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Conditioning For Solitude
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Conditioning For Solitude (140 gram clear vinyl 12")
Cat: TMS 001. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Conditioning For Solitude
  2. Body Burn
  3. 3 Minute Warning (Sheila Fleurrater remix)
Played by: James Friedman
Review: For the opening EP from Too Many Squares, Frank butters manages to gene-splice together the raw DNA from all of the ugly-beautiful sounds present in the birth of modern dance music.
"Conditioning for Solitude" is the hum of dark tubes, the slice and hiss of sharp synthesised percussion and the scream of blissful dementia. The mutant that existed for a brief and joyous frozen moment while disco was still birthing house.
"Body Burn” is the tropics with a black sun and Africanism with a stopwatch instead of a heart.
Recalling experimentalist forays by the likes of Liaisons Dangereuses, Patrick Cowley and Karen Finley, the 2 originals on offer manage to recall the raw passion of an era without feeling contrived or derivative.
The EP is rounded off by Sheila Fleurrater’s remix of “3 Minute Warning” which continues the pioneer-ist motif, albeit allying itself with a much more early industrial aesthetic.
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Peaks (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: ERS 024. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Alpha Moon
  2. Crystal Cloud
  3. Mercury Ripples
  4. Light Space
  5. Nexus Vox
  6. To The Stars
  7. Traces
  8. Eclipse Predictions
Review: Gone beyond. That's what they say when an (astro) pilot crashes to earth and takes the journey into the big sky. When Juan Trippe took that last flight little did he know that his re-incarnated self would be an electronic pioneer. In tandem with his co-pilot Guido Zen (his own father also a pilot) and Kyle Martin (from the Land Of Light) they formed Brain Machine and scaled the highest Peaks to bring back music both unearthly and intensely human. Are we all not stardust anyway? This music proves it, takes you out flips you over and rolls you in stardust. Don't try and think it through, make sense of it, grasp it - just wander in wonder and bask in beauty.
Get lost again.
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Nous Savons Tout
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Nous Savons Tout (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 124 . Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Nous Savons Tout (5:36)
  2. Melodie Moderne (5:45)
Review: Those in the know regard Space Art as one of French electronic music's most under-appreciated acts. Active between 1978 and '81, Synthesizer obsessive Dominique Perrier and drummer Roger Rizzitelli were famed for releasing killer chunks of "cosmic pop", before performing them live wearing specially made silver space suits. "Nous Savons Tout", which was recorded and released in 1981, remains one of their most potent singles. Creepy, strange, hypnotic and undeniably cosmic, Perrier's trippy synth parts seemingly rise and fall over Rizzitelli's metronomic, proto-techno drums. Flipside "Melodie Moderne" has an altogether different feel, coming on like a pitched-down, cosmic disco take on the artier side of 1970s progressive rock.
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Evolution 5 Technology
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Evolution 5 Technology (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 126 . Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Evolution 5 Technology (7" vocal) (4:37)
  2. Evolution 5 Technology (dub mix) (6:01)
  3. Evolution 5 Technology (JTC remix) (7:00)
Review: It would be fair to say that Series-A's Evolution Technology is something of a long-lost electro classic. Written and produced by Detroit friends DJ Maestro and Kid Fresh in 1987, 50 promo copies of the record were pressed before the label they'd signed to, California's Satellite Records, went bankrupt. This was always a shame, as "Evolution Technology" is something of a killer: a spellbinding chunk of futurist electro that updated the Cybotron blueprint for the emerging Motor City techno generation. As well as the original 7" and Dub versions, this first "proper" release also features a brand new rework from Tad Mullinix (under the JTC pseudonym), which appropriately re-casts the track as a spacey Detroit techno shuffler.
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Divisions Chirality EP
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Cat: LAD 027. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Divisions (8:47)
  2. Chirality (8:13)
  3. Divisions (Roman Flugel remix) (8:27)
  4. Chirality (Plaid remix) (5:36)
  5. Track 5 (2:35)
Played by: Resident Advisor
Review: Life & Death's head honcho DJ Tennis serves up some brooding, pop inflected deep house for main room madness on "Divisions" featuring the rich vocals of Jeppe Kjellberg of Danish pop-tronica trio Whomadewho; expect to be hearing a lot of this one this year! We've also the more straight ahead, dark melodic journey track executed in the way that only a Life & Death record can be on "Chirality" featuring some intense atmosphere provided by Sophie Trudeau's (Godspeed You Black Emperor!) string orchestra direction. "Divisions" gets an equally dark and mysterious remix, full of rich synth leads and bleepiness by Frankfurt master Roman Flugel and "Chirality" gets an epic makeover by experimental electronica legends Plaid, which is equally worthy of your attention.
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Untitled EP
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Untitled EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RTTD 003. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Moscow Death Disco - "We Punk Ravers"
  2. Black Smile
  3. Cold Insomnia
  4. Le Chocolat Noir - "Tanka Linija"
  5. Just A Little Bit More
  6. Dressed In Black (featuring Sven)
Review: Lo-fi hardcore rave from Moscow Death Disco vs psychotic art punk electro by Le Chocolat Noir!
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Third Skin
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Third Skin (12")
Cat: DE 123 . Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Third Skin (7:12)
  2. Lipstick Information (6:20)
  3. Third Skin (Steffi remix) (6:33)
  4. Third Skin (The Hacker remix) (6:11)
Played by: Jack Pattern
Review: Having spent much of the last 12 months furiously re-issuing classic Italo-disco bombs, Dark Entries has finally got round to releasing some more contemporary cuts. The man behind this EP is Victor Lenis AKA Cute Heels, a Barcelona-based Colombian who last appeared on the imprint in 2014. As usual, the two new productions showcased here see him explore a range of vintage electronic music influences, presenting them in a typically stylish and authentic way. "Third Skin" melds the muscular sweatiness of EBM to the jackin' energy of Chicago acid, while "Lipstick Information" offers a master-class in dark Italo-disco and early Detroit techno fusion. Steffi and The Hacker both give the title track a thorough going over, with the former's deliciously hypnotic, psychedelic take being particularly potent.
