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Destruction Liberatrice
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Destruction Liberatrice (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RTTD 004. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Destruction Liberatrice
  2. L'emergence Des Damnes
  3. Le Cycle De L'asphyxie
  4. Libertes Imaginees
Review: Veteran Lyonnais Dj/producer Umwelt unleashes 4 new swaggering slabs of Electro.
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Tracks Volume 2
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Tracks Volume 2 (limited red vinyl 12")
Cat: CITI 019. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Tzusing - "Nonlinear War" (5:55)
  2. L/F/D/M - "Moth Holes" (6:12)
  3. Silent Servant - "The Touch" (6:10)
  4. Maelstrom - "Lithium" (5:33)
Review: Cititrax's first Tracks 12" sampler did a good job in showcasing material from some of the Brooklyn-based label's favourite contemporary producers. This follow-up, arriving only a few short months after the first, aims to do the same. Returning for his second appearance, Tsuzing kicks things off with the razor-sharp shuffle of "Nonlinear War", whose intoxicating electronics and wild synth lines recall Brown Album-era Orbital, before London-based L/F/D/M takes a trip into bleak techno territory with the acid-laden "Mouth Holes". Flip for Silent Servant's deliciously grandiose, muscular electro-disco workout "The Touch", and the clanking industrial percussion, EBM attitude and humming electro beats of Maelstrom's "Lithium".
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Hyperspace Sound Lab
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Hyperspace Sound Lab (12" repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: CAL 006. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Clarence G's Club (4:07)
  2. Turbine (3:06)
  3. Cause I Said It Right (3:06)
  4. Data Transfer (3:18)
Review: Before his untimely death in 2002, Drexciya member James Stinson recorded a number of killer solo records. Hyperspace Soundlab, initially released in 1991 and credited to Clarence G, is undoubtedly one of his best. It's long been something of an in-demand gem, with copies changing hands for several hundred pounds. Here, Clone have done us all a favour and given it a much-needed reissuevia their Aqualung series dedicated to all things Drexciyan. As you'd perhaps expect, all four tracks explore the Detroit elecro sound Stinson did much to develop, with the producer adding his own rap vocals to the killer "Clarence G's Club", and the ghetto-influenced bounce of "Cause I Said It Right". Elsewhere, "Turbine" is an exercise in industrial-tinged drum machine abuse, while "Data Transfer" sees Stinson doffing a cap to classic Chicago acid.
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What's A Girl To Do
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What's A Girl To Do (12" repress)
Cat: DKMNTL 027. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. What's A Girl To Do (7:29)
  2. Plum Jelly (4:40)
  3. Half Moon Rising (5:18)
  4. Between Worlds (7:26)
Review: Hands up who remembers Dutch producer Fatima Yamaha's "What's A Girl To Do", which first appeared on wax way back in 2004? Those who do certainly cherish their copy of the EP on which it initially appeared, A Girl Between Two Worlds, which now goes for dazzling sums of money online. Thankfully Dekmantel has decided to give the highlight from that EP another airing, packaging them with a trio of cuts that were previously only available as downloads. The title track itself is thoroughly gorgeous - a sparkling chunk of electrofunk-influenced deep house blessed with some sublime melodies and makes great usage of a Lost in Translation sample. The more rhythmically dense "Half Moon Rising" is similarly impressive, while ambient number "Plum Jelly" is as beguiling and evocative a track as you're likely to hear all year.
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This Raw Feeling
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This Raw Feeling (hand-stamped 12" + insert repress)
Cat: LTWHT 004. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. Sunrise In Her Eyes (5:54)
  2. This Raw Feeling (7:32)
  3. It Doesn't Matter Anymore (6:36)
  4. Ash Dub (5:14)
Review: London's irrepressible Lobster Theremin are evidently developing something of a class crush on Hungarian producer Route 8, with This Raw Feeling his third release for the label. As you'd expect from the title , the four tracks here will quench anyone with a thirst for some raw house music and undercooked pseudo techno. Sounds range from the dreamy patters of "Sunrise In Her Eyes", to the distinctly distorted poundings of "This Raw Feeling", the broken patters featuring on "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" and even the glitchy, off-kilter percussive charm of "Ash Dub". Strong stuff from the Lobster camp!
