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This Week: Funk
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Cupid's Arrow
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 in stock R$38.33
Cat: FSL 0017. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Cupid's Arrow (4:16)
  2. Let Your Body Show You How (4:26)
The Mexican
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 in stock R$29.57
Cat: OG 035. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Babe Ruth - "The Mexican" (Mr Fantastic edit) (3:37)
  2. Organised Konfusion - "Prisoners Of War" (4:35)
Review: Consistently on-point and expertly dug, Originals continue to join the dots with creativity. Here we rewind to 1973 for Babe Ruth's biggest cut "The Mexican". Its lolloping, rolling bassline and spacious drums have been sampled by many but Organised Konfusion's use is definitely one of the best. Needle down and listen as Prince Po and Pharoahe Monche lay down lucid 1991 flows with a serious political agenda that's still just as resonant today. Timeless on both sides.
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Loose Juice
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 in stock R$33.57
Loose Juice (limited hand-numbered green vinyl 7")
Cat: EASY 003. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. DJ Maars - "Loose Juice" (2017 re bake) (3:49)
  2. DJ Maars vs Tom Showtime - "Let Me Clear My Dub" (3:46)
Ain't That Funkin Kind Hard On You?
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 in stock R$25.55
Cat: VR 156. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Ain't That Funkin' Kind Hard On You? (Louie Vega remix) (10:45)
  2. Ain't That Funkin' Kind Hard On You? (Vega Trumpet dub) (10:14)
Sunshine People
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 in stock R$27.18
Cat: FNR 073. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Gillespie & Co - "Sunshine People" (feat Raphaelia & Martin Melody) (2:50)
  2. Gillespie & Co - "Dorothy's Groove" (2:50)
Growing Older
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 in stock R$27.18
Cat: FNR 072. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Growing Older (feat E & Ishtar) (3:18)
  2. Growing Older (instrumental) (3:21)
I'm Your Boogie Man (Record Store Day 2015)
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 in stock R$27.98
Cat: TKDISCORSD2015 PT2. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. I'm Your Boogie Man (4:01)
  2. I'm Your Boogie Man (Todd Terje edit) (4:43)
Review: One of two sun-kissed KC excursions from the mighty Todd Terje for RSD, here we find him dissecting the horn-blasting feel-good 1976 strutter "I'm Your Boogie Man". Stripping the feels right back to the tight guitar and bass spine then redressing it slowly with each silky element, he's switched the concentrated party into a dramatic precession where every aspect gets its own place on the red carpeted groove.
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I'm Not Your Regular Woman (reissue)
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 in stock R$23.18
I'm Not Your Regular Woman (reissue) (limited transparent vinyl 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: RK 45061T. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. I'm Not Your Regular Woman (2:39)
  2. Be Ma Fela (2:44)
Review: Back by popular demand is a limited edition repress of Marta Ren & The Groovelvets "I'm Not Your Regular Woman" on a clear 45 vinyl. Originally released in 2015, the record sold out in few weeks and became another hard to find funk must have for DJs and collectors alike. If you've missed the first around, you'd better get on it quickly as this time it's limited to 150 copies worldwide. On the flip, there's the 'afro-tastic scorcher' "Be Ma Fela". The tracks are taken from the band's impressive debut album entitled Stop Look Listen.
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Forget Me Nots
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 in stock R$35.14
Forget Me Nots (12" repress)
Cat: 066970. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Forget Me Nots
  2. Feels So Reel (Won't Let Go)
Law & Funk EP
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 in stock R$38.33
Law & Funk EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MAE 002. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Law & Order (NS edit) (7:46)
  2. Funky Nassau (NS edit) (5:14)
Purple Walls
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 in stock R$24.78
Purple Walls (limited purple vinyl 12")
Cat: AIRMILES 006. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Purple Walls (3:03)
  2. Sympathy (with Daley) (3:51)
  3. Saturn's Return (with Cheetah Bae) (1:12)
  4. New Life (with Terri Walker) (3:34)
Played by: Simon Harrison
Touch Me Take Me (reissue)
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 in stock R$24.78
Cat: SB 7024. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Touch Me Take Me (3:06)
  2. Love Is All You Need (2:40)
Bandstand (reissue)
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 in stock R$67.11
Bandstand (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: SVR 429. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Breeze (6:40)
  2. Countenance (6:10)
  3. The Daughter (6:30)
  4. Cadenza For Christina (5:47)
  5. Sandy (6:45)
  6. Havana Two (8:13)
The Poet (reissue)
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 in stock R$63.14
The Poet (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: SVR 430. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. The Poet (6:29)
  2. Sunday's Stuff (7:02)
  3. Aura (6:17)
  4. Sambatown (Rock Ridge) (7:13)
  5. A Day At The Zoo (6:21)
  6. Grandma's Rocking Chair (5:27)
Review: Recently, Svert has released a swathe of Olli Ahvenlahti reissues, giving a new generation of listeners a chance to get acquainted with the Finnish jazz great's best work. The Poet was originally recorded and released in 1976, and saw pianist Ahvelahti collaborate with a wide range of musicians on a set that looked to the U.S jazz-fusion and jazz-funk scenes for inspiration. It's perhaps most famous for the break-digger's favoruite "Grandma's Rocking Chair" - famously turned into a 16-minute percussion epic by Kenny Dope back in 2001 - but there's plenty of other highlights to enjoy. The smooth "Aura", which sounds a little like Bob James jamming with Azymouth, is particularly potent.
