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Back In Stock: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz

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 in stock $20.51
Bloom (2xLP)
Cat: SCLP 459. Rel: 28 Jan 13
  1. Hurt So Bad
  2. The Letter
  3. Spooky
  4. I Will Never Stop Loving You
  5. Within Myself
  6. Big City
  7. I Just Dropped In
  8. Time Will Come
  9. Everytime We Say Goodbye
  10. The Meaning Of Love
Review: Having teased the jazz fraternity with a cheeky 7" earlier on this year, Andrea assuages our ears with this super smooth full lengther. Pristinely polished and produced with a big band feeling, there's a distinct Rat Pack feeling as we stride confidently through big choruses and sassy sambas ("I Will Never Stop Loving You") before diving headfirst into mournful smoky saxophone and piano laments ("The Meaning Of Love"). A common face performing on the French Riviera, hopefully this should take Balducci to the broader audience he deserves...
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Acid (LP)
Cat: 346. Rel: 18 Jun 07
  1. El Nuevo Barretto
  2. Mercy Mercy Baby
  3. Acid
  4. A Deeper Shade Of Soul
  5. The Soul Drummers
  6. Sola Te Dejare
  7. Teacher Of Love
  8. Wspiritu Libre
Played by: Eric Duncan
Handful Of Soul
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 in stock $20.51
Cat: SCLP 406. Rel: 19 Mar 07
  1. A Child Runs Free
  2. No Mercy For Me
  3. Slow Hot Wind
  4. This Is What You Are
  5. I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes
  6. Rio De Janeiro Blue
  7. A Handful Of Soul
  8. On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
  9. Never Die
  10. Gig
  11. No Trouble On The Mountain
Review: On "Handful Of Soul" Mario Biondi not only delivers a very convincing interpretation of classics, but his voice adds a different colour to the music. Schema bring a wonderfully soulful, jazzy release.
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Voltaic (3xLP + 2xCD + 2xDVD + poster)
Cat: TPLP 916. Rel: 06 Jul 09
  1. Wanderlust
  2. Hunter
  3. The Pleasure Is All Mine
  4. Innocence
  5. Army Of Me
  6. I Miss You
  7. Earth Intruders
  8. Alll Is Full Of Love
  9. Pagan Poetry
  10. Vertebrae By Bertebrae
  11. Declare Indepandance
  12. Wanderlust
  13. Hunter
  14. The Pleasure Is All Mine
  15. Innocence
  16. Army Of Me
  17. I Miss You
  18. Earth Intruders
  19. Alll Is Full Of Love
  20. Pagan Poetry
  21. Vertebrae By Bertebrae
  22. Declare Indepandance
  23. The Volta Tour (DVD)
  24. The Volta Videos (DVD)
  25. Earth Intruders (XXXchange remix)
  26. Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco remix)
  27. Declare Independance (Matthew Herbert remix)
  28. Wanderlust (Ratatat remix)
  29. The Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor remix For Girls)
  30. Earth Intruders (Lexx remix)
  31. Innocence (Graeme Sinden remix)
  32. Declare Independance (Ghostigital remix)
  33. The Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor remix For Boys)
  34. Innocence (Alva Noto Unitxt remodel)
  35. Declare Independance (Black Pus remix)
  36. Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco dub remix)
  37. Earth Intruders (XXXchange remix)
  38. Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco remix)
  39. Declare Independance (Matthew Herbert remix)
  40. Wanderlust (Ratatat remix)
  41. The Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor remix For Girls)
  42. Earth Intruders (Lexx remix)
  43. Innocence (Graeme Sinden remix)
  44. Declare Independance (Ghostigital remix)
  45. The Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor remix For Boys)
  46. Innocence (Alva Noto Unitxt remodel)
  47. Declare Independance (Black Pus remix)
