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Kickin Presents De Lite 45s: DJ's Choice 1969-1976
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Cat: OTLCD 5344. Rel: 07 Aug 17
  1. The Rhyyhm Makers - "Zone"
  2. Pazant Brothers & The Beaufort Express - "Chick A Boom"
  3. The Maskmen & The Agents - "Stand Up" (part 2)
  4. The New Cymbals - "How Do You Feel"
  5. Reggie Sadler Revue - "RRAWJ"
  6. The Carstairs - "It Really Hurts Me Girl"
  7. Benny Troy - "I Wanna Give You Tomorrow"
  8. Reggie Sadler Revue - "So Long Sweet Little Girl"
  9. Mebeus - "Jackie"
  10. Pat Lundi - "Party Music"
  11. Tomorrow's Edition - "Be Real"
  12. Crown Heights Affair - "Far Out"
  13. The Kay-Gees - "Waiting At The Bus Stop" (part 2)
  14. The Everyday People - "Funky Generation"
  15. Pazant Brothers & The Beaufont Express - "Mboga Chakula (Greasy Greens)"
  16. Mebeus - "Love's Journey"
  17. Janice Saddler & The Jammers - "My Baby's Coming Home To Stay"
  18. Shalong - "Lady"
  19. The New Cymbols - "LC Funk"
  20. The Mauroks - "Susan"
  21. Johnny De' Vigne - "I Smell Trouble"
  22. Dennis Robinson - "Hard To Handle"
  23. Yvonne Daniels - "Spread The Word"
Push On
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Push On (CD)
Cat: JAL 248CD. Rel: 31 Jul 17
  1. Intro
  2. Love That I'm In (feat Andy Cooper)
  3. Since You've Been Gone
  4. Entitled To That
  5. Get Down On You
  6. Push On
  7. Main Event (feat Andy Cooper)
  8. Hold You Close
  9. Buzzsaw (feat Andy Cooper)
  10. Allergic Interlude
  11. It Won't Be Me (feat Andy Cooper)
  12. Funky Feeling
  13. Remedy (feat Dr Syntax)
  14. Get On The Floor
Review: Don't be fooled by the smoky jazzy horns on the intro: The Allergies are still at the front of the party queue! They were just lulling us into a false sense of security before hitting us with a precision range of big soul swingers and dynamite party killers; both "Hold You Close" and "Since You've Been Gone" pop with big beat bangs, "Entitled To That" stamps and sweats like Wigan Pier is still holding the best dances in the country, "Main Event" parps and pumps while long-standing affiliate Andy Cooper reminds us who's boss while "It Won't Be Me" (also with Cooper) is coded with so much horn and guitar powered gusto you could be fooled into thinking Ugly Duckling are back. Yet another triumphant album from one of Jalapeno's most exciting acts.
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Played by: The Allergies
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Cypher (CD)
