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This Week: Funk
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Daddy's Groove
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 in stock £5.42
Cat: SC 717. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Daddy's Groove (4:52)
  2. Let Me Be Your Lover (4:40)
Review: Alex Puddu's Afro Soul Prophecy project continues to blaze into the year with pure molten lava grooves. "Daddy's Groove" is a perfect summer heater with its laid back horns that ooze over the wah wah licks and strutting rim-shots. "Let Me Be Your Lover" takes more of a Latin approach with its upbeat rhythm and bossa tendencies. Listen out for those cosmic guitars in the background... Dreamy business.
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Played by: Suonho
A Tribute To Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
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 in stock £10.21
Cat: 574439 4. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Moanin' (4:59)
  2. Night In Tunisia (6:03)
  3. Politely (6:38)
  4. The Drum Thunder Suite (6:43)
Review: Those who've studied Tony Allen's distinctive drumming style often cite Art Blakey as an influence, so it's little surprise to find him paying tribute to the legendary jazz drummer on this superb album. Joined by his regular band, Allen covers a quartet of tracks written and recorded by Blakey and his band, the Jazz Messengers. The results are predictably impressive, with Allen's loose and polyrhythmic percussion providing a rock solid foundation for the horns, piano and double bass that sits atop. It's naturally closer to all-out jazz than to Afrobeat, but still bristles with the kind of punchy horns and life-affirming playing that characterizes Allen's work. "Thunder Suite", in which Allen drops a number of sweaty drum solos, is particularly potent.
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Galaxy Vol 9
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 in stock £8.13
Galaxy Vol 9 (7" repress)
Cat: GSC45 009. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Can - "Vitamin C" (Blackcash & Theo Thelonious Beats Gillepsie edit) (4:09)
  2. Silver Apples - "Lovefingers" (Blackcash & Theo Thelonious Beats Gillepsie edit) (4:16)
Review: We're really loving the Galaxy Sound Co massive; the label invariably turns up with the heat required to make our heads turn. Their edits aren't just your regular edits, they're reworks of quality soul and funk gems from the creme-de-la-creme of diggers' bags. For instance, the present number nine in the series features Vitamin C's lo-fi jam reworked by Blackish and Theo Thelonious Beats Gillespie, and the result is something extra special - a driving groove to satisfy for than one sort of collector. On the flip, leftfield dance maestro Lovefingers has his "Mr Apples" tune turned into even more of an abstraction by Blackcash and TTBC himself; what you get is a singular slice of wavy psychedelia for the open-minded DJ. TIP!
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 in stock £10.42
Carousel (limited red vinyl 7")
Cat: BWR 7002. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Jump (feat BluRum 13) (3:05)
  2. Instrumental Edit 1 (0:47)
  3. Instrumental Edit 2 (0:42)
  4. Instrumental Edit 3 (0:40)
  5. Instrumental Edit 4 (0:40)
  6. Instrumental Edit 5 (0:39)
  7. Instrumental Edit 6 (0:36)
  8. Instrumental Edit 7 (0:36)
  9. Instrumental Edit 8 (0:32)
  10. Instrumental Edit 9 (0:32)
  11. Scratch Sentence (1:01)
Curitiba Strut
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 in stock £7.29
Curitiba Strut (7" repress)
Cat: FTSR 001. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Ikebe Shakedown - "Curitiba Strut" (4:09)
  2. Monophonics - "Hanging On" (3:35)
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 in stock £8.33
Abeja (7")
Cat: OR 001. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Abeja (4:47)
  2. Black & Decker (4:53)
Review: First up on the freshly minted Olindo label is a tasty, two-track 7" single from Venezuelan outfit Monsalve Y Los Forajidos, which is fronted by bassist Raul Monsalve. A-side "Abeja" is a punchy chunk of musically expansive Latin funk, with jazz style horn and woodwind solos wrapping themselves around a killer groove and righteous chanting. It sounds like the kind of cut that will excite both funk DJs and jazz dancers. Flipside "Black & Decker" sees the band move further towards Azymuth style South American jazz-funk territory, with killer guitar and organ lines crowding around a shuffling Afro-Cuban rhythm track.
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Five Fingers Of Death
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 in stock £8.75
Cat: PK 7001. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Just One Long Scratch Sentence (6:39)
  2. Fists Of The White Lotus (extended edit) (5:10)
The Havana Remixes
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 in stock £16.46
The Havana Remixes (limited 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BU 017VL. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Muevelo Papi (feat Olvido Ruiz - club Des Belugas remix) (3:23)
  2. No Words (feat Brenda Boykin - Smoove remix) (4:28)
  3. Tropicana Flight (feat Tropicana Flight - Zouzoulectric remix) (4:07)
  4. Rumba Fugaz (feat Arema Arega - Jack & Jointz remix) (3:37)
  5. Muevelo Papi (feat Olvido Ruiz - Suonho remix) (3:20)
  6. Dizzy's Bounce (feat Brenda Boykin - Opolopo radio edit) (4:40)
  7. Eleggua (feat Sexto Sentido - Positive Flow radio edit) (4:09)
  8. No Words (feat Brenda Boykin - Suonho radio edit) (3:48)
  9. Tropicana Flight (feat Sexto Sentido - Maestro & Vezzola radio edit) (4:39)
Review: The funk dust from Bahama Soul Club's fourth studio album Havana 58 has barely had a moment to settle and along comes an equally timeless collection of versions. In keeping with the original spirit, the full soul range is explored but done so with a much firmer focus on the dancefloor; ZouZouElectric's dubby house glimmers on "Tropicana Flight", Opolopo's sweet shuffled jack on "Dizzy's Bounce" and Suonho's sultry piano-primed disco are just three of the nine awesome sunkissed twists crammed onto the 180 gram vinyl. Perfectly timed for the summer, too...