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Autoguerra (vinyl 12")
Cat: LURID 05. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Autoguerra (10:32)
  2. Autoguerra (Lucas Savidis remix) (10:13)
Standing On A Beach: The Singles (remastered)
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Standing On A Beach: The Singles (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 004228 2923912. Rel: 08 Dec 14
  1. Killing An Arab
  2. Boys Don't Cry
  3. Jumping Someone Else's Train
  4. A Forest
  5. Primary
  6. Charlotte Sometimes
  7. The Hanging Garden
  8. Let's Go To Bed
  9. The Walk
  10. The Lovecats
  11. The Caterpillar
  12. In Between Days
  13. Close To Me
Played by: Joe Europe
Red Axes Remixes
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Cat: DE 111. Rel: 07 Mar 16
  1. Witches (Red Axes remix) (7:59)
  2. No 9 (Red Axes remix) (5:36)
  3. And We Hear "I Love You" (Red Axes remix) (7:26)
  4. Liqueur Ruby (Red Axes remix) (7:34)
Review: Crete's Lena Platonos is a Goddess of the piano, and her illustrious career spans over thirty years. Having reissued the excellent Platonos album Galop last year, Dark Entries return with another dose of Lena goodness, transforming her gentle harmonics into dancefloor bliss. The culprits are Tel Aviv's Red Axes, who start their thrashing by moulding "Witches" into a deep, sleek, and masterfully contained groove featuring the artiste's vocals at the helm - perfectly detuned and distorted. "No9" is a broken shred of steely drums and bass, while "And We Hear I Love You" goes for an industrial approach, and "Liqueur Ruby" for the lo-fi and mystical. Warmly recommended.
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Cosmic Machine: The Sequel: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde 70s-80s
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Cat: BEC 5156467. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. Pascal Comelade - "Mouvement Decompose D'un Coup De Marteau" (1:19)
  2. STEREO - "Moonshine" (5:22)
  3. Francis Lai - "Young Freedom" (3:25)
  4. Rosebud - "Main Theme From More" (4:03)
  5. Queen Samantha - "Take A Chance" (remix - instrumental edit) (4:25)
  6. Nicolas Peyrac - "Rite" (1:11)
  7. Heldon - "Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes" (2:22)
  8. Roger Roger - "Vadrouillard" (3) (1:17)
  9. Arpadys - "Monkey Star" (6:19)
  10. Video Liszt - "Fade In Hong Kong" (3:29)
  11. Pierre Porte - "Love Is All" (4:47)
  12. Richard Pinhas - "Ruitor" (3:59)
  13. Christophe - "Harp Odyssey" (2:29)
  14. Grand Prix - "Grand Prix" (4:49)
  15. The Peppers - "Pepper Box" (2:22)
  16. Joel Fajerman & Jan Yrssen - "Asteroide" (3:35)
  17. Moon Birds - "Cristal No 3" (3:07)
  18. Araxis - "Theme D'Araxis" (instrumental) (4:26)
  19. Anarchic System - "Pop Corn" (3:37)
  20. Georges Rodi - "Indian Love Melody" (3:04)
  21. Michel Magne - "Signaux Codes Non Identifies" (4:58)
  22. Pierre Schaeffer - "Moins Banal" (interlude - Ou Impromptu) (3:28)
  23. Pascal Comelade - "Mouvement Decompose D'un Coup De Marteau"
  24. STEREO - "Moonshine"
  25. Francis Lai - "Young Freedom"
  26. Rosebud - "Main Theme From More"
  27. Queen Samantha - "Take A Chance" (remix - instrumental edit)
  28. Nicolas Peyrac - "Rite"
  29. Heldon - "Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes"
  30. Roger Roger - "Vadrouillard" (3)
  31. Arpadys - "Monkey Star"
  32. Video Liszt - "Fade In Hong Kong"
  33. Pierre Porte - "Love Is All"
  34. Richard Pinhas - "Ruitor"
  35. Christophe - "Harp Odyssey"
  36. Grand Prix - "Grand Prix"
  37. The Peppers - "Pepper Box"
  38. Joel Fajerman & Jan Yrssen - "Asteroide"
  39. Moon Birds - "Cristal No 3"
  40. Araxis - "Theme D'Araxis"
  41. Anarchic System - "Pop Corn" (instrumental)
  42. Georges Rodi - "Indian Love Melody"
  43. Michel Magne - "Signaux Codes Non Identifies"
  44. Pierre Schaeffer - "Moins Banal" (interlude - Ou Impromptu)
Review: Compiled by Uncle O, the title of this compilation is pretty clear and representative of the sounds contained within: A Voyage Across French Electronic Cosmic and Avantgarde 70s-80s; there you have it, a look into a relatively neat and much coveted moment in musical history, and Because Music have spared you the trouble of looking for these records in old charity shops and car boot sales. In reality, the best part of these songs are going for a lot of dollar on the second-hand market, so you probably wouldn't find them anyway. In any case, we have a wide spectrum of disco-not-disco sounds from names who you might not recognise, but who have had a lasting effect on disco, dance and electronic music as a whole. You're not restricted to one genre either, with tunes from Rosebud bringing the funk, Queen Samantha's gorgeous disco, electronic improv by Nicolas Peyrec, and much more. Highly recommended. Uff - check that proto-techno on Heldon's "Les Soucoupes Volantes Vertes"!