Cat: FSRCD 121. Rel: 14 Sep 17
  1. Copa Libertadores
  2. Pod To Pod
  3. Move Over (feat Jo Harman)
  4. Cypher
  5. Speedball
  6. Politea Square
  7. Tempo Do Sol
  8. Claret & Blues
  9. You What!
Please Please Please (remastered)
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Please Please Please (remastered) (limited CD with obi-strip)
Cat: 81188. Rel: 07 Aug 17
  1. Please, Please, Please
  2. Chonnie-On-Chon
  3. Hold My Baby's Hand
  4. I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On
  5. Just Won't Do Right
  6. Baby Cries Over The Ocean
  7. I Don't Know
  8. Tell Me What I Did Wrong
  9. Try Me
  10. That Dood It
  11. Begging, Begging
  12. I Walked Alone
  13. No, No, No, No
  14. That's When I Lost My Heart
  15. Let's Make It
  16. Love Or A Game
  17. Think
  18. Good Good Lovin'
  19. Wonder When You're Coming Home
  20. I'll Go Crazy
  21. This Old Heart
  22. I Know It's True
  23. Bewildered
  24. I'll Never Never Let You Go
  25. You've Got The Power
  26. If You Want Me
  27. Baby, You're Right
  28. So Long
  29. Can't Be The Same
  30. Messin' With The Blues
  31. You're Mine, You're Mine
India (reissue)
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Cat: MRBCD 149. Rel: 07 Aug 17
  1. India
  2. Milho Verde
  3. Presente Cotidiano
  4. Volta
  5. Relance
  6. Da Maior Importancia
  7. Passarinho
  8. Pontos De Luz
  9. Desafinado
Review: Last reissued in Brazil over 10 years ago, legendary Brazilian singer Gal Costa's sixth album is a tropicalian odyssey. Reflective, soulful, touching and dynamic, Gal guides us through a sunset story of ballads ("Volta"), bossas ("Milho Verde") blues ("De Maior Importance") and beyond with an all-star troupe of musicians including Gilberto Gil, Arthur Verocai and Dominguinhos. Remastered to a touch and complete with the original cover that was banned by the Brazilian dictatorship at the time, this is the first time India has been reissued with care in decades.
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Naked & True: Deluxe Edition (remastered)
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Cat: 501392 9058033. Rel: 07 Aug 17
  1. Cajun Moon
  2. Give Me The Night
  3. The Glow Of Love
  4. Purple Rain
  5. Forget Me Nots
  6. I'll Be Around
  7. Joy Inside My Tears
  8. Come Into My Life
  9. What A Difference A Day Makes
  10. Holding Back The Years
  11. All The Kings Horses
  12. The Glow Of Love (instrumental version - bonus track)
  13. Give Me The Night (Chill Night mix)
  14. Cajun Moon (long Trip mix)
  15. Forget Me Nots (Delaney mix)
  16. I'll Be Around (Surprise mix)
  17. Give Me The Night (Mousse T Old Skool mix)
  18. Cajun Moon (Cajun-Trip-club-version)
  19. Forget Me Nots (Femi Fem Rotation mix)
  20. I'll Be Around (extended club version)
  21. Give Me The Night (Mousse T Classic club mix)
  22. Cajun Moon (Bluemoon mix)
  23. Forget Me Nots (radio mix)
  24. Give Me The Night (radio mix)
  25. Cajun Moon (radio mix)
Themes From The Exorcist & Flashpoint
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  1. The French Connection
  2. Love Theme From The Getaway
  3. Klute
  4. The Magician
  5. The Entertainer
  6. Bullitt
  7. Cops & Robbers
  8. Enter The Dragon
  9. Night Must Fall
  10. Point Blank
  11. Beyond Tomorrow
  12. Tubular Bells
  13. The Man With The Golden Gun
  14. The Big Boss
  15. Earthquake
  16. Mr Majestyk
  17. Love Said Goodbye
  18. Kojak
  19. Magnum Force
  20. Gold
  21. Live & Let Die
  22. Airport 1975
  23. We May Never Love Like This Again
  24. Fist Of Fury
De Lite Dance Delights
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De Lite Dance Delights (mixed CD with obi-strip)
Cat: OTLCD 5345. Rel: 07 Aug 17
  1. Kool & The Gang - "Universal Sound"
  2. Leon Bryant - "I'm Gonna Put A Spell On You"
  3. Crown Heights Affair - "Dance Lady Dance"
  4. The Kay-Gees - "You've Got To Keep On Bumpin'"
  5. Kool & The Gang - "Music Is The Message"
  6. Crown Heights Affair - "Say A Prayer For Two"
  7. Crown Heights Affair - "Music Is The World"
  8. The Kay-Gees - "Get Down"
  9. Crown Heights Affair - "I Don't Want To Change You"
