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This Week: Deep House
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Gotham City
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Cat: HOTC 080. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Gotham City (main mix) (6:29)
  2. Gotham City (BKR remix) (7:16)
  3. Gotham City (Moonlight mix) (7:09)
Played by: Rydim
The Spirit
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The Spirit (12")
Cat: LPH 045. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Grimaldi's Shanghai (feat Clement Pony) (6:24)
  2. The Spirit (6:18)
  3. New Boys (6:27)
  4. Crazy Eduardo (6:52)
Deeon Doez Deeon!
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Deeon Doez Deeon! (12" + insert repress)
Cat: NMBRS 24. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. 2 B Free (5:57)
  2. House-O-Matic (4:11)
  3. Freak Like Me (3:37)
  4. The 604 (6:00)
Review: Given their previously proclaimed love of ghetto house and its' various similarly minded offshoots, its little surprise to find Glasgow's Numbers crew putting out a "greatest hits" EP from long-serving Chicago producer (and former Dance Mania regular) DJ Deeon. The four cuts that make up Deeon Doez Deeon are not necessarily meant to be his finest moments - though they are all killer - but instead represent the Numbers' crew's favourites. There's plenty to get excited about, from the organ craziness, bumpin' beats and classic disco vocals of "2 Be Free" and blistering "House-O-Matic", to the classic, cut-up vocals and stuttering, ghetto rhythms of "Freak Like Me" (first released way back in 1996).
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Outta Space
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Cat: BEEFEP 014. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Outta Space (5:05)
  2. Monster K (5:46)
  3. The Dedication (5:32)
  4. Basement Bass (6:52)
  5. The Dedication (DJ Linus remix) (6:29)
Mouth To Mouth
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Cat: BTONIC 006. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Vines (2:55)
  2. Vines (Darshan Jesrani vocal mix) (8:28)
  3. Disappearing (3:47)
  4. Vines (Darshan Jesrani instrumental mix) (8:28)
  5. Offshore (3:47)
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Underpass (12" repress)
Cat: LOTR 006. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. A Stein’s Way (8:14)
  2. Underpass (7:55)
Review: Following up releases by Massimiliano Pagliara and Telephones, Berlin's Paramida continues on a winning streak with her Love On The Rocks imprint. This time recruiting Indonesian Jonatahn Kusuma (previously seen on labels like I'm A Cliche) who steps up with two killer tracks of the Balearic kind. "A Steins Way" features an infectious synth bass melody backed by emotive strings, FX of the spacey kind and white noise; all that you need! On the flip is "Underpass' with its low slung groove. A deep funky bassline and some spacey arpeggios are once again all you need to get any party started. Tip!
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Fox Trax 009
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Cat: FOXTRAX 009. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Petr Serkin - "Sun Cult" (5:56)
  2. Kiddmisha - "Woodland" (6:00)
  3. Sickdisco & Bvoice - "The Slits" (7:41)
  4. Feja - "Tishina" (2:43)
Played by: Kiddmisha
CLAN 001
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  1. Clandestino - "Wonder" (feat Private Agenda) (6:20)
  2. A Vision Of Panorama - "Pastel Beach" (6:15)
  3. Bird Of Paradise - "Boys Of Brass" (6:05)
  4. Coyote - "Dead Feathers" (7:27)
Celebration Of Oggun
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Cat: YSD 79. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Celebration Of Oggun (6:27)
  2. Celebration Of Oggun (Yoruba Soul beats) (4:54)
  3. Celebration Of Oggun (Yoruba Soul mix) (6:53)
  4. Celebration Of Oggun (Trinidadiandeep remix) (7:02)
Review: After a countless string of releases for his own Sunlightsquare Records, Sunlight Square decide to venture onto new horizons and land himself a lil' EP for the mighty Yoruba, home to many quality tribal hits. "Celebration Of Oggun", as the name implies, is a house-centric dance to the Gods in African style, and that's followed by Yoruba's percussion-driven version. The Yoruba Soul remix brings the vocals back in and out of the groove alongside a more developed beat pattern, but it's the Trinidadian Deep remix that gets the gold stars from us...the tune adds in an additional layer of melodies that somehow tie the whole track firmly together. The perfect summer house affair!