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Oh No
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Oh No (CD)
Cat: HDBCD 030. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. New Ogi
  2. VV Violence
  3. Never Enough
  4. I Talk BB
  5. Going Somewhere
  6. It Means I Love You
  7. Vivica
  8. Oh No
  9. Begins
  10. Could Be U
Review: Frequent Jeremy Greenspan and Morgan Geist collaborator Jessy Lanza was hailed as a future star on the release of her 2013 debut album, Pull My Hair Back. That album projected her as some kind of New York freestyle chanteuse dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century, backed by an all-electronic band fascinated with the potential of future R&B and left-of-centre synth-pop. This belated follow-up, which was once again produced in cahoots with Jeremy Greenspan, is even better. Colourful, vibrant and attractive, the ten songs are truthful to their '80s NYC inspirations, but smartly avoid the pitfalls of such blatant retro-futurism. In other words, it's a superb collection of future R&B and pop gems.
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Programm 1
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Cat: MNQ 090. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Die Siebzige (6:08)
  2. DNS Of Time (4:46)
  3. No Repeat (2:49)
  4. Urwald-Liebe (5:09)
  5. Age Is A State Of Mind (4:33)
  6. She's So Nice (5:55)
Review: Din A Testbild's 1980 debut full-length, Programm 1, long been considered something of an experimental, post-punk classic by krautrock experts. Here, the album gets a timely reissue on Berlin's Mannequin Records. The set was recorded at Klaus Schulze's studio, and contained contributions from a number of German and American experimental musicians. The album's six tracks are surprisingly varied, and feature nods towards post-punk noise, abstract electronics, dub, beat poetry, wayward krautrock, early Cabaret Voltaure, Stockhausen style tape experiments, and the pitch-black output of Joy Division. Highlights are plentiful, from the bizarre ambience and spoken words of "Age Is A State Of Mind", to the off-kilter punk-funk of opener "Die Siebzige".
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The Race For Space (remixes)
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The Race For Space (remixes) (limited 180 gram orange vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TCRVAR 03X. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. E.V.A (Vessels remix) (5:50)
  2. Tomorrow (Copy Paste Soul remix) (6:40)
  3. Go! (Kauf remix) (4:24)
  4. The Other Side (Maps remix) (5:22)
  5. Korolev (Field Music remix) (4:20)
  6. Sputnik (Petar Dundov remix) (6:15)
  7. Valentina (feat Smoke Fairies - Boxed In remix) (5:57)
  8. E.V.A (Dutch Uncles remix) (4:30)
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Nerd (7" + sticker)
Cat: TAT 016. Rel: 06 Jun 16
  1. Nerd (4:58)
  2. Intermission (4:46)
Played by: Jonny 5
Review: Danny Bosten's Das Ding project is no newcomer to the scene. In fact, the Dutch pseudo electro artist has been active since the mid-1980s via his quirky Tear Apart Tapes label, dealing specifically in cassettes until this new 7". "Nerd" is one of those tunes that crosses many genres and paths, taking the spirit of Kraftwerk and placing it onto a new plateau that is both relevant and inclusive of contemporary styles and ideas...that bassline could be left on for hours on end! "Intermission" is similarly leftfield, except that here Bosten scraps the buzzy bassline in favour of more tranquil sounds and samples that edge on the Japanese end of the spectrum. Recommended
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Angstpolitiek (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: PBD 001. Rel: 06 Jun 16
  1. Angstpolitiek (8:12)
  2. Drawing Closer (7:20)
  3. Take Control (7:21)
  4. Tonight (5:03)
Review: Not content with running Pinkman and Charlois, Rotterdam's Patrick Marsman has decided to launch a new "white label" imprint, Broken Dreams. The freshly minted label's first release comes from prolific Dutchman Nick Lapier, under the frequently used Metropolis handle. The four tracks are moody, dark and satisfying, drawing on a range of vintage influences including EBM, industrial, acid, post-punk and proto techno. He begins with the Nitzer Ebb-ish throb of "Angstpolotiek", before warming up the Cabaret Voltaire guitars and triple-time rhythms on "Drawing Closer". "Take Control" is a pitch-black, floor-friendly fusion of ragging acid lines and thumping DAF rhythms, while "Tonight" is a woozy, out-there chunk of loved-up post-punk indie-rock.
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Cat: DE 103. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Inward Fathoms (4:28)
  2. Sea Bering (5:12)
  3. Phantom Pain (5:17)
  4. Between Electrons (4:55)
  5. Meditations/Industry (7:26)
  6. In Love/With Light (7:26)
  7. 302636797.77082 (5:21)
Review: Despite their obsession with unearthing and reissuing obscure gems, Dark Entries do occasionally release new - or, at least, nearly new - music. Meditation/Industry is the debut vinyl release from Austin-based analogue hardware enthusiast Bill Converse. Made up, in part, from one-take tracks originally released on cassette, it's an album that emphasizes hissing drum machine percussion, wavering synthesizer lines, and the kind of evocative, entertaining material that sits somewhere between cold wave, EBM, experimental Chicago acid and the far-sighted shuffle of Detroit techno. As debuts go, it's pretty darn good, and well worth further exploration.
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Just A Clown On Crack
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Cat: DKMNTL 036. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Bridge Over A Golden Duckpond (4:48)
  2. Japanese Trains (3:54)
  3. Telepatic Consultation (8:41)
  4. Blue Austral (7:58)
  5. Central Coast Drifter (5:57)
  6. Just A Clown On Crack (5:56)
Review: Danny 'Legowelt' Wolfers describes the music he makes under the Occult Orientated Crime alias as "an accumulation of 20 years of musical research and training, and what affect it has on the brain". Read into that what you will; in practice, his OOC output allows Wolfers to explore the more deep and cosmic end of the ambient spectrum, with sly nods towards jazz and movie soundtracks amongst the Motor City synthesizers, buried spoken word vocals and intergalactic chord progressions. The fantastically titled Just A Clown On Crack is the first OOC release to make it to wax, and effortlessly recalls the early '90s glory days of ambient house and intelligent techno, whilst still retaining many of Wolfers' stylistic trademarks.
