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Migration (CD + insert)
Cat: ZENCD 236. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Migration
  2. Break Apart
  3. Outlier
  4. Grains
  5. Second Sun
  6. Surface
  7. Bambro Koyo Ganda
  8. Kerala
  9. Ontario
  10. No Reason
  11. 7th Sevens
  12. Figures
Review: Given his impressive track record, hopes are naturally high for Bonobo's sixth album, Migration, which is his first full-length since 2013. Happily, it's a majestic affair, with the producer delivering another sumptuous set of tracks. It was partly inspired by an extended period musing on the nature of personal identity, and the role that nationality plays in that. This concept is translated via thoughtful lyrics, and songs that draw musical influence from the four corners of the globe. It's not a big stylistic leap, of course - his bread and butter remains yearning, emotion-rich downtempo music built around gently jazzy grooves and impeccable live instrumentation - but given that few artists do it better than Bonobo, we'll forgive him for that.
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Cat: KOMPAKTCD 133. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Norderney
  2. Dschuna
  3. Gebirge
  4. Demut
  5. Ki-Bou
  6. Hallo Von Der Anderen Seite
  7. Ufer
  8. Chanang
  9. Wenik
  10. Chemtrails
  11. Skorbut
  12. Langholmen
  13. Unruh
Review: Three years on from the release of their eponymous debut album, Danilo Plessow (AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble) and Marcus Worgull once again join forces as Vermont. Like that acclaimed opus, II sees the duo exploring the worlds of ambient and electronica, along the way incorporating elements of 1970s kosmiche, and the kind of cyclical, minimalist compositions made famous by Steve Reich and Terry Riley. The results are uniformly excellent, with highlights including the Manuel Gottsching inspired "Nordeney", the Tangerine Dream style movements of "Gebirge", the Namlookian spaciousness of "Hallo Von Der Anderen Seite", and the hushed analogue creepiness of "Chemtrails".
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Lonely Planet
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 in stock $10.10
Cat: RBCD 09. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Lonely Planet
  2. Trance Encounters
  3. Today (feat Sui Zhen)
  4. Warp Odyssey
  5. Voices
  6. Kingdom Animalia
  7. Healing Feeling
Review: Over a few short years, Tornado Wallace has gone from being a promising nu-disco producer, to one capable of creating brilliant Balearica. Lonely Planet is his debut album, and must rank as his finest work to date. The seven tracks are dreamy, trippy and atmospheric - we'd expect nothing less - and draw on a far wider palette of Balearic influences than we've heard on previous experiences. Coupled with a new-found desire to include more live instrumentation (particularly glistening, Peter Green style guitar passages, drums and exotic flutes), the result is an album that's as evocative, dreamy and humid as anything he's produced to date. In other words, it's a great album and comes highly recommended.
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Going Going Going
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Cat: K7 343CD. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Export Import
  2. Hausner
  3. Friday
  4. Wo-Tan
  5. China Bar
  6. Loveboat
  7. Tommy
  8. Supersunday
  9. Amber November
  10. Dr Dings
  11. Olympia
  12. Shoulder Angel
Review: 2017 marks two decades since the release of Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber's first album under the Tosca alias, the undeniably baked Opera. Given their length of service, it's heartening to see that their desire to create evocative, dubbed-out music remains undimmed. There's plenty to enjoy on Going Going Going, their first studio set for three years. Check, for example, the swirling, late night stroll through Istanbul that is "Amber November", the dub-meets-jazz warmth of "Friday", the flowery piano lines and jangling acoustic guitars of "Supersunday", and the thrillingly trippy, krautrock-influenced ambient dub of "Olympia". It would be churlish to say that it's a return to form - they've always been reliable, after all - but it's certainly one of their more impressive full-length outings.
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Ritual Chants
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Ritual Chants (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: 541416 507964. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Man Parrish - "Water Sports"
  2. The Rias Orchestra - "Amram"
  3. John J Francis - "God's Garden"
  4. Chac Mool - "Ofrenda"
  5. Kraan - "Silky Way"
  6. GRC Five - "Saga Of A Secluded Swamp Monster"
  7. Free Fantasy - "Caroline"
  8. Jeanette - "L'Amour Joue Au Violon"
  9. Wavemaker - "Tunnel Of Love"
  10. Bobby Lyle - "Making Love"
  11. Babla & Kanchan - "Aay Mere Dil"
  12. FG's Romance - "What Is Love Today?"
  13. Etienne Vermoessen & Guido Delo - "Easy Morning"
  14. Musyl & Joseppa - "Follow Me"
  15. Karat - "Auf Den Meeren"
  16. El Sueno De Hyparco - "Rhodas"
  17. Tony Wilson - "Hangin' Out In Space"
  18. Zru Vogue - "Do The Zru"
  19. Golden Hands - "Take Me Back"
  20. Minako Yoshida - "Black Moon"
  21. Adrian Gurvitz - "New World"
  22. Hitomi Tohyama - "Wanna Kiss"
  23. Chagrin D'Amour - "Ciao Katmandou"
  24. Amini - "Habibi"
  25. Electric Machine - "Fancy Good"
  26. Jean Guy Ruff - "Cover Girl"
  27. JM Black - "Lipstick (Shout!)"
  28. Danny Boy - "Discomix"
  29. La P'tite Fred - "Stormy Love Affair"
  30. Ennio Morricone - "Dance On"
  31. The Right Combination - "I'm Still In Love With You"
  32. Sharpio - "Dance Drome (We Can Make Your Body Move)" (instrumental)
  33. Mansour Sallama - "Love & Happiness"
  34. Grant Santino - "Try Love"
  35. Dionne - "Come Get My Lovin'"
  36. Will To Power - "Say It's Gonna Rain" (Acid Rain dub)
  37. Raoul Denis Jr - "Ti Gason (Fe Respew')"
  38. Dan Lacksman - "Love You Every Day"
  39. Pop Corn Makers - "Nothing"
  40. Family Four - "En Hast Utan Namn"
Review: They've taken us on some of the most transcendental mix-trips of recent years - from sunrise to sunset via cosmic forest and magic circles by way of their endless global dancefloor - assault no young act is digging as deep as Psychemagik. Or as a spiritually. Yet another case in point: Rituals. By far the duo's most extensive, majestically curated and organized trip to date. 40 tracks exploring the last 60 years of studio creations and vibe explorations, from the progressive synth odyssey of Vermoessen & Delo to the steel drum electro boogie of Gurvitz by way of the dense rainbow textures of Amini and cosmic synth struts of Le P'tite Fred, you get the feeling that Rituals is the mix experience Psychemagik have been working towards their whole career. Happy travels...
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Late Night Tales Presents Sasha: Scene Delete
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 in stock $8.73
  1. Channel Deq
  2. View2
  3. Baracus
  4. Linepulse
  5. Time After Time
  6. Detour
  7. Pontiac
  8. Cassette Sessions D
  9. Cassette Sessions E
  10. Healer
  11. Modcon
  12. Scarpa Falls
  13. Warewolf
  14. Bring On The Night-Time
  15. Corvette
  16. Shelter
  17. Untitled 3
  18. Abacus
  19. Rooms
  20. Broadcast
  21. Vapour Trails
Review: Long term Sasha-watchers won't be surprised by the progressive house veteran's decision to release an ambient album; he has, after all, always been dedicated to the more atmospheric side of dance music. Scene Delete includes previously unheard ambient material created by the legendary British DJ throughout the last two decades - often recorded at the same sessions as his club gear - and mixes the kind of progressive-tinged downtempo gear you'd expect, with more experimental tracks. In the latter category you'll find cuts that pay tribute to the likes of the Radiophonic Workshop and Suzanne Ciani, as well as nods towards Steve Reich, Max Richter, Boards of Canada and Pete Namlook.