  48. Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco dub remix)
Days To Come
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Days To Come (2xLP)
Cat: ZEN 119. Rel: 02 Oct 06
  1. Intro
  2. Days To Come (feat Bajka)
  3. Between The Lines (feat Bajka)
  4. The Fever
  5. Transmission 94 (Parts 1 & 2)
  6. On Your Marks
  7. Hatoa
  8. Recurring
  9. Nightlite (feat Bajka)
  10. If You Stayed Over (feat Fink)
  11. Walk In The Sky (feat Bajka)
  12. Ketto
Played by: Vincent Inc
Tumbala Remixes
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 in stock $15.11
Tumbala Remixes (limited yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: SCR 1226. Rel: 23 May 16
  1. Tumbala (feat Tempo Alomar - Auntie Flo remix) (6:15)
  2. Because You (Caserta remix) (5:18)
  3. Tumbala (feat Tempo Alomar - Auntie Flo dub) (7:27)
Broken Pieces
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 in stock $7.29
Cat: K 7302EP2. Rel: 22 Jul 13
  1. Broken Pieces
  2. Broken Pieces (Dollkraut rework)
  3. Broken Pieces (Mouse On Mars Technopromisis remix)
  4. Skiffle It Up
  5. Skiffle It Up (Max Graef remax)
Review: Taken from their superb spring album Miami, "Broken Pieces" features the vocal delights of Jamie Lidell. And if that's not enough to grab your lugholes, the layered percussion and techno brutality of the rhythm most certainly will be. Remix-wise Dolkraut space the groove out with a shuffle twist while Mouse On Mars trips the groove out with post-trap fracturism. "Skiffle It Up" maintains the trip-factor with abstract time signatures and spooked out string cries and sirens. For a final remix hoot Max Graef adds a sense of electro boogie sexiness. Releases don't come much more far-reaching and progressive.
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Play It
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 in stock $19.71
Play It (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 472428 9. Rel: 14 Sep 15
  1. Play It (6:23)
  2. Do It (6:09)
  3. Faz It (11:50)
  4. Breed It (7:08)
  5. Make It (8:00)
  6. Saisir (9:30)
  7. Clauss It (4:26)
At Least For Now
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 in stock $20.79
At Least For Now (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 472163 9. Rel: 06 Apr 15
  1. Winston Churchill's Boy (5:33)
  2. Then I Heard A Bachelor's Cry (5:07)
  3. London (4:00)
  4. Adios (4:17)
  5. St-Clementine-On-Tea-&-Croissants (1:12)
  6. Nemesis (5:03)
  7. The People & I (5:17)
  8. Condolence (6:29)
  9. Cornerstone (4:27)
  10. Quiver A Little (4:42)
  11. Gone (4:32)
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 in stock $17.01
Fabiola (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AR 037VL. Rel: 21 Oct 13
  1. Um Amor A Mais (feat Luisa Maita)
  2. NYJ (feat Diabel Cissokho)
  3. Places We Go (feat Dennis Rollins)
  4. Unknown (feat Mayra Andrade)
  5. Monkeys & Avils (feat Rich Medina)
  6. Ronco Da Cuica (feat Jandira Silva & Pedro Martins)
  7. Deixa (feat Jandira Silva)
  8. The Shore (feat Sacha Gabriel)
  9. Don't Give It Up (feat Luiz Gabriel & Fabricio FBC)
  10. Cambara 41 (feat Marcelo Jeneci)
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Toeachizown (2xCD)
Cat: STH 2232. Rel: 02 Nov 09
  1. Let's Take Off (Far Away)
  2. Come On Outside
  3. Mirrors
  4. One Less Day (feat G-Shaft)
  5. Brookside Park
  6. The Sky Is Ours
  7. (My Funk Goes) On & On
  8. Searchin' 4 Funk's Future
  9. Love Is Here 2nite (I Can Feel It)
  10. I Wanna Thanks You For (Steppin Into My Life)
  11. Fantasy
  12. Keep Lookin 2 The Sky
  13. Toeachizown (D-F's Theme)
  14. 10 West
  15. The Move Suite
  16. Flying V Ride
  17. Burn Straight Thru U (Candy Dancin' feat Mark De Clive-Lowe)