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Suburban Hunting
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Suburban Hunting (limited 160 gram coloured splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: CITI 018. Rel: 30 Nov 15
  1. Nursing Home (2:18)
  2. Vacant (5:50)
  3. Derelict (5:31)
  4. Godless (6:10)
  5. Scum (4:02)
  6. Tourist Zone (4:16)
  7. Crime (6:19)
  8. Suburban Hunting (6:14)
  9. Knives (6:07)
  10. Prayer Space (5:13)
  11. Shallow Pits (2:04)
Review: It's been a delight to see Oliver Ho's Broken English Club project develop artistically over recent times, with some fine records for Jealous God and Veronica Vasicka's Cititrax label along the way. Suburban Hunting sees Ho deliver his debut Broken English Club album, featuring some 11 tracks of primitive electronics and cinematic pseudo techno cuts. Tunes like "Vacant", "Derelict", or "Scum" all share a loose techno framework, but the real aesthetic is much vaster than that, verging on remnants of post-punk, industrial and all that goodness and hybrid class that came out of the late 1980's. It's another fine addition to the sublime Cititrax discography, and we recommended it just as much as the previous numbers.
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Immaterial Visions Remixes
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Immaterial Visions Remixes (numbered heavyweight white vinyl 12")
Cat: CITI 009. Rel: 27 May 13
  1. Dayzed (Regis remix)
  2. I Only See The Lights (Shifted version)
  3. Pray To The Light Machine (Silent Servant version)
  4. Lines (In Aeternam Vale version)
  5. Old Life (Worn version)
Review: Minimal Wave offshoot Cititrax present this compelling addendum release to Immaterial Visions, the excellent LP from rising leather clad duo The KVB. An illustrious cast of producers have been invited to remix tracks from the album, with Jealous God/DNS pair Regis and Silent Servant joined by Minimal Wave act In Aeternam Vale and Avian duo Shifted and Ventress - the latter as Worn. Regis remixes "Dayzed" which is clearly a favourite of the Downwards icon, having previously selected the track for inclusion on last year's So Click Heels compilation; in O'Connor's hands the song is given a fizzing revision that relegates all sonic elements deep beneath the swaggering bass riff. Mere remnants of The KVB remain intact on Shifted's remix of "I Only See The Lights" as the intensity of feedback is transformed into a taut, minimalist growl, whilst Silent Servant offers a subtle smudged cold wave remix of "Pray To The Light Machine". Despite their massive discography, In Aeternam Vale are unknown quantities to many outside MW/Cititrax enthusiasts but the Lyon act are in fine form with their stomping take on "Lines" whilst Ventress debuts the Worn project with a swampy reverb-laden sinister cosmiche recast of "Old Life".
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Silicon Tare
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Cat: GI 263LP. Rel: 11 Apr 16
  1. Sunspot (4:01)
  2. Forgive (3:25)
  3. Diffraction (4:09)
  4. Silicon Tare (4:02)
  5. Du Zirconia (5:51)
Review: Ghostly International has picked up a lot as of late, and it's high time that this excellent label started to bring us new and exciting talent again. Here we have Com Truise - Tom Cruise's alias when he hangs around the scientology meets (just kidding!) - and five masterful slices of synth-heavy dance music. "Sunspot" is a delicate scorcher boasting a beautiful pattern of melodies, "Forgive" goes for the new age look and feel, "Diffraction" sits somewhere between disco and balearic, the title track "Silicon Tare" is the kind of beat-heavy tune you'd be listening to on a beach in LA, and "Du Zirconia" stutters its beats over a grainy bassline that recalls 1980's boogie. Sick.
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Stars Shine Like Eyes
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Cat: DWO 4. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Stars Shine (0:31)
  2. Like Eyes (6:13)
  3. Quasar II (7:38)
Review: The Death Waltz label continue their never ending run of form with another winner, this time by Pye Corner Audio aka Martin Jenkins who steps out of his own self-titled label and into the gallows of one of the most singular labels out there. "Stars Shine" is a gorgeous and beatless soundscape that could have easily made any number of science fiction soundtracks, while "Like Eyes" is its beat-driven offspring, a true synth-heavy disco number in an unmistakable italo coating. "Quasar II", on the other hand, is all machine feedback and subtle layers of noise up until its growling mutant of a bassline kicks in and sends us into hyper-space mode.
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Civil Defense
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Civil Defense (12" repress)
Cat: DLM 008. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Civil Defense (dub) (6:06)
  2. Civil Defense (Debt) (4:45)
  3. Civil Defense (Danny) (3:58)
  4. Civil Defense (Ivan Smagghe re edit) (8:04)
  5. Civil Defense (Ron Hardy re edit) (6:08)
Review: If you were one of the lucky few to pick up the illicit compilation A Few More Things From Ivan Smagghe (And Friends) the dapper French selector put out a few years ago you should be familiar with this one. "Civil Defense" by Danny Alias first emerged in 1984, a strange proto-everything-that-has-come-since track which was spun by the great Ron Hardy and has been a long term favourite of Smagghe and his KTDJ cohorts. It gets another lease of life thanks to Smagghe and Leon Oakey's always entertaining Les Disques De La Mort label with no less than five different versions to choose from, including a re-edit from the aforementioned Ron Hardy.