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Gloria (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: TTY 020. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Gloria (6:46)
  2. Pleasure Signal (6:30)
  3. Return To Forever (part 1) (7:01)
  4. Return To Forever (part 2) (6:34)
Review: Earl Jeffers lands on Ten Thousand Yen after an impressive run of EP's for more illustrious names like 4Lux and Ruff Draft. This four-tracker is the perfect balance between style and effectiveness, with the beats running deep and the melodies exuding nothing but sexiness. The opener "Gloria" is THE perfect opener for any house set, and "Pleasure Signal" is its perfect companion thanks to the jazzy, Detroit-style Rhodes keys at its helm. The B-side features two parts of "Return To Forever", the first being a drum-heavy deep house monster, and then second a party-ready DJ weapon to bring the dance floor to life.
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U Still Coming Over?
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U Still Coming Over? (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: LHLT 006. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Faceless Goat (8:29)
  2. Latency Jam (6:41)
  3. Waffle Cut (5:54)
  4. Klauz Dyter Meier Kybranz Hat Mit Diesem Track Nichts Zutun! Er Kennt Dieses LIed Nicht Einmal (very extended version) (12:59)
Right Path To Pray EP
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Cat: MIL 014. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Song For New (6:58)
  2. Right Path (6:30)
  3. Pray To Watch (6:35)
  4. So Many Needs (6:21)
Review: Milton Keynes-based producer Liam Geddes powers through like a bass drum with this new EP for Oli Furness' Music Is Love label, and if you're looking for steady tech vibes then you've hit the spot right here. "Song For New" is a slick, well-oiled percussion monster with subtle waves of euphoria, followed by the more US-minded house slinger that is "Right Path". Over on the flip, "Pray To Watch" is deep, majestic and full of that late night flavour, leaving "So Many Needs" to conquer the floor with its addictive drum muscle that recalls classic hits by peeps like Terrence Parker. Yes, yes!
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Black Water (remastered)
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Cat: 4W 340. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Black Water
  2. Black Waters
  3. Untold
Review: Originally released in 2000, Octave One's Black Water has now received the remaster treatment, taking the highly sought after first pressing of this bona fide Detroit techno anthem and giving it a boost for modern spinners to get busy with. The A side mixes "Black Water" and "Black Waters" are tough-edged bangers with that irrepressible Octave One energy, keeping the beats big and brutal and the melodies stabbing on the former and stripping down to a raw drum track for the latter. However it's the "Untold" version on the flipside that will get the crowds flipping out with its perfect string hook, rousing drums and Motor City romanticism.
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The Return EP
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Cat: PSY 012. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. A New Day (5:34)
  2. Crossing The Atlantic (4:48)
  3. South Africa Uprising (5:01)
Played by: Reggie Dokes
Review: Earlier this year, Detroit producer Reggie Dokes returned to action for the first time in four years, delivering two seductive cuts on People of Earth. The Return marks the rebirth of his Psychotasia imprint, and contains three quietly impressive cuts. "A New Day" deftly peppers a hazy-but-heavy deep house groove with twinkling piano lines, spacey chords and gentle acid lines, while "Crossing The Atlantic" sounds like a deep house fusion of early British intelligent techno, Japanese ambient house and classic Mood Hut material. Best of all, though, is the sweet and jaunty "South Africa Uprising", which makes great use of synthesized horn motifs and relentless drum machine handclaps.
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Autonomous Africa Volume 3
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  1. Midland - "Safi"
  2. General Ludd - "Burning Mack"
  3. Auntie Flo - "Daabi"
  4. JD Twitch - "Maya"
Review: JD Twitch's Autonomous Africa series is something of a rarity. Each annual 12" single, which features modern electronic music influenced by African rhythms, sounds and styles, is used to raise money for a different African charity. Proceeds from this third 12" in the series are destined for Tanzania's Mtandika Mission, a charity run by Midland's parents. It seems fitting, then, that he kicks things off with "Safi", a heavyweight slice of future voodoo that expertly blends analogue electronics and bombastic African rhythms. General Ludd go deep, psychedelic and off-kilter with their brilliant "Burning Mack", while Auntie Flo delivers a stripped-back vocal cut with echoes of his recent material on Permanent Vacation. Finally, Twitch steps up to deliver "Maya", which sounds like LFO's "LFO" re-made by African musicians.