  18. Rollin'
  19. Hood Pass Intact
  20. Killdat aka Killdatmuthafu*ka
  21. I Gots 2 Be Done Wit' U
  22. Latrifying
  23. Spacecapades
  24. In Flight
Miles Smiles
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 in stock $26.46
Miles Smiles (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: CS 9401. Rel: 18 Aug 08
  1. Orbits
  2. Circle
  3. Footprints
  4. Dolores
  5. Freedom Jazz Dance
  6. Ginger Bread Boy
Played by: Daniel Andreasson
Thinking In Textures
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 in stock $13.77
Cat: DWT 70340. Rel: 20 Aug 12
  1. I'm Into You
  2. Terms & Conditions
  3. No Diggity
  4. Love & Feeling
  5. Cigarettes & Chocolate
  6. Solo Sunrise
  7. Everything I Wanted
Based On A True Story
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 in stock $20.36
Based On A True Story (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DRP 007LP. Rel: 05 Apr 10
  1. Ernie
  2. Cay's Crays
  3. This Room
  4. Ray Ray
  5. Flashback
  6. Dark Days
  7. Del Fuego
  8. Hope
  9. Wandering Eye
  10. Roady
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LP1 (LP)
Cat: YTLP 118. Rel: 11 Aug 14
  1. Preface
  2. Lights On
  3. Two Weeks
  4. Hours
  5. Pendulum
  6. Video Girl
  7. Numbers
  8. Closer
  9. Give Up
  10. Kicks
Review: Young Turks clearly believe that Tahlilah Barnett, formerly known as Twigs (hence the FKA Twigs pseudonym) is a star in the making. They plucked her from obscurity last year and have since released a number of highly regarded singles. This debut album expands on her EPs to date, showcasing her woozy, intricate take on post-R&B. Naturally, her vocals - fragile and evocative, sounding not unlike Kate Bush on occasions - take centre stage, riding a bed of layered-up head-nodding rhythms, post dubstep grooves, trip-hop soundscapes, fizzing electronics and bubbling synthesizers. It's an intoxicating brew, all told, and one that delivers further proof of Barnett's immense potential.
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Movement (2xLP)
Cat: SC 469. Rel: 17 Nov 14
  1. Arrival
  2. I Need Rhythm
  3. Movement
  4. The Talisman
  5. Selvatico
  6. The Sound Image
  7. Eastern Vibrations/Shout It Out
  8. Reporter
  9. Communications
  10. Moving Shadows
  11. Mystic Latin
  12. What's Jazz?
African Seeds
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 in stock $17.27
  1. African Seeds
  2. Latin Seeds
Ye Maya E/Confiance A La Musique
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 in stock $9.71
  1. Ye Maya E (6:01)
  2. Confiance A La Musique (5:57)
  3. Ye Maya E (Ye Maya) (5:44)
DJ Kicks
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 in stock $23.22
DJ Kicks (2xLP)
Cat: K7 292LP. Rel: 14 Nov 11
  1. Gold Panda - "An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds"
  2. Melchior & Pronsato - "Puerto Rican Girls"
  3. Ramadanman - "Revenue" (Untold remix)
  4. Drexciya - "Andraean Sand Dunes"
  5. Pawel - "Coke"
  6. Jan Jelinek - "If's, And's & But's"
  7. Closer Musik - "Maria"
  8. Gold Panda - "Back Home"
  9. Giuseppe Ielasi - "2"
  10. Sigha - "Shake"
  11. Matthew David - "Like You Mean It"
  12. Bok Bok - "Charisma Theme"
Review: What's so striking about the tracklisting for Gold Panda's entry into the DJ Kicks canon is its diversity, erring towards a more stripped-down, experimental kind of techno but ranging across artists as diverse as Drexciya, Zomby and Bok Bok. Some of the highlights from the mix - including Drexciya's brilliant "Andraean Sand Dunes", Bok Bok's "Charisma Theme" and Melchior & Pronsato's "Puerto Rican Girls" - are collected on this 2xLP set via !K7 Records. A superb addendum to one of the most daring DJ Kicks compilations in a long time. Recommended.