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Is It Balearic? Recordings 10 Year Anniversary
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Cat: IIBCOM 002. Rel: 08 Aug 16
  1. The Two Mamarrachos - "En Calma"
  2. Glass Coffee - "Disclosures" (Coyote Uber remix)
  3. Clandestino - "Crack In The Sky" (Beat Broker Dream dub)
  4. Last Waltz - "Tribute" (Machete Savane remix)
  5. DJ Rocca & Daniele Baldelli - "Sartana"
  6. Daniel Wainwright - "Doing It"
  7. The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club - "Neva Liv U"
  8. Ilija Rudman - "Second Screen"
  9. Felix Dickenson - "Ousana" (Coyote remix)
  10. I-Boat Captain - "Poly Punk"
  11. Coyote - "California Jam"
  12. Craig Bratley - "Maverick Sound System Mix"
  13. Max Essa - "Burning Palms"
  14. Rompante - "How Low Can You Dance" (Ahiki remix)
  15. Sorcerer - "Zulu Honda"
  16. Coyote - "Sin Distracciones"
  17. 9DW - "Right On" (original mix)
  18. Leo Mas & Fabrice - "Sunrise 87" (Balearic Militant mix)
  19. Downtown Party Network - "The Returning" (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
  20. Max Essa - "Feel The Machine"
  21. Baptiste & Pierre - "Virage" (Ruf Dug extension)
  22. Joe Morris - "Mpondo Theme"
Review: 2016 sees Coyote arrive at a decade of posing the question Is It Balearic? Replicating the compilation shaped celebrations surrounding their fifth anniversary, the landmark is noted with this fine 2CD collection. The compiling skills of Balearic chieftain Max Essa are called on for the first disc selections, with Coyote taking care of business on the second for a fine horizontally-minded celebration of all things Balearic encompassing 22 tracks. Tempos nudge back and forth, different vibes coming to the fore along the way as a dash of steel drum is replaced by forthright synth glistens and upright basslines. Legends mingle alongside future heroes, Foolish Felix and Baldelli impressing as much as Last Waltz and Clandestino. As the end nears, up pops Prins Thomas's classic Diskomiks of Downtown Party Network. Here's to another ten years Is it Balearic?
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Foxbase Alpha: Deluxe Edition (reissue)
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 in stock $8.81
Cat: HVNLP 1CDSE. Rel: 31 Oct 16
  1. This Is Radio Etienne
  2. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  3. Wilson
  4. Carnt Sleep
  5. Girl VII
  6. Spring
  7. She's The One
  8. Stoned To Say The Least
  9. Nothing Can Stop Us
  10. Etienne Gonna Die
  11. London Belongs To Me
  12. Like The Swallow
  13. Dilworth's Theme
  14. Kiss & Make Up
  15. Filthy
  16. Chase HQ
  17. Sally Spacec
  18. The Reckoning
  19. Speedwell
  20. Parliament Hill
  21. People Get Real
  22. Sweet Pea
  23. Winter In America
  24. Fake 88
  25. Studio Kinda Filthy
  26. Kiss & Make Up (US version)
  27. Sky's Dead
If Not Now When
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Cat: UTA 004CD. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. All The Blue Skies
  2. Zarrin
  3. Grand Delusions
  4. Liquidity
  5. Tsake Take Tundum
  6. Midsummer Tobago (part II)
  7. Noir
  8. Shhhh
  9. Tore
  10. The Slipping Beauty (part 2)
  11. If Not Now, When
  12. Recapitulation
Review: Since being introduced to a new generation of listeners via 2014's superb The Sleeping Beauties retrospective, veteran Grecian musician Vangelis Katsoulis has enjoyed something of a career revival. The man once dubbed Greece's "king of electronics" is in fine form on If Not Now When, his first new album since the turn of the decade. Musically, it inhabits a similar aural space to his acclaimed 1980s work - think new influenced melodies, complex neo-classical arrangements, Gigi Masin style chord progressions, and breathtaking beautiful instrumentation - and often feels cinematic in tone. There are occasional curveballs - see the minimalist ambient techno of "Grand Delusion" and pleasingly percussive, jazz-flecked "Tsake Take Tundrum" - but these merely emphasize the quality of Katsoulis's compositional skills.
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Played by: Kenneth bager, Bakerman
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Passage (CD)
Cat: VISTA 001CD. Rel: 23 Jan 17
  1. Amaris
  2. Genau Wie Damals
  3. Anywhere But Here
  4. Intervention: Sol
  5. MST
  6. Ao Hinode
  7. Spellbreaker
  8. Intervention: Stjerner
  9. Caffeine Blues
  10. Intervention: Mane
  11. Coastal Path
Review: Ulrich Schnauss and Jonas Munk first got together in the studio at the tail end of the noughties, subsequently releasing the well-received album, Epic. This belated follow-up continues in a similar vein, fusing Schnauss's ethereal electronics and ambient soundscapes with Munk's evocative, shoegaze style guitar passages. It's a combination that works well. Munk's guitars add a loose, raw feel to Schnauss's impeccable but occasionally overbearing compositions, while the latter does a bang up job melding the two things into a perfectly pitched whole. If My Bloody Valentine collaborated with James Holden or Trentemoller, it would probably sound something like this.
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Heligoland (low-price CD)
Cat: 627746 2. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Pray For Rain
  2. Babel
  3. Splitting The Atom
  4. Girl I Love You
  5. Psyche
  6. Flat Of The Blade
  7. Paradise Circus
  8. Rush Minute
  9. Saturday Come Slow
  10. Atlas Air
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Cat: XLCD 755. Rel: 11 Jul 16
  1. The Leaves Were Falling
  2. Because I'm Me
  3. Frankie Sinatra
  4. Subways
  5. Going Home
  6. If I Was A Folkstar
  7. Colours
  8. Zap!
  9. The Noisy Eater
  10. Wildflower
  11. Harmony
  12. Live A Lifetime Love
  13. Park Music
  14. Livin' Underwater (Is Somethin' Wild)
  15. The Wozard Of Iz
  16. Over The Turnstiles
  17. Sunshine
  18. Light Up
  19. Kaleidoscopic Lovers
  20. Stepkids
  21. Saturday Night Inside Out
Review: When they delivered their stupendously sample-heavy debut album, Since I Left You, back in 2000, The Avalanches were tipped for big things. For some reason, they failed to capitalize, all but fading from view. That album remains a much-loved listen for many people so there has been an expected degree of anticipation regarding this follow-up, Wildflower. Happily, it's something of a resounding success, with the Melbourne trio serving up another whirlwind trip through sample-heavy, hip-hop era psychedelia. At 21 tracks deep, and with more changes of direction than your average three-week cycle race, it's something of a beast. It is, though, well worth the effort, as repeat listens simply uncovers more layers of hazy, glassy-eyed goodness (be it bluesy trip-hop, slipped disco, dreamy acid-pop, folksy beat-scapes or baked hypno-rock).
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Under The Sun
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Under The Sun (CD + booklet)
Cat: WARPCD 244. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. ?