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Pimpshifter EP
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Pimpshifter EP (12" repress)
Cat: BUN 3002. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Sturmvogel (5:34)
  2. Geneva Hideout (4:40)
  3. Ricky Ramjet (4:59)
  4. Nuisance Lover (5:22)
  5. Strange Girl (6:07)
  6. Total Pussy Control (6:09)
Methane Sea (reissue)
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Methane Sea (reissue) (limited 12" + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: SM CONCEPCION. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Methane Sea (prelude) (5:26)
  2. Methane Sea (Aftermath) (4:57)
1983-1988 (Record Store Day 2016)
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1983-1988 (Record Store Day 2016) (4xLP box + 20 page book + MP3 download code)
Cat: STH 2350LP. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Egyptian Lover Theme (4:32)
  2. Spray It Super AJ (3:00)
  3. Dial-A-Freak (6:29)
  4. Yes, Yes, Yes (6:36)
  5. Egypt, Egypt (6:53)
  6. What Is A DJ If He Can't Scratch? (1:58)
  7. And My Beat Goes Boom (5:31)
  8. Girls (5:41)
  9. I Cry (Night After Night) (5:30)
  10. Ultimate Scratch (1:59)
  11. My House (On The Nile) (5:28)
  12. Electric Encounter (4:25)
  13. Computer Love (3:13)
  14. Voices (5:21)
  15. Computer Power (7:01)
  16. Dance (dub mix) (4:57)
  17. You're So Fine (5:32)
  18. Kinky Nation (Kingdom Kum) (4:15)
  19. Freak-A-Holic (4:35)
  20. The Alezby Inn (5:51)
  21. Sexy Style (5:03)
  22. I Need A Freak (4:55)
Review: Record Store Day can, at times, feel like a gratuitous rehashing of classic material that is only good for clogging up the pressing plants. However, when you're presented with an official compilation of golden Egyptian Lover material from the 1980s, you begin to reconsider and to think that perhaps the world is indeed a good place. Stones Throw have done us the courtesy of bringing together THE BEST material from the man into an eight-sided LP monster containing a 20 page booklet to boot. Within, you have the best material from albums like On The Nile, One Track Mind, 1984. If you're into REAL electro, then you can't possibly look elsewhere - especially if it sounds as good and as crisp as this. Totally unmissable and worth every but of pocket shrapnel.
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The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol 1
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Cat: HYPE 051. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. Preachin' Some Tight Game (6:32)
  2. Stayin' Strong Hand (4:04)
  3. Working Girls (5:26)
  4. Fly Shit (6:24)
Review: Hypercolour continue their impressive blossoming into one of the UK's most adventurous labels with this killer electro document from Mr Gary Gritness. Patrons of the church of Clone will be familiar with Gritness, with the French producer landing a deadly pair of Adventures 12"s on the Dutch label's Clone Crown Ltd last year. We've been hankering for some fresh Gritness since then so shout outs to the Hypercolour crew! If you aren't familiar with Monsieur Gritness, The Sugar Cane Chronicles Vol 1 makes for a fine introduction, deploying four productions of rugged drums, blissful synth riffs and dreamy melodies. Our pick of the bunch? It's gotta be the lead track "Preachin' Some Tight Game".
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Abstract Forms Presents Synth Funk Vol 3: Tha Bump!
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Cat: SYFUNK 003. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Three Pee (3:03)
  2. Iced Bun (4:12)
  3. Sound Module (2:51)
  4. Fee-linn Fine (3:18)
  5. Odd Socks (4:06)
  6. Catastrophic Bump (3:46)
Review: Abstract Forms sub label Synth Funk seems dedicated to electro auteur Ed DMX thus far and you could see why can't you; the guy's a legend and still showing us all how it's done! Tha Bump! Is his third Synth Funk release after Electro Worm and Dog Funk, and pretty much carries on from where he left off. Opening track "Three Pee" or "Odd Socks" are the kind of happy electro reminiscent of Japanese Telecom in all their frayed and decayed analogue warmth. He soon ventures into electro-funk boogie territory on "Iced Bun" and "Feel-inn Fine" but saves the best for last on the high tech soul of "Catastrophic Bump".
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Super Discount 2 (Record Store Day 2016)
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Super Discount 2 (Record Store Day 2016) (limited 180 gram pink vinyl LP + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: 889853 04051. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Poisoned (with Philippe Zdar) (5:36)
  2. Fast Track (with Alex Gopher & Julien Delfaud) (7:35)
  3. Grokster (6:33)
  4. Morpheus (3:30)
  5. Bit Torrent` (with Boom Bass) (5:48)
  6. Audio Galaxy (5:08)
  7. Soul Seek (5:37)
  8. Gifted (with DJ Mehdi) (3:52)
  9. MR Learn - "Mr. Learn G2" (1:02)
  10. Limewire (5:56)
  11. Overnet (with Alex Gopher) (8:17)
  12. Open FT (with Alex Gopher) (8:27)
Untitled EP
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Untitled EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RTTD 003. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Moscow Death Disco - "We Punk Ravers"
  2. Black Smile
  3. Cold Insomnia
  4. Le Chocolat Noir - "Tanka Linija"
  5. Just A Little Bit More
  6. Dressed In Black (featuring Sven)
Review: Lo-fi hardcore rave from Moscow Death Disco vs psychotic art punk electro by Le Chocolat Noir!
