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Stay (12" repress)
Cat: DINER 002. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Stay (8:18)
  2. Venus Requiem (5:56)
Review: Having previously impressed on Argot and Home Taping Is Killing Music with her blends of evocative deep house and floor-friendly Chicago rhythms, The Black Madonna tries a different approach on this debut for the recently launched Night Owl Diner label. You could certainly describe both tracks as "Balearic", and there's a real air of wide-eyed positivity about the tumbling melodies, swirling synth-strings and mid-80s pop production of head-nodding deep house cut "Stay". It's pretty darn tasty, all told. Almost as good is "Requiem", which appears to be built around a loop lifted from Cherrelle and Alexander O'Neal's "Saturday Love" (with, of course, additional synths and tuneful electronics).
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Gimme Love
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Gimme Love (limited 12")
Cat: BSTX 014. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Gimme Love (long version)
  2. Gimme Love (Italian version)
Review: This week Best Italy take their reissue romp of Roman rarities down to the infamous Rimini discotheque Cellophane. Crafted as a tribute to the 80s club, "Gimme Love" is an absolute gem of an Italo record, pitched at the more subtle end of the spectrum without ditching the hallmarks of the style. The bass arpeggio still thrums with purpose and the vocals revel in a bath of vocoder processing, but the camp histrionics are replaced here with a more measured delivery that should go down a storm in all kinds of different sets. As well as the original version on the A, the B-side features the Italian version of the track.
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Cool Ranch Vol 2
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 in stock $15.62
Cool Ranch Vol 2 (limited hand-stapmed 12")
Cat: RANCH 002. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Can't Get Me Down (5:38)
  2. Nothing (5:30)
  3. Can't Get Me Down (Duke Slammer dub) (5:25)
  4. Nothing (Eli Escobar remix) (6:04)
Played by: Jimpster
Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 3-2
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 in stock $26.49
Unofficial Edits Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes Part 3-2 (hand-stamped 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CIRCUITTLPSAMPLER 3-2. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Hi Jack (3:25)
  2. Craft (7:02)
  3. Barimbo (4:45)
  4. Enlightenment Burning Flame (5:54)
It's A Dedication
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 in stock $25.48
Cat: JSV 188. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. It's A Dedication (7:40)
  2. It's A Dedication (instrumental) (7:41)
  3. Night People (6:56)
  4. Night People (instrumental) (7:01)
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 in stock $10.86
Discover (12")
Cat: YSD 85. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Discover (5:37)
  2. Discover (Nick Holder remix) (6:12)
  3. Discover (Kaytronik Treasure dub) (6:24)
  4. Discover (N'Dinga Gaba remix) (6:08)
Boogie Down EP
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 in stock $14.61
Cat: BBR 012. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Boogie Down (4:53)
  2. Streets Of San Diego (3:24)
Save Your Sole/Domino Boogie
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 in stock $20.04
Cat: AIP 001. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. J Sole - "Save Your Sole" (4:05)
  2. J Boogie - "Domino Boogie" (3:57)
Review: Evo and Soulstice's brand new label Adventures In Paradise launches with the sweet funk grandeur you'd expect. J Sole takes us many feet high and rising with a sermon from the book of Troubleman, warming our souls and saving our soles with every precision tweaked modification. Flip to the B for longstanding groove bastion, editor and all-round G J Boogie. Here altitude is maintained by Byrd power as another stone cold boogie funk classic is give the perfect amount of dancefloor oomph. Happy landings.
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Cherry's Revenge
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 in stock $10.86
Cat: HXT 015. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Cherry's Revenge (6:09)
  2. Cheating Chester (6:15)
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 in stock $10.86
  1. Chameleon (9:48)
  2. Chameleon (dub) (9:11)
Review: Rich warm disco funk from two of Big Box's rising talents. Franz provides the perfect bed; a lolloping groove that sits just as happily in disc as it does house thanks to its driving beat, running fretless bassline and high-parped horns while Baskerville coats it boldly with molten harmonies and backs it up with a detailed pattern of thoughts and concerns in differently textured vocal elements. Complete with a full instrumentation that really brings out the warmth and soul in the keys, this ticks so many (big) boxes it's unreal.