  2. Give It Your Choir (feat Bibio)
  3. Infrared
  4. Falling
  5. Beautiful People (feat Thom Yorke)
  6. Where Do They Go, The Butterflies
  7. Sad Alron
  8. You Wash My Soul (feat Linda Perhacs)
  9. Cycles Of 9
  10. Hi Red
  11. Ems
  12. The Blinds Cage (feat Beans)
  13. Dawn Of The North
  14. Khufu
  15. Rebel Angels
  16. Under The Sun
Review: Given the length of his career, it's rather surprising to find that Under The Sun is Mark Pritchard's first under his given name. As critics have pointed out, it's an overwhelmingly beautiful and poignant set, built around an intoxicating fusion of ambient electronics, soft touch instrumentation, bubbling beats, grandiose chords, and on-point collaborations (check the vocal contributions of Beans, Thom Yorke, and Linda Perhacs). In some ways, it recalls Pritchard's pioneering work with Tom Middleton as Global Communication, while feeling altogether more grown up and musically complex. Regardless, it's an undeniably brilliant album.
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Black Sands
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Cat: ZENCD 140. Rel: 29 Mar 10
  1. Prelude
  2. Kiara
  3. Kong
  4. Eyesdown (feat Andreya Triana)
  5. El Toro
  6. We Could Forever
  7. 1009
  8. All In Forms
  9. The Keeper (feat Andreya Triana)
  10. Stay The Same (feat Andreya Triana)
  11. Animals
  12. Black Sands
Review: Black Sands, the eagerly anticipated fourth album from Simon Green AKA Bonobo, is no revolutionary change from his signature sound but does come with perhaps even more subtlety and complexity than his previous offerings. Having constantly instilled a degree of integrity and value back into chill out music following the influx of Cafe Del Mar and Coffeeshop compilations, Green once again displays a musicianship that sets him apart as a true artist and producer amongst a sea of downtempo and chillout DJs.
His undeniably clear understanding of composition and arrangement of live instruments has enabled Green to make an album that reaches out through diverse styles, taking influence and inspiration from wherever possible. On Black Sands, Green delves into electronic music and bass more than he did across Animal Magic, Dial "M" For Monkey or Days To Come but does so with enough subtlety and finesse to refrain from causing a radical shift in his product. Tracks like "Kiara," "We Could Forever" and "All In Forms" all utilise beats and bass in a more contemporary outlook than we are used to with Bonobo. Of course the instrumental feel is still there for all to see. Title track "Black Sands" takes this position for almost seven minutes of a horn infused waltz whereas "Kong" assumes the traditional soul-jazz Bonobo take and "Animals" lets delicate drum patterns guide us through pleasing tempo shifts.
The instrumental vibe is highlighted further in the album's approach to vocals. Unlike his last album, Days To Come which was littered with vocals, Black Sands houses only three tracks that contain vocals. The breathy vocals of Andreya Triana complete tracks like "Stay the Same" and "The Keeper" turning them in more traditional songs. Black Sands is another loving crafted offering that uses orchestral arrangements but this time merged with more of a dance aesthetic. As he continues to make chillout more credible in his experimental way, it's no wonder that Bonobo is one of the biggest artists to come from the excellent Ninja Tune.
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Last Night On The Planet
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 in stock $8.81
Cat: ZENCD 238. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Momma (feat Rejjie Snow) (1:30)
  2. Rich & Dan (1:30)
  3. Shanel (1:30)
  4. Wootera (1:30)
  5. Dog Brush (1:30)
  6. Bad Sign (feat Jed & Lucia) (1:30)
  7. Frugaloo (1:30)
  8. Soulette (1:30)
  9. Rubu (1:30)
  10. Last Night On The Planet (feat Pyramid Vritra) (1:30)
Review: Some three years on from the release of their acclaimed, self-titled debut album, Letherette's Andy Harber and Richard Roberts are finally ready to share the follow-up. Happily, it's another sublime set. Over the course of 10 impeccably produced tracks, the duo shimmies between dreamy instrumental hip-hop (the traditional Ninja Tune grooves of opener "Momma"), loose-limbed, jazz-flecked electronica, spacey Dam Funk style electrofunk (the brilliant "Shanel"), garage-influenced UK house ("Wootera"), blazed downtempo pop (the claustrophobic "Bad Sign"), and various strains of imaginative, colourful deep house ("Dog Brush", "Soulette"). They even find time to squeeze in one of the most beautiful cuts of the year, the crystalline "Rubu".
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Final Song #01
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Final Song #01 (unmixed CD)
Cat: GPMCD 026. Rel: 16 Feb 09
  1. Erik Satie - "Gymnopedie"
  2. Rob Gallagher - "Little One"
  3. Photek - "Modus Operandi"
  4. The Stranglers - "Golden Brown"
  5. Cerrone - "Supernature"
  6. Radiohead - "Sit Down Stand Up"
  7. Chloe - "Paradise"
  8. The Beach Boys - "'Til I Die"
  9. Peggy Lee - "Is That All There Is?"
  10. Inti Illimani - "Caramba, Yo Soy Dueno Del Baron"
  11. Link - "Amenity"
  12. Pharoah Sanders - "Astral Travelling"
  13. Brian Eno - "An Ending (Ascent)"
DJ Kicks
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 in stock $8.48
DJ Kicks (mixed CD)
Cat: K7 3227CD. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Yaw - "Where Will You Be"
  2. Cody ChesnuTT - "Serve This Royalty"
  3. Dopehead - "Guttah Guttah"
  4. Jitwam - "Keepyourbusinesstoyourself"
  5. Talc - "Robot's Return" (Modern Sleepover part 2)
  6. Beady Belle - "When My Anger Starts To Cry"
  7. Shawn Lee - "Kiss The Sky" (feat Nino Moschella)
  8. Jai Paul - "BTSTU"
  9. Flying Lotus - "Tea Leaf Dancers" (feat Andreya Triana)
  10. Nightmares On Wax - "Les Nuits"
  11. Rich Medina - "Can't Hold Back" (feat Sy Smith - Platinum Pied Pipers remix)
  12. Julien Dyne - "Stained Glass Fresh Frozen" (feat Mara TK)
  13. Little Dragon - "Come Home"
  14. Andres - "El Ritmo De Mi Gente" (feat Lady)
  15. Fort Knox Five - "Uptown Tricks" (feat Mustafa Akbar - Rodney Hunter remix)
  16. Daniel Bortz - "Cuz You're The One"
  17. Jose Gonzalez - "Remain"
  18. Big Muff - "My Funny Valentine"
  19. Les Sins - "Grind"
  20. Tirogo - "Disco Maniac"
  21. SLF & Merkin - "Tag Team Triangle"
  22. Joeski - "How Do I Go On" (feat Jesante)
  23. Kings Of Tomorrow - "Fall For You" (feat April - Sandy Rivera's classic mix)
  24. Soulful Session/Lynn Lockamy - "Hostile Takeover"
  25. Anne Clark - "Our Darkness"
  26. Peter Digital Orchestra - "Jeux De Langues"
  27. Noir & Haze - "Around" (Solomun vox)
  28. Marcellus Pittman - "1044 Coplin (Give You Whatcha Lookin 4)"
  29. Lady Alma - "It's House Music"
  30. Daniela La Luz - "Did You Ever"
Review: It would be fair to say that Studio K7 has pulled off something of a coup in getting Kenny Dixon Jr. to agree to compile and mix the latest installment in the long-running DJ Kicks series. It is, somewhat remarkably, the legendary Detroiter's first commercially available mix set. This triple-vinyl edition features a whopping 19 cuts - all in unmixed form - from the 30 track mix. Musically, it's a blazed, jazzy, soulful and groovy as you'd expect, and contains a mixture of downtempo beats, nu-jazz and hazy house cuts from the likes of Flying Lotus, Dopehead, Peter Digital Orchestra, Nightmares On Wax, Soulful Session and Lady Alma.