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Mind Your Head EP
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Mind Your Head EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PS 002. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Mind Your Head
  2. Jeff (dub)
  3. Around You Go
  4. 2 Nights In Armenia
  5. ArpB
Review: After his Kinfolk released collab with Otologic's Nick Murrary, Kris Baha makes a welcome return to his Power Station creation. A versatile five track EP that will get you through the night, one pictures Yello's virgin ketamine experiments on 'Mind Your Head' before 'Jeff' comes to the party with his mad professor dub, giving you whiplash with its belting beats and crashing guitar stabs. Originally designed as an hour long opening score for the namesake Melbourne club night, 'Around You Go' is an edited warm up tool, the crossroad between Dusseldorf and Elettronica Meccanica. If issued in 1983, '2 Nights in Armenia' would have lived on as a Cosmic classic while 'ArpB' is the listeners' exit music, a fork hanging from the power socket.
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Roman Flugel & Benedikt Frey Remixes
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  1. Loose Life (Roman Flugel remix) (5:35)
  2. Similar Familiar (Benedikt remix) (6:09)
Played by: Benjamin Fröhlich
Review: Lea Porcelain, the new wave retroverts from Frankfurt am Main could very well be the next big thing that you've never heard of. The original version of "Loose Life" itself is quite difficult to locate on the interwebs but we're sure it's hard to compete with local legend Roman Flugel's slow burning remix on offer here. Darmstadt's finest Benedikt Frey is onboard too, giving "Similar Familiar" a makeover that's as unique as pretty much all his other work: part techno, part cosmic or even industrial. It's brooding, wall of sound guitars and vocals drowned in reverb battle it out against pounding 909 snare attacks and screeching synth leads. Awesome!
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Punk Mother Fucker
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Punk Mother Fucker (1-sided etched vinyl 12")
Cat: PTX 014. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Punk Mother Fucker (8:49)
State Of Matter: Shipwrec Remix Series 01
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 in stock $10.65
  1. State Of Matter (5:52)
  2. State Of Matter (Ekman remix) (6:39)
  3. State Of Matter (The Exaltics remix) (6:11)
  4. State Of Matter (Eomac remix) (4:34)
Afloat, On Complex Wings
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Cat: TABR 035. Rel: 14 Mar 16
  1. Disintegration Rhythm
  2. Dreamz Of A Psychic Europe
  3. Precision Monolithics (Nitebar Adjustment)
  4. New Dreamz Of The Flesh
Review: Scientific Dreamz of U returns to Tabernacle with 4 tracks for open-hearted dancefloors.
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Escape From Indianapolis!
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Cat: B 3042. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Take On Efny
  2. Night Raiders
  3. Out Of The World
  4. Running On The Edge
  5. In The Darkroom
  6. Safecracker
  7. Count Your Encounters
Played by: Chuggy
Fringe White EP
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Fringe White EP (hand-stamped 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: FRINGEWHITE 001. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Track 1 (5:30)
  2. Track 2 (5:03)
  3. Track 3 (5:49)
Review: Bristol bassheads Lurka and Batu have long been friends, so its little surprise to see them join forces for a collaborative effort on the former's freshly minted Fringe White label. The untitled track lurking (sorry) on the A-side is an analogue affair built around heavy sub bass, metallic rhythms and flashes of vintage Motor City electronics, as if the duo has reinvented Yorkshire bleep for the broken techno generation. Flip for a metronomic 4/4 slammer with subtle UK funky influences (particularly in the mutilated, Serato's-gone-mental melodies), and a sparser, more electro influenced cut that bounces, bobs and weaves impressively.