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Stretcher (reissue)
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Stretcher (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: MR 060. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. Halo (6:38)
  2. Petrol (6:03)
  3. Oscar's Grind (4:34)
  4. Mambo Fist Miasma (3:26)
  5. Heat Seeking Susan (3:28)
  6. Big Blue Is Back (3:26)
  7. Dead Eyes Opened (6:00)
  8. Mambo Fist Miasma (4:40)
  9. Eel's Blood (2:35)
  10. Blast Platter (2:59)
  11. New Explosions (5:14)
  12. Spurned (10:18)
  13. Harold Cindy Demo (3:39)
  14. Don't Say It (3:48)
  15. Here Comes Your Fire (4:50)
  16. Oscar's Grind (4:26)
  17. Junkhead Spins (2:52)
Review: Australia's Severed Heads are simply monumental in every way, shape and form. The post-industrial proto techno band have been a constant source of inspiration to artists old and new, electronic and non-electronic. That's because their sound is just so varied even within one release, and this fabulous reissue of mid-'80s material, Stretcher, takes its name and cover from one of their 1985 EPs, but is actually a comprehensive compilation of some of their best work. As you probably know, metallic drum machines, chills of cold waves, and a little bit of punk-thrasher attitude is what always runs through their music, but instead of having to look for that one killer tune, you get them all nice and laid out right here, with the likes of "Petrol", "Heat Seeking Susan", or even "Dead Eyes Opened" all residing on one release. If you're into that dark, beat-driven post-punk then look nowhere else.
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Halloween/Escape From New York (Soundtrack)
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Cat: SBR 156PIC. Rel: 20 Jun 16
  1. Halloween (2:57)
  2. Escape Form New York (3:34)
Review: Sacred Bones is not messing around when it comes to reissuing mythical songs from legendary soundtracks across the board, and their latest releases truly do get the old mouth-watering. This new picture disc contains 1979's "Halloween" on the A-side, and 1981's "Escape From New York", both timeless films that have left viewers awestruck thanks to, in part, their fantastic scores. You'll all recognise that Halloween chimes, those eerie chimes of coldwave synths, but perhaps Escape From New York is less immediately recognisable, but that's a shame because it is potentially the less aged of the two and still a track to break a set in half with something beautiful and unexpected.
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The Origin Of Storms
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Cat: ASGDE 010. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Re-Volution (7:33)
  2. NAB (6:56)
  3. ORF (7:37)
  4. Presto (5:37)
  5. Radge (8:09)
  6. Gematria (8:14)
Phaser Train EP
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Phaser Train EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FN 003. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. Phaser Train (5:58)
  2. We're Watching (5:12)
  3. Delusional Affection (5:16)
  4. They Came From Nowhere (6:03)
Review: "Delusion Men were here before time started to flow and it seems they will stretch out their existence way beyond doomsday; which probably explains their archaic impulses reverberating in a foggy, lost future. What they deliver are pieces of straightforward punk plunged into disco depths, kraut derailment and swirling drum machine melancholia. If you are looking for retro-future dystopias with no space for healthy minded horizons, this is the thing for you. Delusion Men walked together since the inception of Future Nuggets, although for them the time will never come, we snatched their debut EP. It feels as if through them " the Old Ones" are channeling the last messages of hopelessness for dance floors and dining rooms."
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 in stock $6.32
  1. Different Fountains - "Godrich" (4:57)
  2. Horse MacGyver - "Primitive Derivative" (3:47)
House Of Silk
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 in stock $9.06
House Of Silk (white vinyl 12")
Cat: ZEN 12431. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Hashtag IRL (2:15)
  2. Marble Air (4:05)
  3. Ecco Echo (2:37)
  4. Fear Of Silence (5:09)
  5. Underneath My Eyelids (2:46)
Review:  Something just feels right about Throwing Shade landing on the mighty Ninja Tune. The Londoner's music is free-spirited, vibrant, full of colour, and has the ability to appeal to a wide variety of listens and DJs alike. Much like her previous releases for the likes of Ominira and Happy Skull, Throwing Shade's five tunes are a whirlpool of styles and ideas that somehow make sense as a whole; moreover, her music contains something deeply personal, and although many of her sounds are rooted in an 80's mysticism, they sounds totally singular and representative of the times that we live in. Rather than branding it under one banner, the only way to describe this artist's music is to say that it is certainly fresh, compelling, and altogether enjoyable.
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 in stock $14.01
Movement (LP)
Cat: 256468 8797. Rel: 24 Aug 09
  1. Dreams Never End
  2. Truth
  3. Senses
  4. Chosen Time
  5. ICB
  6. The Him
  7. Doubts Even Here
  8. Denial
Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter
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 in stock $11.53
  1. The Bank Robbery (taken from Escape From New York)
  2. Escape From LA (main theme)
  3. Assault On Precinct 13 (main theme)
  4. Halloween (main theme)
  5. The Thing (main theme)
Played by: Le Chocolat Noir
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 in stock $14.83
Ensconced (LP)
Cat: DE 048. Rel: 07 Oct 13
  1. Ensconced
  2. Silhouette
  3. Templar
  4. Nautilus '78
  5. Mecanique
  6. Servile
Jazz Mad
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 in stock $16.75
Jazz Mad (LP + booklet)
Cat: DE 030LP. Rel: 22 Oct 12
  1. Cocaina Vitamina
  2. Pour L'Amour D'Un Cygne
  3. Puckies Power
  4. Le Blues De La Fille Aux Jambes De Jeans
  5. Hascisch T'es Pas Cap!
  6. Dragons' Caravan
  7. Spanik Electronik
  8. Tam-Tam Samba
Sometimes I Wish
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 in stock $6.58
Cat: ERC 015. Rel: 13 Oct 14
  1. Sometimes I Wish (Dramadance USA remix)
  2. Miss Fortune (extended edit)
Review: Emotional Rescue takes a look towards the danceflor sounds of Britain underground 80s electronic synth-pop scene for their next release. From Dallas' infamous ecstacy fueled Starck club to the Le Palace in Paris, it was such music that while not gaining wider pop recognition, become classics of their time and the secret fids for today's DJs.