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Late Night Tales
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 in stock $9.61
Late Night Tales (limited unmixed CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNCD 44. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Hjalmar Larusson & Jonbjorn Gislason - "Jomsvíkingarimur - Yta Eigi Feldi Ror"
  2. Julianna Barwick - "Forever"
  3. Koreless - "Last Remnants"
  4. Odesza - "How Did I Get Here" (instrumental)
  5. Anois - "A Noise"
  6. Samaris - "Gooa Tungl"
  7. Olafur Arnalds - "RGB"
  8. Rival Consoles - "Pre"
  9. Four Tet - "Lion" (Jamie Xx remix)
  10. Jai Paul - "Jasmine" (demo)
  11. James Blake - "Our Love Comes Back"
  12. Spooky Black - "Pull"
  13. Olafur Arnalds - "Say My Name" (feat Arnor Dan)
  14. Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - "And Still They Move"
  15. Kiasmos - "Orgoned"
  16. Olafur Arnalds - "Kinesthesia I"
  17. Hjaltalin - "Ethereal"
  18. David Tennant - "Undone"
Review: Icelandic classical, experimental and soundtrack composer Olafur Arnalds steps away from the loops and Broadchurch OSTs to conjure yet another sublime LNT saga. Carefully balancing between contemporary odysseys ("Jomsvikingarimur"), dense futuristic electronic weaves ("Last Remnants"), fuzzy 22nd century pop ("A Noise") sludgy cosmic funk ("Jasmine") and introspective soul ("Our Love Comes Back"), Olafur blows wave after woozy wave of soft sonic conjurations in a way that's broad, detailed and cleverly considered. Good night.
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Late Night Tales
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 in stock $9.61
Late Night Tales (mixed CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNCD 45. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Barry Woolnough - "Great Father Spirit In The Sky" (2:00)
  2. David Holmes & Steve Jones - "The Reiki Healer From County Down" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  3. The Children Of Sunshine - "It's A Long Way To Heaven" (2:00)
  4. Spark Sparkle - "Slythtovery" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  5. Alain Maclean - "Talking Judgement Day Blues" (2:00)
  6. David Crosby - "Orleans" (1:59)
  7. Buddy Holly - "Love Is Strange" (2:00)
  8. After Dinner - "Paradise Of Replica" (2:00)
  9. Lullaby Movement - "Ru-Ru (Sleep Little Baby)" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  10. Jeff Bridges & Keefus Ciancia - "It's In Every One Of Us" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  11. Song Sung - "I'm Not In Love" (exclusive 10cc cover version) (2:00)
  12. Neo Maya - "I Won't Hurt You" (2:00)
  13. BP Fallon & David Holmes - "Henry McCullough" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  14. Documenta - "Love As A Ghost" (2:00)
  15. Keith Fullerton Whitman - "Stereo Music For Acoustic Guitar, Buchla Music Box 100, Hewlett Packard Model 236 Oscillator, Electric Guitar & Computer" (part 1) (2:00)
  16. Eat Lights Become Lights - "Into Forever" (2:00)
  17. Geese - "Andrew Parsnip" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  18. Die Hexen - "Gloomy Sunday" (exclusive track) (2:00)
  19. David Holmes & Jon Hopkins - "Elsewhere Anchises" (feat Stephen Rea - exclusive track) (2:00)
Review: Treading an eclectic path through a twenty year career that's taken in everything from Detroit techno to vintage French ye-ye, from breakbeat-driven floor-fillers to krautrock epiphanies, David Holmes has made his name predominantly as an exemplary crate-digger and aesthete, whether soundtracking Steven Soderbergh movies or dishing our albums of his own. Thus, it comes as no surprise that this compilation - marking something of a personal journey for Holmes - is reflective of his status as an exemplary man of taste. Whether dispensing classics by the likes of David Crosby or Buddy Holly, unreleased original solo material or killer obscurities from everyone from modular synthesis cultist Keith Fullerton Whitman to Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges, this stylish nocturnal travelogue puts the listener resolutely in safe hands.
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Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong
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 in stock $12.95
  1. Swingtime
  2. Pokhara
  3. CH Revisited
  4. A Wave
  5. The Cleaner
  6. Wah Bass
  7. The Attic
  8. Razorblades
  9. White & Whiter Still
  10. Wapping
  11. Life In The Shadows
  12. The English Style Of Rowing
  13. Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong
Review: The tireless Emotional Rescue dig once more into the well of cultish music from days gone by with a fully remastered reissue of Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong, the debut album from brotherly duo Woo. Originally released back in 1982, this thirteen track set finds Mark and Clive Ives delivering a hugely ahead of their time exposition of hard to categorise electro acoustic folk. This hugely prolific pair was once described as "sounding like the music the Durutti Column would have made with Penguin Cafe Orchestra if produced by Brian Eno" and whoever came up with that obviously had Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong in mind.
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Out Of Town: The Remixes
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 in stock $5.17
Cat: LENGCD 003. Rel: 19 Sep 11
  1. Paloma (Mudd Slender Loris mix)
  2. Dix Vertes (Cosmodelica remix)
  3. Gambarra (Pete Herbert dub)
  4. North Shore (Idjut Boys version)
  5. Only People (Blackbelt Andersen remix)
  6. North Shore (Max Essa remix)
  7. Under The Stars (Ray Mang remix)
  8. Gambarra (Lexx remix)
  9. Viusu (Tiago remix)
  10. North Shore (Max Essa intrumental remix)
  11. Out Of Town (Phil Mison continuous DJ mix)
Review: Claremont 56 & Leng label boss Paul "Mudd" Murphy has assembled an impressive cast for this remixed version of Phil Mison's decidedly downtempo - sorry, Balearic - Out Of Town LP. Murphy himself offers up a pleasingly languid take on "Paloma", before handing over the reigns to a succession of similarly minded pals. There's a delicious Balearic dub of "Des Vertes" from Cosmodelica, a sprightly nu-disco rub of "Gambarra" from regular Mison cohort Pete Herbert, a delightfully Scandolearic excursion from Blackbelt Andersen and floor-friendly takes from the Idjuts and Ray Mang. Best of all, though, is Tiago's druggy, synth-heavy version of "Visusu", which sounds like a vivid dream involving Quiet Village and a carload of acid-fried evangelists.