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Gesloten Cirkel
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Cat: M 009. Rel: 10 Aug 09
  1. Swedish Woman
  2. When It's Late
  3. Twisted Balloon
  4. Gesloten Cirkel
Alpha 606 RMXD
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  1. 808 Trax (Shake Shakir remix) (3:04)
  2. 808 Trax (1:50)
  3. Armambo (BMG remix) (1:45)
  4. We Leave Tonight (Erika remix) (3:26)
Played by: Ali Renault, ASOK
Review: RMXD is Armando 'Alpha 606' Martinez' second release on Interdimensional Transmissions and is the rather tardy follow up to 2008's Electronica Afro-Cubano. Flanked by high-profile remixers, Martinez does well to impress with "808 Trax". A linear drum track takes a ride through an inner city at night, the screeches, groans and howls of its nocturnal population kept under the surface by steely claps. Label owner BMG's take on "Armambo" is similarly inclined, this time with spacey undercurrents fusing with tight 808s. Erika's version of "We Leave Tonight" is a more understated deep techno track, while at the other end of the spectrum, Anthony Shakir turns "808 Trax" into a full-on, drum-heavy techno track that is more complex than a spaghetti junction at rush hour.
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Planet Rock (remixes) (Record Store Day 2016)
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  1. Planet Rock (5:21)
  2. Planet Rock (instrumental) (4:05)
  3. Planet Rock (Boys Noize remix) (4:25)
  4. Planet Rock (Lunice remix) (3:59)
Abstract Forms Synth Funk Vol 2
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Cat: SYFUNK 002. Rel: 06 Jul 15
  1. Supperdish (4:26)
  2. Starry Night (3:33)
  3. Squid Hunt (3:03)
  4. Dogg Fungk (3:53)
  5. Anotha Tyme (3:21)
  6. Piggo (2:51)
Played by: Sync 24, Joe Drive
Review: Electro legend Ed DMX aka DMX Krew returns with a fine slab of proper straight up electro that only he can deliver. On the A-side he indulges in Detroit-style electrofunk on "Supperdish", whilst "Starry Night" is as uplifting and immaculately programmed as anything by Japanese Telecom. "Squid Hunt" and "Dogg Funk" takes things down a notch or two for a smoother vibe and "Anotha Time" is all interstellar Jazz, and quite possibly the standout cut here. "Piggo" finishes up with some more smooth and sexy analogue soul. Highly recommended!
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Electro Worm Synth Funk Vol 1
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Cat: SYFUNK 001. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Electro Worm (original version) (4:32)
  2. Electro Worm (Luke Eargoggle mix) (4:29)
  3. MKS Studio (3:53)
  4. Hop To It (3:00)
Played by: Ennio Styles
Obscure Business Vol 2
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Obscure Business Vol 2 (white vinyl 12")
Cat: CHIWAX 012. Rel: 31 Mar 14
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
Review: Back in 2012, Simone Vescovo aka Simoncino graced the Chiwax label under the Ken Kojima name with Obscure Business, the first in a series of records dedicated to the work of 90s NY house producer Gene Hughes who died back in 2011. Given the Italian's prolific output under a variety of aliases, it's little surprise it's taken two years for the Hotmix Records founder to grace our shelves with a second volume of Obscure Business. Despite the different name, there's still plenty of parallels between the unpolished house jammers on Obscure Business Vol 2 and the Italian's prolific output for the likes of Mathematics, Creme, L.I.E.S. and more under his more regular Simoncino handle and any fans of his work will resonate with much of the material here. From the dreamy opening cut, Kojima lays down what can best be described as a cross pollination between freestyle and first wave Detroit techno on "A2". House selectors everywhere will find plenty of mileage in the B Side too, especially the loose tumbling jam that closes out the record.
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Missing Tapes
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Missing Tapes (heavyweight yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 061. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Somewhere (4:56)
  2. Sad But True (3:35)
  3. I-C Anything (5:15)
  4. Try Out (4:12)
  5. Raid (3:13)
  6. 16 (6:04)
Review: For Missing Tapes, Minimal Wave has managed to unearth a wealth of previously unheard gems from Dutch electro trailblazer Danny Bosten. Dark electro diggers may be aware of Bosten's early 1980s work, which was initially self-released on cassette, but has also been re-issued since by Minimal Wave and others. The material here was recorded in the same period and rediscovered some years back by the producer. It's similar in style, as you'd expect, with Bosten variously exploring otherworldly electro, sci-fi leaning Italo-disco, stylish, new wave synth workouts, and throbbing proto-techno. What impresses most, though, is the seeming freshness of the material; it might be 35 years old, but it still sounds formidably futuristic.