  10. Kool & The Gang - "Open Sesame (Groove With The Genie)"
  11. Motivation - "Color Blind"
  12. Crown Heights Affair - "Dreaming A Dream" (vocal)
  13. Crown Heights Affair - "Dreaming A Dream (Goes Dancin)"
  14. Coffee - "Casanova"
  15. The Kay-Gees - "Burn Me Up"
  16. Coffee - "I Wanna Be With You"
  17. Dazzle - "Reaching"
  18. Made In U.S.A. - "Melodies"
  19. Crown Heights Affair - "Galaxy Of Love"
Review: Given the depth of his record collection and his thorough knowledge of vintage soul and disco, we can think of few more qualified than DJ Spinna to mix this collection of 12" highlights from the De-Lite Records catalogue. Perfectly pitched between scene anthems (Crown Heights Affair's "Say a Prayer", Kool & The Gang's "Open Sesame") and lesser-known delights (the sparkling synth boogie of Leon Bryant's "I'm Gonna Put a Spell on You", Motivation's superb "Color Blind", Coffee's suitably large "I Wanna Be With You"), Spinna delivers a mix that achieves a near perfect balance between letting the tracks breathe and his usual all-action hip-hop style. He gets extra marks, too, for mixing between two different versions of Crown Heights Affair's "Dreaming a Dream".
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Keep On Moving (reissue)
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Cat: FIRECD 233. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Purely Physical
  2. Keep On Moving
  3. Insane (Tambourine mix)
  4. The Road
  5. I'd Do It For You
  6. Everything Goes
  7. Ex
  8. Insane (Bass mix)
  9. Gimme A Blast
Havin' A House Party/Making A Game Out Of Love
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 in stock $11.55
  1. Willie's Boogie (CD1: Havin' A House party)
  2. We Gonna Have A House Party
  3. What You Gonna Do After The Party
  4. I Can Sho' Give You Love
  5. I Never Had It So Good
  6. We Gonna Party Tonight
  7. After Love Is Gone
  8. Soul Strut
  9. Train Of Love
  10. We Gonna Have A House Party (bonus track)
  11. We Gonna Party Tonight (bonus track)
  12. She's Making A Game Out O Love (CD2: Making A Game Out Of Love)
  13. Super Sexy
  14. The Very Best Of Love
  15. The Glow
  16. Don't Act Like That
  17. Sexy Feelin'
  18. Always
  19. Keep On Jammin'
  20. Inside You (with The Temptations)
  21. In & Out (bonus track)
  22. The Girl (Can't Help It) (bonus track)
  23. The Glow (bonus track - Special 12" version)
  24. Keep On Jammin' (bonus track)
  25. In & Out (Bunus track - 12" version)
Mister Good Times
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Mister Good Times (unmixed CD)
Cat: SBESTCD 79. Rel: 28 Aug 17
  1. Vicki Sue Robinson - "Daylight"
  2. James Brown - "Funky President (People It's Bad)"
  3. The Main Ingredient - "Instant Love"
  4. Organized Konfusion - "Open Your Eyes"
  5. Esther Phillips - "Our Day Will Come"
  6. Loleatta Holloway - "Short End Of The Stick"
  7. The Whispers - "Homemade Lovin'"
  8. Shalamar - "Right Here"
  9. Barry White - "I Only Want To Be With You"
  10. The Peddlers - "Lost Continent"
  11. Rune Gustafsson - "California Soul"
  12. Georgie Fame - "Sweet Thing"
  13. Vehicle - "Ides Of March"
  14. Young Disciples - "Get Yourself Together"
  15. Eddie Kendricks - "On My Way Home"
  16. E3 - "Do What You Gotta Do"
  17. Slim Smith & The Uniques - "Build My World Around You"
  18. Aretha Franklin - "I'm Every Woman"
Review: Famously, Norman Jay MBE's Good Times Sound System has been providing the essential party soundtrack at Notting Hill Carnival for as long as anyone can remember. As the years have rolled by, the legendary selector's annual tie-in compilation has become almost as essential. This year's version, Mister Saturday Night, boasts Jay's usual blend of goodtime grooves, well-known anthems and forgotten favourites, with an emphasis on funk, soul, disco, reggae, hip-hop, boogie and break-driven funk-rock. The veteran DJ gets extra marks for including Aretha Franklin's lesser-celebrated version of "I'm Every Woman", Young Disciples' killer acid jazz era jam "Get Yourself Together" and Esther Philips' impeccable "Our Day Will Come".