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 in stock $8.03
Cat: 572587 9. Rel: 30 Jan 17
  1. Silhouette
  2. Blindside
  3. Human
  4. Never Hurt Again
  5. Almost Over
  6. You Won't Know Where You Stand
  7. I Gave It All
  8. All I Ever Wanted
  9. Sorry
  10. Complication
  11. Never Seen You Get So Low
  12. Low Light
  13. Always Done What You Say
  14. Waiting
St Germain
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 in stock $4.40
Cat: 082564 6122011. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Real Blues
  2. Sittin' Here
  3. Hanky-Panky
  4. Voila
  5. Family Tree
  6. How Dare You
  7. Mary L
  8. Forget Me Not
Is It Balearic? Recordings: The First 5 Years
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 in stock $10.10
Cat: IIBCOM 001. Rel: 07 Jul 14
  1. Gavin Gordon - "El Sueno Oscuro"
  2. Coyote - "Blue Skies"
  3. Max Essa - "The One U Want" (Coyote remix)
  4. Coyote - "Going Out" (Max Essa remix)
  5. Deadstock 33's - "Drifting On A Wave" (The Mainstem remix)
  6. Coyote - "Afro Balearic" (Rune Lindbaek remix)
  7. Coyote - "How Ya Doin" (original mix)
  8. The Project Club - "Intro" (Ray Mang remix)
  9. Max Essa - "Heartache" (original ’86 club mix)
  10. Reverso 68 - "Piano 89"
  11. Pharao Black Magic - "Amulet" (Begin remix)
  12. Freshro - "Fantasma" (unreleased exclusive)
  13. Coyote - "Layback" (Windsurf remix)
  14. Coyote - "Electric Sunburst" (Phoreski remix)
  15. Ahiki - "Samarkand"
  16. Hardway Brothers - "Mania Theme" (Toby Tobias remix)
  17. Coyote - "Minamoto" (Shocks Wa Pulpit Chillout remix)
  18. I-boat Captain - "Slower" (The Backwoods remix)
  19. Max Essa - "Uptown Vibrations" (Mark Seven Downtown remix)
  20. Social Disco Club - "Peaceful Warrior" (Soft Rocks Jesus Convention remix)
  21. Coyote - "Crazy World"
  22. The Project Club - "El Mar Y La Luna" (Lovefingers remix)
  23. Khidja Looki - "Original" (unreleased exclusive)
Review: Alongside like-minded imprints Claremont 56 and International Feel, Coyote's Is It Balearic? label - a fitting name, given the difficulty in pinpointing the Balearic sound - has been at the forefront of the nu-Balearic scene for the last five years. Here, they celebrate that fact by offering up a celebratory compilation with pal Moonboots and Coyote each selecting a disc of unmixed favourites. There's predictably plenty of sun-kissed downtempo warmth (Windsurf's sunrise-friendly remix of Coyote's "Laidback", Gavin Gordon's flamenco-influenced "El Sueno Oscuro"), alongside a smattering of deliciously baggy and wide-eyed dancefloor moments (see Max Essa's jaunty Balearic disco jam "Heartache" and a thrillingly griity Soft Rocks remix of Social Disco Club). If that wasn't enough to get the juices flowing, the collection also features some stunning unreleased material from Freshro and Khidja Looki.
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Sketches From An Island 2
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 in stock $9.45
Cat: IFEEL 055CD. Rel: 04 Jul 16
  1. Brunch With Suki
  2. Over At Dieter's Place
  3. Driving To Cap Negret
  4. Winter Sunset Sky
  5. Distant Storms At Sea
  6. Cirrus & Cumulus
  7. Der Stern Der Nie Vergeht
  8. Forgotten Island
  9. One Slow Thought
Review: Globetrotting producer Mark Barrott has been creatively reinvigorated since moving from Uruguay to Ibiza a few years back. Here, the exiled Sheffielder serves up a second helping of Sketches From An Island, once again proving that his Balearic instincts are as sharp as ever. As with the first volume, Barrott focuses on sun-kissed positivity, variously blending head-nodding hip-hop beats, jazzy guitars, dreamy synths, hazy trumpet solos, Jose Padilla influences, Reichian marimba patterns, and a variety of knowing global influences. This is music to soundtrack sunsets, sunrises, lazy afternoons by the pool, and humid evenings supping ice-cold cocktails. In truth, few do it better than Barrott.
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Vin Ploile
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Cat: MULEMUSIQCD 51. Rel: 07 Dec 15
  1. Delir 1
  2. Delir 2
  3. Delir 3
  4. Delir 4
  5. Delir 5
  6. Delir 6
  7. Delir 7
  8. Lumiere
  9. Pan'la Glezne
Review: Petre Inspirescu has previously delivered two decidedly atmospheric albums, both of which neatly join the dots between minimal techno and hypnotic, ultra-deep house. With Vin Ploile, he's flipped the script slightly. While still dreamy, atmospheric and stripped back, the album's nine tracks are mostly crafted from his own recordings of live instrumentation - piano, strings, wind instruments - which have then been altered and manipulated in the computer. The resultant music is loose, dreamy, exotic, unusual and hugely enjoyable, feeling a little like an inventive fusion of ambient, deep house, techno, jazz and Reich/Riley style American minimalism. Whether it's the Romanian's best album is debatable, but it's certainly his most imaginative.
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Originals Volume 7
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Originals Volume 7 (hand-numbered unmixed CD)
Cat: C56CD 015. Rel: 17 Jun 13
  1. SpaceTime Continuum - "Transmitter"
  2. King Errisson - "Space Queen"
  3. Futura 2000 - "The Escapades Dub"
  4. Donna McGhee - "You Should Have Told Me" (disco mix)
  5. Unfinished Business - "Out Of My Hands (Love's Taken Over)"
  6. Forrrce - "Keep On Dancing/Listen To The Rhythn Ban"
  7. Negativland - "The Perfect Cut"
  8. FM Inc - "Dub Me Anytime"
  9. Aardvark - "The Return Of Rasputin"
  10. Big Boys - "Common Beat"
  11. Verticle Lines - "Beach Boy" (instrumental)
  12. Electro-Harmonix Work Band - "I’m Not A Synthesizer"
Review: As Claremont 56's superb Originals series of crate-digging compilations tiptoes towards the final curtain (a celebratory vinyl box-set is due later in the year), label boss Paul Murphy hands the reigns over towards longtime pals DJ Spun and Ben Cook, the men behind San Fran/New York imprint Rong Music. If you've heard either DJ, you'd expect their selection to jump between a myriad of dubby, stargazing styles, and that's exactly what they deliver. From the intergalactic ambience of Space Time Continuum's "Transmitter", to the low-slung dub disco of Futura 2000, via the Balearic house shuffle of FM Inc and spaced-out punk-funk of Big Boys, it's a treasure trove of thrillingly atmospheric obscurities. Recommended... as usual.
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Take Her Up To Monto!
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Cat: PIASR 875CDX. Rel: 11 Jul 16
  1. Mastermind
  2. Pretty Gardens
  3. Thoughts Wasted
  4. Lip Service
  5. Ten Miles High
  6. Whatever
  7. Romantic Comedy
  8. Nervous Sleep
  9. Sitting & Counting
Review: Roisin Murphy seems to be getting more prolific with age. It's less than a year since the release of the critically acclaimed off-pop thriller Hairless Toys, and the Irish artist and former Moloko singer is ready to release the follow-up. Where its predecessor was bold, brassy and cheery, Take Her Up To Monto is an altogether more atmospheric affair, arguably closer in feel to her work with Moloko during the late '90s and early 2000s. Musically intriguing and largely downtempo in tone, it sees Murphy taking her left-of-centre take on pop in eccentric and evocative new directions. Even the album's most obviously upbeat moments - such as the cheery "Romantic Comedy" - feature musical backdrops that bristle with leftfield ideas and fuzzy, off-kilter electronics.
