Byron The Aquarius resurfaced earlier this year after a nine-year absence, delivering the future jazz/deep house fusion of High Life on Sound Signature. This speedy follow-up on Kyle Hall's Wild Oats label is, if anything, even better. Warm, rich, soulful and evocative, it includes six superb cuts. These variously touch on off-kilter modern soul ("Co$mic $hit"), Herbie Hancock-influenced deep house (the jazz-funk synths, woozy chords and smooth beats of "Moments In Life"), intergalactic hip-hop beats (the impeccable "Space N Time"), blissfully Balearic house (the hazy positivity of "The Sun"), and jazz-influenced house rollers ("Better Tomorrow").
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Cozmic House EP (reissue)
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  1. Bodywork - "Deeper & Deeper" (7:25)
  2. Lady E - "Seems To Me" (7:37)
  3. G4 - "Who Loves You" (6:45)
  4. The Cellar Boyz - "Pay Me" (9:12)
Prevision 02
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  1. Cheaper Sheperd - "Weasels" (5:46)
  2. Romain Play - "Cassiodim" (6:49)
  3. Roman S - "It Isn't" (6:22)
  4. Degrees C - "Erebus" (6:31)
  5. Breitlitz - "Raw Interference" (7:29)
  6. Sir Squi - "(Crashed)" (4:55)
Rivers Edge
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Cat: UV 035. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Disaster (7:22)
  2. Cash (5:32)
  3. Lifetime (4:47)
  4. Street (2:49)
  5. Never Look Back (4:33)
Played by: Benjamin Fröhlich
Party Groovers Vol 5
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Cat: SUARA 209. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Sex Is Drama (6:28)
  2. Who's Wearing The Trousers (6:30)
Crue 4
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Crue 4 (limited hand-stamped coloured vinyl 10")
Cat: CRUE 04. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Crue A (6:50)
  2. Crue B (6:01)
Played by: Geddes, Osmose
Review: The mysterious Crue have been putting out solid house whites for the past four years, and still we're waiting to know who's behind this enigmatic little project. What YOU need to know, however, is that a tune like "Crue A" doesn't come around too often, and its warm, dubby glow fits in ever so will with the scorching waves of disco at its core. The flipside, "Crue B", jingles and dangles its 70s wings in similar fashion, this time spear-headed by a bumpier, more explosive groove. Choice cuts!
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The Waters Of Mars EP
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Cat: 7SR 027. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Tribena Planitia (6:48)
  2. Dawn At Vesta (7:21)
  3. The Waters Of Mars (6:07)
  4. Wandering Way (1:15)
  5. Wandering Way (reprise) (2:23)
Review: Graham Wilson and Domenic Cappello's Seventh Sign Recordings label has truly developed into a bastion of quality electronic music over the 15 years it has been active, calling on some highly-respected artists for contributions. Dan Curtin ranks up there with the best of them, with the Cleveland native a key artist in shaping the techno sound and much more! The recent revival of his Metamorphic label seems to have inspired a new wave of creativity in Curtin, demonstrated on The Waters Of Mars, this five track 12" of hardware driven, organic techno that ripples with future thinking intent and no small degree of propulsive intensity.
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Telepathy EP
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Cat: ROMB 009. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Real (7:27)
  2. After Glow (4:34)
  3. Whye (7:11)
  4. Love People (5:03)
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Seabed (12")
Cat: AMPL 002. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Seabed (6:02)
  2. Seabed (electro) (5:29)
  3. Seabed (Kreon Pas Shock remix) (11:52)
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Faction (12")
Cat: TNS 019. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Faction (6:38)
  2. Unified In Existence (8:12)
The Third Room
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Cat: TNS 020. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. The Third Room (4:33)
  2. The Third Room (Craig Richards remix for Derren) (11:54)
Too Much Information (remixes)
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Cat: RCM 023. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Too Much Information (Mr Raoul K transformation) (12:19)
  2. Too Much Information (Jephte Guillaumes Tet Kale remix) (11:29)
Review: London's Dele Soismi was former keyboardist for the late great Fela Kuti's live ensemble but nowadays leads his own Dele Soismi Afrobeat Orchestra. His track "Too Much Information" gets the remix treatment, first by Hamburg's Mr Raoul K who gives the track a brilliant transformation complete with a kickin' four to the floor beat and swirling synths, but still keeping all the original afrobeat groove intact. Former Joe Claussel collaborator and Tet Kale label boss Jephte Guillame gets onboard also to deliver a sweet remix which stays closer to the original's afrobeat aesthetic but injecting some of his own signature flavour.