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Beach Diggin Volume 5
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Beach Diggin Volume 5 (unmixed CD)
Cat: HS 168CD. Rel: 21 Aug 17
  1. Yasuko Agawa - "LA Nights"
  2. Andre Marie Tala - "Sweet Dole"
  3. Andre Marie Tala - "Lite Low"
  4. Rebles - "Sweetest Taboo" (Soca version)
  5. Ricardo Marrero & The Group - "And We'll Make Love"
  6. Koko Ateba - "Si T'es Mal Dans Ta Peau"
  7. Sookie - "Tonight" (feat Jeannine Otis)
  8. Raphael Toine - "Femmes Pays Douces"
  9. Eboni Band - "Desire"
  10. Robert J Riggins - "I Need You Now"
  11. Salero - "Teardrops & Wine"
  12. Momo Joseph - "Teardrops & Wine"
  13. Claude Genteuil - "Dreams Of Love"
  14. Gatot Soedarto - "Sayangilah Daku Kasih"
  15. Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language - "Pasto"
Review: Since the Beach Diggin' compilation series launched a few years back, a number of its obscure, Balearic-minded selections have been given full length reissues of their own. We can probably expect a number of the tracks from this brilliant fifth volume to get the same treatment. As usual, the wide-ranging track list is thick with highlights, from the synth-heavy, French language reggae of Raphael Toine's 1986 bubbler "Femmes Pays Douces" (taken from the artist's frustratingly hard to find Ce Ta Ou album) and vibraphone-laden jazz-funk smoothness of Yasuko Agwa's sought-after "L.A Night", to the barely-known brilliance of Andre Maria Tole's Cameroonian gem "Sweet Dole". In other words, it's another essential selection.
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I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing
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  1. Hit Her With A Rock Long Dick
  2. Smell's Like Hi's Spoiled
  3. As Much Ass
  4. Dangerous Dan
  5. La Oscha Ta
  6. Romeo & Juliet
  7. Everybody Kneeling Ain't Prayin'
  8. No One Knows Where The Nose Goes
  9. Name It Hercules
  10. Snake
  11. Picolo
  12. Lolita
  13. Special Guest Star - Lady Reed
  14. Sell It
  15. I Never Did It Before
  16. Everybody Fart
  17. Hoochie - Coochie Papa
Lovesick 1987-2017
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Cat: AJXCD 417. Rel: 28 Aug 17