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Alien Report
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Cat: RAWAXS 02. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Between The Stars (Bassline mix) (5:41)
  2. Alien Report (6:57)
  3. Science & Invention (4:10)
  4. Pong! (4:29)
  5. Jailbreakers (Trojan mix) (4:15)
Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterdam
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Cat: 541416 507606. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Placebo - "Scene Of The Crime" (Dave Clarke remix)
  2. Maelstrom & Louisahhh! - "Rough & Tender" (Dave Clarke Ghotic Stripped Down mix)
  3. The Soft Moon - "Wrong" (Dave Clarke remix)
  4. Neon Judgement - "TV Treated" (Dave Clarke Gothic remix)
  5. Gazelle Twin - "Exorcise" (Dave Clarke remix)
  6. Amazing Snakeheads - "Here It Comes Again" (Dave Clarke remix)
  7. I Am Kloot - "These Days Are Mine" (Dave Clarke Fripped Out remix)
  8. Digital 21 & Stefan Olsdal - "Rebellion" (Dave Clarke remix)
  9. A Place To Bury Strangers - "Straight" (Dave Clarke remix)
  10. I Am Kloot - "These Days Are Mine" (Dave Clarke remix)
  11. Amazing Snakeheads - "Here It Comes Again" (Dave Clarke Acoustic remix)
  12. Crash Course In Science - "Flying Turns" (Unsubscrive remix)
  13. House Of Black Lanterns - "Broken" (Unsubscrive remix)
Played by: Black asteroid
Review: Since relocating to Amsterdam over a decade ago, Dave Clarke has kept himself busy with remix work. Much of that material is showcased on the self-explanatory Charcoal Eyes: A Selection Of Remixes From Amsterdam. In typical Clarke fashion, the included reworks touch on dark electro (Maelstromm & Louisaah!, The Soft Moon), eyeliner-clad new wave (Neon Judgement), EBM (Gazelle Twin), pitch-black industrial (A Place To Bury Strangers) and, of course, bombastic techno. In this category you'll find a surprisingly funky rework of veteran indie-rockers Placebo, and a throbbing, set-phasers-to-stun interpretation of Crash Course In Science's "Flying Turns".
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1995 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SKALP 032. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. FZ Requiem (1:35)
  2. Knight Love (3:36)
  3. Lake Windermere (3:57)
  4. Vermilion (5:14)
  5. Saint Bees (3:12)
  6. Mancunian Way (3:51)
  7. Momentum (SH101DR55 mix) (3:03)
  8. Nima (2:57)
  9. British Rail (2:18)
  10. Lunar Jetman (4:35)
  11. ZX82 (4:22)
  12. Shockwave Rider (4:43)
  13. Starglider (1:39)
  14. Sabre Wulf (4:38)
  15. Univac (6:32)
Played by: Tagwell Woods
Review: The reborn Skam comes through with an essential archival undertaking of one of the artists that helped establish them in the mid-'90s experimental electronic firmament. Dylan 'Jega' Nathan was highly lauded for his technically proficient, DSP-rich output on Skam and Planet Mu before sinking into the shadows to wide lamentation. Last seen on the latter label with the expansive album Variance back in 2009, Dylan pops his head back above the parapet with 1995, a double LP offering of early demos from the Skam archives. 1995 is made up of fifteen live, straight-to-tape jams from, oddly enough, 1995, mastered and collated together as a fine document of the flair Nathan possessed even in more technologically modest days.
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Electrical Oscillator Activity
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Cat: MROME 333. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. High Frequency Coil (4:52)
  2. Teslascope Radio Transmitter (4:50)
  3. Rotating Magnetic Field (4:21)
  4. Control Of Individualised Automats (4:44)
  5. Tuned Receiving Transformer (3:55)
  6. Electrical Oscillator (4:46)
Review: Since 2003, MinimalRome has been a shining light for all things electro in the Italian city, welcoming the likes of JTC, The Hacker, Danny Wolfers, Polysick and Alessandro Parisi into the fold along with the numerous projects of founders Valerio 'Heinrich Dressel' Lombardozzi and Gianluca 'Feedback' Bertasi. After a relatively quiet 2015, MinimalRome spring into action with a real sense of purpose here on the latest TeslaSonic offering from Lombardozzi and Bertasi. Entitled Electrical Oscillator Activity, the six-track mini album is a prime slab of MinimalRome goodness stepped in conceptual mystery, paying homage to Nikola Tesla, "electricity, its applications and its revolutionary place in the history of mankind."
