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Friday 24 June 2016
Is It All Over My Face?
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Is It All Over My Face? (heavyweight vinyl 12" repress)
Cat: WES 2015001. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Is It All Over My Face? (Kon duet mix) (8:38)
  2. Is It All Over My Face? (unreleased single female vocal version) (3:11)
  3. Is It All Over My Face? (original unreleased full length version) (11:57)
Review: Arthur Russell and Steve D'Aquisto's legendary 1980 club anthem has always been shrouded with stories when it comes to unreleased and alternative cuts. And West End have just added a whole load of fuel to the hype fire. Two versions and brand new edit: taking Arthur's original genuinely loose instrumentation and raw funk (as opposed to Levan's more famous stripped back club-ready takes that took the centre stage), both the female and male versions are here in all their extended, unreleased glory. For added measure, edit king Kon has crafted a duet cut that fuses both versions into one gloriously slack, free-flowing groove. We're all over this record.
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Ombu (12" + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: BS 1. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Ombu (Disco mix) (5:57)
  2. Ombu (Break mix) (3:33)
  3. Ombu (Zoto mix) (8:44)
Played by: Soft Rocks, Cottam, Joakim
Schatzi Vol 2
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Cat: SHTZ 02. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. A Better Basement (5:47)
  2. Somethings Gotta Give (6:50)
  3. Feed Me (8:29)
  4. Just A Commotion (6:30)
Twelve Inch Eighties: Let's Groove
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Cat: TWIN 80004. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Donna Summer - "This Time I Know It's For Real" (12" extended remix)
  2. The Pointer Sisters - "Jump (For My Love)"
  3. Earth, Wind & Fire - "Let's Groove" (Holiday version - remix)
  4. The Jacksons - "Walk Right Now" (12" John Luongo disco mix)
  5. Eddie Murphy - "Party All The Time" (special version)
  6. Odyssey - "Use It Up & Wear It Out" (12" single edit)
  7. Luther Vandross - "Never Too Much"
  8. Alexander O'Neal - "Fake 88" (12" house mix)
  9. Evelyn "Champagne" King - "Love Come Down" (12" version)
  10. The S.O.S. Band - "Take Your Time Do It Right" (12' version)
  11. Dead Or Alive - "That's The Way (I Like It)"
  12. Taylor Dayne - "Tell It To My Heart" (club mix)
  13. The Weather Girls - "It's Raining Men" (12" mix)
  14. Sinitta - "So Macho" (extended club mix)
  15. Damian - "The Time Warp 2" (brand new extended version)
  16. Liza Minnelli - "Don't Drop Bombs" (remix)
  17. S'Express - "Hey Music Lover" (Spatial Expansion mix)
  18. Coldcut - "Doctorin' The House" (feat Yazz & The Plastic Population - vocal verse)
  19. Milli Vanilli - "Baby Don't Forget My Number" (Pennsylvania Six-Five-Thousand Heart Line mix)
  20. Monyaka - "Go Deh Yaka" (club mix)
  21. Ben Liebrand - "The Eve Of The War" (Deep Space mix)
  22. Lisa Stansfield - "All Around The World" (long version)
  23. The Pasadenas - "Tribute (Right On)" (The Screaming Cat mix)
  24. Five Star - "All Fall Down" (full length version)
  25. Billy Ocean - "Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)" (extended mix)
  26. The Four Tops - "Loco In Acapulco" (PH Balance mix)
  27. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - "Conga" (dance mix)
  28. Average White Band - "Let's Go Round Again" (12" version)
  29. Aretha Franklin - "Another Night" (dance mix)
  30. Phyllis Nelson - "Move Closer" (new mix)
Twelve Inch Eighties: Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
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Cat: TWIN 80003. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. The Jacksons - "State Of Shock" (dance mix)
  2. Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" (12" dance mix)
  3. Donna Summer - "Love's About To Change My Heart" (Clivilles & Cole 12" mix)
  4. Aretha Franklin - "Freeway Of Love" (rock mix)
  5. Luther Vandross - "Stop To Love" (12" mix)
  6. Alexander O'Neal - "Hitmix" (The Official Bootleg megamix)
  7. S.O.S. Band - "Just The Way You Like It" (long mix)
  8. Samantha Fox - "Touch Me (I Want Your Body)"
  9. Roachford - "Cuddly Toy" (extended mix)
  10. Deacon Blue - "Dignity" (extended version)
  11. Bonnie Tyler - "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"
  12. Starship - "We Built This City" (club mix)
  13. Daryl Hall & John Oates - "Out Of Touch" (club version)
  14. Mr. Mister - "Kyrie"
  15. Survivor - "Eye Of The Tiger" (extended european version)
  16. Kenny Loggins - "Playing With The Boys" (12" version)
  17. Rick Springfield - "Human Touch" (extended mix)
  18. The Bangles - "Hazy Shade Of Winter" (Purple Haze mix - clean version)
  19. Cyndi Lauper - "She Bop" (dance mix)
  20. Belinda Carlisle - "Circle In The Sand" (Beach Party mix)
  21. Bow Wow Wow - "Go Wild In The Country" (12" version)
  22. Altered Images - "See Those Eyes" (dance mix)
  23. Japan - "Life In Tokyo" (12" extended version)
  24. A Flock Of Seagulls - "Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)" (extended version)
