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Nothing Is Certain
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Cat: NONPLUSCD 001. Rel: 12 Jul 10
  1. Midnight
  2. Absent Mind
  3. Fade Away Seasons (feat Consequence)
  4. Lost For Words
  5. The Depths
  6. Textura
  7. Losing You
  8. The Ubiquity Incident
  9. Yatta
  10. Matter Of Time
  11. Opus (feat Vaccine)
  12. Conversations
  13. Microsia
Biophilia Remixes Part 4
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Cat: 1143 TP12H. Rel: 28 May 12
  1. Thunderbolt (Current Value remix)
  2. Hollow (Current Value remix)
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Totem (CD)
Cat: BFCD 029. Rel: 04 Jun 12
  1. Windcurve
  2. Owl
  3. Howl
  4. Seahorse
  5. Hummingbird
  6. Footless
  7. Invisibly Ours
  8. Object Mob
  9. Invisibility Cage
  10. Raiz
  11. Totem
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Push (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: FGR 112. Rel: 16 Mar 15
  1. Push (original mix) (3:30)
  2. Push (DallasK remix) (4:51)
  3. Push (Ganz remix) (4:45)
  4. Push (Shash'U Pwrfnk remix) (3:14)
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Siege (12")
Cat: LOC 026. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Siege 1 (3:29)
  2. 10 Missed Calls (2:45)
  3. Time Command (4:37)
  4. Siege 2 (4:14)
Review: Woof! Local Action home in one the end of 2015 and the hotness doesn't look like stopping any time soon. Tom Lea has only gone and sweet talked T Williams into returning to his grime alias Dread D for the first time in almost a decade. As Dread D, Tesafa Williams pushed buttons on numerous grime classics for the Black Ops label including "Invasion". He has of course gone onto house music greatness as T Williams, but a return to this grime sound as Dread D seems perfectly timed, and superbly executed on the 4 track Siege 12" which brandishes three new cuts and an alternate take on the classic "Time Command". Powerful business.
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Cat: CHST 026. Rel: 29 Apr 13
  1. Transmission
  2. LV-223
The Jackpot EP
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Cat: RINSE 007. Rel: 18 Jul 11
  1. Jackpot
  2. Roskallion
  3. Blame The Speakers
Rinse Presents Royal T
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Cat: RINSECD 027. Rel: 03 Sep 12
  1. Cruel To Be Kind (feat P Money)
  2. Inside The Ride
  3. Music Box (feat Terror Danjah)
  4. Gully Funk
  5. Missing Aurora
  6. Work Your Body (feat Roska)
  7. Don't Call Me Baby
  8. Music Please (feat Merky Ace)
  9. Space Cowboy
  10. You're Saved (feat Ruby Lee Ryder)
Played by: DOSHY, Mr Mitch
Review: Southampton-based bass head Mark "Royal T" Taylor has seen his profile rise dramatically in recent times, thanks largely to regular Wednesday night shows on Rinse FM and a production career that seems on the verge of really taking off. Here he drops his debut album, a full-length trawl through his various bass music influences in the company of some of his favourite MCs (and, in the case of one track, producer Roska). His take on dubstep, grime, garage, UK funky and bassline house is formidably floor-friendly, suggesting that a number of these tracks - most notably Dizzee-ish lead cut "Cruel to be Kind" - could crossover into the mainstream.
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Cat: JMECD 50. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. Pulse 8
  2. 96 Fuckries
  3. Taking Over
  4. Work
  5. Game
  6. Same Thing
  7. Amen
  8. Again
  9. Break You Down
  10. The Money
  11. No You Ain't
  12. Calm
  13. Man Don't Care
  14. Don't @ Me
  15. Test Me
  16. Integrity
Integrity> Instrumentals
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Cat: JME 052. Rel: 28 Dec 15
  1. Pulse 8 (2:18)
  2. 96 Fuckries (2:50)
  3. Taking Over (2:49)
  4. Work (3:38)
  5. Game (3:44)
  6. Same Thing (2:36)
  7. Amen (2:06)
  8. Again (3:14)
  9. Break You Down (3:02)
  10. The Money (2:26)
  11. No You Ain't (3:42)
  12. Calm (3:23)
  13. Man Don't Care (3:30)
  14. Don't @ Me (3:13)
  15. Test Me (4:17)
  16. Integrity (3:19)
Faze Miyake
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Faze Miyake (2xLP)
Cat: RINSELP 033. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. The Nest (feat Little Simz) (3:42)
  2. Burciaga (3:42)
  3. Ice Cold (feat Inga Copeland) (3:47)
  4. Ocean Drive (3:46)
  5. Below Me (feat Sasha Go Hard) (3:12)
  6. Firefly (4:04)
  7. None Of That Stuff (feat Family Tree) (4:14)
  8. Fusion (3:48)
  9. Snow Leopard (3:43)
  10. What U Say (feat Izzy Brooks) (3:43)
  11. Yung Sneyga (4:10)
  12. Below Me (feat Sasha Go Hard - Total Freedom Jezzy Pride mix) (3:39)
  13. Lei Wulong (3:59)
Review: Following a series of well received - if frustratingly sporadic - singles on Woofer Music, Family Tree producer Faze Miyake has been given a chance to deliver his debut album on Rinse. The eponymous set perfectly showcases his unique take on grime, where rich melody lines, starry synthesizers and heady chords tussle for prominence with skittish rhythms, sturdy hits and booming basslines. He's helped along the way by an impressive roll call of guest MCs and vocalists, including Little Simz, Sasha Go Hard, Izzy Brooks and the Family Tree collective. It's Inga Copeland, though, who makes the greatest impression, lending some spine tingling vocals to the standout "Ice Cold".