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Peel Away The Ivy
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 in stock $12.42
Cat: GBX 026CD. Rel: 24 Oct 16
  1. Peel Away The Ivy (0:37)
  2. Black Rain (2:00)
  3. Don't Let Me Dream (2:00)
  4. A Simple Walk (2:00)
  5. Daylight (2:00)
  6. Sparrowhawk (2:00)
  7. Man & Machine (2:00)
  8. Fluchtwege (2:00)
  9. Polymer Dawn (2:00)
  10. First In An Innocent World (2:00)
Lost River (Soundtrack)
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 in stock $10.35
Cat: IDIB 47CD. Rel: 23 Nov 15
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
  14. Track 14
  15. Track 15
  16. Track 16
  17. Track 17
  18. Track 18
  19. Track 19
  20. Track 20
  21. Track 21
  22. Track 22
  23. Track 23
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Sakura (CD)
Cat: BAY 13D. Rel: 18 Sep 00
  1. Saku
  2. Tobiume
  3. Uchu Tanjyo
  4. Hagoromo
  5. Genshi
  6. Gekkoh
  7. Hisen
  8. Azukiiro No Kaori
  9. Kodomotachi
  10. Naminote
  11. Shinsen
  12. Kirakiraboshi
Archived 8
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 in stock $8.62
Cat: CDTOT 69. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Sorrow
  2. Acturum Esse
  3. Crawler
  4. Forlorrn
  5. Haloi Slope
  6. Unfurl
  7. Still Motion
  8. Plazmatical
  9. Spacial Freak
  10. Long Exposure
  11. Standing Room
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Natureboy (CD)
Cat: FEP 018CD. Rel: 13 Apr 15
  1. The Opening/Purple Trees
  2. Shipibo Icaro
  3. Gelis
  4. Spice Melange
  5. Kuku
  6. Solo For Chloe
  7. Shape Of Things To Come
  8. Som Da Aura
  9. Twelve O'Clock Shadow (feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
  10. Lyrebird
  11. Golden High
  12. Payaso
  13. Who Do You Think You Are?
  14. For You (reprise)
  15. With Me Now (feat Dirg Gerner)
  16. The Odd & The Beautiful
Review: It's been four years since Dario Rojo Guerra last donned his familiar Flako guise for a full-length outing. It's perhaps understandable, then, that Natureboy, his third album, offers more than just riffs on his previous themes. While the sparse, head-nodding hip-hop beats, smoky trip-hop textures and sun-kissed Latin influences remain, they're supplemented by dreamy, tropical influenced guitars, immersive chords and a greater emphasis on drowsy, mid afternoon ambience. Ironically, some of the album's most arresting moments are also the most up-tempo (see the brilliant, Cumbia-influenced bump of "Kuku" and melodious "Who Do You Think You Are"), but it's the album's yearning, atmospheric feel that really resonates.
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Buddha Bar: The Ultimate Experience
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Cat: 333257 2. Rel: 19 Dec 16
  1. Troels Hammer - "Azur"
  2. Buddhattitude - "Hadjira"
  3. Lena Kaufman - "Lights In The Dark" (Thor Rainfall edit)
  4. Jasmon - "Oriental Cafe"
  5. Unnati - "Teri Yaad Aati Hain"
  6. Stan Kolev - "Universe One"
  7. Carl Fath - "Humans Cry" (feat Steve Edwards)
  8. Arno Elias - "Osmyo"
  9. Steen Thottrup - "Missing You (A Tribute To The Sun)" (feat Julie Harrington - Chris Coco remix)
  10. Ayowa - "Sommer"
  11. Ganga - "Carry You Home" (original mix)
  12. Midival Punditz - "Laagee"
  13. Riccardo Eberspacher - "Flavescens"
  14. Vanessa Daou - "Bar D'o"
  15. Borneland - "Eyes"
  16. Professor Oz - "Emphiger"
  17. Ganga - "Cold Wind Blowing" (original mix)
  18. Soulavenue - "Pardesi"
  19. Sigh - "Kemi Blues"
  20. Ambray - "The Waterline"
  21. Ozlem Taner - "Seher Inende" (Thor Evening Jasmin mix)
  22. Daniel Masson - "Morning Fall"
  23. Le Mirage Du Magherb - "Tasawwuff"
  24. Eccodek - "Silent Song" (Earthrise Soundsystem remix)
  25. Amanaska - "Atlantica"
  26. Cantoma - "Alive"
  27. Ruf Dug - "Dominica"
  28. Liberdade - "Otra Vida"
  29. Chris Coco - "My Desire"
  30. Dalholt & Langklide - "Charite"
  31. Mashti - "Mapusa"
  32. Freedom - "Nature World"
  33. Dj Pippi & Kenneth Bager - "Never Stop Dreaming"
  34. Troels Hammer - "The Singing Clouds"
  35. Cantoma - "Tabarin"
  36. Deva Premal & Miten - "Parameshwara Mantra/Deep In Love" (with Manose)
  37. Riccardo Eberspacher - "Sunetul De Seara"
  38. Soulavenue - "Stuck In A Dream"
  39. Jacob Gurevitsch - "Mexican Margarita"
  40. Boral Kibil - "See Me Again" (Sunday Morning mix)
  41. MH Project - "Poem Of The Atom" (feat Salar Aghili)
  42. CTM - "Saul" (Rosa Lux Hands On Fire remix - edit)
  43. Kid Moxie - "Shadow Heart" (HP Hoeger & Rusty Egan remix)
  44. Derrok & Vruno - "Remision Espontanea"
  45. MHE - "The Thrill Is Gone"
  46. Lars HUG - "Mon De Kan Reparere Dig" (Rosa Lux Is Broken remix - radio edit)
  47. Jacob Groening - "Love Hangover" (Mira & Chris Schwarzwalder remix)
  48. Anton Ishutin & Tiana - "Forever After"
  49. Anton Ishutin - "Potomu Chto" (feat Sasha Loona - original mix)
  50. Afrolicious - "Bade Malou" (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet remix)
  51. Didula - "Leila"
  52. MH Project - "Ne Me Quitte Pas" (feat Jacques Brel)
  53. Carlos Campos & Ravin - "I Don't Love You No More" (Thor extended remix)
  54. Consoul Trainin & Pink Noisy - "Tango To Evora"
  55. In.Deed - "Fata Morgana"
  56. Floral - "Need To Feel Loved"
  57. MH Project - "Tonight" (feat King Raam)
  58. Ambala - "Distant Island (Cuba)"
  59. Antoine - "Sharabia" (Ravin remix)
  60. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - "Sacred Dance Of The Demon" (Gorgon City remix)
  61. Marga Sol - "Be Mine"
  62. Marie-Therese - "Country Down"
  63. Taste Of Dream - "Buddha People" (feat Edgar Asmaryan - original version)
  64. Waldeck - "The Weatherman"
  65. Brass - "Spirit Of Love"
  66. Dreamers Inc - "Nostalgia" (feat Zoe)
