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Funky President Edits Vol 3: Brazil
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Cat: FJRC 7003. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. Brazil (About It) (3:44)
  2. Brazil (About It) (bonus beats) (3:44)
Review: J Rocc is rightly hailed as one of the best DJs out there, in possession of a vast music knowledge and the skills to deploy it with party-killing effect behind the decks. Last year saw J Rocc launch the Funky Presidents Edits series with the first two 7"s selling out immediately! We expect a similar situation with this third volume which leads out with a killer edit of Earth Wind & Fire classic "Brazilian Rhythm". That classic vocal harmony meets an equally iconic drum break with J Rocc's edit mastery coming to the fore over the course of the cut. The Bonus Beats version on the flip means the more dextrous DJs out there might want to consider doubling up on this beauty.
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The Get Down
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Cat: DD 007. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. The Get Down (Marc Hype & Naughty NMX rework) (3:36)
  2. Hyped Up Ants (Naughty NMX redub) (3:28)
Review: Seen on the regular alongside fellow colluder Jim Dunloop, dusty-fingered German funkateer Marc Hype returns for another round of 7" action on the ever-dependable Dusty Donuts label. Up top, Hype teams up with Naughty NMX for a heavy duty tweak of James Brown classic "The Get Down" with the added weight to the drums really sounding fresh on a good system. "Pays the cost to be the boss" indeed! Naughty NMX goes solo on the B side, retreating another J Brown standard "I Got Ants In My Pants" with some added Public Enemy - the results speak for themselves. Good work all round.
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The Edge
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The Edge (7")
Cat: OG 034. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. David McCallum - "The Edge" (2:40)
  2. Dr Dre - "The Next Episode" (feat Snoop Dog) (2:43)
I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
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 in stock $9.74
Cat: FREK 100. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You (edit) (4:20)
  2. Freak Thang (edit) (4:33)
Played by: Soul Music
Give It To Y'All (Record Store Day 2016)
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Cat: BBE 364SLP1. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Give It To Y'all (feat Roc Marciano & Trife) (3:42)
  2. Give It To Y'all (instrumental) (3:39)
Nothing Leaves The Archive (Record Store Day 2016)
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 in stock $14.94
  1. Tall Black Guy - "Constantly Moving" (4:32)
  2. Eric Lau - "YNWAJP" (2:36)
  3. Mr Thing - "Higher" (3:03)
  4. Kidkanevil - "A Love That's Worth Sampling" (2:01)
Escapism EP
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Escapism EP (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: XLT 759. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Intro (1:31)
  2. Hyena (3:34)
  3. Dreamscapes (4:13)
  4. Long Distance (3:40)
  5. Rurality (outro) (4:33)
The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam
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Cat: BF 055. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. Hard Times (1:12)
  2. Song For The Dead (2:48)
  3. Them Changes (3:06)
  4. Lone Wolf & Cub (5:29)
  5. That Moment (0:42)
  6. Where The Giants Roam/Field Of The Nephilim (2:44)
Review: The third album from Brainfeeder soul man Thundercat gets the coloured vinyl treatment. His haziest, softest and most consistent set so far, his falsetto dulcets wrap around a whirlwind of styles that are tailor made for vinyl. Sloping and sliding into each other all the way, from the slippery wah-wah guitar disco of "Them Changes" to the Plantlife-style funk of "Lone Wolf & Club" to the trippy ambience of "That Moment", we're gradually moved slowly, softly and sweetly throughout.
