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Tiptop Audio Zeus Passive Bus Board
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 2 in stock $33.97
Cat: 595825 Rel: 25 Jan 16
Passive bus board for distributing power to synth modules
Notes: The ZEUS Passive Bus Board is used to distribute power to modules coming from either the first generation of ZEUS Powered Bus Board, uZEUS or any other power supply available from other manufacturers. The Passive Bus Board contain both standard quick fit terminals as well as screw terminal block for connecting to power. The quick fit connect are mounted on the bottom side of the bus board to provide clean wiring, while the screw terminal blocks available simultaneously upfront for the most simple and easy connection to power if needed.

Although called Passive, the ZEUS Passive Bus board can produce up to 220ma of +5V supply by its own built in regulator, giving you the confidence that a 5V supply will be there for you in case one of your new modules requires it.

NOTE: This board does not interface with Zeus Studio Bus
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Tiptop Audio Zeus Access Miniature Front Panel For Zeus Systems
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coming soon $35.61
Cat: 595820 Rel: 18 Apr 16
Links up to 3 Zeus Studio Bus boards with an external power supply
Notes: Zeus Access provides a simple, fast, and cost-effective solution for linking up to three Zeus Studio Bus boards with an external Cincon-TTA brick-style power supply. It is a tethered 4HP space-saving front panel with a long lasting high power rating On/Off switch and power socket.

It comes fully assembled and wired with 16AWG wire and plated copper terminals leads that require no additional assembly or special tools for connecting to a Zeus Studio Bus board.
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Tiptop Audio Cincon TTA Universal Power Supply For Zeus
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 1 in stock $58.43
Cat: 595830 Rel: 25 Jan 16
Universal power supply for Zeus studio bus
Notes: The TTA-Cincon is a 15VDC supply that is rated at 4.6A and can be used to power up to 3 Zeus Studio Bus boards. As 4.6A are getting spread across 3 bus boards, there are hardly any chances that you will find yourself needing more power: this is a powerful power supply.
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TC Electronic PowerPlug 12 12V Power Supply For TC Effects Pedals
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 1 in stock $18.51
Cat: 602386 Rel: 07 Mar 16
9V power supply for TC effects pedals - ships with UK, EU & US style plug adapters
Notes: AC/TC:
One of the most frequent questions we receive from our users is, "How do I make sure that I supply my TC effect pedal with the correct amount of power?" Questions surrounding Voltage and Milliamps are probably some of the most important, since too little can lead to noise, hum and unwanted tone degradation, while too much or the wrong kind of power can seriously damage your equipment.

With our new PowerPlug power supplies we've taken all the guesswork out of the equation for you, so you can be sure that your TC Electronic stompbox is only supplied with the correct amount of TC approved power every single time! So why spend time worrying about voltage? You got songs to write, gigs to play and solos to shred!
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T Rex Fuel Tank Junior 5 Way Pedal Power Supply
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 1 in stock $97.71
Cat: 581251 Rel: 20 Jul 15
Versatile, compact power supply with 5 x 9VDC isolated outputs - 115/230 volts switchable
Notes: 9V power supply with five isolated outputs and switchable 115V or 230V mains:

Fuel Tank Junior is a lean, mean power supply that will handle virtually any 9-Volt effects pedal - and then some. It features 5 isolated outputs that deliver clean, quiet power to your pedals. And it's switchable between 115 and 230V, so you can use it worldwide.

Don't let the compact size of this unit fool you - Fuel Tank Junior is a real powerhouse!
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T Rex Fuel Tank Goliath Ultimate Pedal Board Power Supply
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 1 in stock $213.08
Cat: 581254 Rel: 20 Jul 15
Versatile, durable power supply with 5 x isolated 9/12 volt DC outlets, 1 x isolated 12 volt AC outlet & 1 x isolated 18 volt DC outlet - 115/230 volts switchable
Notes: A true giant among power supplies.

With 7 isolated outlets and the ability to handle 9, 12 and 18 volt DC pedals plus a 12 volt AC box, Goliath will power almost every pedal you own - and then some. Each of Goliath's standard outlets delivers a mammoth 450 mA of 9 or12-volt power - which is enough to keep even the most demanding T-Rex pedals pumping out the tone. And on top of that, you get an 18 volt DC outlet (250mA) and a 12 volt AC outlet, that also delivers 450 mA of ferocious T-Rex power. That adds up to nearly 3000 mA of simultaneous power!
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T Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Multi Output Power Supply
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 1 in stock $140.02
Cat: 581253 Rel: 20 Jul 15
Versatile, heavy duty power supply with choice of 9V DC, 12V DC, 112V AC or 18VDC -150mA - 6 outputs in total
Notes: 4 Separate voltage controls:

Enter the new Fuel Tank Chameleon, the most versatile power supply T-Rex has ever produced. Built for players with a large number of diverse pedals, Fuel Tank Chameleon offers all the advantages of our other Fuel Tank power supplies, plus an unprecedented 4 separate voltage options.