With the synthesized sounds of Gary Numan, The Human League, Depeche Mode, New Order and Yazoo sweeping the pop charts between1980 and 1985, there were many electronic groups that never reached such heady heights. Up and down the country, clubs were mixing these revolutionary hits with an array of underground and experimental electronic dance tracks that never made it up to the surface of popular culture. While industrial groups like Chris & Cosey and Cabaret Voltaire developed from experimental tones towards a more pop and club orientated vision, a myriad of independent labels appeared to release literally hundreds of synth dominated groups vying for the spotlight. Long lost labels like Ink, Survival and Illuminated today offer many lost treasures and in one of these you'll fid the duo of Pink And Black and their one (miss) hit wonder. Rob Stroud and Michelle Yee-Chong worked with limited budget, rudimentary studios and temperamental equipment to create a piece of synth-pop history. While Sometimes I Wish was clearly aimed at the flor with it's nonchalant vocals, driving rhythms and uplifting lines, it was Miss Fortune - hastily recorded in leftover studio minutes that showed a true glimpse of (leftfild) genius. Wispy vocals, snap break beat and DX bassline all meet here in an unreleased extended form and show why it has become a secret play for the likes of Joe Hart (World Unknown), Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave) and Josh Coen (Dark Entries).
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 in stock $15.93
Cat: DE 121. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. March (3:56)
  2. Double Negative (3:04)
  3. Caroline (3:31)
  4. I Don't Know You (2:08)
  5. Dead Dream (2:21)
  6. Liar (2:52)
  7. Saw You Hide (2:17)
  8. See You (3:04)
  9. Fragments (2:57)
  10. Night Time Falls (2:26)
Gefangene Voegel (reissue)
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 in stock $15.93
Cat: DE 113. Rel: 30 May 16
  1. So Verliebt (3:28)
  2. Komm Her (4:41)
  3. Gefangene Vogel (3:45)
  4. Dieser Tag (3:06)
  5. Worte (3:59)
  6. Lederhosen (3:42)
  7. Eine Frage - Keine Antwort (3:19)
  8. John Lennon (4:50)
  9. Renn, Wenn Du Kannst (3:41)
  10. Der Tunnel (5:24)
Review: Josh Cheon's retrovert powerhouse Dark Entries reissues Lunapark's 1982 debut album Gefangene Vogel ('Prisoner Birds') originally on Stuttgart imprint Intakt Records. Lunapark were German trio of Burkhard Ballein, Klaus "Schlips" Gebauer and Reinhard "Zoppen" Benisch. Underrated heroes of the Neue Deutsche Welle scene, they allegedly recorded the tracks "using a simple set up of guitar, bass, drums, drum-computer, and Korg MS-10 & MS-20 synthesizers". The monotone German vocals epitomize the Zeitgeist of the Cold War. We particularly enjoyed the cosmic punk funk on the title track, the ode to popular Bayern menswear "Lederhosen" (featuring vocals that sound like Nena and some Giorgio Moroder style arpeggios) and any track dedicated to a legend such as "John Lennon" can't all be bad even in its stylish deadpan delivery.
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 in stock $13.17
Telomeres (12")
Cat: DE 097. Rel: 27 Jul 15
  1. Telomeres (4:13)
  2. Centrifuge (4:48)
  3. Automation (4:25)
  4. Laboratory (6:03)
  5. Necropolis (4:22)
  6. Fukushima (4:49)
Review: Analogue synthesizer enthusiast Bezier first surfaced on Dark Entries in 2012, delivering the hard-wired retro-futurist fantasy Ensconced. Two years on, he's finally ready to release the follow-up, the similarly sharp and sci-fi themed Telemores. As with his previous output, the influences are obvious - think Radiophonic Workshop, electro, minimal, new wave and Italo-disco - but he smartly steers clear of pastiche and empty revivalism. Instead, we're treated to a range of dancefloor-friendly instrumental cuts, cyborg jams, and intoxicating robot rinse-outs. Closer "Fukushima", in which he doffs a cap to the synthesized horror-disco of John Carpenter, is particularly potent.
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Hello To Mrs Blank
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 in stock $11.53
Cat: CHANNEL 059. Rel: 12 Oct 15
  1. Golden Shades (feat Red Axes) (4:50)
  2. At Last I Am Free (7:00)
  3. Ghosts (4:09)
  4. Show Me What You Haven't Got (2:28)
Review: Some of the best record labels out there act as a platform for hitherto unknown artists and music scenes to get wider exposure, and with this latest release Golf Channel certainly fall under that banner. Autarkic is a cold wave project from Tel Aviv musician Nadav Spiegel whose work is new to us at Juno HQ but most certainly a fine addition to the Golf Channel canon. The four-track Hello To Mrs Blank arrives with the assistance of fellow Tel Aviv outfit Red Axes, channelling both a sound and look that feels very much like a well-executed contemporary take on the cold wave and primitive electronics aesthetic.
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Demain Est Une Autre Nuit
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 in stock $14.32
Demain Est Une Autre Nuit (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DFA 2481. Rel: 22 Feb 16
  1. Demain Est Une Autre Nuit (2:35)
  2. La Realite Depassee Par La Fantasme (5:17)
  3. Retox (4:17)
  4. Carcajou 3 (4:38)
  5. Le Port Du Masque Est De Rigueur (4:15)
  6. Facing The Music (5:37)
  7. Lights Out (4:29)
  8. La Chute (4:38)
Review: Kick-starting 2016 with style, cult NYC label DFA call upon Montreal-based duo Essaie Pas to deliver an LP of pure sonic vibrations and soothing meditation. The title track itself, "Demain Est Une Autre Nuit", is a definite stand-out thanks to its dreary, lonesome pool of harmonies, but the album develops a more concrete shape with tunes like "Retox" or "Le Port Du Masque Est De Rigeur", both classic coldwave cuts with a nod to electro. Our favourite on here is definitely "Facing The Music", though, an ominous crescendo of hollow bass and dread that falls neatly into the EBM-style techno of "Lights out".