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I Got It
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I Got It (7")
Cat: BBE 288SLP. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. I Got It (DJ Spinna remix) (4:19)
  2. Bring It To A Halt (Jake One remix) (3:16)
Buffalo Stance (Record Store Day 2016)
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 in stock $11.59
Buffalo Stance (Record Store Day 2016) (limited 180 gram vinyl picture disc 12")
Cat: 536572 0. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Buffalo Stance (extended version) (5:44)
  2. Kisses On The Wind (A Little More Puerto Rican - David Morales remix) (7:18)
Switching Sides
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Switching Sides (12" with obi strip)
Cat: BD 274. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Iron Shirt (3:31)
  2. Crying (3:03)
  3. Body Hot (3:30)
  4. Watch (3:15)
  5. One Thing (3:47)
  6. Iron Shirt (instrumental) (3:32)
  7. Crying (instrumental) (3:04)
  8. Body Hot (instrumental) (3:21)
  9. Watch (instrumental) (3:14)
  10. One Thing (instrumental) (3:33)
Still Standing
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 in stock $5.79
Cat: FW 142. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Still Standing (3:53)
  2. No Strings Attached (3:02)
Dusty Donuts 5
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Dusty Donuts 5 (limited 7")
Cat: DD 005JIM. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. Uptown (Mark Hype & Naughty NMX edit) (4:44)
  2. Sugar Man (Jim Sharp edit) (2:55)
Fuck The Police (Record Store Day 2015)
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 in stock $27.14
Fuck The Police (Record Store Day 2015) (limited badge-shaped 7" picture disc)
Cat: PJ 0057. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. Fuck The Police (vocal) (2:33)
  2. Fuck The Police (instrumental) (2:33)
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Apache (7")
Cat: BBE 176SLP. Rel: 04 Apr 11
  1. Apache
  2. Shaft In Africa
Review: ** Repress for the breaks dons ** The long awaited new Visioneers Limited Edition 45 produced by Marc Mac of 4hero is here at last on BBE offshoot Omniverse. No messin' here as Visioneers go straight for the funk jugular with two dope versions. On the A-Side a version of The Shadows classic ''Apache'' gets flipped by Visioneers remake of Johnny Pate's B-Boy bomb "Shaft In Africa". Heavy horns and bongos aplenty - this is just wanted the doctor ordered. It's limited, it's hot, go get it!
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I'm Chief Kamanawanalea
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 in stock $8.23
Cat: OG 033. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. The Turtles - "I'm Chief Kamanawanalea" (Chief Rocca edit) (3:42)
  2. Steady B - "Serious" (BDP 12" remix) (4:28)
Review: 1968's "I'm Chief Kamanawanalea" is perhaps one of the greatest forgotten nuggets of pure breakbeatism, and the original by The Turtles dates back to 1968. The date isn't perhaps that surprising in relation to the sounds used and the quirkiness of the tune, but it's the fact that it sounds like straight-up hip-hop from early 80s NY; Chief Rocca aka J Rocc does a bit of editing on this version, but the meat and bones of the original are definitely there. Steady B features on the flip with a remix from BDP, and this one is a pure throwback hip-hop banger like they used to make them - think Run DMC but much more from the underground.
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Soupy (limited 7")
Cat: OG 030. Rel: 26 Oct 15
  1. Maggie Thrett - "Soupy" (2:58)
  2. De La Soul - "Jenifer Taught Me" (3:51)
Review: Number 30 in the originals series highlights the link between Dynavoice Records and the Daisy Age hip hoppers who sampled many of the label's releases. We are of course talking about Posdnuos, Dave, and Maseo, aka De La Soul, with Originals wisely squaring attentions on the Northern Soul monster "Soup" by Maggie Thrett and the De La classic "Jenifa Taught Me" which featured ample sampleage. This Originals edition of "Soup" is the first time it's been available in the 7" format since it's initial release in 1965 and is the sort of cut you can drop in a funk jam and see the crowd melt. What more is there to say about "Jenifa Taught Me"? It's a classic mate!
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Power Move (remastered)
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Cat: TX 174. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Power Move (6:20)
  2. Power Move (Fresh mix) (5:31)
  3. I'll Make You Dance (4:41)
Played by: Osmose
Nothing Leaves The House (Record Store Day 2014)
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  1. Tall Black Guy - "One To One"
  2. Mr Thing - "Changes"
  3. Eric Lau - "Chop For Mr Thing"
  4. Kidkanevil - "Loopin' III"
Review: Record Store Day Edition: Concepts for the annual Record Store Day don't get better than this. Tall Black Guy, Eric Lau and Kidkanevil were invited to Mr Thing's gaff and explore his sizeable vinyl collection. They could sample anything they wished... But, as the title says, no vinyl could leave his house. The result is four examples of pure sample artistry. Eric Lau's "Chop For Mr Thing" takes a Latin strummer and stretches out its harmony over a nagging beats with really cool edits and space. Kidkanevil opts for a sludgier hip-hop approach where one simple loop opens and closes at different spaces over a nod-heavy beat. Elsewhere Tall Black Guy gets dreamy with a tripped out vocal sample and some stunning slippery bass action while Mr Thing provides the best schooling with a classic Dilla style loop that twists the full emphasis on one vocal cry and a weave of classic hip-hop cuts.