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Morning EP
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Morning EP (12")
Cat: RLM 046. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Morning (original mix) (7:50)
  2. Morning (MEED mix) (4:35)
  3. Sunset (Nice7 mix) (7:21)
  4. Sunset (original mix) (7:19)
Chi House EP
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Cat: CCE 025. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Funky Disco (5:01)
  2. Let Youself Go (4:52)
  3. Electric Love (5:19)
  4. House Beats '95 (4:14)
Played by: Geddes, Jock Club
Emotional EP
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Emotional EP (double 12")
Cat: UQ 064. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Vision Ride Of Reality (6:27)
  2. Minimal Groove Up Vibe (6:54)
  3. Strange Bad Connection (9:05)
  4. Space Rythum (6:42)
  5. Were Am I Now (6:51)
  6. Rythum Shit (9:44)
Review: Yes! New York's big friendly giant and cream of the crop when it comes to house music, DJ Jus Ed, lands back on his own excellent Underground Quality stable with an extended Ep-come-mini LP. You know you can always count on the man to deliver pure magic, and each of these six tracks are a total joy on the ear, a marvellous journey into the smoothest depths of true deep house. "Vision Ride Of Reality" sets the scene with a gentle, cinematic bundle of melodies, and "Minimal Groove Up Vibe" slots in a little extra spice with the help of some bleepy sonic twists. "Strange Bad Connection" is more of a classic NY house stomper, while "Space Rhythm" rattles its leftfield percussion amid bleak shards of keys, "Where Am I Now" enters a long and enchanted wormhole, while "Rhythum Shit" lays down a heavy groove and ties this release off with an extra dose of grit and fiery energy.
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Reworks 05
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Reworks 05 (12")
Cat: DJEBRW 05. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Ideal Juice (Cab Drivers mix) (7:54)
  2. O'riginal Rude Boy (Alci mix) (7:47)
Review: Djebali's back again: does this guy ever sleep? His eponymous imprint brings the goods again, this time with some sweet remixes. "Ideal Juice" gets a makeover by Berlin legends Cab Drivers and has all the hallmarks of their sound: deep rolling bass, buzzing synths and hiss and the unmistakeable and shuffle of the 808. On the flip, Switzerland's Alci's remix of "O'riginal Rude Boy" is so funky it's not funny. Both the original and the Tuccillo remix were good, but this version totally owns both of them.
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Calypso (12")
Cat: AFKLTD 003. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Calypso (6:16)
  2. Calypso (Riviera 90s remix) (6:39)
  3. Calypso (Reboots Art Is Nothing But Noodlesoup reshape) (11:56)
Played by: Dirty Channels
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Cassandra (12" repress)
Cat: CLAQUE 016. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Cassandra (7:25)
  2. II (2:29)
Review: Donato Dozzy has surely booked his place at the top of the techno game by now, thanks to an impressive catalogue spanning over ten years and an exquisite selection of labels. Although he has been focusing on his collaborative projects over the last few years - check Voices From The Lake in case you've been living under a rock - his solo productions are always an absolute pleasure. For his latest outing he lands on compatriot Carola Pisaturo's Claque Musique, a label that floats between house and techno at its own pace. The A-side, "Cassandra", is more laid-back compared to Dozzy's recent performances, its mid-tempo swagger gives the percussion and floating melodies enough space to mould into a skin-tight groove. "II" on the B-side is totally different, where Dozzy eliminates beats, basslines and sonics in favour of Asia-sounding didgeridoo's, all electronically treated and tripped out, of course. Recommended, particularly for those wishing to hear something new from the man.
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Bangkok Skytrain
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Bangkok Skytrain (limited 12" repress)
Cat: CPG 003. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Bangkok Skytrain (7:45)
  2. Just Drums (5:13)
  3. Bangkok Skytrain (Simple Symmetry remix) (6:57)
  4. Bangkok Skytrain (Tony G Cosmic Commute) (7:34)
Review: Duke Slammer dunks back into action with some of the usual funk magic previously heard on outfits such as Bonus7 and Ancient Robot. The boogie deviant the young and up-for-it Cosmic Pint Glass - already home to Juno favourite Ruf Dug - with the funky 303-laden licks of "Bangkok Skyline" and the grainy, stuttering beat rolls of "Just Drums". The B-side sees Simply Symmetry transform "Bangkok Skyline" into a straighter house affair, while Tony G goes for the chillout effect on his own reinterpretation of the tune. Blissful.
