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This Week: Deep House
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Celebration Of Oggun
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Cat: YSD 79. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Celebration Of Oggun (6:27)
  2. Celebration Of Oggun (Yoruba Soul beats) (4:54)
  3. Celebration Of Oggun (Yoruba Soul mix) (6:53)
  4. Celebration Of Oggun (Trinidadiandeep remix) (7:02)
Review: After a countless string of releases for his own Sunlightsquare Records, Sunlight Square decide to venture onto new horizons and land himself a lil' EP for the mighty Yoruba, home to many quality tribal hits. "Celebration Of Oggun", as the name implies, is a house-centric dance to the Gods in African style, and that's followed by Yoruba's percussion-driven version. The Yoruba Soul remix brings the vocals back in and out of the groove alongside a more developed beat pattern, but it's the Trinidadian Deep remix that gets the gold stars from us...the tune adds in an additional layer of melodies that somehow tie the whole track firmly together. The perfect summer house affair!
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Dsomc (12")
Cat: AZ 001. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Hot Diamond Aces - "DSOMC" (Al Zanders rework) (6:26)
  2. Al Zanders - "Raiz" (feat Sleepsang) (8:12)
Review: Sheffield's Al Zanders aka Lodger is back with Dsomc and this 12" release inaugurates his new eponymous imprint.. so good on him! On the A side is his rework of local seven piece band Hot Diamond Aces' "DSOMC" which is an epic serving of jazzy, funky Afro house that'll really get into your head (and to your feet!) On the flip, we've got Zanders with "Raiz" featuring Sleepsang; a sublime deep house cut covered in just the right sheen of dust and immersed in the enough smoke to lose yourself in at a basement party this Summer.
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 in stock $16.62
Cat: BBQ 00R. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. A (Melodiesinfonie remix) (3:05)
  2. Wildstar (Tito Mountain Love remix) (3:36)
  3. Skyview (Cuthead remix) (5:41)
  4. Deep Diving (Jenovah remix - vinyl edit) (5:41)
  5. Fais-Le (feat Keroue remix) (3:31)
  6. Anyoma (Pavane remix) (4:59)
  7. Chocolate & Hamburgers (Maxime Dangles remix) (3:40)
  8. Elis (Ark & Pit Spector remix) (6:32)
The Race For Space: Remixes
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 in stock $9.46
  1. EVA (Vessels remix)
  2. Tomorrow (Copy Paste Soul remix)
  3. Go! (Kauf remix)
  4. The Other Side (Maps remix)
  5. Korolev (Field Music remix)
  6. Sputnik (Petar Dundov remix)
  7. Valentina (feat Smoke Fairies - Boxed In remix)
  8. Eva (Dutch Uncles remix)
  9. Gagarin (Psychemagik remix)
  10. Korolev (Robert Babicz remix)
  11. Go! (Errors remix)
  12. Sputnik (Blond:ish remix)
Dani Siciliano
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Dani Siciliano (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: CCS 102. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Why (5:57)
  2. Take Two (4:00)
  3. Blink (3:33)
  4. So Amazing (4:37)
  5. I'm The Question (3:47)
  6. Come On (3:43)
  7. Dragons (4:11)
  8. Together (3:48)
  9. Chasing The Sun (3:15)
  10. Gone Are Those Days (4:32)
  11. Sincerely (4:32)
Items 51 to 55 of 55 on page 2 of 2
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