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100 Problems
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100 Problems (limited 12")
Cat: RINSE 069. Rel: 14 Dec 15
  1. 100 Problems (3:15)
  2. No Retreat (2:38)
  3. Green Light (3:35)
  4. Mare Street Dick Head (2:37)
  5. Hood Pharmacist (3:20)
  6. Local Spitter (4:00)
Review: The dust hasn't even thought of settling since Boothroyd teamed up with MCs Maxsta and Maniac to tell us their 100 problems, yet Rinse add more fuel to the creative fire with this pristine set of instrumentals. A showcase for Boothroyd's future flare, the tracks hit just as hard without the bruising bars. "No Retreat", for instance, is unfettered Modeselektor-level experimental electronica while "Mare Street Dickheads" seems all the creepier in its naked snake-like form. "Local Spitter", meanwhile, could easily be called "Local Hitter" in its vocal-less form thanks its eerie fusion of rave keys and sci-fi elements. The dust won't even settle from this and Bothroyd should have a queue of MCs at his door. Proper future.
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Dust March
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Dust March (12")
Cat: HES 021. Rel: 25 Jun 12
  1. Dust March
  2. Rise 'Em
  3. Metzger
  4. Dog Sweater
Review: Hessle Audio's emergence from hibernation in 2012 really has seen the label release some of the most extraordinary music of its life, and this EP from Bandshell might top the lot. Tapping into the grainy, murky sound world of the like of STL, Shed and Actress, this record explores strange rhythms constantly on the verge of breaking out into a frenzy. The title track is comprised of little more than rattling percussion and dense, fizzy bass, while "Rise 'Em" places a jungle breakbeat atop a mucky hum. On the flip, "Metzger" takes the vibe of classic dubstep and fills it with subtle melodies and clipped snares, but "Dog Sweater" is the real killer - a homage to soundsystem culture whose threadbare rhythms are the only thing to stop you being dragged into the track's viscous centre. Make no mistake, this is a serious new talent.
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Bullet Train Volume One
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Cat: BTCOMP 01CD. Rel: 02 May 11