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Sacrifice (12" + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: RS 011. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Intro (1:29)
  2. Just Waking Up (5:07)
  3. Sacrifice (4:54)
  4. Rockabye (3:43)
  5. Everybody (4:20)
  6. Bris Vegas (5:05)
  7. Vibrate (5:31)
Chosen Spokes Vol 4
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 in stock $8.84
Cat: CS 004. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Stillmatic (1:51)
  2. Jessica (1:14)
  3. Poor Boy (1:22)
  4. Betty (1:19)
  5. Spare Parts (0:46)
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Sabotaggio (7" repress)
Cat: SABOTAGGIO 7. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Sabotaggio (3:07)
  2. Sabotaggio (instrumental) (3:05)
Renee: Remixes
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 in stock $7.62
Cat: 4228545 85DJ. Rel: 10 Nov 14
  1. Renee (One Dread One Ball Head version clean)
  2. Renee (Mr Sex LB Fam version dirty)
  3. Renee (Mr Sex LB Fam version clean)
  4. Renee (Mr Sex LB Fam version instrumental)
Trip To Your Heart
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 in stock $8.84
  1. Sly & The Family Stone - "Trip To Your Heart"
  2. LL Cool J - "Mama Said Knock You Out"
Review: The best thing about the Original series is it highlights just how ingenious many hip hop producers were in their implementation of sample source material. See this edition which pairs up "Trip To Your Heart" by Sly & The Family Stone with "Momma Said Knock You Out", the stone cold early '90s classic from LL Cool J. Listen to both tracks and it's clear Marley Marl uses only a smidgen of Sly's original, the "Ah, ah, ah" that is uttered harmoniously when the chorus arrives. The way he flipped it alongside elements of tracks from James Brown, Digital Underground, and The Chicago Gangsters is real proof of his genius. A great seven for the collection, no doubt.
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Blind Alley
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Cat: OG 031. Rel: 14 Dec 15
  1. The Emotions - "Blind Alley" (3:06)
  2. Big Daddy Kane - "Ain't No Half Steppin'" (5:23)
Funky Music Is The Thing
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 in stock $8.23
Cat: OG 032. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. The Dynamic Corvettes - "Funky Music Is The Thing" (Mr Fantastic edit) (3:29)
  2. The D.O.C - "Lend Me An Ear" (3:20)
Review: The Originals label is on straight-up fire at the moment, coming through rough and ready with a whole heap of gorgeous disco reissues ready to be cranked-up by contemporary producers. "Funky Music Is The Thing" by The Corvettes, a funky-as-hell soul train, is beefed up by Mr Fantastic with a tidy little edit, whereas The D.O.C and their "Lend Me An Ear" hip-hop joint gets a nice touch-up of the modern B-Boys.
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Fire EP
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Fire EP (12")
Cat: AR 078VL. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Fire (original mix)
  2. Fire (Skeewiff remix)
  3. Fire (Smoove remix)
  4. Fire (Cadien remix)
Review: The first fresh material to appear ahead of their long-awaited second album, it's clear ROJ are still tighter than mosquitos tweeter and thrice as funky with this pant-blazing Aspects collaboration. A slick car chase groove, garnished by equally firing lyrics, it's a great come-back single. Each remix kills it, too; Skeewiff does what he does best on a classic 60s swing flex, Smoove goes loco with a Bassey vocal shot and Caiden get freaky on an electro boogie vibe. Some fires don't need putting out... Feel the heat.
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Mavericks (limited 12")
Cat: ZIQ 373. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. Mavericks 1 (2:45)
  2. Still (1:46)
  3. Dough (2:05)
  4. Tozko Paran (3:05)
  5. Cataphract (feat Kuedo) (2:33)
  6. Chunk (2:17)
Review: One of the earliest wave ambassadors to enjoy large label accreditation, Sami Baha delivers his first full Mu EP and doesn't disappoint: "Mavericks One" is laden with so much sub bass it's clinically obese while its topline remains slim-line and floaty. Deeper into the EP we're seduced by oriental charm throughout; "Still" and "Dough" massage the soul while "Tozko Paran" twists the senses with trippy Q&As that shouldn't work but really do. "Cataphract" plays the consummate slow-trap club bumper while "Chunk" pays homage to all the fatties out there with its restrained energy and delicate arpeggio-led dynamic. A stunning debut EP for Mu.