  67. Christos Fourkis - "Painting In The Sunset"
  68. Nacho Sotomayor - "Blue Moon"
  69. Miss B Haven - "Laeg Dig Ind Under Himlen" (Rosa Lux Stalblankt remix)
  70. Ron Iron - "Candada" (original mix)
  71. Il Santo - "You Can't Fail"
  72. Marie Therese - "Because I Miss You"
  73. Billy Esteban - "Arabian Eyes"
  74. Serdar Ayyildiz - "Phanoman - Sitara"
  75. Dreamers Inc & Billy Esteban - "The Happy Song"
  76. Dj Volkan Uca - "Santorini"
  77. Vanotek - "My Heart Is Gone"
  78. Les Au Revoir & Kled Mone - "Ase Me Na Fygo" (Dreamers Inc remix)
  79. Parov Stelar - "Don't Believe What They Say" (feat Angela McCluskey)
  80. Christos Fourkis - "Dirty Secret"
  81. Ibitaly Vs Miguel Lara - "Say You Love Me"
  82. Billy Esteban & Belonoga - "Pustiya"
  83. Anthya - "Voice Of Desert"
  84. Armen Miran - "Precious Story"
  85. Il Santo - "Thin Skin"
  86. Roni Iron - "As Erxosoun Gia Ligo"
  87. Constantijn Lange - "On A Hot Day"
  88. Parov Stelar - "Demon Dance"
  89. Baklava - "Tvojte Oci Leno" (Oliver Petrovski remix)
  90. HP Hoger - "Massai Shaman"
  91. Matan Caspi - "Niu"
  92. Paji - "Viola"
  93. Zac F - "I Love U More When It's Rainning" (H@k mix)
  94. Thy Moy - "Meda"
  95. Marga Sol - "Namaste"
  96. Bjarno - "Coming Home"
  97. Maido Project - "Khalifa Lounge"
  98. Nikko Sunset - "Andalusia"
  99. Stereo Express - "La Vie En Rose"
  100. Beebar - "Angel In Love"
  101. Sergio T & Dubfaze - "Secret" (feat Dim Gerrard)
  102. DJ Nil & Anthony El Mejor - "Got Me A Question"
  103. Stan Kolev & Yuji Ono - "Try"
  104. Diego Palacio - "Celtic"
  105. Dino MFU - "Little Girls Eyes"
  106. Alkis Zopoglou - "Beyoglou Tango"
  107. Constantin - "Nepal"
  108. Marie Therese - "Let It Go"
  109. Marga Sol - "Children"
  110. Paji - "Six O Clock"
  111. Davi - "Eclipse"
  112. Saint Tropez Caps - "No Fears"
  113. Laera - "Maravilla"
  114. Dj Nil & Tigran - "Arabian Girl" (feat Alfida)
  115. Diego Palacio - "Laya"
  116. Downtown - "Rabab"
  117. DJ Volkan Uca - "Love Serdar"
  118. Laera - "Balkan"
Review: The folks behind the Buddha Bar don't mess around. Their latest compilation of globally minded downtempo grooves is described as "the ultimate experience", and runs to no less than ten CDs. It was put together by DJs Ravin (resident at Buddha Bar Paris) and Mario Chaviaras (Buddha Bar London), and is packed to the rafters with dreamy, drifting, sofa-friendly fare. It would take far too long to list all of the highlights, but look out for spellbinding contributions from Chris Coco, Phil Mison's Cantoma project, Troels Hammer, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Davi, Il Santo, Roni Iron and Billy Esteban.
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Balearic 2
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Balearic 2 (unmixed CD)
Cat: BLRC 2CD. Rel: 04 Jul 16
  1. Stratus - "Tisno"
  2. A Vision Of Panorama - "Seaside Tune"
  3. Simon Peter - "Arc Of Lark"
  4. Giorgio Tuma - "Through Your Hands Love Can Shine" (with Laetitia Sadier)
  5. Horsebeach - "Midnight" (part 2)
  6. Young Gun Silver Fox - "You Can Feel It"
  7. Jacob Gurevitsch - "Mexican Margarita"
  8. Dream Lovers - "Brasil"
  9. Bing Ji Ling - "Hangin On A String" (Lexx reconstruction)
  10. Faze Action - "Chiiko" (feat Zeke Manyika)
  11. Eugene Tambourine - "In The Good Life" (feat Yevhen Varela)
  12. Ruf Dug - "Dominica" (Kenneth Bager Sunset ambient mix)
  13. Sacha Puttnam - "Abraham's Theme"
Review: The horizontally-inclined duo Jim Breese and Chris Coco return with a second Balearic compilation to further expresses the indefinable spirit behind the movement. Some thirteen tracks are spread across the generous two slabs of vinyl for a compilation that is beautifully hazy. From A Vision Of Panorama's Bergerac-style Jersey jaunt "Seaside Tune" to the slack Paqua bass twangs of Simon Peter's "Arc Of Lark" by way of the dreamy cloud funk of Horsebeach's "Midnight" and nylon string introspection of Dream Lovers' "Brasil", this lives up to its name in every possible way. Perfect timing.
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Played by: Jim Breese
La Torre Volumen Uno
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 in stock $10.10
La Torre Volumen Uno (unmixed CD)
Cat: HLTR 001. Rel: 19 Sep 16
  1. Francis Bebey - "Forest Nativity"
  2. Domenique Dumont - "Comme Ca"
  3. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - "Air A Danser"
  4. Ahmed Fakroun - "Nisyan"
  5. Spooky - "Orange Coloured Liquid"
  6. Cantioma - "Tabarin"
  7. Finis Africae - "Managua"
  8. Andras - "Gold Coast" (Surfer Paradise mix)
  9. Barry Forgie - "Dawn Mists"
  10. Il Guardiano Del Faro - "Disco Divina"
  11. Tri Atma Und Gyan Nishabda - "Naturliche Liebe"
  12. Planet Funk - "Inside All The People" (Harvey Ibiza Sleepy mix)
  13. Mark Barrott - "Deep Water"
  14. Gryningen - "Frun Andra Hand Till Strnnderna I Nice"
  15. Hatchback - "White Diamnond"
Review: Throughout the summer, International Feel boss Mark Barrott spent his Thursday evenings entertaining poolside punters at Ibiza's Hostal La Torre. Here, he teams up with fellow Balearic DJ Pete Gooding to gather together 15 tracks inspired by these weekly "sunset sessions". Predictably, it's a fine collection, with the experienced duo variously touching on classic, World Music-inspired chill-out fare (Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Amed Fakroun, Finis Africae), dreamy '90s ambient (Spooky's spine-tingling "Orange Coloured Liquid"), killer contemporary cuts (Domenique Dumont's brilliant "Comme Ca", Cantoma's shuffling "Tabarin"), and overlooked gems (Hatchback's wondrous "White Diamond" and Harvey's lesser-known "Ibiza Sleep" remix of Planet Funk's "Inside All The People").