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Free Love
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 in stock R$66.34
Free Love (LP)
Cat: PMG 052LP. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Living With Friends (6:14)
  2. Te Revoir (4:08)
  3. Rain (4:50)
  4. She's Got All I Want (5:46)
  5. Freelove (6:00)
  6. Revolution (4:36)
Ultimate Block Party Breaks Volume 3
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 in stock R$48.76
Cat: UBPB 3LP. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Byrds In Flight (breakdown) (2:28)
  2. The Good Life (breakdown) (2:32)
  3. Go For Self (breakdown 1) (2:42)
  4. Go For Self (breakdown 2) (2:06)
  5. Sky High (breakdown) (1:40)
  6. Give It To me (breakdown) (3:04)
  7. Got To Let Yourself Go (breakdown) (3:09)
  8. Old Timers (just drums) (2:38)
  9. Old Timers (breakdown) (2:42)
  10. Heart Attack (breakdown) (2:50)
Feelin' Alright
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 in stock R$66.34
Cat: PMG 054LP. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Rosemary (5:34)
  2. Give It To Me (4:35)
  3. Feelin' Alright (4:30)
  4. Too Much (4:47)
  5. Love To Love You (5:57)
  6. You (4:27)
  7. Aint No Use (4:00)
  8. Daily Prayer (4:56)
Review: According to the label, Nigerian singer Kiki Gyan's star "didn't burn long, but it burned bright." As a member of Afro funk super group Osibisa at 15; he was millionaire by 18 and regarded as one of the best keyboardists in the world at the tender age of 21. In 1983 he 'dived head first into the New York party scene', took a lot of drugs, spent a lot of time in clubs and got together a team of crack local musicians to record Feelin' Alright. All the artist's trademark elements are present and in full effect on this LP. The album contains irresistible elements of electronic funk, boogie and disco with the track "Rosemary" becoming a hit across Nigeria and Ghana. Kiki Gyan would never quite better this moment, for his addictions eventually took hold and he died aged only 47 at a church in Ghana. This very album 'remains one of the brightest stars in his extraordinary constellation.'
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Played by: Alan Dente
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 in stock R$68.74
Jambu (LP + MP3 download code) (1 per customer)
Cat: NCL 20153. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. La Kossa (3:30)
  2. Jambu (2:54)
  3. Cumbia De Sal (3:34)
  4. Callejero (4:10)
  5. Efori (3:57)
  6. NUSAU (4:19)
  7. Bele Bele (3:36)
  8. Lamento Momposino (3:21)
  9. Mofongo (2:50)
Review: Since first pricking the collective consciousness at the dawn of the decade, 12-piece ensemble Jungle Fire has released some killer fusions of funk, Afrobeat, and more tropical dancefloor flavours. Jambu is their second full-length, following the release of acclaimed debut album Tropicoso in 2014. As vibrant, colourful and hedonistic as you'd expect, it sees the Los Angeles' band lay down a series of scorching original compositions built around heavy funk grooves, bold Afrobeat horns, and the kind of intricate, layered percussion more often found in vintage Cuban dance music. As usual, you'll find nods to numerous South American styles amongst the Afro-funk throw-downs, ensuring a set that doesn't settle on one sound for any significant length of time.