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Played by: Suonho
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 in stock £14.79
Carousel (LP)
Cat: BWRLP 001. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Carousel (1:39)
  2. At It Again Featuring BluRum13 (feat BluRum13) (3:06)
  3. Freeze (3:25)
  4. Rap Cats Taking It Back (feat BluRum13) (2:38)
  5. Stand Up & Be Counted (3:33)
  6. Forget The Rest (3:33)
  7. Rockin Ya Block (feat BluRum13) (3:24)
  8. Onetwothree (1:23)
  9. Jump (feat BluRum13) (3:00)
  10. The Knowledge (2:59)
  11. Art Breaker (feat BluRum13) (2:37)
  12. Good Girl (3:11)
Try Me (Remastered) (Record Store Day 2017)
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 in stock £14.79
Try Me (Remastered) (Record Store Day 2017) (limited hand-numbered 180 gram purple vinyl LP + CD)
Cat: 370047 7827038. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Night Train (3:29)
  2. Night Flying (2:15)
  3. I'll Go Crazy (2:07)
  4. Just You & Me, Darling (2:45)
  5. And I Do Just What I Want (2:25)
  6. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do (2:06)
  7. Mashed Potatoes USA (2:52)
  8. Suds (2:22)
  9. Please, Please, Please (2:46)
  10. I Don't Mind (3:15)
  11. Messing With The Blues (2:10)
  12. Try Me! (2:31)
  13. Baby, You're Right (2:58)
  14. Why Does Everything Happen To Me (2:10)
  15. I Want You So Bad (2:46)
  16. (Can You) Feel It (part 1) (2:58)
  17. Night Train
  18. Night Flying
  19. I'll Go Crazy
  20. Just You & Me, Darling
  21. And I Do Just What I Want
  22. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do
  23. Mashed Potatoes USA
  24. Suds
  25. Please, Please, Please
  26. I Don't Mind
  27. Messing With The Blues
  28. Try Me!
  29. Baby, You're Right
  30. Why Does Everything Happen To Me
  31. I Want You So Bad
  32. (Can You) Feel It (part 1)
Rive Gauche
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 in stock £13.33
Rive Gauche (LP + insert repress)
Cat: DE 122. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Aimez Moi (5:15)
  2. Fiction (4:49)
  3. Cinecitta (2:39)
  4. Cairo Connection (4:33)
  5. La Mystique Du Male (5:42)
  6. Castor (2:46)
  7. Unsquare Dance (3:42)
  8. Lettre A Monsieur Le Legislateur (De La Loi Sur Les Stupefiants) (5:56)
Review: 1983's Rive Gauche by Philippe Chany has been lost in the depths of time and, until now, many greedy second-hand sharks have been keeping its price way up high. This little synth-pop marvel is a sampler's dream, containing beautiful riffs here and there, and what is most alluring about it is its total detachment from any one genre. In fact, there are noticeable touches of all things Balearic in here, and many of its tunes could the perfect accompaniment to disco, boogie or even expansive DJ sets. With a little subtle nod to funk, Chany's album is one of those veritable one-offs, the sort of albums that are in a category of their own. A stunning reissue, once again, by Dark Entries.
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Awaken My Love!
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 in stock £40.83
Awaken My Love! (limited heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + poster + virtual reality headset + MP3 download code in glow in the dark box)
Cat: GLS 020901. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Me & Your Mama (6:20)
  2. Have Some Love (3:43)
  3. Boogieman (3:38)
  4. Zombies (4:42)
  5. Riot (2:05)
  6. Redbone (5:27)
  7. California (2:45)
  8. Terrified (4:29)
  9. Baby Boy (6:10)
  10. The Night Me & Your Mama Met (3:33)
  11. Stand Tall (6:12)
  12. Track 12 (4:54)
These Are The Songs
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 in stock £15.63
These Are The Songs (limited 2xLP)
Cat: CR 17001. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Nao Esquente A Cabega (4:40)
  2. Voce (4:06)
  3. Sossego (3:41)
  4. Cou Com Gaz (3:07)
  5. Nacao Cosmica (6:22)
  6. Quer Queira Quer Nao Queira (4:47)
  7. Balanco (3:33)
  8. Rom Senso (5:06)
  9. Ela Partiu (4:11)
  10. Chocolate (3:24)
  11. Um Dia Eu Chego La (2:05)
  12. O Caminho Do Bem (6:04)
  13. Que Beleza (3:27)
  14. Contacto (3:05)
  15. Pense Menos (2:45)
Review: There's been a great swell of Tim Maia celebration over the last few years with various album reissues from the likes of Oficial Arquivos and Polysom. Now Cultura Racional join the party and curate a seriously sharp collection of his Portuguese material that stretches across Maia's hugely prolific 30+ album career. From the hazy blues of "Balanco" to his hip-flaring freaky disco funk of "Voce" and the heartfelt sunset street ballad "Ela Partiu", Tim's open mind to progression and innate sense of funk and soul throughout the 70s is portrayed in great detail and breadth. Long may the celebrations continue.
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Mothership Connection (reissue)
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 in stock £12.49
Mothership Connection (reissue) (limited coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: 7022 C. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. P Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) (7:42)
  2. Mothership Connection (Star Child) (6:12)
  3. Unfunky UFO (4:26)
  4. Supergroovalistic-Prosifunkstication (5:03)
  5. Handcuffs (4:03)
  6. Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) (5:48)
  7. Night Of The Thumpasorus Peoples (5:09)
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