  1. Do Anything You Wanna Do (feat Jennie Bellestar Matthias)
  2. How've You Been?
  3. What You Got? (feat Diane Charlemange, Miss Stakes & Seeker)
  4. On My Own
  5. Dance Of The Drunken Mantis
  6. Lovesick (feat Marcia Johnson)
  7. Black Whip
  8. Sure Can't Go To The Moon
  9. Lonely Road
  10. Open Channel D
  11. Take Your Hell By The Horns
  12. No More Heroes
  13. Move On Out
  14. And Now We Have Rhythm
  15. Half Life
  16. In The Crowd (feat Jennie Bellestar Matthias)
  17. Hold Out
  18. Gunshot (feat Stoney Curtis)
Wilson Pickett Sings Bobby Womack
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 in stock $11.36
Cat: CDTOP 467. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. I Found A True Love
  2. I'm Sorry About That
  3. I'm In Love
  4. Nothing You Can Do (mono)
  5. I Found The One
  6. Jealous Love
  7. She's So Good To Me (mono)
  8. I'm A Midnight Mover
  9. Something Within Me (mono)
  10. It's A Groove
  11. Let's Get An Understanding
  12. People Make The World (What It Is)
  13. We've Got To Have Love (mono)
  14. Trust Me
  15. Remember, I Been Good To You
  16. Sit Down & Talk This Over
  17. I've Come A Long Way
  18. Bring It On Home To Me (bonus track - mono)
  19. Find Me Somebody (bonus track - mono)
  20. How Does It Feel (bonus track - mono)
Bitter Sweet/Turn The Music Up
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 in stock $8.16
Cat: SECDD 170. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. Don't Start Giving Up (Bitter Sweet)
  2. Blue
  3. Bitter Sweet
  4. Cool Down
  5. Don't Look Back
  6. They Call That Cool
  7. Holding On
  8. Fly Away
  9. Shake It Down
  10. You'll Never Know
  11. Turn The Music Up (Turn The music Up)
  12. Sure Thing
  13. Forgive & Forget
  14. Back To The Groove
  15. Somebody's Dancing (Up On The Roof)
  16. Better Believe It
  17. Ain't Nobody
  18. Like Other Fools
  19. Night Moves
  20. Lowdown
  21. Open Your Eyes
  22. Turn The Music Up (12" remix)
Don Kirshner's Rock Concert October 9th 1973
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  1. I'm The One
  2. Stand!
  3. If You Want Me To Stay
  4. Thank You For Lettin' Me Be Myself
  5. Dance To The Music/Hey Music Lover
  6. I Wanna Take You Higher
Small Talk/High On You/Heard Ya Missed Me Well I'm Back
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 in stock $12.36
  1. Small Talk
  2. Say You Will
  3. Mother Beautiful
  4. Time For Livin'
  5. Can't Strain My Brain
  6. Loose Booty
  7. Holdin' On
  8. Wishful Thinkin'
  9. Better Thee Than Me
  10. Livin' While I'm Livin
  11. This Is Love
  12. I Get High On You
  13. Crossword Puzzle
  14. That's Lovin' You
  15. Who Do You Love?
  16. Green Eyed Monster Girl
  17. Organize
  18. Le Lo Li
  19. My World
  20. So Good To Me
  21. Greed
  22. Heard Ya Missed Me, Well I'm Back
  23. What Was I Thinkin' In My Head
  24. Nothing Less Than Happiness
  25. Sexy Situation
  26. Blessing In Disguise
  27. Everything In You
  28. Mother Is A Hippie
  29. Let's Be Together
  30. The Thing
  31. Family Again
Milestones Of A Legend
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 in stock $13.49
Cat: 600392. Rel: 21 Aug 17
  1. Tjader Plays Tjazz/Tjader Plays Mambo
  2. Mmambo With Tjader/The Dave Brubeck Trio With Cal Tjader
  3. Cal Tjader Quarte/Brubeck Tjader - The Dave Brubeck Trio
  4. Latin Kick/Cal Tjader Goes Latin
  5. San Francisco Moods/West Side Story
  6. Concert By The Sea Vol I/Concert By The Sea Vol II
  7. Concert On The Campus/Demasado Cadiente
  8. Cal Tjader Plays - Mary Stallings Sings/The Cal Tjader Stan Getz Sextet
  9. Cal Tjader Plays Harold Arlen/Cal Tjader - Anita O'Day: Time For Two