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High Rise EP
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High Rise EP (12" repress)
Cat: NORD 009. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Brain Gray (feat Galcher Lustwerk) (5:37)
  2. Black Car (6:23)
  3. High Rise (feat Morgan Louis) (6:06)
  4. Mat (6:57)
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Solitude (12")
Cat: BLIQ 13. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Solitude (7:15)
  2. Solitude (D5 remix) (7:25)
  3. Identify (7:27)
  4. The Other Life (7:16)
Agraphobia Relapse
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Agraphobia Relapse (double 12")
Cat: ASGDE 008. Rel: 09 Nov 15
  1. Agraphobia (remastered) (9:05)
  2. Agraphobia (Plaid remix) (5:35)
  3. Agraphobia (Ian O'Brien remix) (8:42)
  4. Agraphobia (Terrace remix) (8:11)
  5. Agraphobia (ADJ rework) (6:36)
  6. Agraphobia (Carl Finlow Transmogrify remix) (9:02)
Played by: Sync 24, Hhatri
Review: South London's LA Synthesis have been UK techno underdogs for enough years, and it was about time that someone revisited some of their sublime material. Anthony Gallagher and Carl Grant are the duo in question, and together they created "Agraphobia" - a total classic - which is retouched and reinterpreted herein by another bunch of heavy-hitters. Among the highlights is a remastered version of the original - still a gorgeous ride through techno, IDM, and d&b - a masterful, lo-fi remix by Plaid, a spectral version by Terrace, and ADJ's broken rework. This is a must for all fans of 90's material.
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Cat: KLAKSON 24. Rel: 04 Apr 16
  1. Romu (5:13)
  2. Romu (Mono Junk remix) (6:46)
  3. Hullux Tulo (5:54)
  4. Sula (4:43)
Played by: Le Chocolat Noir, Regen
Reincarnated Savage
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Cat: BDN 009. Rel: 07 Mar 16
  1. Reincarnated Savage (5:00)
  2. 7th Nov Jam (5:14)
  3. Mandate Atmos (1:47)
Review: Having previously kept his pet project Bintus on the Power Vacuum homestead, Milo Smee aligns with UAE label Bedouin for the superbly named Reincarnated Savage EP. While there can often be a slightly scary amount of distortion shaping out the Bintus sound, the lead track on the record is finely honed, pummelling electro of the highest order, albeit with plenty of unhinged noises zipping around in the mix. Fear not red-line lovers, for there's still ample room for overloaded madness on the flipside by way of balancing out the release. Smee's effort lands in the midst of a flurry of activity for Bedouin, who have put out some great sounds this year from Healing Force Project, Ekman and many more besides. And yes, the killer artwork is by Skull Disco designer and all round aesthete Zeke Clough!
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Where Has The Love Gone
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Cat: UH 005. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Bang The Box (6:18)
  2. Got To Be A (5:40)
  3. Checking Your Heart Rate (4:34)
  4. Where Has The Love Gone (7:34)
Review: Following hot twelves from Max McFerren, Bryan Kessler and Pedder Mannerfelt, Ultimate Hits has recruited cantankerous house jam maestro Willie Burns to produce its' latest EP. Burns predictably delivers, with jackin' electro/techno opener "Bang The Box" sounding like a ready-made dancefloor banger. "Got To Be" is deeper but no less potent, with soulful vocal snippets riding a bass-heavy groove, while "Checking Heart Rate" sees Burns successfully combine one of his favourite vintage house breakbeats with dreamy pianos and sweaty vocal stabs. Finally, he steps away from the dancefloor with "Where Has The Love Gone", a trippy, late night affair full of rumbling dub bass, soft-touch percussive hits, new age pan pipe melodies and head-in-the-clouds vocal samples.
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Montagne Trasparenti
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Montagne Trasparenti (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: MF 111LP. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Fase Lunare I (3:20)
  2. Verso Io Zenith (5:28)
  3. L'Acqua Di Nettuno (4:52)
  4. Pianeta Rosso (5:33)
  5. Attraverso La Asperita (3:30)
  6. Montagne Trasparenti (8:01)
  7. Fuoco (5:27)
  8. Rotazione Sincrona (3:46)
  9. Fase Lunare II (5:07)
Review: Austin TX based Monofonus Press issues Mannequin Records boss Alessandro Adriani's debut album. Indeed he appeared previously for the label last year on the label's IXTAB compilation as Interbrain, his collaboration with NYC's Willie Burns. Montagne Transperenti was recorded between Berlin and his native Rome over the course of several years and can best be described as 'ghoulish body music'. With Adriani being an unrepentant lover of all things vintage and retro within electronic music, you can certainly expect a wide variety of analogue groove experiments on here. Our favourites were the dark Dutch electro influence on the title track and "Planeta Rosso", the uplifting Italo disco odyssey "Fuoco" and the restrained Drexciyan funk of "Rotazione Sincronia".