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Vol 10
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 in stock $14.93
Vol 10 (10")
Cat: RSWING 010. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Vox Repeat (6:23)
  2. Goodnight (3:19)
  3. West (3:58)
  4. Black Safari (America Giovane) (3:27)
Inside Us
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 in stock $20.72
Inside Us (purple vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: W 03. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. The Dark Cave (4:30)
  2. Christmas With A Stranger (5:54)
  3. Deep Into The Night (3:32)
  4. Inside Us (6:31)
  5. Neo-Noir Love (4:41)
  6. We Are Over (end title) (5:40)
Played by: Tagwell Woods
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 in stock $11.89
Bye (12")
Cat: LOTR 016. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Bye (6:55)
  2. High Hopes (7:09)
  3. Back & Forth (7:26)
Review: Omer joins the Love On The Rocks family with a massive underground smash. There's the secret rework with its hands in the air hysteria that's clocked up more than a few plays in clubs from Robert Johnson to Panorama Bar. Finding just enough room for another huge jam to share on the same side, Omer moves effortlessly into late night melancholic territory with "High Hopes" leading in with snapping percussion before giving way to a fierce bassline, swirling layers of melody and synths that resonate with warmth and emotion. Rounding out proceedings is "Back and Forth" which pulses with electric energy; quickly pulling you into its distinctly neon/after dark atmospherics. With a foreboding hook that twists around itself amid spiralling tension and on into euphoria.
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Played by: Joe Morris, PRECIOUS K
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 in stock $10.86
BLTRS 05 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BLTRS 05. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Slam Jam (5:10)
  2. Tromm (6:10)
  3. 115 (5:54)
  4. Ding (6:21)
Compilation 05 Sampler 2
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 in stock $11.89
  1. Red Axes - "Earth Core" (6:55)
  2. Fort Romeau - "Over Water" (7:06)
  3. Colli Alban - "Walking In The Night" (6:33)
  4. Javi Redondo - "Heroin" (8:37)
Review: Ms Cardini presents four more fabulous excursions in indie dance music, courtesy of her always reliable house of Correspondant. Following up the first volume which had some highly valued contributions courtesy of Khidja and Jonathan Kusuma, the second edition features hot Tel Aviv duo Red Axes with the dark disco odyssey of "Earth Core" and Fort Romeau's surprising appearance on the A side. The flip showcases the fresh sound of Colli Alban firstly. His track "Walking In The Night" is a real highlight, where he serves up some darkwave slo-mo trance. Finally label staple Javi Redondo impresses as always on the dreamy and hypnotising groove of "Heroin" channelling the majestic vibe of fellow Cologne label Kompakt.
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Same Speed Sambas 2
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 in stock $12.21
Same Speed Sambas 2 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SASP 002. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Samba Operator (Same Speed edit) (5:57)
  2. Numero Dois (Shit Samba) (Same Speed edit) (5:47)
Review: Last year, we were rather impressed by the first 12" in the Same Speed Edits series. While the re-edits themselves were impressive, it was the obscurity of the South American source material that excited us. This follow-up sees the mystery editor take his or her scalpel to a pair of vintage samba-disco delights. We're particularly enjoying the rising jazz-funk synths, Azymuth style keys and rolling samba-disco grooves of sun-kissed opener "Samba Operator", though "Numero Dois (Shit Samba)" is, if anything, even better. With tactile Rhodes solos and hazy, freestyle vocals catching the ear, it's a pleasingly Balearic rework that certainly ticks all the right boxes.
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 in stock $17.32
Cat: RHRSS 23. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Bayanyonyoba (5:44)
  2. Don't Judge Me Bad (3:17)
Review: The latest volume in Rush Hour's Special Series focuses on the work of legendary - if under-appreciated - South African artist Senyaka Kekana, whose 1980s and early '90s output remains a firm favourite of open-minded crate-diggers. The EP brings together two tracks from impossible-to-find albums on 12" for the first time. On the A-side you'll find "Bayanyoyoba", a warm and rolling, chant-laden, mid-tempo deep house cut which originally featured on the artist's cassette-only 1993 set Ma-Gents. Arguably even better - and that's saying something - is flipside cut, "Don't Judge Me Bad", a 1987 soul cut that draws influence from boogie, AOR rock and jazz-funk. Both tracks are superb and well worth heavy rotation.