  25. Thompson Twins - "We Are Detective"
  26. King - "Alone Without You" (Scorcher mix)
  27. Spandau Ballet - "Fight For Ourselves" (extended remix)
  28. Big Audio Dynamite - "Medicine Show" (12" remix)
  29. Prefab Sprout - "Hey Manhattan!" (JFK version)
  30. Daryl Hall - "Dreamtime" (extended remix version)
The Best Of Disco Demands Part 2: A Special Collection Of Rare 1970s Dance Music
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Cat: BBE 173CLP2. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Hot Ice - "Dancing Free"
  2. Al Tanner - "Doing Our Own Thang"
  3. Arthur King - "Fear"
  4. Superbs - "Party Together"
  5. Curtis - "How Can I Tell Her"
  6. Cheryl Berdell - "Giving It All To You"
  7. Sylvano Santorio - "We've Got It"
  8. Stringfield Family - "Sound Of Disco Rock"
Thursday 23 June 2016
Mr PC Versions Vol 1
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Mr PC Versions Vol 1 (limited hand-numbered hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MRPC 001. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Stanley Dancer (7:56)
  2. Jaco Disco (7:16)
Sweet Love
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Sweet Love (7" repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: ATH 025. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Sweet Love (2:53)
  2. Reason For The Reason (3:01)
Review: Criminally under-prolific soul man SJJ only ever released one album - My Music in 1978 - but his legacy and influence remains strong and the album enjoyed a re-release as recently as 2014. Neither, however, have either of these highlights been pressed to 45 until now. "Sweet Love" is a deliciously funky slice with a rampant slap bass and juicy Rhodes while "Reason For The Reason" charges with more of a spiritual edge as it breaks down into beautiful gospel-level vocals. There are no reasons for sleeping on this...
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Nous Savons Tout
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Nous Savons Tout (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 124 . Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Nous Savons Tout (5:36)
  2. Melodie Moderne (5:45)
Review: Those in the know regard Space Art as one of French electronic music's most under-appreciated acts. Active between 1978 and '81, Synthesizer obsessive Dominique Perrier and drummer Roger Rizzitelli were famed for releasing killer chunks of "cosmic pop", before performing them live wearing specially made silver space suits. "Nous Savons Tout", which was recorded and released in 1981, remains one of their most potent singles. Creepy, strange, hypnotic and undeniably cosmic, Perrier's trippy synth parts seemingly rise and fall over Rizzitelli's metronomic, proto-techno drums. Flipside "Melodie Moderne" has an altogether different feel, coming on like a pitched-down, cosmic disco take on the artier side of 1970s progressive rock.
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Walking Groove
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Walking Groove (hand-numbered 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ICP 273. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Walking Groove (9:46)
  2. Don't Let The System Get You Down (7:51)
Rocksteady Disco Allstars Vol 1
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Rocksteady Disco Allstars Vol 1 (limited hand-numbered 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: RSD 003. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Pontchartrain - "Rock Your Baby" (7:13)
  2. Lafleur - "1-1" (Peter Croces High & Tight edit) (6:51)
  3. G2S - "Rinky Dink" (5:38)
  4. Pontchartrain - "Gone Home" (7:25)
Wednesday 22 June 2016
Volume 1
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Volume 1 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: JNE 01. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Disco All The Way (5:26)
  2. I Will Not Love Anymore (5:08)
Played by: Phil Gerus
Chicago Party Theme
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Cat: ES 046. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Chicago Party Theme (3:26)
  2. Chicago Party Theme (instrumental) (3:22)
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Rush (7")
Cat: ES 047. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Rush (4:24)
  2. You Bring Me Up (4:33)
Diggin' Disco Deep #3
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Diggin' Disco Deep #3 (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: DDD 003PT1. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Cassara - "Ultra" (promo) (8:01)
  2. Vinyladdicted - "This Song" (7:14)
  3. Loz Goddard - "In Principle" (5:53)
  4. Mystep - "Get Over" (6:17)
Review: For anyone who missed out on the RSD 3LP release from Diggin' Deep Disco, cast your frustration aside as the label have elected to reissue that hefty selection of edits over three 12" samplers. Part One here - pressed on yellow vinyl no less - scopes out the contributions from Cassara, Loz Goddard, Vinyl Addicted and Mystep. Of the four it is still the latter's subtle Moodymannisms on the twilight house strut of "Get Over" that makes the biggest impression.