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A Chance To Dance EP
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A Chance To Dance EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TU 015. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. 4056
  2. Rough Climate
  3. A Chance To Dance
  4. A Chance To Dance (M.ono & Luvless remix)
Review: Traxx Underground present the man from Basel, Switzerland, Shaka. After an great EP on Chez Damier label's, Balance Recordings, we are proud to release 3 very deep tracks plus fantastic remix from M.ono & Luveless.
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Blind Box 003
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Blind Box 003 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BBOX 003. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Haus
  2. Haus (Chris Carrier remix)
  3. 440 BC
  4. Thinking out loud
Review: Third chapter for Blind Box Series back in the game with a brand new release from label owners Julien Sandre and Konstress. This time Blind Boxers proudly share the Ep with house giants Hector Moralez and Chris Carrier, exploring some of the finest shades of the underground dance music. Vintage drums, bubbling synth elements, trippy pad lines, everything mixed with that unique forward-thinking nature that marked this platform as one of the most appealing vinyl-only record label out there.
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Here Comes Dat Sound
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  1. Dub Loop - "I Thought You Forgot About Me" (6:30)
  2. Baseline Inc - "Sometimes You Do" (5:32)
  3. Acid Filter - "Raw Sensation" (5:16)
  4. Loose P - "Clappin Happy" (4:53)
  5. Mr Flanger - "But I Would For You" (4:37)
Isole Del Tramonto
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Isole Del Tramonto (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIBR 004. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Isole Del Tramonto
  2. Cecilia A Roma
  3. Mediterraneo
  4. L'isola Misteriosa
Review: For the first time VIBRAPHONE RECORDS is releasing a record by an artist other than THE TRUE UNDERGROUND SOUND OF ROME. For such an exclusive event there could have not been a better choice than Italian DJ/PRODUCER, Nick Anthony SIMONCINO. For the production of this record, ISOLE DEL TRAMONTO (Sunset Islands) Simoncino uses a selection of strictly old school analog synthesizers, and drum machines, which takes you on a charming magical journey through the Mediterranean Sea with pulsating minimal deep bass lines, oneiric harmonic textures, exotic tom tom patterns, hypnotic sexy and catchy grove beats. ISOLE DEL TRAMONTO is a record that connects and combines the essential elements and spirit of deep house music along with providing its visionary future...
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Dsomc (12")
Cat: AZ 001. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Hot Diamond Aces - "DSOMC" (Al Zanders rework) (6:26)
  2. Al Zanders - "Raiz" (feat Sleepsang) (8:12)
Review: Sheffield's Al Zanders aka Lodger is back with Dsomc and this 12" release inaugurates his new eponymous imprint.. so good on him! On the A side is his rework of local seven piece band Hot Diamond Aces' "DSOMC" which is an epic serving of jazzy, funky Afro house that'll really get into your head (and to your feet!) On the flip, we've got Zanders with "Raiz" featuring Sleepsang; a sublime deep house cut covered in just the right sheen of dust and immersed in the enough smoke to lose yourself in at a basement party this Summer.
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4 Degrees Of Separation EP
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4 Degrees Of Separation EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PFTV 008. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Goshawk - "Take You Home"
  2. Tatsu - "Walk Away"
  3. Tim Tonal - "Love What U Feel"
  4. Leon Revol - "Tape Loop"
Review: Four tracks, four producers. One label regular, three new recruits. Four different takes on the deep house sound that we know and love here at PFT. Label regular/boss Goshawk kicks things off with the dubby slo-mo house grooves of 'Take You Home' which has a raw hypnotic disco inflected groove complete with chopped up vocals. Serious biznizz. Tatsu (aka DJ Isaac Indart from the Puro crew in Palma, Mallorca) offers up the bumping deep vibes on 'Walk Away' - think snapping snares, square wave basslines and sunkissed pads. WARM. Tim Tonal is most notably known for being part of the Alphadogs, whose incredible 'Bonelicker EP' on DIY is an all-time free party classic. He supplies another sure fire party starter with 'Love What U Feel', Nottingham soundsystem house at it's finest Finally, coming straight out of Bordeaux is Leon Revol (Apersonal) with the sublime 'Tape Loop' - a rolling, locked in groove with a fantastic arrangement which keeps the groove interesting throughout.