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 in stock $10.19
Lulu (12")
Cat: CPT 4961. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Lulu (7:14)
  2. Lulu (Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi remix) (6:07)
  3. Lulu (Siren remix) (6:38)
  4. Paradise (Siren remix) (8:07)
Invitation Only (reissue)
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 in stock $15.29
Invitation Only (reissue) (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: RR 1954 COLOUR. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Invitation Only (vocal) (5:59)
  2. Quick (3:20)
  3. Invitation Only (instrumental) (6:48)
Jungelknugen (remixes)
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 in stock $12.91
Jungelknugen (remixes) (12" repress)
Cat: OLS 017. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Jungelknugen (Four Tet remix) (7:49)
  2. Jungelknugen (Prins Thomas remix) (8:59)
Review: Todd Terje has yet to release the original version of "Jungelknugen", but he's decided to release these remixes anyway. It makes sense: as you'd expect, both are top notch. Four Tet handles the A-side, delivering a version rich in Italian dream house style pianos, swirling synthesizer chords, jazzy musical touches, analogue bass and the kind of live-and-loose beats that the veteran prodicer has become famous for. It even boasts a rush-inducing breakdown for those 6AM "Scandolearic" moments. On the flip, Terje's old pal Prins Thomas takes the track in a different direction, fusing Terje's piano motifs with bleep style sub-bass, psychedelic electronics, and some swinging disco beats of his own.
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It's The Arps EP
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 in stock $12.91
It's The Arps EP (12" repress)
Cat: OLS 001. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Inspector Norse (6:40)
  2. Myggsommer (3:23)
  3. Swing Star (part 1) (4:19)
  4. Swing Star (part 2) (6:44)
Review: Given that Todd Terje's first original material in some five years resulted in one of last year's highlights with the Running Back released Ragysh, it's natural he would want to leave some space before following up. The first of a series of EPs crafted from using one bit of vintage gear in particular, It's The Arps sees Terje dabble with the intricacies of the Arp 2600 analogue synthesizer as well as pay homage to his favourite Monty Python sketch. This is just as nerdy as you'd expect from a man who recently launched a website with the specific intention of exploring the obsessive studio nature of his contemporaries. The aforementioned "Inspector Norse" is an obvious highlight here, slowly unfurling gorgeous layers of playful synthesis that grapple the simplistic drums with flirtatious delight. Naturally for someone who spends most weekends of the year in a nightclub, Terje demonstrates a real prowess for building up the track, teasing your senses once before unleashing the mid point monstrous moment. It makes for another signature track from Terje which is likely to engender a rapturous reception for many months to come. Alongside it, "Myggsommer" provides a brief, twee interlude into oddball sci fi soundscapes which again prove to highlight the Arp 2600's capacity for inventive and idiosyncratic sounds. From here Terje unveils a two part skywards saunter through "Swing Star" showcasing a more dextrous manipulation of the Arp 2600's melodies across the markedly more rhythmic upbeat first part and expansive luxurious cosmic subsequent endeavour. Whilst "Inspector Norse" is guaranteed to be the one track from this release you will hear in the international discotheques, the remainder of It's The Arps serves as a excellent reminder of Terje's ever growing talent as a producer.
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Africano (reissue)
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 in stock $20.37
Africano (reissue) (12" with obi-strip)
Cat: GET 1200212. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Africano (4:45)
  2. Why Can't We Live Together (3:33)
Review: Timmy Thomas, sometimes known as The Magician, frequently regarded as one of the most sampled men beyond the Brown franchise, he's been referenced by everyone from Drake to Dilla to MC Hammer. Here we find two of his most well known cuts, both taken from his 1972 album, Why Can't We Live Together. There's a wry cosmic sheen weaving and shimmering in the background of the soaking wet Afrofunk groove of "Africano" while the keys of "Why Can't We Live Together" instantly hit with a soul you've heard, felt and loved in so many contexts. Certified classic.
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Body Body Love
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Body Body Love (limited 12")
Cat: BSTX 019. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Body, Body Love (Disco version)
  2. Please Touch Me
  3. Sleep
Review: Billy Woost may not have released much music back in his heyday around 1977, but the one album he did put together was enough to secure a place in the crosshairs of the consummate Italian groove archivists, Best Italy. Picking up the finest jams from Woost's back catalogue, we're presented with a three tracker dripping with classic disco charm. "Body, Body Love" comes in a previously unreleased disco form that cruises at an easy pace but packs plenty of punch, while "Please Touch Me" edges the intensity up with a steamy set of strings, brass and vocals. "Sleep" meanwhile taps into a Blockheads kind of funk, bright and bouncy and just a little left of centre, which of course makes it all the more special.
