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This Week: Dancehall/Ragga
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Lady Saw: Reggae Legends
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Cat: VPCD 2587. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Good Wuk
  2. What Is Slackness
  3. Give Me The Reason
  4. Darnest Things
  5. Husband A Mine
  6. Glory To Be God
  7. Saturday Night At The Movies
  8. Name Nuh Stand Fi Sex
  9. Condom
  10. Lonely With You
  11. Life Without Dick
  12. Love & Understanding
  13. Ain't No Meaning
  14. Over & Over
  15. Introlude (feat Stone Love)
  16. Gal No Worry
  17. Na Nurse
  18. Long 'Til It Bend (feat Merciless)
  19. Sycamore Tree
  20. I Don't Need To Know
  21. Passion
  22. Interlude (feat Stone Love)
  23. Healing (feat Beenie Man)
  24. Lover Boy
  25. Love Is Strange (feat Shaggy)
  26. Call Me
  27. Let Peace Reign
  28. Wuk With You
  29. Raw (feat DJ Clue)
  30. A Just The Wuk
  31. Woman Wi Name
  32. Straight Work
  33. Oh Yeah
  34. No Matta Me
  35. Ride Of Your Life (feat Pancho Kryztal)
  36. Woman Sneaking (feat Red Rat)
  37. Picture On The Wall (feat Sanchez)
  38. Nuh Dis Me
  39. Hardcore Lover (feat TOK)
  40. Money Money
  41. Don't Even Stress Dat
  42. 99 Ways
  43. Bunner Boy
  44. Brown Eyes Blue
  45. Hall Of Fame
  46. Let's Stay Together
  47. I Call Your Name
  48. 99 Ways (raw)
  49. Intro
  50. I've Got Your Man
  51. Man Is The Least
  52. Do Me Better
  53. Move Your Body (feat Voice Mail)
  54. Strip Tease
  55. Comig Over
  56. Cocky Liquor (skit)
  57. Pretty Pusy
  58. Loser (feat Ce'Cile)
  59. Lock It Up
  60. Just Being Me
  61. Best Pum Pum
  62. Been So Long
  63. Dreaming Of You
  64. Thug Loving
  65. Good Love (feat Sizzla)
  66. Messed Up
  67. My Dreamz
  68. Dedicated To Mama
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