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Intense EP
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Intense EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ALLN 004 . Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Intense
  2. Rage
  3. Subconcious
Review: APOENA get his tracks played by names such as Delano Smith, Luke Hess, Agoria, Baby Ford, Jus Ed (etc...) since his first record out. Known to bring groove into deepness, the brazilian producer may be showing his stronger record so far with "Intense EP". The A Side provides prime driving stuff while B Side take the mood to a more profound level.
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Enzino's 07
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Cat: ENZINO 007. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Blu - "Martin Game" (5:41)
  2. Don Pal - "India" (5:07)
  3. Enzino's Akirahawks - "Theardo" (7:38)
  4. Enzino - "Berlimba" (7:12)
Money $ex 03
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Money $ex 03 (12" repress)
Cat: M$ 003. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Intreux (1:32)
  2. Walles Super Billige Knastbulletten (with Gerald Astor) (5:32)
  3. Chronic Gangsta Boogie (4:24)
  4. Laughter (with Der Retrogott) (2:07)
  5. Cheese (2:56)
  6. Der Pfirsich (with Glenn Astro - part1) (3:53)
  7. Der Pfirsich (part 2 - alternate mix fur Max) (4:37)
  8. Pepatzenimfernbus (with Max Graef & Damiano Von Erckert) (2:16)
Review: There's something wonderfully hazy and fluid about this debut album from German producer Hodini. Built around a combination of unapologetically blazed instrumental hip-hop, Moodymann influences, and the sort tumbling, swinging, sample heavy deep house promoted by Andres, Seven Davis Jr and others, M$03 sound tailor made for humid, lazy summer afternoons. There are collaborations with Glenn Astro and Max Graef, amongst others, and an overriding sense that Hodini is a producer on the rise. Grab a beer, slouch against the nearest tree, light up a jazz cigarette and get lost in the groove.
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My Jams
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My Jams (12")
Cat: PM 010. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Wrong (5:40)
  2. Sleaze (4:42)
  3. Bang (DJ Honesty mix) (6:36)
  4. Bang (5:09)
Connection Lost Part 2
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  1. Trying To Hide But Then I Cried (7:33)
  2. If You Were Here (5:53)
  3. Ukulele Groove (7:17)
  4. No More Love To Follow (feat Matthew Morris) (7:57)
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EP (limited 12" repress)
Cat: M$ 004. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. +Encounter- (2:07)
  2. Groove Attack (4:50)
  3. Boogie Down Sessions (5:25)
  4. Midnight Circle (5:07)
  5. W.T.T.D. (2:15)
Review: Berlin's Alex Seidel is up next on Max Graef and Glenn Astro's new Money $ex Records and keeping on with the simply titled EP, which features five tracks fully in line with the label's aesthetic of dusty, sampled based, hip-hop derived deep house. Starting things off with the eerie soundscape of "-Encounter+" he soon launches into the usual biz you know him for, with the rusty acid workout of "Boogie Down Sessions" and the right party starter "Midnight Circle" which is reminiscent of Motor City Drum Ensemble's Raw Cuts series. Finally "W.T.T.D." presents us with yet another wacky VHS sci-fi soundscape.
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Collection (reissue)
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Cat: DM 304. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Armani Track (PJ remake) (6:02)
  2. Ambulance (3:34)
  3. Give You All (5:24)
  4. Circus Bells Vs You Got Me Jackin (8:30)
  5. Circuit Breaker (4:14)
  6. Muzik Man (3:49)
Flamingo Hipanema EP
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Cat: WM 006. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Flamingo Hipanema (8:47)
  2. Flamingo Hipanema (K Alexi Shelby Klassik remix) (7:04)
  3. Flamingo Hipanema (Gari Romalis Night Move mix) (7:53)
  4. Flamingo Hipanema (Gari Romalis reconstruction mix) (7:38)
The Detroit Upright EP
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The Detroit Upright EP (12" repress)
Cat: SIS 026. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. The Detroit Upright (6:21)
  2. Who We Are (6:17)
Review: Patrice Scott's long awaited debut album, Euphonium, was arguably one of the most underrated full-lengths of 2015. Happily, he's kept the quality threshold high for this follow-up EP. "The Detroit Upright" is particularly potent, with effortlessly smooth keys stretching out over rich chords and bumpin' deep house beats. On the flip, Scott doffs a cap to the hazy, jazz-funk influenced styles of 2000 Black, on the impeccable broken beat/deep house fusion cut, "Who We Are". Weighty at the bottom end, and blessed with both starry keys and delay-laden synth lines, it's the kind of track you could imagine Theo Parrish losing his shit to.
