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Our full range of DJ equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. Guaranteed fast delivery and low prices.Visit Juno DJ

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Magma Digi Beatpack XL DJ Backpack For Controller Laptop & Accessories
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 2 in stock $122.17
Cat: 628009 Rel: 24 Apr 17
Lightweight & compact full-featured backpack designed for DJ gear - extra large
Notes: The new DIGI BEATPACK XL is a full-featured backpack that has been designed to move your DJ gear comfortably to any gig or event. Despite its ultra-low weight and compact design it offers a huge storage capacity for everything from production gear, battle mixers, to larger controllers or records. A sophisticated assortment of compartments offer thoughtful organization and quick access to your laptop, headphones, cables, and traveling accessories. The DIGI BEATPACK XL is the ideal companion for any working DJ on the go.

Perfect for the following:

- 13-17" Laptop
- Ableton Push 2
- Akai MPK-25
- Akai MPC Renaissance
- Denon MC-4000/6000
- NI Kontrol S5/S4
- NI Kontrol S2
- NI Kontrol Z2
- Numark Mixtrack Platinum
- Numark Mixtrack Pro 2
- Pioneer DDJ-SB2
- Pioneer DJM-S9
- Rane Sixty-Two/Sixty-One
- Vestax VCI-400/VCI-380
- 12" Vinyl & Zubehor
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Magma Digi DJ Backpack For 17 Inch Laptop 30 Records Interface & Accessories Or Mixer / Controller (black, red)
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 1 in stock $108.46
Cat: 409311 Rel: 01 Nov 10
Equipment bag holds a laptop up to 17", 30 records + interface + utilities or a battle mixer TTM-SL57, VCI-300 or APC-40 controller
Notes: When you have a gig multifunctionality is key when it comes to find the right gig-bag for your digital DJ-equipment. The new DIGI Backpack enables you to bring all your gear conveniently and well protected to your next gig. The spacious main compartment is equipped with a fully padded laptop compartment (up to 17") and offers additional storage for up to 30 records or a battle mixer (SL-57) or a VCI-300, APC-40 etc.

Smaller accessories like interface, headphone, carts, power supplies and cables can be stashed in the two side pockets or in the padded accessory-panel. The included accessory-panel is removable and can be stored wheter in the front or main compartment. The DIGI Backpack also has a carrying versatility using either the convenient (concealable) backpack straps, the adjustable shoulder strap or fixed with the aid of the sling to a trolley.

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Magma Digi Stashpack DJ Backpack For Laptop Small Controller & Vinyl
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 2 in stock $73.48
Cat: 622570 Rel: 03 Oct 16
Padded backpack for DJ gear and accessories
Notes: The ultra-slim DIGI STASHPACK sleekly accommodates essential DJ gear and accessories for your day to day travel needs. Equipped with a fully padded laptop sleeve up to 17", the main compartment can hold an additional stash of 12" records, books, or large file folders. The variable zippered top opening gives you an extra 5 cm when unfolded to fit small DJ-controllers such as Kontrol S2, DDJ-SB2, DDJ-WeGo, and similar-sized controllers.


- 13-17'' Laptop
- Ableton Push 2
- Denon MC-3000
- NI Maschine
- NI Kontrol Z2
- NI Kontrol X1/F1 (x2)
- NI Kontrol D2
- Pioneer DDJ-SB2
- Pioneer DDJ-SP1
- Pioneer DDJ-WeGo
- Vestax Handy Trax
- 12" Vinyl Records & Accessories
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Magma Rolltop Digital DJ Backpack III For Controller Laptop Headphones & Accessories
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 4 in stock $102.71
Cat: 583539 Rel: 10 Aug 15
Specially designed rolltop backpack designed to carry the MAGMA CTRL CASE series - with extra accessory pockets
Notes: The new Rolltop Backpack III is an extremely rugged, entirely waterproof and multi-functional backpack that is suitable for a wide variety applications. From carrying your DJ- equipment, to convenient carry-on luggage, or just as a regular daypack, the Rolltop Backpack II does it all well. Its bicycle messenger inspired design features a variable "rolltop" opening that gives you an extra 24 cm when unfolded to fit oversized gear like the Pioneer DDJ-SX, the Numark NS-6, 2-octave keyboard controllers, or even multi-effect pedals.

It also features a separate, easy accessible and waterproof-zippered laptop compartment (up to 19'') as well as two additional accessory pockets to stow smaller items as audio interface, headphones, adapters and cables.

The ergonomic, S-curved backpack straps, the well-padded cushioning panel, and the hip & chest belts, provide a high level of comfort for your spine and make it comfortable for walking and city biking.

For perfect protection of the controller also use the MAGMA CTRL CASE or a Decksaver cover.
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SubPac B1 BackPac Travel Studio Bag For S2
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 2 in stock $100.54
Cat: 638373 Rel: 03 Apr 17
Durable, double-stitched travel bag for the Sub Pac S2
Notes: Turn your SUBPAC S2 into a portable, wearable tactile audio system, while giving you ample carrying capacity for your gear. Stay immersed in your media on the go - from the studio to the street.

Constructed of durable double-stitched, water-resistant Cordura nylon with heavy-duty coil zippers, the BackPac has multiple internal compartments and an external zipper pocket to organize a variety of peripherals, a strap to hang your headphones, and sufficient space to carry a 15-in laptop with room to spare. Adjustable shoulder straps allow for a customized fit.

Simply insert your SUBPAC S2 into the BackPac's form-fitting sleeve and enjoy club-level bass on the go. With a purpose-built mounting area for your S2's control box, built-in cable management, and ample carrying capacity for your laptop and other gear, you'll be enjoying your S2 in ways you never thought possible. A backpack with bass-heavy benefits.
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UDG Ultimate Digital DJ Backpack For Laptops Up To 15.4 Inches (black & orange)
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 1 in stock $112.43
Notes: Specially designed to cater for the laptop-based generation DJ affording them maximum functionality with performance orientated style. A cleverly designed side entry compartment for a laptop up to 15.4" allows access without having to rummage through the main body of the bag. The spacious main compartment can hold an extra laptop or used for magazines/paperwork whilst in transit.

The front compartment features a detachable interface pouch and accessories organiser pocket. There are also 5 additional exterior pockets that provide storage for personal items, one of these has an earbud access point with a hinged storage pocket so that you can listen to your MP3 player whilst on the go.
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