  1. Marco Del Horno - "The Only Way Is Down"
  2. Roska/Marco Del Horno & Katie Leone - "Holograph/Never Gonna Let You Go" (acapella)
  3. Scratcha DVA - "Soule Searcher" (Marco Del Horno emix)
  4. Randomer & Fife - "Slum City"
  5. Marco kDel Horno - "We Run This"
  6. Kid Cola - "Kappa Kappa"
  7. Marco Del Horno - "Baby"
  8. MA1 - "High Definition" (Deep Teknologi remix)
  9. Marco Del Horno - "I Don't Want You To Love Me" (Maraco Del Horno remix)
  10. Marco Del Horno - "Ho!"
  11. Marco Del Horno - "This Velvet Glove" (Benjamin Daly remix)
  12. Seiji - "Elevator"
  13. The Brockout - "Shakedown"
  14. Last Japan - "LFO"
  15. Foamo - "Centavo"
  16. Last Japan - "Just Killa Man"
  17. Lil Palm - "Rag Doll"
  18. Unicorn Kid - "Dreamcatcher" (Last Japan remix)
  19. Marco Del Horno - "Pilled Up Again"
  20. Marco Del Horno - "Pilled Up Again" (Tomb Crew remix)
  21. 321 & Last Japan - "Big Man" (Marco Del Horno Special)
  22. Marco Del Horno - "Samurai" (Rusko remix)
  23. Last Japan & Ajapai - "I Feel For You"
  24. 12th Planet & Juakali - "Reasons" (Doctor P remix)
  25. Borgore - "Casablanca"
  26. Bertie Blackman - "Peekaboo" (Marco Del Horno remix)
Like An Animal EP
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Cat: LSR 003. Rel: 30 Apr 12
  1. Like An Animal
  2. I Feel
  3. Hot Lover
Dubstep Vs Trap
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Dubstep Vs Trap (unmixed CD)
Cat: ZYX 558042. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Bogore & Addison - "School Daze" (Bogore & Tisoki remix)
  2. W&W - "Bigfoot" (Dillon Francis remix)
  3. Fedde Le Grand - "Twisted" (Eptic remix)
  4. Manufactured Superstars - "Calling At The Lovers" (feat Luciana - Figure remix)
  5. Wildchild - "Fifty Lines Of Bass"
  6. Flosstradamus & Yellow Claw - "Pillz" (feat Green Velvet)
  7. Marc Reason & Sabrina Terence - "Arabian Pleasure" (Trap mix)
  8. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Dada Life & Tara McDonald - "Tomorrow (Give Into The Night/The Tomorrowland Anthem)" (Wolfstep remix)
  9. Fuego - "El Diablo k14" (Dubplan3t remix)
  10. Lethal Bizzle - "Party Right" (feat Ruby Goe - Opal City remix)
  11. Sicktune - "Trio VIP" (feat Spique & Artheis)
  12. Odd Mob - "This Gane" (feat Bertie Blackman - original mix)
  13. Brainpain - "Targeting Earth" (original mix)
  14. DJ Katch - "The Horns" (original)
  15. Rkrdr - "Far Above"
  16. Dubplan3t - "Play It Loud" (feat Big J - original mix)
  17. Fawni - "It's All About You" (RKRDR radio edit)
Dubstep 3
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Dubstep 3 (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 82680-2. Rel: 14 Oct 13
  1. Avicii - "Levels" (Skrillex remix)
  2. Wildchild - "Halo"
  3. Hardwell - "Spaceman" (Carnage Festival Trap remix)
  4. W&W - "Nowhere To Go" (feat Bree - Alternative radio edit)
  5. Bingo Players - "Rattle" (Candyland remix)
  6. Manafactured Superstars - "Calling All The Lovers" (feat Luciana - Figure remix)
  7. Fawni - "It's All About You" (RKRDR club edit)
  8. Sydney Blu & Christian Falero - "Chemistry" (feat Lealuna - The Bolovian Marching Affair remix)
  9. Mark Bale - "Faith In The Music" (feat Tom Skyler - EDV remix)
  10. Justin Michael - "Eyes Closed" (feat A J From Saint Motel - Finch remix)
  11. Curifex - "Malfunction"
  12. Infected Mushroom - "Savant On Mushroom" (feat Savant)
  13. Sicktune - "LLL" (feat Artheist)
  14. Brainpain - "Targeting Earth"
  15. Cuzzy Cuz - "Unicorn Rider" (Trap remix - With Doobious)
  16. Dubtal3nt - "Fuck You" (feat Big J)
  17. Dirrrty Franz & Dieb Side Boyz - "Gute laune Wetter"
  18. Netsky - "Wanna Die For You" (feat Diane Charlemagne)
  19. Bt & Aqualung - "Surrounded" (Sean Darin remix)
  20. Dubtal3nt - "Girls Kill" (feat Lisarie)
  21. DJ Rockid - "Dragon Balls 5000" (O Crow remix)
  22. Experience Of Music - "Electrical Madness" (feat Michael K - Drowned In Trance Dubstep remix)
  23. Andre Fennell - "Everything Tonight" (RKRDR remix)
  24. Franky Nuts - "Forever"
  25. The Freestylers & Stereo Type - "The Coming Storm" (feat Takura)
  26. Wildchild - "Voice Of The Voiceless"
  27. Self X - "Epic Baby"
  28. Brainpain - "Dark Souls"
  29. Hectic - "Skeleton"
  30. Curifex - "My True Power"
  31. In Strict Confidence - "Morpheus" (Dubal3nt remix)
  32. Matope - "Blinde Werden Sehn" (feat Salome - Badboy Zonyi remix)
  33. Kill Control - "Drop The Bass"
  34. Sicktune - "The Huap!" (feat Spiqe Artheis)
The Love I'd Fallen On
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The Love I'd Fallen On (picture disc LP)
Cat: CAR 1014P12. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. Wildchild - "The Love I'd Fallen On"
  2. RKRDR - "Makeup Gain"
Dubstep 5
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Dubstep 5 (unmixed CD)
Cat: ZYX 557962. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Wildchild - "Fifty Lines Of Bass"
  2. W&W - "Bigfoot" (Dillon Francis remix)
  3. RKRDR - "Helix"
  4. Hectic - "My Universe" (feat Janset - original mix)