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Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde 1970-1980
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 in stock $15.37
Cat: BEC 5161705. Rel: 09 Dec 13
  1. Patrick Juvet - "Le Reve"
  2. Didier Marouani - "Temps X"
  3. Droids - "Shanti Dance" (part 1 & part 2)
  4. Francois De Roubaix - "Survol"
  5. Space - "Magic Fly"
  6. Universal Energy - "Disco Energy" (1)
  7. Pierre Bachelet - "Motel Show"
  8. Space Art - "Love Machine"
  9. The Atomic Crocus - "Ombilic Contact"
  10. Jean Michel Jarre - "Blackbird"
  11. Bernard Fevre - "That Is To Be" (exclusive)
  12. Cerrone - "Generique Debut"
  13. Frederic Mercier - "Spirit"
  14. Quarts - "Chaos"
  15. Rene Roussel - "Caramel"
  16. Serge Gainsbourg - "Le Physique Et Le Figure"
  17. DVWB - "Aqua" (exclusive)
  18. Alain Goraguer - "Le Bracelet"
  19. Jean Jacqques Perry - "EVA"
  20. Rockets - "Rocket Man" (instrumental)
  21. Patrick Juvet - "Le Reve"
  22. Didier Marouani - "Temps X"
  23. Droids - "Shanti Dance" (part 1 & part 2)
  24. Francois De Roubaix - "Survol"
  25. Space - "Magic Fly"
  26. Universal Energy - "Disco Energy" (1)
  27. Pierre Bachelet - "Motel Show"
  28. Space Art - "Love Machine"
  29. The Atomic Crocus - "Ombilic Contact"
  30. Jean Michel Jarre - "Blackbird"
  31. Bernard Fevre - "That Is To Be" (exclusive)
  32. Cerrone - "Generique Debut"
  33. Frederic Mercier - "Spirit"
  34. Quarts - "Chaos"
  35. Rene Roussel - "Caramel"
  36. Serge Gainsbourg - "Le Physique Et Le Figure"
  37. DVWB - "Aqua" (exclusive)
  38. Alain Goraguer - "Le Bracelet"
  39. Jean Jacqques Perry - "EVA"
  40. Rockets - "Rocket Man" (instrumental)
Played by: Arandel
Review: What a decade 1970-1980 was for French music! Featuring well-known Gaelic cosmic pioneers such as Serge Gainsbourg and Jean Michel Jarre and slightly less prolific space cadets such as The Atomic Crocus and Quartz, Cosmic Voyage is an immaculate document that celebrates and applauds some of the most influential music to have emerged in Europe during the 70s. Listen to tracks such as Space's "Magic Fly" or Pierre Bachelet's "Motel Show" and you'll hear three decades of disco and synth music that followed. Immaculately compiled and presented, this is one history lesson everyone would benefit from digesting. Bon Voyage!
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Tour De France
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 in stock $20.32
Tour De France (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: STUMM 310. Rel: 16 Nov 09
  1. Prologue
  2. Tour De France (Etape 1)
  3. Tour De France (Etape 2)
  4. Tour De France (Etape 3)
  5. Chrono
  6. Vitamin
  7. Aero Dynamik
  8. Titanium
  9. Elektro Kardiogramm
  10. La Forme
  11. Regeneration
  12. Tour De France
Computer World
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 in stock $17.57
Computer World (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: STUMM 307. Rel: 16 Nov 09
  1. Computer World
  2. Pocket Calculator
  3. Numbers
  4. Computer World 2
  5. Computer Love
  6. Home Computer
  7. It's More Fun To Compute
Oppenheimer Analysis EP
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 in stock $18.66
Oppenheimer Analysis EP (hand-numbered vinyl 12")
Cat: MW 001. Rel: 16 Sep 13
  1. The Devil's Dancers
  2. Cold War
  3. Men In White Coats
  4. Radiance
Review: Minimal Wave return to the band that started their impressive endeavours with a fourth pressing of the Oppenheimer Analysis EP which is presented in loving memory of founding member Martin Lloyd who sadly passed away earlier this year. A welcome chance to bask in the duo's politically charged wave sounds for anyone that missed out on the previous three pressings here, with two absolute classics from the Oppenheimer Analysis cassette "New Mexico" present in the shape of "The Devil's Dancer" and Silent Servant favourite "Cold War". In addition there are two unreleased cuts culled from the archives of Andy Oppenheimer and Martin Lloyd that further demonstrate what an important band Oppenheimer Analysis were!
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New Mexico: The Complete Collection
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 in stock $24.99
Cat: MW 058. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. The Devil's Dancers (3:02)
  2. Radiance (4:42)
  3. Martyr (5:00)
  4. Cold War (5:33)
  5. Don't Be Seen With Me (3:11)
  6. Modern Wonder (5:01)
  7. Subterranean Desire (4:13)
  8. Scorpians (2:40)
  9. New Mexico (7:33)
  10. Behind The Shades (5:57)
  11. Men In White Coats (4:57)
  12. You Won't Forget Me (3:25)
Review: For fans of minimal wave and DIY electronic pop, Oppenheimer Analysis's self-released 1982 debut cassette, New Mexico - little more than an extended demo cassette - has become something of a collector's item. While it has been reissued digitally since, it never received a vinyl release. In tribute to Martin Lloyd (the other half of the duo, alongside Andy Oppenheimer), who passed away recently, Minimal Wave has decided to make New Mexico available on wax for the first time. While the sound quality is appropriately dusty (it was badly recorded in the first place, of course), the music remains magical - bubbling, evocative, left-of-centre leftfield pop created with home-made synthesizers, modular hardware and little else. It's no wonder many consider it a classic album (even if was never officially released first time round).