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Chicago Edits
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Chicago Edits (red vinyl 12")
Cat: BUG 002. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Red Line Mainline (6:22)
  2. Red Line Pipeline (6:01)
Sam Records Extended Play 2
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  1. Gary's Gang - "Keep On Dancing" (Todd Terje remix)
  2. Komiko - "Feel Alright" (Bonar Bradberry edit)
  3. Gary's Gang - "Let's Lovedance Tonight" (Jacques Renault edit)
  4. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "Stay With Me" (Andy Ash edit)
Get Dancin'
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Get Dancin' (limited 12")
Cat: KKS 006. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Get Dancin (5:49)
  2. Give It Up (6:45)
  3. Xpresso (6:27)
Satin Kimono
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Cat: UC 008. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Satin Kimono (6:45)
  2. Make It Happen (5:31)
  3. Honey It's You (4:50)
  4. Larceny Dub (7:18)
Summertime Groovin
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Summertime Groovin (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: MMV 005. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Summertime Groove (8:28)
  2. Holding On (5:17)
  3. I Didn't Take (7:13)
  4. Whatcha Doin (5:57)
Thnk U
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Thnk U (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: STAMP 007. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Thnk U (9:02)
  2. Ablett (6:51)
Review: From Newcastle to Berlin via Mexico, Man Power is a man on a mission to spread the gospel of house music and he makes quite the declaration on new edit label Stamp. On the A side he takes the razor to Alicia Myer's "I Want To Thank You" keeping that filter down low until he brings the power in with glorious fashion. On the flip "Ablett" sounds like classic DJ Gregory with its soulful broken beat supporting some gorgeous and emotive elements but we're still guessing who he edits on this one. Wicked stuff from this great edits imprint yet again following some nice ones by Swazyak and more.
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Cosmic Morphology
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Cat: PRD 01. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Orbit Of Nibiru (intro) (2:59)
  2. Shadows Of Nephtys (1:43)
  3. Timat's Paths (1:19)
  4. 2MW Themis (The Solar Power Plant) (2:09)
  5. Ningal Moon Goddess (1:36)
  6. Duodecimo Planeta (3:38)
  7. Pole Of The North Ecliptic (Draco) (2:44)
  8. Kigal First Dimension (2:08)
  9. Kigal Second Dimension (3:33)
  10. Miranda Cryovolconoes (1:59)
  11. Crab Interluda (0:14)
  12. Meditation On The Icey Mountains Of Charon (0:59)
  13. Dysomnia Lunar Noises (1:07)
  14. Dysomnia Dead-End Chaos (1:57)
  15. Rings Around Anshar (1:03)
  16. Pole Of The South Ecliptic (Dorado) (3:02)
  17. Comets Across Kingu (2:03)
  18. Ancient Symbols From Tethys (3:54)
  19. Mummu Ascension (1:16)
  20. Niribuan Alphabeta (outro) (0:07)
Played by: DJ Ermi
Review: Periodica is a new label from Italian collective Early Sounds Recordings which by their own description will represent their "freaky side," or in essence a platform for more esoteric fare from the likes of Mystic Jungle Tribe and The Normalmen. After a few cassette releases, Periodica presents a debut vinyl transmission from Whodamanny of Mystic Jungle Tribe called Cosmic Morphology. The meandering nature of the LP is in fact a tribute to the Casio CZ-101 synthesiser, comprised of skits, sketches, noodles and occasional grooves sandwiched together across nineteen tracks. It's a pretty wonky ride as you would expect, but it's equally rich in wonderful sounds coaxed from the much-loved synthesiser. Killer stuff as ever from the Early Sounds crew!!!