  5. Sound Atvar - "Machine Gun" (original mix)
  6. Mashox & Cyke - "The Last Of Us" (original mix)
  7. Chris Wittig - "Go Home, You're Drunk" (Tash & Frank remix)
  8. Michael Badal & Haliene - "Human Beings" (Our Autobiography remix)
  9. East Freaks - "Bars On My Phone" (feat Gerome Cristopher - Classi remix)
  10. Marc Reason & Sabrina Terence - "Arabian Pleasure" (trap mix)
  11. Dirtcaps & Boehmer - "Bananas" (original mix)
  12. Yellow Claw & Young Felix - "Dancefloor Champion"
  13. Harrier X Evilian - "Ultimate Behanding" (original mix)
  14. TMBA - "Obsessed" (feat Lynn Gynn - original mix)
  15. Cravin - "Wildcat" (original mix)
  16. PAFF - "Rudebwoy" (remash)
  17. Experience Of Music - "Free Your Soul (Lety It Flow)" (feat Elyse G Rogers - Quickmix remix)
  18. Fosstradamus & Yellow Claw - "Pillz" (feat Green Velvet)
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Dubstep (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 571072. Rel: 03 Feb 14
  1. Wildchild - "Halo"
  2. Experience Of Music - "I'm Losing Control" (Drowned In Trance dubstep remix)
  3. Dubtal3nt - "Fuck You" (feat Big J - radio edit)
  4. Matope - "Blinde Werden Sehn" (feat Salome - Brazed remix edit)
  5. Sicktune - "LLL" (feat Artheist)
  6. Basstiraden - "Sidechain Sanatorium"
  7. Wildchild - "Nutcracker"
  8. Sicktune - "The Huap!" (feat Spiqe & Artheist)
  9. Brian Brainstorm - "Grand Opening"
  10. Sicktune - "Frog & Fly"
  11. Dirrrty Franz & Die B-Side Boyz - "Gute Laune Wetter"
  12. Fr33m4n - "Lovely Terror"
  13. Brainpain - "Dark Souls"
  14. Dubtal3nt - "Make You Love Me" (radio edit)
  15. Brainpain - "Targeting Earth"
  16. Wildchild - "Voice Of The Voiceless"
  17. Wildchild - "Sin City" (VIP)
  18. RKRDR - "Makeup Gain" (original version)
  19. Dubtal3nt - "Girls Kill" (feat Lisarie - radio edit)
  20. Andre Fennell - "Everything Tonight" (RKRDR remix)
  21. Laidback Luke vs Example - "Natural Disaster" (Skream remix)
  22. Fleur & Cutline - "Broken Mirror" (original mix)
  23. Sicktune - "Trio IP" (feat Spiqe & Arthe)
  24. Falko Niestolik & BK Duke - "DISCO" (feat Sabrina Johnston - Dubtal3nt remix)
  25. Brockman & Basti M - "Raise Your Hands" (Farm Animals remix)
  26. London Neberl meets Rocco Granata - "O Saraccino" (dubstep version)
  27. In Strict Confidence - "Morpheus" (Dubtal3nt remix)
  28. Fytch, Captain Crunch & Carmen Forbes - "Raindrops" (Flinch remix)
  29. Fawni - "It's All About You" (RKRDR radio edit)
  30. Wideboys - "The World" (Crissy Criss Drumstep mix)
  31. Wildchild - "The Love I'd Fallen On" (original version)
  32. In Strict Confidence - "Tiefer" (Gegengift remix)
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Aa (CD)
Cat: LM 036CD. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Church
  2. Gogo!
  3. Body
  4. Pinku
  5. Sow
  6. Day Ones
  7. Good & Bad
  8. Way From Me
  9. Temple
  10. Make It Bang
  11. Kung Fu
  12. Church (reprise)
  13. Aa
Dem Man EP
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Dem Man EP (burgundy marbled vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: SUBWAY 037. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Dem Man (4:12)
  2. Dem Man (Truth remix) (4:40)
Keepers Of The Light
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Keepers Of The Light (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: LDN 029CD. Rel: 02 Apr 12
  1. No Fixed Abode - "Secret Lagoon"
  2. Amen Ra - "Steelz"
  3. Amen Ra - "Candy Rain"
  4. No Fixed Abode - "Sunset" (Mumbai Slum Edition)
  5. Amen Ra - "Essence Investigation"
  6. Double Helix - "Supreme Architecture"
  7. Double Helix - "LDN"
  8. Double Helix - "Rush"
  9. Low Density Matter - "Questions"
  10. Low Density Matter - "Blue Steel"
  11. Amen Ra - "Simple Things"
  12. Amen Ra - "Low Maintenance"
  13. No Fixed Abode - "Strangelands"
  14. Amen Ra - "From Whence We Came"
  15. Amen Ra - "Broken Glass"
  16. No Fixed Abode - "Indian Street Slang"
  17. Amen Ra - "Fairytales"
  18. Amen Ra - "Akashic Visions"
  19. Amen Ra - "Hidden Life Force 2"
  20. Double Helix - "No Worries"
  21. Double Helix - "Bass 2 Dark"
  22. Double Helix - "Chamber Of Light"
  23. Double Helix - "Inferno"
  24. Double Helix - "Deep Life"
  25. Double Helix - "Voyages"
  26. Amen Ra - "One Toke Wonder"
Review: With the series of 12" s garnering ever more praise amongst dubstep purists, Keysound capitalise on the appreciation of the LHF collective and issue forth a whole album's worth of material under the appropriate title Keepers Of The Light. The reason the crew is heralded is not because of some stout insistence on making endless monochrome 2003 style dubstep, but because the vitality the genre poses at its best is evident throughout their output. There's a heavy focus on Indian classical samples in many of the tracks which harks back to Dusk & Blackdown's Margins Music, but really the whopping 26 track selection is pushing a brand of freshness in a half-step context which is all their own.