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Cat: RAR 002. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. 35 Years Old (6:58)
  2. Gem4 (7:23)
  3. Lost My Bag (6:16)
  4. Take Me Higher (6:38)
Contact (Nova)
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Cat: DAS 014. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Contact (Nova) (original version) (9:02)
  2. Contact (Nova) (dub version) (9:04)
Lost In Tracks
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Cat: CC 028. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Acid Falls (4:26)
  2. All Over The World (4:07)
  3. One On One (4:50)
  4. Relax, Don't Do It (4:33)
  5. Jus Hold Back, The Feelin’ (4:09)
  6. And The Beat, Goes On (4:25)
Review: Back in 1988, Chicagoan DJ Joe Lewis delivered Lost In Tracks, an early acid onslaught that has since become a must-have for serious house collectors. Some 28 years on, it finally gets a reissue on Clone's Classic Cuts series. All six of Lewis's tracks from the original release are present (David Whiting's short percussion track, tagged on to the '88 12" as a bonus, has been omitted), and are here presented in newly re-mastered form. As you might expect, the material sits somewhere between sweaty jack-tracks and handclap-heavy box-jams, with "Just Hold Back The Feelin" - with its' sampled diva vocal lines and classic Chi-town bassline - and wild, ragging "One On One" amongst the many highlights. Given that original copies are "almost unobtainable", this should be on your shopping list.
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Run Time
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Run Time (12")
Cat: TT 006. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Airwaves (7:00)
  2. Cloud City (7:09)
  3. Purple Park (6:41)
  4. Run Time (6:42)
Played by: Subb-an
Review: Since 2009 John Dimas has been producing a faultless style of deep house for dancefloors craving the teachings of the US. Dimas has proved a master in the art of acid and French house style too and this Run Time EP sees the Greek producer lean closer toward something more suited to Berlin, with all four tracks entrenched in a dubby malaise. "Airwaves" is up front the funkiest track here while the chordal interplay with the drum programming on "Cloud City" is undeniable - think Chez Damier. "Run Time" is the deepest session on this record with its drums less function, while "Purple Park" is so Chicago it hurts. Ouch!
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BPBL01.1 (12")
Cat: BPBL 01 1. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Christian Jay - "Rhotic" (7:12)
  2. Larry De Kat - "Starry Nite Life" (6:06)
  3. Florist - "Blacky" (5:59)
  4. Christian Jay & Crump - "GG3" (7:14)
Played by: Tilman
Review: Bristol's Banoffee Pies are back with their 11th edition. But as far it goes musically: this certainty ain't Bristol! Starting out with the smoothly reduced tendencies of local lad Christian Jay's "Rhotic" which sounds inspired by the sounds of Trelik, there's more of the same (albeit much dubbier and smoked out) on "Starry Nite Life" courtesy of Utrecht's Larry de Kat; very paranoid afterhour vibes on this one! On the flip we've got some more dubbed out fare courtesy of Christian Jay, again, who enlists a bit of help from Crump on the rusty and dust coated "GG3". All Caps artist Florist adds a touch of Vancouver to proceedings with the squelchy DJ tool "Blacky."
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What Am I Here For?
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What Am I Here For? (12" repress)
Cat: NDATL 016. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. What Am I Here For? (NDATL DISTINCTIVE vocal remix) (7:03)
  2. What Am I Here For? (Irvin NDATL piano instrumental) (7:18)
  3. What Am I Here For? (KZR Late Night mix) (7:04)
  4. Swingin With The New Jacks (Kai Alce Distinctive remix) (5:40)
Review: Soulful fusionists The Dangerfeel Newbies are an interesting proposition. Certainly, the Atlanta-based trio has made an impression on NDATL Muzik boss Kai Alice, who's decided to release a trio of his own interpretations of Hariet album highlight "What Am I Here For". He begins by delivering a classic soulful house interpretation, placing the original's superb vocal and twinkling jazz pianos right at the heart of the action. Those superb piano lines come to the fore on his Piano Instrumental, before the Late Night Mix sees Alice sauntering off on a hazy, duvet-warm deep house tip. Best of all, though, is the bonus remix of "Swingin' With The New Jacks", a fizzing, rolling deep house groover replete with vibraphone solos and battling jazz horns.