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Get Ready
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Get Ready (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AR 031VL. Rel: 20 May 13
  1. Sugar Pie (feat Karl Frierson)
  2. Nerd's Dancefloor
  3. Sambinha (feat Paula Morelenbaum)
  4. Get Ready (feat Karl Frierson)
  5. BrotherSun Sister Moon (feat Alexander Krampe)
  6. I Got Hope (feat Julia Fehenberger)
  7. Forro
  8. Sweet & Busy
  9. Los Pollos Hermanos (bonus track)
Miles Away
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 in stock $21.06
  1. Derf (For Derf Reklaw)
  2. One For The Monica Lonags Band
  3. Horace (For Horace Tapscott)
  4. Waltz For Woody (For Woody Shaw)
  5. Shades Of Phil (For Phil Ranelin)
  6. Black Renaissance (For Harry Whitaker)
  7. Tones For Larry Young
  8. Mystic Voyage (For Roy Ayers)
  9. Two Stories For Dwight (For Dwight Tribble)
  10. The Trane & The Pharoah (For John Coltrane & Pharoah Sanders)
New Territories
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 in stock $23.75
Cat: 7 1 11227. Rel: 05 May 08
  1. Welcome
  2. I Don't Do It To (feat Tawiah)
  3. Right Side (feat Sarina Leah)
  4. Confession Lounge (feat Rahel)
  5. Final Chance (feat Meshach Brown & Rahel)
  6. Time Will Tell (feat Sarina Leah)
  7. Don't Let Them (feat Tosin)
  8. Free It Out (feat Sarina Leah)
  9. Show Me (feat Rahel)
  10. Let It Out (feat Rahel)
  11. Begin (feat Annabel, Rahel & Sarina Leah)
  12. How Fear (feat Rahel)
  13. Hope (feat Meshach Brown)
  14. Outro
Played by: Takeshi Records
Let It Go Part One
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Cat: SR 004. Rel: 16 Sep 13
  1. Let It Go (Sophisticado vocal mix)
  2. Let It Go (ReelSoul instrumental mix)
  3. Let It Go (Josh Milan Honeycomb vocal mix)
  4. 1929
Review: Following the summer-sizzled "LOVE Song" comes another smooth soul schooling from Victor Lavender. Smoking keys and a lolloping bassline set the scene as Diviniti's vocals cause a spell-binding ear roadblock to great effect. For something deeper and more percussive jump on ReelSoul's drum-heavy instrumental while Josh Milan Honeycomb extends the soul aspects and injects a tiny bit of jazz to recipe giving it a confident MAW-like polish. "1929" completes the set with more jazzed out leanings thanks to the dreamy keys and piano work, tied together neatly with a funky squidgy bassline and subtle percussion elements.
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Harmonies (CD)
Cat: SNDWCD 090. Rel: 17 Apr 17
  1. Whoa! There's No Limit (feat Mara TK) (2:00)
  2. Life On Earth (feat Mara TK) (2:00)
  3. The Sweetest Meditation (feat Mara TK) (2:00)
  4. Makossa No 3 (feat Lucien Johnson) (2:00)
  5. Low To The Street (feat Lisa Tomlins) (2:00)
  6. In Your Life (2:00)
  7. Just Do You (feat Mara TK) (2:00)
  8. C90 Eternal (feat Daniel Hayles) (2:00)
  9. Note From Home (feat Toby Laing) (2:00)
  10. I Love Music (feat Lisa Tomlins) (2:00)
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 in stock $14.58
Harmonies (LP)
Cat: SNDWLP 090. Rel: 17 Apr 17
  1. Woah! There's No Limit (5:29)
  2. Life On Earth (2:33)
  3. The Sweetest Meditation (5:55)
  4. C90 Eternal (4:08)
  5. Low To The Street (3:39)
  6. In Your Life (5:16)
  7. Just Do You (4:47)
  8. Makossa No 3 (4:01)
  9. Note From Home (3:49)
  10. I Love Music (3:58)
Review: Over the course of the last decade, dub-soaked musical fusionist Lord Echo has delivered a string of fine releases, including two top-notch albums. Given his fine track record, it's perhaps unsurprising that Soundway has snapped up the Kiwi producer's third full-length excursion, Harmonies. It features contributions from a posse of guest collaborators - Tony Laing of Fat Freddy's Drop and regular studio buddy Mara TK included - and giddily infuses reggae and rocksteady with disco, Afro-soul, Afro-funk, Afro-beat, spiritual jazz and, more surprisingly, techno. It's a hugely vibrant and entertaining set, all told, offering a good balance between dancefloor vibrations and more laidback concoctions.