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Unity (CD)
Cat: LDN 027CD. Rel: 17 Oct 11
  1. Unity
  2. Breathless
  3. LOVE
  4. After Indigo
  5. Weapon #3
  6. Maths Is Fine For Sum
  7. Cheat When U Compete
  8. Ridin' The Hype (feat Trim)
  9. Waterfall Of Light
  10. Plasm
  11. Ether
  12. Don't Cry In My Bed
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Islands (LP)
Cat: LDN 048. Rel: 15 Sep 14
  1. New Pen
  2. Run Down
  3. Obsessed
  4. Imminent
  5. Talk Trim
  6. Mistakes
  7. Shake
  8. Shudder
  9. Make It Count
  10. That Old Darkness
  11. Double-Decker Back Seat
  12. Out Of The Blue
  13. Waiting For The Night
  14. Angry Hiss
  15. Island
Review: Genre mashing production unit LV have enjoyed a fruitful partnership with British Nigerian vocalist Josh Idehen since first colliding on the 38 EP for Keysound Recordings back in 2010. Having flirted with Hyperdub for the release of last year's Sebenza LP, LV and Joshua return to their spiritual home Keysound for third LP Islands. Whereas previous long players have seen LV manipulate Idehen's vocals, Islands finds Joshua given centre stage and lyrically exploring themes such as "murder, desperate loneliness, obsessions and sexually-unfulfilling nights out". Despite this new approach, Islands is a very confident album, with LV's arrangements perfectly complementing the tone Idehen takes with each track. "Talk Trim" and "Make It Count" are particular highlights.
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Soundclash VIP (remix)
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Cat: LDN 011. Rel: 02 Nov 09
  1. Naphta - "Soundclash VIP" (Grievous Angel VIP)
  2. Grievous Angel - "Harpy"
Missed Calls EP
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Cat: LDN 060. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Death Slide (feat Grim Sickers) (4:32)
  2. Death Slide (dub mix) (4:33)
  3. In The Field (feat Nico Lindsay) (3:53)
  4. In The Field (Devil mix) (3:21)
Black Mirror
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Cat: ADN 169. Rel: 07 Apr 14
  1. Black Mirror
  2. Guillotine
  3. Descent
  4. Stitch
Listen To My 45
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Cat: WNCL 009. Rel: 16 Jan 12
  1. Listen To My 45
  2. Knowing Looks
Review: Returning to WNCL after his exuberant re-emergence last year, Knowing Looks doesn't hold back in testing the limits of the dancefloor. "Listen To My 45" is the kind of track specifically crafted to sit uneasily in your ears on first listen but in time the wildly disparate elements amass to a glorious cacophony of damaged, unconventional groove. "Ghost Baby" darts into action on an uptempo micro-house groove before adopting a deranged synth. By the time thick layers of percussion and amen breaks whip around that lead synth there's no doubt that you're listening to one of the most starkly original producers in operation at present.
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Backchat (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: HOTLINE 001. Rel: 03 Dec 12
  1. Backcha (3:58)
  2. Dubchat (2:54)
Review: **ESSENTIAL HOTLINE REPRESS** Hotline Recordings launch with an incendiary take on grime and dancehall from Bristol duo Kahn and Neek. The new imprint is clearly in thrall to the glory days of rave - until recently the only information about their first release was a breathy voicemail recording accessed by dialling a number on the Hotline website. "Backchat" is pure fire, with smacking drum hits and a "badman" vocal deftly manipulated throughout the track's duration. "Dubchat" on the flip does what all good versions should, stripping down the elements to the bare essentials and dipping them in a vat of reverb. This is Kahn and Neek's third joint release, following the Flow Dan sampling beast "Percy", released on Bandulu Records earlier this year, and dub reggae cut "Find Jah Way", produced under their Gorgon Sound moniker for Peng Sound: we're hoping the pair have plenty more to offer in 2013.