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Missing Tapes
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 in stock $16.47
Missing Tapes (heavyweight yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 061. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Somewhere (4:56)
  2. Sad But True (3:35)
  3. I-C Anything (5:15)
  4. Try Out (4:12)
  5. Raid (3:13)
  6. 16 (6:04)
Review: For Missing Tapes, Minimal Wave has managed to unearth a wealth of previously unheard gems from Dutch electro trailblazer Danny Bosten. Dark electro diggers may be aware of Bosten's early 1980s work, which was initially self-released on cassette, but has also been re-issued since by Minimal Wave and others. The material here was recorded in the same period and rediscovered some years back by the producer. It's similar in style, as you'd expect, with Bosten variously exploring otherworldly electro, sci-fi leaning Italo-disco, stylish, new wave synth workouts, and throbbing proto-techno. What impresses most, though, is the seeming freshness of the material; it might be 35 years old, but it still sounds formidably futuristic.
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The Linear Way
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 in stock $21.70
The Linear Way (heavyweight pink vinyl LP)
Cat: MW 059. Rel: 11 Jan 16
  1. The Linear Way (5:26)
  2. Don't Try To Trick Me (10:13)
  3. Inside Outside (4:08)
  4. I Might As Well Be There (5:46)
  5. Eternality (5:39)
  6. Why Did You Have To Go (7:12)
Review: Minimal Wave returns to their Belgian fancy, Linear Movement, for an all new trawl through their archive called The Linear Way. Two of the six tracks featured, "The Linear Way" and "Don't Try To Trick Me", have been lifted from the band's rare 1983 Pulse Music tape whilst the remainder are Linear Movement songs that have seen official release before. Of the latter, the quirky quasi techno of "Inside Outside" - potentially the best tune on here - and the mechanical, slow-burning lo-fi electro of "I Might As Well Be There" stand out in particular. But The Linear Way sounds great as a whole. Highly recommended.
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Now Wait For Last Year (reissue)
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 in stock $20.05
Cat: BLACKEST 050. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. The Happening World (20:41)
  2. Animal Lattice (4:57)
  3. Chearth (6:00)
  4. Tracking With Close-Ups (4:43)
  5. Leaving (2:35)
Review: Blackest Ever Black come up trumps once more with this delicious reissue of Caroline K's Now Wait For Last Year. For the uninitiated, Caroline K Walters' contributions to the minimal synth canon date back to the late '70s, forming the cult act Nocturnal Emissions with Nigel Ayers and founding Sterile Records. Along with the bounty of Nocturnal Emissions material this label issued, Sterile also dabbled in the dark arts of Lustmord, a noted influence on Kiran Sande's BEB no less! Now Wait For Last Year was originally released in 1985 and ranks as her only solo album - Walters would later pass away from leukaemia. Taking its title from a Phillip K Dick novel about time-travel enabling hallucinogenics, this reissue from BEB has been a long time coming and will positively delight anyone with an interest in the fringe electronics of the early '80s. The 21 minute A-side track, "The Happening World," sets the tone delving deep into foggy, spectral ambience with the four subsequent tracks retaining a similarly immersive mood.
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Electronica Vol 2: The Heart Of Noise
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 in stock $15.10
Electronica Vol 2: The Heart Of Noise (gatefold LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 888751 96681. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Jean Michel Jarre & Rone - "The Heart Of Noise" (part 1) (4:24)
  2. Jean Michel Jarre - "The Heart Of Noise" (part 2) (4:11)
  3. Jean Michel Jarre & Pet Shop Boys - "Brick England" (4:01)
  4. Jean Michel Jarre & Julia Holter - "These Creatures" (3:40)
  5. Jean Michel Jarre & Primal Scream - "As One" (3:57)
  6. Jean Michel Jarre & Gary Numan - "Here For You" (3:58)
  7. Jean Michel Jarre & Hans Zimmer - "Electrees" (4:10)
  8. Jean Michel Jarre & Edward Snowden - "Exit" (6:17)
  9. Jean Michel Jarre & Peaches - "What You Want" (3:29)
  10. Jean Michel Jarre & Sebastien Tellier - "Gisele" (3:43)
  11. Jean Michel Jarre & The Orb - "Switch On Leon" (4:43)
  12. Jean Michel Jarre & Siriusmo - "Circus" (3:09)
  13. Jean Michel Jarre & Yello - "Why This, Why That & Why?" (3:58)
  14. Jean Michel Jarre & Jeff Mills - "The Architect" (4:43)
  15. Jean Michel Jarre & Cyndi Lauper - "Swipe To The Right" (4:54)
  16. Jean Michel Jarre & Christophe - "Walking The Mile" (4:52)
  17. Jean Michel Jarre - "Falling Down" (3:22)
  18. Jean Michel Jarre - "The Heart Of Noise (The Origin)" (2:38)
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 in stock $12.07
Topiary (CD)
Cat: GI 270CD. Rel: 06 Jun 16
  1. Marble
  2. Virtues & Vice
  3. Baroque
  4. Tropiary
  5. Palms
  6. Chevron
  7. Chimera
  8. Worldling Worlds
  9. Topiary II
Suicide (reissue)
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 in stock $23.34
Suicide (reissue) (LP + insert + photograph)
Cat: SV 109. Rel: 27 Jun 16
  1. Ghost Rider (2:30)
  2. Rocket USA (4:14)
  3. Cheree (3:41)
  4. Johnny (2:08)
  5. Girl (4:04)
  6. Frankie Teardrop (10:19)
  7. Che (4:51)
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