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05 Poly 800 Loop
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Cat: DD 001. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Path To Wrath (4:13)
  2. That's Right (4:40)
  3. Path To Wrath (S Olbricht remix) (6:08)
  4. B(eh)anger (4:21)
  5. 05 Poly 800 Loop (4:41)
  6. B(eh)anger (12z remix) (6:00)
Review: Rotterdam's DJ Overdose inaugurates new Budapest label Dalmata Daniel with some dark and twisted Drexciyan/Ectomorphian electro nodes. He gets straight down to business on the thumping speaker attack that is "Path To Wrath". There's that dark electro sound so reminiscent of The Bunker heard on "That's Right" complete with jacking vocals. Fellow Hungarian S Olbricht gets on board for a remix of "Path To Wrath" which is some seriously sub aquatic 4/4 electro that works rather well. You'd be forgiven for thinking that "05 Poly 800 Loop" is a locked groove, it's not! But it certainly is a killer DJ tool in the vein of classic Aux 88 Detroit electro. Final track "B(eh)anger (12z remix)" is the kind of gothic electro that people like Visonia and Beta Evers would be in awe of.
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Resurrection: Return From The Abyss
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  1. Return From The Edge (7:07)
  2. V 1014 (5:32)
  3. More Like You (MDK Therapy) (6:37)
  4. World Made Straight (8:54)
Played by: DJ Glow
Review: While many upon first glance would look to the usual suspects of the Detroit electro sound such as Dopplereffekt or Ectomorph, we should never forget the work of the legendary Dennis Richardson aka Ultradyne who has been dedicated to his craft since the mid-nineties. His latest release Resurrection: Return From The Abyss is a fitting title even though it has only been a short hiatus of two years. Richardson still can nail those darkside futurist beats like not many others can; evidence of this can be found on the vintage boom and squelch of the explosive opener "Return From The Edge", the body bashing dystopian gloom of "V 1014" and the apocalyptic breaks on "World Made Straight". Sick!
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Capitao Pinto
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 in stock $11.57
Cat: ITF 002. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Capitao Pinto (5:42)
  2. Lamm (9:13)
  3. Rua Ferreira (7:31)
Metal Dance: Industrial/Post Punk/EBM: Classics & Rarities 80-88
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 in stock $21.90
  1. Cabaret Voltaire - "Seconds Too Late"
  2. Neon - "Voices"
  3. Diseno Corbusier - "Golpe De Amistad"
  4. Analysis - "Surface Tension"
  5. Hard Corps - "Je Suis Passee" (dub)
  6. Nitzer Ebb - "Countrol I'm Here" (Clouston Controlled edit)
  7. DAF - "Brothers" (Mix Gabi)
  8. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart - "Invaders Of The Heart" (Exotic Decadent disco mix)
  9. Yello - "You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess" (UK promo 12" version)
  10. Naked Lunch - "Slipping Again"
  11. SPK - "Metal Dance"
Review: Having recently mined the post-punk/new wave vaults of Factory Records' 12" releases, it's little surprise that the latest Strut Records release shines more light on the clanking, far-sighted world of the 1980s' most revolutionary genres - namely industrial, post-punk and EBM. This time, former Output boss, Playgroup man and all-round hipster Trevor Jackson is at the helm. His two-disc selection touches on many different strands, from bleak synthesizer jams and crunchy punk-funk to twisted industrial disco, mutant electrofunk (Nitzer Ebb's "I've Lost Control") and almighty percussive workouts (SPK's thrilling "Metal Dance"). Highly recommended.
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Neptune's Lair
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Cat: TRESOR 10129. Rel: 24 May 10
  1. Temple Of Dos De Aqua (intro)
  2. Species Of The Pod
  3. Andrean Sand Dunes
  4. Running Out Of Space
  5. Habitat 'O' Negative
  6. Universal Element
  7. Drifting Into A Time Of No Future
  8. Polymono Plexusgel
  9. Surface Terrestrial Colonization
  10. Funk Release Valve
  11. Organic Hydropoly Spores
  12. Draining Of The Tanks
  13. Devil Ray Cove
  14. Fusion Flats
  15. Triangular Hydrogen Strain
  16. Oxyplasmic Gyration Beam
  17. Quantum Hydrodynamics
  18. Lost Vessel
  19. Bottom Feeders
  20. Jazzy Fluids
  21. C To The Power Of X + C To The Power Of X = MM = Unknown
Review: Generally regarded as one of the best electro albums ever, Drexciya’s Neptunes Lair is a landmark piece of music - 21 tracks of exploratory electronica from 1999, excavated from the Tresor vault. Drexciya - aka James Stinson and Gerald Donald - formed close ties with Underground Resistance and Submerge crews, with their Detroit roots coming through in the jazz and techno feel to many of the tracks. This album still fetches a tidy dollar on Discogs, and its emergence into the digital realm is the cause of pant-wetting excitement at Juno Download. Big tip.