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Episode #9
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Episode #9 (12")
Cat: SFICT 009. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Eyebrows Raiser (7:52)
  2. Eyebrows Raiser (Leix remix - vinyl cut) (6:06)
  3. Kaiser Sauce (6:25)
  4. Mamba Stamba (7:02)
The Duster
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The Duster (12")
Cat: METHODW 004. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. The Duster (6:53)
  2. Monegros (7:13)
Review:  Eats Everything is at it again and accepts a helping hand from one of the true greats of house music in the form of Curtis Jones aka Green Velvet on "The Duster", originally a personal edit from 2014, it's probably the most experimental track you'll have heard from the UK prankster and on Disclosure's Method White imprint no less. The track stutters and grinds about the place in delightful fashion: this one's just got to be heard. Second offering "Monegros" is more straight ahead; this is a funky and energetic tech house cut with funky bongos and ravey aesthetics of the more reduced kind which we're really digging!
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Leith Walk EP
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Cat: FFD 011 . Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Sly Johnson & La Machine - "I'm Calling U" (Wilson Fisk refix) (6:22)
  2. Leith Walk (3:32)
  3. Running For Answers (5:58)
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Biblife (hand-stamped vinyl 12" repress)
Cat: DKO 001. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Flabaire - "Biblife"
  2. Paso - "I Never"
  3. Mad Rey - "Quartier Sex"
  4. Paso - "I Never" (Petr Serkin remix)
The Black Grid EP
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Cat: TCISM 003. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. This Thing Called You (7:10)
  2. What We Believe (5:38)
  3. Girl Got Style (4:22)
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EP (12" repress)
Cat: GCR 001. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. About Face (8:36)
  2. Baited Drum Lines (Deep Sea dub) (4:04)
  3. Freeze Action (Desire) (6:46)
Review: Newcomer Hugo Gerani, an Australian house aficionado, debuts both his productions and new label Good Company, what we like to see y'all! The title track "About Face" is a deep house stunner that drills its way across crunchy 707 swings and rickety cowbells; "Baited Drum Lines (deep sea dub)" is wonky, deranged and falling over its own beat to make an exquisite stumble of watery melodies and gentle waves of euphoria; "Freeze Action (Desire)" is a lo-fi house nugget with beautiful swarms of echo and reverb. All in all, a fine debut, indeed!
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Just A Sin EP
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Just A Sin EP (12" repress)
Cat: AO 44. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Just A Sin (Diego Krause remix) (7:08)
  2. The 2nd Degree (6:53)
  3. Just A Sin (8:35)
Review: Dan Ghenacia and Chris Carrier, two kingpins of the contemporary French house scene, team up for a collaborative EP on their native Adult Only label, specializing in deep, funky beats since the late 1990's. The duo serve up title track "Just A Sin" as an appetizer, a seriously pounding and head-first house banger tailor-made for the club, followed the main dish "The 2nd Degree", a deeper, more subtle DJ tool boasting a mean percussive edge. The dessert comes in the form of a remix of "Just A Sin", whipped up by Diego Krause in what the Germans would describe as being "effectively waxed". Powerful tools for the powerful deejay.
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GFD 001
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GFD 001 (12")
Cat: GFD 001. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Palomar (6:47)
  2. Strawblurry (7:11)
  3. Verfaulter (8:12)
Review: Romanian producer Victor Ernuteanu has been slipping out Eastern European minimal sounds under the unassuming title Guy From Downstairs since the turn of the decade, cutting his teeth on a series of digital releases before graduating with 12" honours this year. This GFD 001 12" is Ernuteanu's second of the year and the first on his own GFD label, sporting a triplet of classy minimal swervers rife with his trademark production eccentricities and idiosyncrasies. Lead track "Palomar" is proof enough that the Guy From Downstairs can craft a groove from the most obscure of elements, whilst "Strawblurry" is a marvel of percussive layers. Face down and "Verfaulter" stands out as our pick of the bunch, not least for the kinked swing to the drums. Great stuff.
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Poetico EP
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Poetico EP (12")
Cat: TABLA 007. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Calisse (7:38)
  2. Geela (7:11)
  3. Linearia (6:39)
  4. Poetico (7:12)
The Antidote EP
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Cat: S 3AREC006. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Gemini (5:59)
  2. Dust It Off (skit) (1:55)
  3. Dice Games (with Matt Flores) (5:39)
  4. Gemini (S3A remix) (6:24)
  5. Disco Tie (skit) (2:19)
  6. Dice Games (Cuthead remix) (5:09)
5 Years Of Cosmo
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  1. Adil Hiani - "La Rencotre" (Radiq jam remix) (6:42)
  2. Yes'In - "We Come In Peace" (Volkan Akin remix) (7:44)
  3. Pier Bucci - "10 Dias" (feat Saad El Bouaamri - DJ Ali & Sean Dimitrie Northern Lights remix) (7:30)
  4. Andy Jack & The Twin Pigs - "Twin Pigs" (feat Khansa Batma - Tobias remix) (7:22)
To The Unknown EP
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To The Unknown EP (12" repress)
Cat: APO 018. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. To The Unknown (10:10)
  2. To The Unknown (Malin Genie remix) (6:43)
Review: The star of Ukrainian iO (Mulen) continues to rise in steadfast fashion with his funky minimal grooves fast becoming the choice for many tastemakers. So much so, that massive Parisian house label Apollonia have tapped him for a release; not bad at all! "To The Unknown" is ten minutes of funked up, minimal house bliss for freaks that you could imagine a crowd full of hedonists at Sunwaves festival going absolutely mental to. The remix by Amsterdam's Malin Genie (Vigenere/Oscillat) is pretty sweet too, giving it a smooth deep house vibe that doesn't get as abstract as the original.