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Speakeasy (12")
Cat: REDSEAL 002. Rel: 10 Aug 09
  1. Speakeasy
  2. Eastern Highway
Desire EP
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Desire EP (double 7")
Cat: MEDIC 44EP. Rel: 02 Feb 15
  1. Pray (3:20)
  2. A Way To Forget You
  3. The Keys Are In My Hands
  4. It's Over
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Lionheart (12")
Cat: LEGS 011. Rel: 09 Nov 15
  1. Lionheart (6:33)
  2. Strafe (feat Bloom) (5:45)
  3. Dun Talk (feat Riko Dan) (3:08)
  4. Distance (4:50)
  5. Rapture (5:20)
Review: Bristol's Ziro is fast becoming his city's most sought after new artist, and we can't go anywhere these days without hearing his name being mentioned. So, we expected good things with this latest outing on his native Crazylegs, and we were certainly not disappointed with these five scorching bass swelters. "Lionheart" itself is jagged, heavy and brings forth a mass of broken drums like stabs to the chest, and "Strafe" carries that vibe forward but manages to lock the groove into tighter space. "Dun Talk" features the ragga style vocals of Riko Dan, making for a heavy bashment kind of vibe, whereas "Distant" is a pensive electronic moment for those wishing to meditate on some low-end, and "Rapture" is a true UK hybrid - house, dubstep, broken and garage all run through its veins.
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Handz Ina Di Air (World War III Riddim)
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  1. Skarra Mucci - "Handz Ina Di Air" (2:59)
  2. Perfect - "Nobody Knows" (3:00)
Played by: Super Mango Hi-Fi
Gin Mixer (remixes)
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 in stock $14.60
Gin Mixer (remixes) (limited red & gold vinyl 12" promo)
Cat: RAMP 041R. Rel: 07 Feb 11
  1. Gin Mixer (Scratcha DVA remix)
  2. Gin Mixer (Jam City remix)
Played by: Tom@RAMP
Dubtek EP
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 in stock $9.73
Dubtek EP (12")
Cat: PL 010. Rel: 22 Nov 10
  1. The Trancening (feat Droid Sector & Boot)
  2. Visionary (feat Mouch)
  3. Smoke
Retina Waves
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 in stock $8.51
Cat: RAMP 049CD. Rel: 16 Apr 12
  1. Airlining
  2. Bed Slap
  3. Glimlach
  4. Kid's Alones
  5. Mouth Rip
  6. She Smells Like Sun Rays
  7. Tigepath
  8. Waves
  9. White Out
Review: It's been four long years since the release of Franz "Cupp Cake" Baker's full-length debut Garbage Pail Beats, a strange but endearing fusion of leftfield hip-hop and samples from records aimed at children. Musically he seems to have moved on much in that time, because follow-up Retina Waves, is a totally different beats. He's still concerned with the possibilities of MPC beat-making and off-kilter rhythms, but the sounds employed atop - glitchy samples, woozy chords and twinkling melodies - are far deeper and, we'd argue, more organic than previous outings. It's a combination that largely makes for an enthralling am entertaining set, two parts Flying Lotus and three parts Broadcast.
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Dandelion (limited to 100 copies 10")
Cat: RAMP 053DANDELION. Rel: 19 Mar 12
  1. Dandelion
  2. Dandelion (15811)
American Drift
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Cat: BBR 007. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. American Drift (feat Money Allah) (4:07)
  2. Axacan (9:39)
  3. Petrichrist (6:18)
  4. Wing (feat Money Allah) (10:20)
Review: Elysia Crampton came through for the first time this year with a pair of EP's, one for the impressive Boomkat Editions and another for the fledgling Total Stasis. Her latest piece of work appears on bass wizard Falty DL's label, the ambiguously named Blueberry Records. Much like her previous outings, "American Drift" is a mixture of many moods and styles, a blend of slow, meditative vocals and starry electronic atmospherics. "Axacan", on the other hand, is backed by a mi-tempo percussive swagger and boasts the same level of melodic psychedelia, while "Petrichrist" heads down tribal roads with its organic drums and odd waves of flutes, and "Wing" takes things down to r&b levels....far-out r&b levels that is! Recommended.
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MIDI Space
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MIDI Space (12")
Cat: RAMP 061. Rel: 23 Jun 14
  1. Clouds From Outer Space
  2. Jungle Interlude
  3. MIDI Fighter
  4. Space Compartment
  5. Stolen Dub
  6. Trippy Patterns
Review: First appearing on Visionist's Lost Codes label in 2012, Birmingham-based producer Filter Dread was also responsible for one of last year's most interesting cassette releases in the Space Loops tape for the No Corner imprint. Although nominally linked to instrumental grime, the Space Loops cassette suggested that the producer's influences drew from jungle, rave and ambient just as much. Here Filter Dread re-emerges in triumphant fashion with the MIDI Space 12" for long-running UK label Ramp Recordings, which brandishes six tracks that showcase his individual take on the UK hardcore continuum. There's plenty of diversity in sound here too, with the dizzying darkside styles of "Clowns from Outer Space" and "MIDI Fighter" contrasting notably with the self explanatory "Jungle Ambience" and the stuttering sub bass delight of "Stolen Dub".