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Life After Breakfast
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 in stock $22.22
Cat: DE 044. Rel: 09 Sep 13
  1. Time To Get Up
  2. What's That Got To Do With Loving You
  3. Reckless Dialogue
  4. TV In My Eye
  5. Home Alone
  6. Forever
  7. Postponed Is Not Forgotten
  8. La Voix Humaine
  9. Coast To Coast
  10. Is There Life After Breakfast
  11. You Bet
  12. If You Want It
  13. Radio Heart
  14. Live 1981 (DVD)
You Exist
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 in stock $24.04
You Exist (2xLP)
Cat: HYPELP 005. Rel: 07 Mar 16
  1. Spiritual Encounter (5:56)
  2. Bombay Mix (5:09)
  3. Hard Copy (4:44)
  4. Dark Rider (3:48)
  5. Daylight Saving (3:44)
  6. Woolly Hat (6:55)
  7. Parallel Universes (4:29)
  8. Computational Paradigm Shift (4:15)
  9. Black Poppy (4:35)
Review: DMX Krew on Hypercolour? You bet! The UK electro don serves up his trademark style for the tech-house institution who seem to be broadening their horizons: can only be a good thing! Things start off in spectacular fashion with the cute and upbeat "Spiritual Encounter" before settling into some funky and mysterious electro with "Bombay Mix". Hard Copy is reminiscent of the early Hi NRG vibes of Bobby Orlando or Gino Soccio but "Woolly Hat" and "Parallel Universes" are funky, fun loving 4/4 electro grooves that are more typical of the DMX sound. He saves the best for last though, with some darker excursions such as the high octane, Telex sounding "Computational Paradigm Shift" and the smack electro closer "Black Poppy". With electro making an obvious comeback, thank goodness we've still got this legend to show us how it's done. An outstanding effort!
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Visions (LP)
Cat: CAD 3208. Rel: 12 Mar 12
  1. Infinite Love Without Fulfilment
  2. Genesis
  3. Oblivion
  4. Eight
  5. Circumambient
  6. Vowels = Space & Time
  7. Visiting Statue
  8. Be A Body
  9. Colour Of Moonlight (Antiochus) (feat Doldrums)
  10. Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)
  11. Nightmusic (feat Majical Clouds)
  12. Skin
  13. Know The Way (outro)
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Surface (12")
Cat: DKMNTL 025. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. The Screen (6:53)
  2. Hit The Road (5:26)
  3. Trials Of Love (7:06)
  4. Slow Motion Disaster (6:23)
Review: We've already been treated to one bonafide classic Entro Senestre 12" this year in the shape of the WT Records released ES ("Rosegold" being the standout) and the producer really spoils us with another superb record in the shape of this Dekmantel debut. The producer, real name Jon Beall, is quite the talent. "The Screen" is Drexciyan-like frenetic electro with a trance, gothic-like glow, while "Hit The Road" is grubby and downright dirty; that's until those delayed chords hit. Chi-town influences, synths and emotional progressions fuel "Trails Of Love", while for some hardcore techno action check out "Slow Motion Disaster". Each track is as good as the next on this record, and yeah it's versatile, but we prefer the word: killer.
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Tour De France
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 in stock $26.48
Tour De France (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: STUMM 310. Rel: 16 Nov 09
  1. Prologue
  2. Tour De France (Etape 1)
  3. Tour De France (Etape 2)
  4. Tour De France (Etape 3)
  5. Chrono
  6. Vitamin
  7. Aero Dynamik
  8. Titanium
  9. Elektro Kardiogramm
  10. La Forme
  11. Regeneration
  12. Tour De France
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 in stock $22.52
Autobahn (heavyweight vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: STUMM 303. Rel: 16 Nov 09
  1. Autobahn
  2. Kometenmelodie 1
  3. Kometenmelodie 2
  4. Mitternacht
  5. Morgenspaziergang
Played by: Juno Classics
Techno Pop
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 in stock $15.52
Techno Pop (heavyweight vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: STUMM 308. Rel: 16 Nov 09
  1. Boing Boom Tschak
  2. Techno Pop
  3. Musique Non Stop
  4. Der Telefon anruf
  5. House Phone
  6. Sex Objekt
  7. Electric Cafe
Played by: Rising Sun
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