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Sure Shot
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Sure Shot (7")
Cat: STIX 013. Rel: 01 Jun 09
  1. Sure Shot
  2. Sure Shot (version)
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 in stock $7.31
Hypnotize (7")
Cat: STIX 007. Rel: 21 Apr 08
  1. Hypnotize
  2. Real Hip Hop
Suit & Tie
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 in stock $7.31
Cat: STIX 034. Rel: 08 Jul 13
  1. Mato vs Justin Timberlake - "Suit & Tie" (feat Jay-Z)
  2. Mato vs Robin Thicke - "Blurred Lines" (feat Pharell & TI)
I Know What You Want
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 in stock $7.01
Cat: STIX 028. Rel: 22 Oct 12
  1. Mato vs Busta Rhymes - "I Know What You Want"
  2. Mato vs Da Bush Babees - "Remember We"
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 in stock $7.01
Danger (7")
Cat: STIX 030. Rel: 04 Feb 13
  1. Mato vs Blahzay Blahzay - "Danger"
  2. Mato vs Nate Dogg - "The Good Life" (feat Nas)
I'll House You
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 in stock $11.28
Cat: GET 7297. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. I'll House You (4:57)
  2. On The Run (4:08)
Played by: Smoove, I Love Hip Hop
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 in stock $9.74
Crossover (7")
Cat: 5BB 005. Rel: 14 Dec 15
  1. EPMD - "Crossover" (3:49)
  2. Roger Troutman - "You Should Be Mine" (3:46)
MC's Act Like They Don't Know
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 in stock $10.06
Cat: RR 003. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. MC's Act Like They Don't Know (4:58)
  2. MC's Act Like They Don't Know (instrumental) (4:42)
It's The Music
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 in stock $7.93
  1. It's The Music (A Skillz & Stickybuds remix) (3:34)
  2. It's The Music (4:20)
The Return
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 in stock $11.28
The Return (12")
Cat: NSD 66. Rel: 29 Jun 15
  1. The Return (4:53)
  2. The Return (instrumental) (4:53)
  3. Rap Dope (Haz Solo remix) (3:28)
  4. Thriller (feat Sene, Definite & Co$$) (7:37)
  5. Thriller (instrumental) (3:50)
  6. Thriller (Triller) (0:27)
People Are You Ready?
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 in stock $7.01
Cat: DIGG 005. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. People Are You Ready? (3:08)
  2. People Are You Ready? (Soundsci remix) (3:18)
California Love
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 in stock $6.40
California Love (limited 7")
Cat: OTC 004. Rel: 15 Dec 14
  1. California Love (G Duppy remix)
  2. Chandelier (G Duppy remix)
Chosen Spokes Vol 3
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 in stock $8.84
Cat: CS 003. Rel: 07 Mar 16
  1. LTRH (7" remix) (2:56)
  2. Spare Parts (0:33)
  3. Positive Contact (1:57)
  4. Britch Please (0:49)
  5. The Night (1:06)
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 in stock $9.74
Ronin (7")
Cat: WE 007. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. Ronin (3:56)
  2. All Hands On Deck (feat DJ Woody, Mr Thing & DJ Ollie Teeba) (2:58)
4 Better Or 4 Worse
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 in stock $11.89
4 Better Or 4 Worse (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: BIC 1167. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. 4 Better Or 4 Worse (single version) (5:06)
  2. 4 Better Or 4 Worse (acapella) (5:09)
How It's Done
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 in stock $17.99
How It's Done (limited 7")
Cat: SPCWX 09. Rel: 09 May 16
  1. How It's Done (original) (3:16)
  2. How It's Done (instrumental) (3:16)
Played by: Osmose
Review: Japanese hip-hop crew Southpaw Chop keep themselves busy with this new single "How It's Done". For this release they bring two big guests to the table: Kool G Rap and Craig G from Juice Crew. Their previous work "Finger Prints On The Record" (feat. A.G. of DITC) was originally only released in Japan, but made its way further abroad gaining great attention from hip hop fans in the US and Europe. This reunion with the Juice Crew builds and brings chemistry, pushing boundaries and sharp rhymes from the two. Things get even better when matched with Southpaw Chop's signature horn sounds and for those who love Cold Chillin', the label design must be mouth watering. This 7" will send ripples through the 2016 hip hop scene - it's a must buy!
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Perfect Timing (Record Store Day 2016)
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 in stock $11.59
Cat: CM 010. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Perfect Timing (main) (4:23)
  2. Perfect Timing (instrumental) (4:23)
Do The Columbo
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 in stock $9.74
Do The Columbo (hand-numbered 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: LTDED 007. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Do The Columbo (3:36)
  2. Do The Columbo (instrumental) (3:35)
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