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Overloud TH1 Custom Guitar Effects Suite
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Cat: 337207 Rel: 08 Dec 08
Virtual guitar amp simulator plug-in based on 4th-generation technology
Notes: With an ingeniously simple user interface, speed-of-light preset preview, true amp-morphing, and other revolutionary features, The TH-1 Custom Guitar Effects Suite is ready to take your guitar amp-simulation experience to new heights. Using 4th generation amp simulation research and techniques, the TH1 software delivers a warm, dynamic response for your guitar and is compatible with Mac and PC.

The 4th generation tube-emulating SLR technology morphs between 2 amplifiers, creating a virtually infinite canvas of tones. Add to that advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe technology and the ability to place and freely move up to 2 microphones for each cabinet, and you're talking about an enormous palette of sound choices.

The TH-1 effects software allows you to create your ideal sound chain in a matter of seconds. Easily add, swap, copy, or delete any kind of module from an amplifier, cabinet, or stompbox to a rack effect. The TH-1 provides at-a-glance understanding of signal flow, lightning-quick preview and search of your desired sound, and makes it easy to manage and create Banks, Sounds, and Variations for your live and studio needs. Number of modules, in any order, can be added to a SoundChain, so you can build your sound using the simplest or most complex SoundChain you like.

The next generation guitar amp simulator from Overloud has Smart Controls that map multiple parameters to a single knob or switch to make sound modification a snap. You can even use the Smart Controls to easily assign any MIDI controller for remote realtime control and live playing. There's even built-in MIDI pedalboard control.

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Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1
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