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Tuesday 21 June 2016
Unlimited Love #1
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Unlimited Love #1 (12" repress)
Cat: UNLTD 1. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Myth Micheals - "Push It" (4:33)
  2. Pop Corn - "Song For You" (4:31)
  3. Arthur King - "Fear" (5:57)
  4. Santth - "Disco Soul" (4:32)
Digger's Workouts Part 1
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Cat: FINGERLP 001. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Fula Flute (6:45)
  2. Fula Flute (Esa & Santuri live mix) (6:10)
  3. Amazigh (10:08)
  4. In The Mood For Deepness (5:39)
Review: Since debuting on the Highlife Edits series, Swiss digger collective Alma Negra have really blossomed, with their fusionist dancefloor style developing across further 12"s for that aforementioned label as well as Sofrito and Basic Fingers. The Diggers Workout Part 1 sees the quartet return to the Basic Fingers fold with a fresh four-track grip of goodness to satisfy the appetites of DJs everywhere. Presumably the onset of an ongoing series for Basic Finger, Part 1 sees three Alma Negra originals further complemented by a remix from Highlife pal Esa. Of the originals, the rather lush beat down of "Fala Flute" really stands out, with Esa teasing out a whole new sound on his subsequent 'live' remix with Santuri. Great 12".
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The Best Of Disco Demands Part 1: A Special Collection Of Rare 1970s Dance Music
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Cat: BBE 173CLP1. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Arts & Crafts - "I've Been Searching"
  2. Executive Suite - "Why In The World Do They Keep On (Funk'in With me)"
  3. Sizzle - "Love Is All Around"
  4. Silver, Platinum & Gold - "Just Friends"
  5. Jimmy Sabater - "To Be With You"
  6. The People's Workshop - "Funkathone"
  7. Allan Harris & Perpetual Motion - "Get Ready"
  8. Panache - "Sweet Jazz Music"
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Squalo (CD)
Cat: SLOMOCD 001. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Intro
  2. Raw Disco
  3. Goodnight Mr Bailey
  4. Squalo
  5. Artista Maledetto
  6. Funkly I Need A Break
  7. Gioco
  8. Trouble On The Audi
  9. Rflux (part II)
  10. Siluro Slows Down
  11. Unshaved
  12. Don't Stop Tryin'
Disco Love 2: More Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered
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Cat: BBE 172CLP. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Plazza Suite - "Joey's Tune"
  2. Sandy Barber - "I Think I'll Do Some Stepping On My Own"
  3. Bill Avery - "Disco Fever" (re-edit)
  4. Spooky & Sue - "I've Got The Need"
  5. Vessie Simmons - "I Can Make It On My Own"
  6. Scarbrough - "Make Love To You"
  7. The J's - "When Did You Stop"
  8. Larry Brown - "Breaking Training" (parts 1 & 2)
Review: In recent years we've become accustomed to disco compilations appearing at a furious rate. While many of these compilations are undoubtedly worthy of attention, the volume of releases can sometimes be bewildering. This eight track selection from Al Kent, the second in his Disco Love series, ticks all the right boxes, however. Even by the highest crate digging standards, these tracks are pretty obscure; many won't have had much of an airing since their original release. Those into the rich, soulful side of disco - that brand of string-laden dancefloor material most associated with the Philadelphia International label and studio -will find much to enjoy. Perhaps the most noteworthy is Scarborough's delightfully sweet "Make Love To You", an epic of biblical proportions that lasts longer than most drunken one night stands. See also Valerie Simmons' super sweet "I Can't Make It On My Own" and the rousing orchestral manoeuvres of "I've Got The Need". This luxurious gatefold double album also comes replete with extensive track notes from compiler Al Kent.
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Earthrising (deluxe LP)
Cat: FVR 114LP. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Cosmic Awakening (4:41)
  2. Lovestruck (4:31)
  3. Purple Galaxy (4:38)
  4. Earth Boogie (3:42)
  5. Togetherness (5:38)
  6. At The Flamingo Inn (6:42)
  7. The Third Eye (4:43)
Monday 20 June 2016
Trinidad Island Funk vs Archway Riviera
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Trinidad Island Funk vs Archway Riviera (limited hand-numbered dinked 7" in Juno exclusive hand stamped Kraft paper sleeve & branded card sleeve + sticker + insert)
Cat: MUKAT 046DINKED. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Mavis John - "Use My Body" (Nik Weston official exclusive edit)
  2. Guy Benton & Nik Weston - "Riviera Jam" (Tropical Storm Steel Panapella mix)
Review: 1980's "Use My Body" by Mavis John is a highly coveted piece of exotic funk, the sort of tune your eyeballs pop out to when you find it in a second-hand bin in some dark basement. However, we live in the real world and that stuff doesn't happen; what does happen is the Mukatsuku label saving you the trouble and reissuing it. Label boss Nik Weston gives his own edit of the tune here, and the London jazz-dance veteran transforms an already wonderful piece of soulful dance into an even more powerful DJ weapon - it's an absolute stunner and you can tell why the original is so pricey. On the B-side, Weston teams up with Guy Benton for a steel-pan excursion called "Riviera Jam (Tropical Storm Steel Panpella mix)", a superb addition to this beast of a 7".