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Shapes: Rectangles
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 in stock $7.98
Cat: TRULP 293. Rel: 30 Jun 14
  1. Lost Midas - "Love Undone" (feat Taylor O'Donnell)
  2. Harleighblu - "This Way Love" (Astro raw remix)
  3. Werkha - "Tempo Tempo"
  4. Ty - "Knock Knock" (DJ Spinna Beyond Real remix)
  5. Peshay - "Vanguard"
  6. Hot 8 Brass Band - "Can't Hide From The Truth"
  7. Mark De Clive Lowe - "Hooligan" (feat Nia Andrews)
  8. Alice Russell - "For A While" (Lost Midas remix)
  9. Zed Bias - "Lucid Dreams" (feat Falty DL)
  10. Drumagick - "Sunday Morning"
  11. Titeknots - "Triangle Tracks"
  12. Kalbata - "Sus" (feat Clapper Priest)
  13. Peshay - "Seville"
Shapes 10:02
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 in stock $22.67
Shapes 10:02 (2xLP + unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: TRULP 226. Rel: 13 Dec 10
  1. Maddslinky - "Further Away" (feat Tawiah)
  2. Natural Self - "Midnight Sun" (Prince Fatty dub)
  3. Kylie Auldist - "Community Service Announcement" (Lanu remix)
  4. Hint - "Pretty Stable"
  5. Kinny - "Back Street Lust" (feat Diesler - Azaxx remix)
  6. Belleruche - "3 Amp Fuse"
  7. Benjamin One - "Potentially"
  8. Flevans - "Foot Tied"
  9. Lizzy Parks - "Raise The Roof" (Lanu remix)
  10. Flevans - "Easy Go" (feat Kylie Auldist)
  11. Stoneface - "The Horn Track"
  12. Hidden Orchestra - "The Windfall"
  13. Flowering Inferno - "Dog With A Rope" (dub)
  14. Natural Self - "Midnight Sun" (Prince Fatty dub)
  15. Smerins Anti-Social Club - "Dr Who"
  16. Kylie Auldist - "Community Service Announcement" (Lanu remix)
  17. Alice Russell - "Hurry On Now" (Boub remix)
  18. Maddslinky - "Further Away" (feat Tawiah)
  19. Lizzy Parks - "This & That" (PTH mix)
  20. Nostalgia 77 - "Beautiful Lie"
  21. Kinny - "Afro Love Forest" (Stonephace remix)
  22. Hidden Orchestra - "The Windfall"
  23. Belleruche - "3 Amp Fuse"
  24. Quantic & His Combo Barbaro - "Mas Pan" (DJ Day remix)
  25. Skeletons - "Marathon Man"
  26. Lanu - "Jean Paul"
  27. Azaxx - "Loungin Place" (feat Larry 'Stoneface' Stabbins)
  28. The Bamboos - "Like Tears In Rain" (acoustic)
  29. Saravah Soul - "Mussum" (Quantic remix)
  30. The Bamboos - "Keep Me In Mind" (Randomer remix)
  31. Hint - "Pretty Stable"
  32. Maddslinky - "Special" (feat Omar - At Jazz remix)
  33. Kylie Auldist - "One Goodbye" (Hint remix)
  34. Flevans - "Foot Tied"
  35. Lizzy Parks - "Raise The Roof" (Lanu remix)
  36. Azaxx - "The Cyber Convicts"
  37. Kinny - "Back Street Lust" (feat Diesler - Azaxx remix)
  38. The Bamboos - "Up On The Hill" (DJ Yoda edit)
  39. Natural Self - "All Static" (Natural Self remix)
  40. Stonephace - "The Horn Track"
  41. Flevans - "Easy Go" (feat Kylie Auldist)
  42. Benjamin One - "God Is On Your Side"
Review: * Double Vinyl includes free 2cd set within it's shrinkwrapped packaging
* The second ‘Shapes’ compilation of 2010 - Tru Thoughts A&R Robert Luis treats you to a whopping 30 tracks from artists across the
label’s roster.
* The two disc collection includes more previously unreleased and exclusive cuts than ever, plus many that have only previously been
available on limited vinyl.
* Among the exclusive tracks are Quantic’s remix of Saravah Soul; Smerin’s Anti Social Club doing a great reggae version of Dr Who;
and Stonephace (feat Adrian Utley from Portishead) reworking a Micky Finn rave classic into a psychedelic jazz monster. Maddslinky
(aka Zed Bias) also makes a couple of appearances including the highly rated British future soul track “Further Away” (which was voted
in the Top 5 tunes of 2009 in Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide awards even though it’s not out yet).