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The Ceaper Buing EP
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The Ceaper Buing EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: HEIST 018. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. The Door (6:07)
  2. Glimpse Of Light (5:23)
  3. UV Lights (5:15)
  4. Wakee (6:42)
  5. The Door (Mr Tophat remix) (6:10)
The Musical Stylings Of
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Cat: NDATL 017. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Keep Bouncin' (5:00)
  2. Chaka's Revenge (6:31)
  3. My Life (4:50)
  4. These Words (4:53)
  5. No Words (3:50)
Review: It's been a while since Detroit producer Javonntte last treated us to a collection of tracks, with his last fresh material dropping way back in 2008. Since, he's kept himself busy by playing instruments on records by Mike Grant's Cool Ppl project. There's much to admire on this five-track collection, from the fluid deep house bump of "Bounce" - whose killer bassline impressively drives things forward - and wavy late night positivity of "Chaka's Revenge", to the classic US deep house brightness of "My Life". The EP concludes with two versions of "These Words"; the super-soulful, vocal dreaminess of "Mix 3", and the similarly warm and comforting "Original Instrumental".
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Game Over EP
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Game Over EP (hand-stamped coloured vinyl 10")
Cat: H 1005. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Hide 'N' Seek (7:50)
  2. Jump 'N' Run (6:56)
Soundtrack For Strangers
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Cat: OM 030. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. TC Sound (7:38)
  2. Soundtrack For Strangers (8:32)
  3. This Is A Dance Hit (7:51)
  4. Hebrew House (6:01)
Review: Glasgow's Green Door studios proves once again to be a fine source of talent for JD Twitch's Optimo Music empire with newcomer MR TC making his mark via the Optimo Trax offshoot. Soundtrack For Strangers may well be Thomas Clarke's debut release as Mr TC, but you wouldn't know it such is the confidence in production evident throughout. Four tracks deep, this 12" sees Clarke trying his hand at a deep and hypnotic brand of dance music which looks to house, disco, techno, and more for inspiration with refreshing results. Those lucky enough to have attended Dusseldorf's Salon Des Amateurs will probably close their eyes when "Hebrew House" is playing and imagine it going down very well at the venue. A fine debut, more please Mr Clarke.
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Into Your Story
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Into Your Story (12" repress)
Cat: FFWD 013AC. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Into Your Story (original Distinctive vocal mix) (6:53)
  2. Into Your Story (KZREKchampa club dub) (9:29)
Review: It's been a while since we last heard from former Ubiquity Records modern soul starlet Jeremy Ellis. Despite his mid-2000s success, the man with the golden tonsils has been off the radar since 2010. He's sounding as smooth and soulful as ever on this surprise return to action, lending his impeccable tones to a chunk of lilting deep house from Sandman and Riverside. Kai Alice handles remix duties on the A-side, delivering a tactile chunk of heavily electronic deep house with fluid chords and extended solos aplenty. That musical fluidity comes to the fore on the flipside KZREKchampa Club Dub, which peppers a shuffling, glassy-eyed groove with selected snippets of Ellis's brilliant vocal.
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Love Exposure
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 in stock $10.60
Cat: ANJDEE 260. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Andante (3:22)
  2. Careless Love (4:47)
  3. Summer (3:50)
  4. Go Slow (4:32)
  5. Eternite (4:29)
  6. You Left Me (3:20)
Euphoria EP
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 in stock $11.18
Cat: S3AREC 007. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Intro (2:07)
  2. The Love Below (4:18)
  3. Coming To Detroit (1:42)
  4. The Essence (3:14)
  5. Bryon & S3A - "Nights In Tokyo" (6:32)
  6. Spacing Out (2:08)
  7. Memories Of Kenzu (4:29)
Review: The seventh release for Parisian label Sampling As An Art comes courtesy of Atlanta's Byron The Aquarius with the Euphoria EP. If you checked Byron's prior 2016 releases for Sound Signature and Wild Oats, you'll know to expect a diverse range of styles all produced with consummate expertise and that's exactly what we have on the Euphoria EP. There's some dusty hip hop joints like on "Intro", Coming To Detroit" and "The Essence" but there's also some real proper deep house. Like when we get treated with the wonderful "The Love Below" which is reminiscent of Fresh 'N Low and the rather KDJ sounding collaboration with S3A "Nights In Tokyo".