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Porn Wax 11
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Porn Wax 11 (limited hand-stamped & numbered pink marbled vinyl 10")
Cat: PW 11. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Towersound
  2. Man From The South
Played by: Jex Opolis
Review: "400, 10" marbled pink, hand stamped, individually numbered records, single press only."
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Robot Jam
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Robot Jam (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 022. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Robot Jam (part 1) (6:43)
  2. Robot Jam (part 2) (5:29)
  3. Robot Jam (Nick The Record & Dan Tyler rerub) (8:24)
Review: REPRESS ALERT! If you read interviews with Stuart Leath, you'll probably be aware of the amount of work he was put into tracking down Trinidadian husband-and-wife team Carl and Carol Jacobs. Some 24 months later, the fruits of his efforts have materialized in this superb reissue of their obscure (and ludicrously hard to find) 1986 electro-calypso gem "Robot Jam". It's one of those records that shouldn't work - it's effectively a fusion of replayed and re-sung bits from records by Santana, Rock Master Scott and Rappin' Duke - but still sounds brilliantly futuristic nearly 30 years after its' initial release. The two-part original is joined on the flip by a brilliantly fitting, echo-laden "re-rub" from Nick The Record and Dan Tyler, better known as one half of the Idjut Boys.
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Homeless (140 gram vinyl 10" + insert limited to 100 copies)
Cat: DCKBA 001. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. No Return To The Jive
  2. Homeless
Review: Scott Young's most powerful and personal (he was actually homeless at the time of recording the title track in Berlin) effort to date. No return to the Jive disintegrates a familiar groove into digital detritus, burning down the house (genre) in the process. Homeless' disco dub is mutant and sticky, and already a hit at the best kitchen after parties. Hobo Art by Capablanca & Young. Weirdo magick.
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Criticize (12")
Cat: KGS 12087. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Criticize (7:04)
  2. His Hat Was His Home (6:46)
Review: Released on DJ Ionik's Kojak Giant Sounds label back in early 2011, Criticise is the 12" that introduced Sam Watts - aka Maxxi Soundsystem - to the wider world, with the Brighton-based producer and DJ going on to work with a real cross section of labels. Hypercolour, Ellum Audio, Moda Black and Culprit all seeking out some Maxxual satisfaction. Kojak Giant Sounds have answered the call for a re-edition of the Alexander O'Neal tweaking hit which sees the 1987 classic get twisted into a filthy stretched out jack-a-thon. On the flip "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" gets a quirky vocoder makeover complete with hi-NRG arpeggiated bassline. Both are still total party starters.
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Future Society
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Future Society (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: R2LP 027. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Clark & The Community - "Jesus & The Stormtroopers" (1:52)
  2. Colm K - "Dream" (3:56)
  3. Cave Circles - "Living With Everyone" (4:02)
  4. Ugly Disco - "Nutz" (5:29)
  5. OCnotes - "My Religion" (3:08)
  6. Sassy Black - "Present (Said I Really Want You Babe)" (2:45)
  7. Cervo - "Oshala" (6:46)
  8. Jonna & Samwell - "Alright" (feat Erik Rico) (5:21)
  9. Perlair - "Dance With Me" (feat Sharka) (6:12)
  10. I, CED - "Forever" (5:14)
Review: The past few years have seen Seven Davis Jr firmly grip his second chance at music with both hands, his signature to Ninja Tune for a debut album coming after working with the likes of Izwid, Apron and Classic. With his forward-thinking brand of modern electronic soul now firmly established, the US musician is given the intriguing chance to compile Future Society, a collection of tracks from some of his favourite new, unsung and like-minded forward thinking artists to highlight the talent he has encountered on his travels. Shouts to UK label R2 for giving Davis Jr the platform to express himself, with the producer calling on artists from New Zealand, U.S.A., U.K. and Switzerland to provide mostly exclusive and unreleased tracks spanning electronic, soul and house tracks with a pioneering spirit.
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