  10. Latino/Cal Tjader Plays The Contemporary Music Of Mexico & Brazil
Cool Heat: The Best Of CTI Records
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 in stock $10.02
Cat: ROBIN 18CDD. Rel: 14 Aug 17
  1. Deodato - "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
  2. Lalo Schifrin - "Jaws"
  3. Esther Phillips - "What A Diff'rence A Day Makes"
  4. Idris Muhammad - "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This"
  5. Bob James - "Westchester Lady"
  6. Dave Matthews - "Shoogie Wanna Boogie"
  7. Fuse One - "Grand Prix"
  8. Hubert Laws - "The Chicago Theme (Love Loop)"
  9. Ron Carter - "Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow)"
  10. Johnny Hammond - "Breakout"
  11. Hank Crawford - "Wildflower"
  12. Lonnie Smith - "Mama Wailer"
  13. Patti Austin - "Say You Love Me"
  14. George "Bad" Benson - "Supership"
  15. Nina Simone - "Baltimore"
  16. Joe Farrell - "Follow Your Heart"
  17. Kenny Burrell - "Be Yourself"
  18. Eric Gale - "Forecast"
  19. Freddie Hubbard - "Polar AC"
  20. George Benson & Joe Farrell - "Flute Song"
  21. Gabor Szabo - "It's Going To Take Some Time"
  22. Stanley Turrentine - "Sugar"
  23. Freddie Hubbard - "Red Clay"
  24. Deodato - "Super Strut"
  25. Esther Phillips - "Home Is Where The Hatred Is"
Secao Ritmica: Instrumental Funk From 70s Brazil
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 in stock $9.84
Cat: CDATEM 71012. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Dom Salvador - "Tio Macro"
  2. Ed Lincoln - "Eu Quero Levar Voce Pra Casa"
  3. Guilherme Coutinho E Seu Conjunto - "Papa Jimmy"
  4. Os Tremendoes - "The Name Of The Game"
  5. We - "Bridge"
  6. Cry Babies - "Cool & The Gang"
  7. Aquarius Band - "Sultana"
  8. Jose Prates E Brasil Tropical - "Batucada Tropical"
  9. Meireles E Sua Orquestra - "Cosa Nostra"
  10. Luiz Gonzaga Jr - "O Comeco Da Fiesta"
  11. Som Orlando Silveira - "Big Splash"
  12. Brazil Very Happy Band - "Tipo Africa"
  13. Free Sound Orchestra - "The King's Bounce"
  14. Hot Stuff Band - "Ju Ju Man"
  15. Cesar Mariano & CIA - "Metropole"
  16. Banda Black Rio - "Mr Funky Samba"
  17. Hareton Salvanini - "St Tropez"
  18. Samba Soul - "Mambo No 5"
  19. Beto Strada - "Guitarra"
  20. Ed Maciel - "Festa"
  21. Ze Rodrix - "Assalto"
  22. Free Sound Orchestra - "Rush"
Soul Of A Nation: Afro Centric Visions In The Age Of Black Power
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 in stock $11.81
Cat: SJRCD 393. Rel: 31 Jul 17
  1. Gil Scott-Heron - "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"
  2. Mandingo Griot Society With Don Cherry - "Sounds From The Bush"
  3. Roy Ayers Ubiquity - "Red, Black & Green"
  4. Philip Cochran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble - "Malcolm X"
  5. Sarah Webster Fabio - "Sweet Songs"
  6. Phil Ranelin - "Vibes From The Tribe"
  7. Horace Tapscott With The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra - "Desert Fairy Princess"
  8. David McKnight - "Strong Men"
  9. Joe Henderson - "Black Narcissus"
  10. Oneness Of Juju - "African Rhythms"
  11. Doug Carn - "Suratal Ihklas"
  12. Duke Edwards & The Young Ones - "Is It Too Late?"
  13. Carlos Garnett - "Mother Of The Future"
In Your Eyes (remastered)
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 in stock $6.59
  1. In Your Eyes
  2. Order In The House
  3. With All My Heart
  4. If You Know What I Know
  5. Shadow Of Another Love
  6. Runner
  7. Curious
  8. Child Of Love
  9. Diamond In The Night
  10. My Friend
  11. Smile
  12. Runner (7")
  13. Runner (dub mix)
  14. In Your Eyes (7")
  15. In Your Eyes (dub mix)
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