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Library Catalog Music Series Volume 14: Music For Primordial Recollection
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  1. ChocolateEar
  2. NUH(peeler)
  3. PalmFold
  4. HomeMovies
  5. OilOnYourTongue
  6. ChasingFat
  7. Kiln
  8. QuestionsOutsideAnswerWithin
  9. Bronze
  10. ShortStories
  11. GlassBalloon
  12. SnowPeas
  13. TianchiSightings
  14. TheLions
  15. GunsOfKingston
  16. PebbleBeach
  17. WeMoveTogether
  18. 1015
  19. Controller
  20. UpsideDown
  21. AutumnSunrise
  22. PrimordialRecollection
Raw Trax
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 in stock $13.70
Raw Trax (LP)
Cat: TYPE 128. Rel: 15 Feb 16
  1. Raw Trax (Weekend Rush) (4:33)
  2. Raw Basics (6:07)
  3. Prototype (3:54)
  4. Maintain (5:34)
  5. Your Love (4:35)
  6. Get Dark (4:37)
  7. Feel Me (5:03)
  8. Break It Down (4 Da Kru) (5:02)
Review: Anthoney J Hart aka Imaginary Forces who has appeared on Entr'acte, Bedouin and of course his own Sleep Codes label now appears on Type with his new project Basic Rhythm. Eight excursions in street level, post grime/dubstep bass mutations. We particularly enjoyed the smoked out beats of the title track, the forceful and jagged antics of "Your Love" (featuring some particularly thrilling low end pulsation) and the deconstructed jazzy drum and bass of "Feel Me". Roll one up and put this on, you'll be right!
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This Is The Sound Of Dubstep Vol 4
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Cat: CLDM 2013050. Rel: 25 Nov 13
  1. Nero - "Won't You (Be There)"
  2. I Am Legion - "Make Those Moves"
  3. The Prophet - "Ordinary Life" (Katfyr remix)
  4. Audio - "Bag Of Bones"
  5. Nero - "Must Be The Feeling" (Kill The Noise remix)
  6. Magnetic Man - "Fire" (feat Ms Dynamite)
  7. Black Sun Empire & SPL - "Wasteland"
  8. Them Lost Boys - "Elbows Up"
  9. AK9 & Sikdope - "Dying"
  10. Labrinth - "Earthquake" (feat Tinie Tempah - Noisia remix)
  11. BT & Aqualung - "Surrounded" (AU5 & Fractal remix)
  12. Neosignal - "Planet Online" (Culprate remix)
  13. Mind Vortex - "Gravity"
  14. The Upbeats - "Diffused" (Opiuo remix)
  15. Sub Focus - "Falling Down" (feat Kenzie May)
  16. Icona Pop - "Ready For The Weekend" (dub)
  17. Chuckie & Junxterjack - "Make Some Noise" (Glowinthedark & Wax Motif Trap remix)
  18. Black Sun Empire - "All Is Lost" (feat Thomas Oliver & Youthstar)
  19. Dada Life - "Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker" (Datsik remix)
Dream 727
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Dream 727 (CD)
Cat: SFT 0542. Rel: 09 Mar 15
  1. Track 1 (Japan - intro)
  2. Hate In My Hart
  3. St Petes
  4. Dropp
  5. Kuuuuush
  6. Scarr
  7. Interest
  9. DXXIX - Kaykay
  10. Hurry
  11. Over
  12. Track 12 (outro)
  13. Everytime
  14. I Don't Care About Death Because I Smoke (Remembrance)
  15. Daniel
  16. Caroline
  17. Hope Building A
  18. Savior
  19. US
  20. Remembrance
  21. When You Sleep
Let Me In
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Let Me In (9 track CD single)
Cat: S 1134. Rel: 17 Jun 13
  1. Let Me In (radio main version)
  2. Let Me In (extended main version)
  3. Let Me In (Patryck De La Roche remix)
  4. Let Me In (Patryck De La Roche dubstep remix)
  5. Let Me In (Patryck De La Roche Dutch remix)
  6. Let Me In (Laiduplake remix)
  7. Let Me In (Kape-X remix)
  8. Let Me In (Rivell DJ remix)
  9. Let Me In (radio main instrumental version)
Verve Remixed: The First Ladies
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Cat: 374097 7. Rel: 05 Aug 13
  1. Ella Fitzgerald - "Too Darn Hot" (Rac mix)
  2. Sarah Vaughan - "Please Mr Brown" (Pontus Winnberg of Miike Snow remix)
  3. Marlena Shaw - "Woman Of The Ghetto" (Flume Jackin House mix)
  4. Astraud Gilberto - "Fly Me To The Moon" (Kaskade remix)
  5. Nina Simone - "Feeling Good" (Bassnectar remix)
  6. Nina Simone - "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" (Zeds Dead remix)
  7. Nina Simone - "I Put A Spell On You" (Pretty Lights remix)
  8. Sister Rosetta Tharpe - "Jercho" (C2C remix)
  9. Billie Holiday - "My Man" (Toro Y Moi remix)
  10. Astraud Gilberto & Walter Wanderley Trio - "So Nice (Summer Samba)" (Azari & III remix)
  11. Dinah Washington - "I've Got You Under My Skin" (DJ Carnage & Victor Niglo remix)
  12. Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto - "Corcovado" (Tokimonsta remix)