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The Way I Feel
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 in stock $11.18
Cat: DBRV 027. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. The Way I Feel (4:19)
  2. Work (4:23)
  3. Pinball Count (1:27)
  4. Signs (4:44)
  5. Aillio (feat Bee Ayume) (5:41)
  6. Lost In Future (3:13)
Review: Aybee's Deepblak label is usually a reliable source of smooth, soulful, musically rich deep house. Those are certainly adjectives that could be applied to this expansive EP from debutant Dan 'DFLN' Curtis. What's perhaps most impressive about The Way I Feel is its' effortless eclecticism. While the title track and "Work" both explore rich, Osunlade style deep house warmth, elsewhere it's a different story. "Pinball Number Count" is a thrilling fusion of piano jazz, spitting hip-hop beats and eccentric neo-soul vocals, while "Signs" sounds like a Detroit take on broken beat, beamed to Earth from some far-off planet. On "Allio" he delivers some deep bruk loveliness, while "Lost In Future" is a heady trip into experimental beat-making territory.
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Diamonds On Jupiter
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 in stock $11.18
Cat: PS 01. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Diamonds On Jupiter (7:22)
  2. Swingers Unltd (6:52)
  3. Diamonds On Jupiter (Massimiliano Pagliara Extra Scoop) (7:55)
No Sleep Not In America
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 in stock $12.90
No Sleep Not In America (limited hand-numbered hand stamped 12" + insert)
Cat: SCRS 011. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. No Sleep Not In America (6:58)
  2. When I Blow Fire (6:03)
  3. The Only Rule Is Work (6:52)
  4. Thanks To The Heads (In Jackson Park) (7:19)
20 Years Of Freerange Part 1
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 in stock $13.74
20 Years Of Freerange Part 1 (12" + collectors box for full box set)
Cat: FR 214. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. KiNK - "Roads" (7:13)
  2. Tim Toh & Ranavalona - "All I See" (Jimpster remix) (6:20)
  3. The New Tower Generation - "Eyes Don't Lie" (6:33)
  4. Luv Jam & Jimpster - "We Play Pads" (6:14)
Structures & Rhythms 94-99
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 in stock $17.77
Structures & Rhythms 94-99 (blue vinyl 12" + cassette + booklet + MP3 download card)
Cat: OA 003. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Structures
  2. Harmonic Oscillation
  3. Concrete Sunrise
  4. Frequency Pressure
  5. Structures (reprise)
  6. Cosmic Ocean (1995)
  7. Computer Control (1995)
  8. Steppa Phase (1995)
  9. Revival (1999)
  10. Quadrasonic (1995)
  11. GRB 990123 (1997)
  12. Planetesimal (1995)
  13. The Heliosphere (1994)
  14. PDM X Break (1997)
  15. Black & White (1995)
  16. Rhythms 94-99 (White Peak rework)
Played by: G-Prod, Warren Raww
Review: Following acclaimed releases by Jeremiah R and HVL, Organic Analogue is proud to present an extensive new release from a true underground hero of UK electronic music, DJ Guy. The tracks on the Structures 12" prove that the same spellbinding atmosphere, swooning melodic content and crafty arrangement flex is as present in Guy's contemporary work as it is in his earliest tape rips. Elements of Drexciyan electro and UK ambient techno can be felt throughout, but they're delivered with an equal dose of ingenuity that is all his own. As well as his plentiful techno output, Guy equally turned his hand to some crucial experimental jungle over the years. Rhythms 94/99 harks back to the era of Black Secret Technology, Plug and Depth Charge, all phased, diced up amens and dreamy pads that form a link to Guy's 4/4 work while once more demonstrating how on point his productions were at such a seminal time. The tape they have put together contains ten tracks recorded by Guy between 1994 and 1999 as well as an additional remix by White Peak that draws upon all the tracks for source material.
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