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Obatala (reissue)
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 in stock $29.21
Cat: EVERLAND 004. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. April (3:55)
  2. In & Out of love (3:58)
  3. Shades Of September (5:13)
  4. Disco Party (4:35)
  5. Funk A Fried (6:35)
  6. Tight Rope (4:17)
  7. Work It Out (4:11)
Best Kept Secret
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 in stock $26.15
Cat: AOTNLP 012. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Get On Up & Get Freaky (5:07)
  2. Love Like This (4:21)
  3. I'd Like To Take A Shot (4:41)
  4. The Way We Live (6:13)
  5. Will You Be There (5:56)
  6. Come & Join Us (3:31)
  7. Let Go (4:32)
  8. We're Gonna Be Together (5:04)
  9. Do You Know What You Feel (3:27)
Baby It's Me (reissue)
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 in stock $25.80
Baby It's Me (reissue) (limited pink vinyl LP)
Cat: 370047 7827052. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Gettin' Ready For Love (2:43)
  2. You Got It (3:53)
  3. Baby It's Me (3:15)
  4. Too Shy To Say (3:15)
  5. Your Love Is So Good For Me (4:12)
  6. Top Of The World (3:03)
  7. All Night Lover (3:30)
  8. Confide In Me (3:35)
  9. The Same Love That Made Me Laugh (3:54)
  10. Come In From The Rain (3:57)
Crown Ruler Sound
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 in stock $26.15
Crown Ruler Sound (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: STKLP 002. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Ezy & Isaac - "Let Your Body Move (Oba Balu Balu)" (4:07)
  2. Stimela - "I Love You" (6:53)
  3. Kosmik 3 - "I'm Gonna Pack" (Jeremy Spellacey edit) (4:09)
  4. Mike Fabulous - "Wang East" (instrumental) (4:01)
  5. Feladey - "Forest Music (Anambra Na-imo)" (5:51)
  6. Larry Maluma & Kalimba - "Kamusale" (4:14)
  7. Acayouman - "Funk Around" (6:19)
  8. JK Mandengue - "Afrika" (3:22)
  9. The Staple Singers - "Slippery People" (club version) (6:31)
  10. Brother Resistance - "Can I Get A Witness" (5:56)
  11. Legacy - "Monday Blues" (4:02)
  12. La Banda De Martin - "Mi Dueno" (3:29)
  13. Devon Russell - "Move On Up" (3:53)
  14. Costa & Chyps - "Detroit City Cats" (instrumental long version) (7:30)
  15. Wilfred Percussion - "Andei" (3:01)
Review: Crown Ruler Records co-founder Jeremy Spellacey is highly regarded within the crate-digging community, primarily for his ability to sniff out copies of obscure - but, naturally, high quality - boogie-era disco records from Africa and the Caribbean. On this fine compilation, Spacetalk has offered the New Zealander the opportunity to showcase some of those finds, alongside a smattering of better-known favourites and more recent cuts (see Mike Fabulous's overlooked modern boogie gem "Wang East"). Predictably, Spellacey has delivered the goods, serving up humid, exotic and loved-up gems galore, including the fluttering brilliance of Stimela's "I Love You", the marimba-laden Balearic boogie of Feladey's "Forest Music" and Devon Russell's impeccable reggae-soul cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Move on Up".
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On The Rocks
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 in stock $10.86
Cat: PPU 080CD. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. If You Want Me
  2. You're Exactly
  3. Hypnotized
  4. Best Of My Love
  5. Mystical Lady
  6. Walk With Me
  7. Togetherness
  8. Baby Talk
  9. Sometimes
Disco Giants Volume 13: 20 Full Length Disco Classics Of The 80s
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 in stock $20.77
Cat: PTG 34229. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. George Duke - "Reach Out"
  2. Jeff Lorber - "Step By Step" (feat Audrey Wheeler - extended remix)
  3. Kenny G - "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)" (extended mix)
  4. Jody Watley - "Some Kind Of Lover" (12" extended version)
  5. Klique - "Love's Dance" (12" version)
  6. Teddy Pendergrass - "Joy"
  7. Mystic Merlin - "Sixty Thrills A Minute"
  8. Loose Ends - "Hangin' On A String (Contemplating)"
  9. High Fashion - "Break Up"
  10. SOS Band - "No One's Gonna Love You" (Special long version)
  11. La La - "(If You) Love Me Just A Little" (12" version)
  12. Melba Moore & Kashif - "Love The One (I'm With)"
  13. Midnight Star - "Freak-A-Zoid"
  14. Gwen Guthrie - "Seventh Heaven" (Larry Levan remix)
  15. Maze - "Too Many Games" (feat Frankie Beverly)
  16. Instant Funk - "(Just Because) You'll Be Mine"
  17. Serious Intention - "Serious"
  18. Booker Newberry III - "Love Town"
  19. Carrie Lucas - "Show Me Where You're Coming From"
  20. Rhonda Clark - "State Of Attraction" (12" version)
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