* There's a reggae influenced groove from Quantic’s Flowering Inferno, Prince Fatty, Alice Russell and Lanu all getting on the Jamaican
influenced tip. More soulful/sung vocal territory includes an upfront track from Nostalgia 77’s upcoming album (due in 2011) and the
cinematic sound of the amazing Hidden Orchestra, whose debut album, ‘Night Walks’ has just been released to high acclaim and was
September’s Album of the Month on BBC Radio 1 Introducing in Scotland.
* CD Two has plenty of treats with Randomer’s remix of The Bamboos (as played to great reactions by tastemakers including the
legend Danny Krivit); At Jazz remixing Maddslinky; a couple of exclusives from Flevans and some hard beats from Benjamin One (out
of Bristol).
* Also out on double vinyl (which includes the double CD) featuring an exclusive vinyl only track from Benjamin One.
* The cover artwork features the photo, “Embedded”, by USA based artist Mark Jenkins. It’s no photoshop job, but a picture of a
sculpture he made stuffed with balls of sellotape, leaning into that wall!
Tracks from this compilation have recently been supported and played on the radio by: Annie Mac, Benji B, Gilles Peterson (Radio 1),
Ras Kwame (Radio 1/1Xtra), Nemone, Huey Morgan (6 Music), Mark Lamarr (BBC Radio 2)
MistaJam (1Xtra), Seb Chew, Alex Nut (Rinse FM), James Mountain (Ministry of Sound Radio), John Kennedy (XFM), Beats and Pieces
show (NME Radio), Nick Luscombe (Flomotion), Goldierocks - The Selector (NME Radio/British Council), Dom Servini (Colourful
Radio) ...and many other regional, online and international stations
* PRESS: Reviews confirmed in DJ Mag, Blues & Soul, Echoes Mag,, Shook Mag. Many more still tbc
including iDJ, Clash, Notion, Bona Fide. Online press and blogs to be pitched shortly.
- CD1: 1. Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno – Dog With A Rope (Dub) 2. Natural Self – Midnight Sun feat. Elodie Rama (Prince Fatty
Dub). 3. Smerins Anti-Social Club – Dr. Who. 4. Kylie Auldist – Community Service Announcement (Lanu Remix). 5. Alice Russell- Hurry
On Now (Boub Remix). 6. Maddslinky – Further Away feat. Tawiah. 7. Lizzy Parks – This And That (PTH Mix). 8. Nostalgia 77 -
Beautiful Lie feat. Sara Mitra. 9. Kinny – Afro Love Forest feat. Hint (Stonephace Remix). 10. Hidden Orchestra – The Windfall. 11.
Belleruche – 3 Amp Fuse. 12. Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro – Mas Pan (DJ Day Remix). 13. Skeletons – Marathon Man. 14. Lanu –
Jean Paul. 15. Azaxx – Loungin’ Place feat. Larry Stabbins. 16. The Bamboos – Like Tears In Rain (Acoustic Version).
- CD2: 1. Saravah Soul – Mussum (Quantic Remix). 2. The Bamboos – Keep Me In Mind (Randomer Remix). 3. Hint – Pretty Stable. 4.
Maddslinky – Special feat. Omar (At Jazz Remix). 5. Kylie Auldist – One Goodbye (Hint Remix). 6. Flevans – Foot Tied. 7. Lizzy Parks –
Raise The Roof (Lanu Remix). 8. Azaxx – The Cyber Convicts. 9. Kinny – Back Street Lust feat. Diesler (Azaxx Remix). 10. The
Bamboos – Up On The Hill (DJ Yoda Edit). 11. Natural Self – All Static (Natural Self Remix). 12. Stonephace – The Horn Track. 13.
Flevans – Easy Go feat. Kylie Auldist. 14. Benjamin One - God Is On Your Side.
- 2xLP: A1.Maddslinky – Further Away feat. Tawiah. A2. Natural Self – Midnight Sun feat. Elodie Rama (Prince Fatty Dub). A3. Kylie
Auldist – Community Service Announcement (Lanu Remix). B1.Hint – Pretty Stable. B2.Kinny – Back Street Lust feat. Diesler (Azaxx
Remix). B3.Belleruche – 3 Amp Fuse. C1.Benjamin One – Potentiality. C2.Flevans – Foot Tied. C3.Lizzy Parks – Raise The Roof (Lanu
Remix). D1.Flevans – Easy Go feat. Kylie Auldist. D2.Stonephace – The Horn Track. D3.Hidden Orchestra – The Windfall.