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Hydroponic Garden
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 in stock $11.02
Cat: BLOOD 150. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Central Plains (8:18)
  2. Tensor (6:06)
  3. MOS 6581 (album version) (7:19)
  4. Silent Running (7:41)
  5. Neurotransmitter (7:30)
  6. Hydroponic Garden (8:22)
  7. Exosphere (9:08)
  8. Comsat (7:41)
  9. Epicentre (First Movement) (6:12)
  10. Artificial Island (5:10)
  11. Refraction 1.33 (8:11)
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Cat: BLOOD 154. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Interloper (6:27)
  2. Right Where It Ends (6:47)
  3. Central Plain (7:26)
  4. Supersede (8:05)
  5. Init (7:47)
  6. Euphotic (7:23)
  7. Frog (7:15)
  8. M (5:33)
  9. 20 Minutes (7:40)
  10. Polyrytmi (8:47)
World Of Sleepers
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 in stock $11.02
Cat: BLOOD 152. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Abiogenesis (6:44)
  2. Vortex (6:12)
  3. Photosynthesis (6:45)
  4. Set Theory (7:06)
  5. Gryning (7:17)
  6. Transmission/Intermission (4:56)
  7. World Of Sleepers (5:16)
  8. Proton/Electron (6:48)
  9. Erratic Patterns (7:27)
  10. Flytta Dig (6:09)
  11. Betula Pendula (10:30)
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Via (CD)
Cat: PINGIPUNG 53CD. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. Bangalore Whispers (feat MD Pallavi)
  2. Kyoto Pebbles
  3. Everybody Needs A Modular Kraut Session
  4. Gianna Anna
  5. Dharti Cash Puke
  6. Roots In The Air
  7. Dharti Echo
  8. Bandini Beach
  9. Zindagi Club High
  10. Dub For Ian Waterman
  11. VIA (feat MD Pallavi)
50 Words For Snow
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 in stock $4.53
Cat: 509997 2986622. Rel: 21 Nov 11
  1. Snowflake
  2. Lake Tahoe
  3. Misty
  4. Wild Man
  5. Snowed In At Wheeler Street
  6. 50 Words For Snow
  7. Among Angels
Secret Lounge
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 in stock $12.69
Secret Lounge (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: 7SCD 0003. Rel: 16 Dec 13
  1. D-Chill - "Forget Your Time" (feat Katy Blue)
  2. Castlebed - "Afterhours Operator"
  3. Monzoom - "Liquid Minds"
  4. Niestolik & Richter - "Simply Life"
  5. Digital Project - "Coming In My Soul"
  6. Crystal Noise - "Visitors"
  7. Big World pres SWEN G* - "Morning Light" (feat Inusa - Coffee Shop remix edit)
  8. Submission - "Nightlights"
  9. Electric Moonlight - "Celebrating Love"
  10. Sucram - "Genesis"
  11. E-Love - "Cause I Love You No More" (Alster Lounge chill out vocal mix)
  12. Chillwalker - "Summerrain"
  13. Oliver Backens & Stefan Gruenwald - "La Magia" (feat Jose Valdes - Carpatica mix)
  14. Music Hazard Inc - "Sunset"
  15. Digital Project - "Leaves" (feat LOB)
  16. Sinatic - "Awakening"
  17. Chill Quadro - "On A Ride"
  18. Niestolik & Richter - "Just One Night"
  19. D-Chill - "Deeply" (feat Katy Blue)
  20. Stereo Out - "The Night End"
  21. Submission - "Moonride"
  22. Phazed Romance - "Night On Earth"
  23. Electric Moonlight - "Close To You"
  24. Crystal Noise - "Into The Sun"
  25. Digital Project - "A Lady's Blues" (feat Erin Panto)
  26. Hailey Sphynx - "Happy"
  27. Dennis Landman - "Welcome"
  28. Los Alamos - "More Than A Dream"
  29. Stefan Gruenwald vs Jerry Ropero - "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" (feat AnnaMaria - Florian Fai Short remix)
  30. Lemonchill - "Kanji"
  31. Digital Project - "After The Light"
  32. E-Love - "Here Comes The Rain Again" (Krieger & Feuersanger chill out mix)
No Further Ahead Than Today
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 in stock $8.55
Cat: SCREALCD 002. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Melts Into Air
  2. Love Grows Out Of Thin Air
  3. The Magic In You
  4. Thoughtless Motion
  5. No Further Ahead Than Today
  6. Wait For Me
  7. New Day Starts At Dawn
  8. Negative Sunrise
  9. Illusory Sun
Review: Before it became fashionable to do so, Ulrich Schnauss was creating the kind of evocative, sun-kissed ambient and electronica that was capable of making the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. No Further Ahead Than Today is his fifth solo full-length, and first for four years. It sees him run through a series of increasingly bold and positive compositions that seemingly leap from the speakers. Following some languid and sun-kissed early moments, the album quickly progresses further towards grandiose, wall of sound territory. Check, for example, the in-your-face chords, spiraling textures and rushing beats of "No Further Ahead Than Today", or the winding, acid-flecked IDM bounce of "Wait For Me".
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 in stock $10.35
Triangle (CD)
Cat: SONATACD 026. Rel: 01 Aug 16
  1. Holy/Sacred (1:30)
  2. We Don't Belong (3:51)
  3. Texture Within (3:23)
  4. Fear & Terror (2:22)
  5. Before The Altar (2:35)
  6. Hole (3:29)
  7. Shepherd (2:47)
  8. Under Water (3:22)
  9. This/Phenomena (3:34)
  10. For My Sins (4:51)
  11. Burning Sea (2:48)
  12. In The Need Of A Shepherd (2:49)
  13. Born Again (2:30)
  14. Triangle (5:03)
  15. Pyramid (1:22)
  16. Ebb & Flow (1:20)
  17. Decomposing (3:01)
  18. The Fire (5:51)
  19. Sacred Revolution (2:56)
  20. Purple (2:08)
  21. Death Hanging (4:32)
  22. In My Blood (2:14)
Prankster Bride
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 in stock $13.78
Cat: 823606 9. Rel: 26 Dec 16
  1. Used
  2. Used (reprise)
  3. Apple & Egg
  4. Invisible To Myself
  5. Prankster Bride
  6. Hangover Deluxe
  7. Berlin Bad
  8. Soulflakes
  9. Down Waterloo
  10. Perfect World
  11. Fireball
  12. I Sing
  13. Freaky
  14. Kraut 2016
Sunday 8PM
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 in stock $6.21
Cat: MOCCD 13357. Rel: 25 Jul 16
  1. The Garden
  2. Bring My Family Back
  3. Hour Of Need
  4. Postcards
  5. Take The Long Way Home
  6. Why Go?
  7. She's My Baby
  8. God Is A DJ
  9. Hem Of His Garment
  10. Sunday 8pm
  11. Killer's Lullaby
  12. Killer's Lullaby (Nightmares On Wax remix - bonus track)
  13. Bring My Family Back (Paul Van Dyk remix - bonus track)
The Source
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 in stock $9.11
Cat: ECC 016. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Calling In The Horses
  2. Beware Soul Brother
  3. ACSS meets TDF - "The Magnificent Seven"
  4. Cascade
  5. A Higher Love
  6. Honey Bee
  7. Where Two Rivers Meet
  8. Mansani Cisse/Taladh
  9. Child Of Wonder
  10. Desert Billy
  11. The Communicator
  12. The Soul Of A Sister
  13. Kalsi Breakbeat
Morning Tones
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 in stock $12.42
Cat: APESTAARTJE 20. Rel: 08 Jan 07
  1. Kobenhavn
  2. Morning Tones
  3. Rippled
  4. Comber
  5. Sift
  6. Dissolve
Review: This takes Rosner's sound further into the extremes of shimmering acoustic beauty and stomach wobbling tones. "Morning Tones" is a meeting of the digital and the acoustic, and the exchange is tense and gripping. Compare "Morning Tones" with Keith Fullerton Whitman's crucial "Multiples" in the way it spans a different part of electro-acoustic music on each tune. The album is a marvellous collection of shattered musical visions.
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Dystopian Dream
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 in stock $8.88
Cat: POSTIVIDCD 10. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Fires
  2. Days R Gone (feat Eva Stone)
  3. Dark Day
  4. Timetrap
  5. Silence (feat Eva Stone)
  6. Lose Us All
  7. Dystopia (feat Akala)
  8. Scape
  9. Tere Khyal
  10. When I'm Gone (feat Stealth)
  11. Spirals
  12. Can't Breathe (feat Natacha Atlas)
  13. Keep The Light On (feat Joss Stone)
  14. Redshift (feat J Danna)
  15. Dimension (feat Bernhard Schimpelsberger)
Site Specific
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 in stock $12.95
Cat: KTCD 004. Rel: 14 Nov 16
  1. Wide Angle
  2. Point Of Departure
  3. Second Scene
  4. Surface Tension
  5. Verboten Fold
  6. Site Specific
  7. Northbound Sleeper
  8. Dove Trick
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