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Stone Free (reissue)
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 in stock R$38.33
Stone Free (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: OMAGGIO 002. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. More Love (3:46)
  2. Money's Funny (4:02)
  3. Stone Free (Freak With Me) (4:59)
  4. Funk Is Here To Stay (4:26)
  5. Keep Dancin (2:54)
  6. Is That The Way To Your Heart? (3:50)
  7. Million Dollar Love (3:35)
  8. I'm So Glad I Found Your Love (3:01)
Long Play
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 in stock R$59.95
Long Play (180 gram vinyl LP + download code)
Cat: LBR 3303LP. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. The Tease (3:21)
  2. Flux 88 (3:06)
  3. All Drums Up (1:42)
  4. The Gold Watch (2:54)
  5. Hot Butered Rum (2:58)
  6. The Yo-Yo (3:44)
  7. The Beggar (1:33)
  8. Sal's-U-Save (3:58)
  9. Bikes! (4:19)
  10. He Ain't The Right Type Of Fella (1:52)
  11. Sam, The Butcher (2:55)
  12. Serious (2:41)
Synthesizer Pop For A New Age: 1974-1978
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 in stock R$84.72
Synthesizer Pop For A New Age: 1974-1978 (orange vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FGR 078. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Camel Ride (4:18)
  2. The Whistler (3:11)
  3. Protosquash (2:48)
  4. First Frost From Yon High Eastern Hills (4:01)
  5. Everything's Going My Way (5:32)
  6. Unending Highway (7:15)
  7. Dakota Burial Ground (3:41)
  8. The Last Smile (5:57)
Review: Bloomington, Indiana's Flannelgraph Records are very proud to present what they consider to be some of the best synthesizer instrumentals ever created and somehow unreleased for 40 years. Don Muro is a music educator, composer and more. On this release, he takes us on a delightful journey through what the label describe themselves as 'danceable jammers that would not be out of place on a Goodson-Todman production'. It is sparse, contemplative, progressive and just beautiful space music. Moreover, they claim that if you could imagine your favorite local television station ID bumper from 1976, extrapolated into a full album of sonic bliss: you wouldn't be too far off. We couldn't agree more!
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Played by: Dreems
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 in stock R$75.13
Starlight (translucent blue vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: AOC 006. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Love You Better (3:18)
  2. Postcard (5:07)
  3. Up All Night (6:06)
  4. LOVE (Lets Me Know) (5:06)
  5. If It Was You (5:43)
  6. Too Late (4:18)
  7. Starlight (3:54)
  8. Hooked (3:48)
Sweet Sweet Dreams (reissue)
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 in stock R$54.32
Sweet Sweet Dreams (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code repress)
Cat: AALP 082. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Let's Make It Up (6:10)
  2. Let's Get It Together (6:26)
  3. D'Hardest (bonus track) (7:33)
  4. Moon Walking (5:40)
  5. Without Love (4:43)
  6. Way, Way Out (4:25)
Review: Famously, Shadow's Sweet Sweet Dreams album was panned by critics when it first appeared way back in 1984. In the years since, it has attained cult status, with collectors of Trinidadian music particularly enjoying its curious blend of bustling boogie electronics, Soca rhythms, traditional instrumentation and sassy disco-pop style. As this tasty reissue proves, the album has lost none of its lustre over the last 30 years. Put simply, it still sounds ahead of its time, with intergalactic dancefloor workouts such as "Let's Make It Up" (with its "we're gonna have a party" refrain) and "Way Way Out" resonating particularly loudly.
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Star Wax X Diggers Factory Vol 3
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 in stock R$52.75
Cat: CIT 018WAX. Rel: 20 Feb 17
  1. Chayeb Chbab - "Bent Al Chalabia" (1:20)
  2. Geraldo Pino - "Boogie Fever" (5:55)
  3. Cleon & Jazzy Pidjay Aka Last Bongo In Paris - "Allegro" (2:10)
  4. The Doom Brotherz - "Perfect World" (L Boy Jr remix) (2:00)
  5. The Doom Brotherz - "Perfect World" (2:27)
  6. Janko Nilovic - "No More Sorrow" (3:17)
  7. 47Soul - "Dabeekeh" (4:52)
  8. Quiet Dawn - "Dusk" (Garronne remix) (4:20)
  9. Sa'bat Machines & Tam Ly - "When The Wind Blows" (4:35)
  10. Ahmed Malek - "Aller Simple" (3:01)
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