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Beat Konducta In India Vol 3
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Cat: STH 2170. Rel: 16 Jul 07
  1. Enter: Hot Curry
  2. Indian Hump
  3. Movie Finale
  4. Raw Tranquility (part 3)
  5. Freeze
  6. Masala
  7. Onthatnewthing
  8. Indian Deli
  9. The Rumble
  10. Dancing Girls Theme
  11. Piano Garden
  12. Dark Alley Incidental Music
  13. Early Party
  14. Fifth Chant
  15. The Rip Off (Scene 3)
  16. Sitar Ride
Knee Deep In The North Sea (deluxe edition)
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 in stock $13.77
  1. News From Verona
  2. (Something's Going Down On) Zavodovski Island
  3. Knee Deep In The North Sea
  4. Too Many Cooks
  5. Steps In The Wrong Direction
  6. Monsoon: Top To Bottom
  7. The Kon Tiki Expedition
  8. Cittagazze
  9. Pompidou
Drumlesson Zwei
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 in stock $13.50
Cat: K7 257L. Rel: 12 Apr 10
  1. Sandstorms
  2. Groove La Chord
  3. Sleepy Hollow
  4. Oxygene (part IV)
  5. High Noon
  6. Jaguar (part one)
  7. Jaguar (part two)
  8. Acid Eiffel
  9. Sandcastles
Paradise Lost
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 in stock $17.01
Paradise Lost (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AR 057VL. Rel: 26 Jan 15
  1. Haunting The North
  2. Paradise Lost
  3. Flemish Cap (feat Karin Ploog)
  4. Neverday (feat Jane Kennaway)
  5. Hellesens (feat Dylan Kennaway)
  6. Imperial Breed (feat Greg Blackman)
  7. Cannibal Royal (feat Greg Blackman)
  8. Tamerlane (feat Greg Blackman)
  9. Death Grip (feat Chima Anya)
  10. Lucifer's Rising
  11. Ban-Shee
  12. Dark Reign
Review: Renegades Of Jazz return with their long-awaited second album... And, as the Gustave Dore artwork suggests, they've taken a turn for the deliciously dark somewhere along the way. Their ability to carve hooks from the hardest funk granite is still more than evident (see the smoky big band jazz of "Flemish Cap", the unfettered funk of "Cannibal Royal" and the foggy blues of "Imperial") but the real twists are the cinematic, white knuckle rides such as the Arabian attitude of "Hellesons" and demonic devil laughs of the Chima Anya-fronted "Death Grip". An awesome return.
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Sauce 81 (remixes)
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Sauce 81 (remixes) (limited 7")
Cat: ELECTRICROOTS 016. Rel: 02 May 16
  1. Sleepin Giant - "Hey Girl" (feat Romaine Smith - Sauce81 remix - 7" edit) (4:29)
  2. Vandetta - "Walls" (feat Albino Sounds - Sauce81 remix) (4:10)
World Of Funk
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 in stock $25.91
World Of Funk (2xLP + free MP3 download code)
Cat: UBR11 282 -1. Rel: 04 Apr 11
  1. Bina
  2. Ghost In The Rain (feat Clutchy Hopkins & Chhom Nimol)
  3. Ethio (feat Michael Leonhart)
  4. Cairo Cairo (feat Natacha Atlas)
  5. Nao Vacila (feat Curumin)
  6. La Eterna Felicidad (feat Bardo Martinez)
  7. Nanny Jee (feat Nanny)
  8. Iceberg (feat Elliot Bergman of NOMO)
  9. Booya (feat Michael Leonhart)
  10. The Mighty Atlas (feat Natacha Atlas)
  11. Mu Llusion (feat Cava)
  12. Accelerate
  13. Tablacadabra
  14. Hairy Krishner
Miles Of Styles
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 in stock $20.51
Cat: URLP 228. Rel: 26 May 08
  1. Punjabi Lullaby
  2. Brazilian Bubble
  3. Great Russell Street
  4. Lagos Calling
  5. Mela D
  6. Bathtub Dub
  7. Prague Rock
  8. Parisian Glam Slam
  9. Italy 73
  10. Ciao Bruno
  11. Dinasaur Island
  12. Heist In Helsinksi
  13. Tokyo Dancer
  14. Mystery Train
  15. Phonix Firebird
  16. San Diego
  17. Daddy Funky
  18. Chinese Chillin