Part of the Fueltank family:

The Fuel Tank Chameleon is only the latest addition to the T-Rex Fuel Tank family. Our original Fuel Tank Classic features 9V DC, 12V DC and 12V AC outlets in three isolated blocks of 500mA each and is ideal for medium-sized pedal boards. It comes with lots of single patch cables and a multiple link cable. The Fuel Tank "Juicy Lucy" powers 5 12V pedals and also offers great extras, like multiple unit linking. The baby of the family - Fuel Tank Junior - is a good choice for a small number of 9V pedals. It offers both current doubling to 240 mA and voltage doubling to 18V.


Placement; as far away from pedals as possible (preferable at least last in the chain close to Analog/drive pedals) in order to reduce noise interference in the signal chain.
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Samson PS10 Powerstrip 230V
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 1 in stock $87.65
Samson PS10 Powerstrip 230V (power distribution)
Cat: 486003 Rel: 01 Apr 13
1U 230VAC 10A power distribution
Notes: The Samson PS10 is a 1U rackmount power distribution unit/power conditioner built to the high standards expected from Samson. Its rugged construction makes it the perfect choice for pro audio, broadcast and PA applications where space, durability and reliability are crucial. The PS10 features 9 IEC outlets of which 8 are switched and presented on the rear panel and one unswitched on the front panel. Other features include incoming power spike and surge protection, RFI/EMI filtering and a re-settable 10 amp circuit breaker. Solid Samson build quality, great features and overall good value for money.

The Samson PowerStrip PS10 Power Conditioner provides clean, reliable power and is an essential item in any rack system. A front-panel resettable 10-amp circuit breaker protects all connected gear.
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Samson PB10 PowerBrite Power Distribution
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 2 in stock $99.23
Cat: 483441 Rel: 04 Mar 13
19" rackmount 230V 10 AMP power conditioner
Notes: The Samson PowerBrite PB10 Rackmount Power Conditioner and distribution unit. Protect your gear and organise your power distribution.

The Samson PowerBrite PB10 is a 19" rackmount power conditioner that makes the perfect addition to any rack case. The PB10 is loaded with 9 IEC outlets (8 rear and 1 front panel). The PB10 features a 10-amp circuit breaker, surge protection, peak voltage clamping and RFI/EMI filtering to provide clean, uninterrupted power. The front panel houses 2 x LED lamps with dimmer control for rack illumination. The Powerbrite PB10 also has a gooseneck lamp included for lighting the rear of your rack case.
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Faderfox Traveller Power Supply (US Plug)
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 1 in stock $35.61
Cat: 384418 Rel: 03 May 10
Notes: This edition of the Faderfox Traveller DC Adaptor has a 5V/1A power supply output, 100-240V AC input, 1.8m cord length, exchangeable US wall plug.

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Faderfox Traveller Power Supply (UK Plug)
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 1 in stock $35.61
Cat: 384414 Rel: 03 May 10
Notes: This edition of the Faderfox Traveller DC Adaptor has a 5V/1A power supply output, 100-240V AC input, 1.8m cord length, and exchangeable UK wall plug.

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Digitech PS0913DC-01 9V DC Power Supply For Effects Pedals (B-STOCK)
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 1 in stock $17.75
Cat: 570769 Rel: 22 Sep 14
B-STOCK: Box opened, product in perfect working order
Notes: *** B STOCK - Box opened, product in perfect working order ***

Current compatible products:

JamMan Delay
JamMan Stereo
Live 3
Live 5
Vocal 300

Discontinued compatible products:

Jimi Hendrix Experience-JHE
Brian May-XAS-BM
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Chord Power Supply Bank 9V & 18V For Effects Pedals
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 2 in stock $46.26
Cat: 607993 Rel: 18 Apr 16
9V and 18v power bank for powering up to 10 effects pedals (or similar) - housed in a robust ABS plastic case
Notes: A lightweight, compact power bank with 6 x 9Vdc and 4 x 18Vdc outputs for simultaneous connection of up to 10 effects pedals. 2.1mm DC sockets with negative centre polarity.
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Chord Guitar Effects Pedal Power Adapter (UK plug, 9V)
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 More than 10 in stock $5.36
Cat: 607994 Rel: 18 Apr 16
3-pin UK power adapter for various guitar effects pedals requiring 9v power
Notes: A plug-in power adaptor for powering Chord and various other brand guitar effects.
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Chord CPP1 Effects Pedal Power Supply
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 1 in stock $54.18
Chord CPP1 Effects Pedal Power Supply (effects pedal power supply)
Cat: 595066 Rel: 30 Nov 15
Compact effects pedal power supply unit for powering up to 8 effect pedals simultaneously
Notes: A lightweight, compact power supply with 7 x 9Vdc and 1 x 18Vdc outputs for simultaneous connection of up to 8 effects pedals. 2.1mm DC sockets with negative centre polarity.
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Access Virus TI Replacement External Power Supply
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 4 in stock $24.05
Cat: 527767 Rel: 21 Apr 14
UK mains 240V - 12V current converter for Access Virus TI models
Notes: New replacement power adapter for Access Virus Models that use 12vdc power supplies.

Converter block has figure-of-8 connector and converts a 240V UK mains current to 12V for compatible Access Virus TI models.
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