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Street Scenes EP
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Street Scenes EP (140 gram white vinyl 12")
Cat: DES 0052. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. In The Garden Of Bachannal (Poland Ave)
  2. In The Garden Of Bachannal (Poland Ave) (Mannequins remix)
  3. Out Late (Main St)
  4. Utopia (Lakewood Dr)
Review: Hot off the heels from his album on Church, Ishmael delivers Street Scenes EP on Deso with a remix by Mannequins
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Italojohnson 10
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Italojohnson 10 (limited hand-stamped 10")
Cat: ITJ 10. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Track 1 (7:24)
  2. Track 2 (6:49)
Review: Italojohnson has clearly decided that less is more, having limited their output to one self-released 12" a year since 2013. Volume 10 in the mysterious threesome's self-titled series predictably contains more twisted, tried-and-tested material. The untitled A-side sounds like a modern update of a breakbeat-boasting Frankie Bones classic, with hectic bursts of percussion, surging sub and a classic riff taking it in turns to impress. There's more of an acid house feel to the similarly untitled flipside workout, with booming, mangled vocal snippets and sharp electronic stabs riding a thunderous groove, '80s electro hits and a classic Chicago bassline. There's little subtle about either track, but they sound like guaranteed floorfillers.
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I'm Saved
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I'm Saved (12")
Cat: VIEW 022. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. I'm Saved (6:26)
  2. Jun (11:43)
Review: Kito Jempere is quietly building an impressive discography. Over the last two years, the St Petersburg-based producer has delivered material on Freerange, Let's Play House, Dirt Crew and Fata Morgana. Here, he pops up on Room With A View, serving up another pair of must-have deep house treats. Opener "I'm Saved" is an intriguing proposition, with Jempere layering Nu Groove style synthesizer flute lines and dreamy touches atop a wild, loose, heavily percussive groove and bouncy bassline. He wanders further towards organic house territory on the intriguing "Jun", a near 12-minute workout that sounds like a cross between live disco-house, Sueno Latino, and Theo Parrish.
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Killing Mockingbirds
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Cat: NOCTURNE 001. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Killing Mockingbirds (5:39)
  2. Killing Mockingbirds (Borrowed Identity remix) (5:38)
  3. The Block (5:24)
  4. Strung Out (5:57)
  5. Strung Out (Adesse versions remix) (5:40)
Played by: Ney Faustini, Schmutz
Metamorfoze EP Part 1
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Cat: SBTL 006. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Shades (10:03)
  2. Amburg (12:15)
Review: Berlin imprint Subtil's mission statement is 'QUALITY UNDERGROUND MUSIC/VINYL ONLY' and that's good enough for us.. They're not wrong either. This time it's the turn of Iulian Ganovici aka Julian from, yes, Bucharest! This follows up his debut on London's FarFromNormal last year. On the A side we've got "Shades" which rolls along delightfully in reduced fashion until that muted bleep melody folds into the fray, joined by some infectiously dusty shuffle. On the flip is "Amburg" which is much darker and atmospheric. There's a lot of restraint in the kick and bass to make way for the creepy monologue and hypnotic pads to do most of the great work. Perfect for the mid-set breather but equally guaranteed to cause a headrush.
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Last Love EP
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Cat: TRUE 1274 . Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Last Love (7:35)
  2. Need You Tonight (6:25)
  3. With All Due Respect (7:18)
Played by: Timo Garcia
Franchica EP
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Franchica EP (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: TF 002. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Franchica (8:04)
  2. Pia (8:05)
  3. Franchica (Apollo 84 & Konflicted Soul remix) (6:50)
  4. Pia (Jacky remix) (7:20)
Prairie Path Frustration
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Cat: FMR 62. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Prairie Path Frustration (original demo pass) (11:42)
  2. Left There (Tevo Howard remix) (5:56)
  3. Left There (Audio Soul Project edit) (6:25)
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