  13. Ella Fitzgerald - "Blues Skies" (Maya Jane Coles remix)
The Rapid EP
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 in stock $10.04
Cat: BR 019. Rel: 17 Aug 15
  1. Hear This (3:28)
  2. Rebore (3:40)
  3. Pepper Riddim (2:58)
  4. Licence (4:16)
Review: Want to know the epitome of on-point? Butterz's 2015 output is the perfect example, be it the much needed reissue of Woo Riddim, or the TQD production supergroup of Royal T, DJ Q and Flava D or this latest 12" from the label. Ruff Sqwad man Prince Rapid needs no introduction and he's really on fire with this four track debut for Butterz which really lives up its title. From the moment standout cut "Hear This" clicks into gear, Rapid is on searing form channelling a raw energy comparable to Ruff Sqwad in their heyday some ten years prior. Special mention to the artwork which was shot in the same place a Ruff Sqwad photo was shot a decade ago.
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Shotta EP
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 in stock $9.43
Shotta EP (12")
Cat: BR 017-12. Rel: 20 Apr 15
  1. Shotta (feat P Money) (3:51)
  2. Shotta (4:25)
  3. Limbo (5:46)
  4. Glacier (Angel mix) (5:23)
Review: After last year's On My Mind release with Flava D, Royal T is back on Butterz with another sure shot of grimey pressure. As well as the instrumental beats, "Shotta" comes in two versions voiced by P Money and Footsie respectively with very different results. P Money brings a fierce and fiery delivery that pushes the already-hype track into dangerous levels of liveliness, while Footsie takes a more restrained approach with no less presence in his flow. Aside from those show-stealers, Royal T gets to stretch his legs on playful garage house interlude "Limbo" and the adventurous climes of "Glacier" with its melting pot of influences feeding into a truly diverse jam.
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Peace Love & Music
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 in stock $15.52
Peace Love & Music (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: AIRMILES 002. Rel: 02 Nov 15
  1. Gotta Do (intro) (1:37)
  2. London 2 LA (feat Ash Riser) (3:59)
  3. Yea Yea (transkit) (1:07)
  4. Denver (feat Submission @ Cervantes) (3:36)
  5. Walk 'N' Skank Radio (transkit) (0:52)
  6. Global Dance (feat Flowdan & Mungo's Hifi) (2:57)
  7. Find You (feat Nonku Phiri) (3:20)
  8. Black Bird (feat Joel Culpepper) (2:40)
  9. Malasimbo (Philippines) (feat Hilarius Dauag) (3:13)
  10. Shanghai (China) (3:41)
  11. Tokyo (Japan) (3:33)
  12. Loving (feat Joel Culpepper & Terri Walker - transkit) (1:04)
  13. Elevator (feat TC) (3:46)
  14. Smoke Break (Amsterdam) (feat Guerilla Speakerz) (2:07)
  15. Mad Ting (London) (feat JME) (3:45)
  16. Sing Like You're Winning (feat Jay Wilcox & Terri Walker - outro) (5:00)
Review: Bass badboy Swindle rocks his way back onto the Butterz catalogue, a label he hadn't visited ever since his first releases four years back, after numerous outing on the mighty Deep Medi Musik and Planet Mu, among others. Peace, Love & Music is his first full-length work, and it's also the most diverse piece of music that he's put out so far. The opener "Gotta Do" is a true introduction of his skills, where strange instrumentation travels beneath radio edits calling his name, but every other track on here contains a wide range of sounds and influences, from jazz to R&B and even drum & bass, all coated in a familiar layer of bass to comfort the corner dwellers. It's a smacker, check it!
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Doll's Eyes
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Cat: SENSELESS 03. Rel: 28 May 07
  1. Sasquatch - "Doll's Eyes"
  2. Sarantis - "Badman dub"
Review: Senseless unleash a mucky double headed beast from Leeds, uniting the talents of Sasquatch and label head Sarantis in a grimy clash of body scanning subs and rudeboy halfstep swagger. Sasquatch throws the first smack to the chops with "Doll's Eyes", hitting hard and gritty with a grimacing sub-bassline, leaden drop-kick drums and acid-eaten moodiness. On the flip Sarantis brings "Badman", a dynamic display of densely layered sub bass Scientifics to cause some serious wobbling air disturbance on any system up to the task, Chest plate warning!
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