  19. Fly First
  20. Greekout
Played by: Patchworks
Hooked Up Classics
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 in stock $25.91
Hooked Up Classics (LP + CD + free MP3 download code)
Cat: URLP 280. Rel: 13 Dec 10
  1. 1812 Overture
  2. Swan Lake
  3. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
  4. Ride Of The Valkyries
  5. Gymnopedie No 1
  6. Peter & The Wolf
  7. Also Sprach Zarathustra
  8. Flight Of The Bumblebee
  9. Bolero
  10. In The Hall Of The Mountain King
  11. Romeo & Juliet
  12. Funeral March
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 in stock $16.19
Magnetics (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AR 053VL. Rel: 18 May 15
  1. Inspired (feat Noah Slee) (3:55)
  2. Can We Get It Together (feat Noah Slee) (3:18)
  3. Get Your Move Gone (feat Sharlene Hector) (3:38)
  4. Right On Time (feat Tawiahf) (3:53)
  5. Roots & Culture (feat Kevin Mark Trailfeat Noah Slee) (3:32)
  6. Till The Sun (feat Jordan Rakei) (4:06)
  7. Young The Giant (feat Noah Slee, Melowdownz & Bailey Wileyeat Kevin Mark Trail) (4:02)
  8. Both Of Us (feat Kevin Mark Trail) (4:12)
  9. Too Long In The Sun (feat Olivier Daysoul) (3:46)
  10. Never Too Far (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow) (4:11)
Review: New Zealand broken beat soul troupe Sola Rosa served up their sixth album late last year. Now redelivered on vinyl, the 180g weight really brings the earth to their rich funk and versatility. Flickering and flipping from heart-melting soul ("Both Of Us") to party-minded deep funk ("Till We Get It Together", "Till The Sun") via lolloping Amp Fiddler-style street soul ("Right On Time"), Magnetics is the sound of band who know each other's strengths and abilities intimately and play to them incredibly well.
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Solis Lacus (remastered)
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 in stock $13.50
Solis Lacus (remastered) (LP + 16 page booklet)
Cat: 4C 06296949LP. Rel: 11 Jun 12
  1. Utopic Cities
  2. Peace Please
  3. Open Air
  4. Little Green Man
  5. Sea Of Tranquility
  6. Remake
Electrc Chair EP
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 in stock $6.21
Cat: TRUEP 154. Rel: 07 Apr 08
  1. My World Is Empty Without You (feat Alice Russell)
  2. Electric Chair (feat Elmore Judd)
  3. Electric Chair (feat Elmore Judd - instrumental)
  4. Come Away (Zumen remix)
  5. Pencils For Dolphins (Wyndham Earl mix)
Played by: TM Juke
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Odeon (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: K 7305LP. Rel: 04 Feb 13
  1. Zur Guten Ambience
  2. What If
  3. Heatwave
  4. Jayjay
  5. Soda
  6. Meixner
  7. Stuttgart
  8. In My Brain Prinz Eugen
  9. Cavallo
  10. Bonjour
Review: It's been a while since we last heard from Tosca (three years, in fact), and even longer since they released a record that pricked the consciousness of downtempo dub connoisseurs. Thankfully, Odeon is something of an unlikely return to form. Opening with the atmospheric ambience of "Zur Guten Ambience", Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber move through their entire repertoire of spine-tingling, horizontal sounds. Along the way, they touch on folksy iciness ("What If"), alien dub-house ("Heatwave"), Roxy Music-ish art-pop ("Jayjay"), bluesy dub ("Mexiner") and, most notably at all, post-punk funk-pop ("In My Brain Prinz Eugen"). It is, of course, pretty smooth, but that's all part of their stoned charm.
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Shaker Notes
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 in stock $16.74
Cat: RS 1410LP. Rel: 06 Oct 14
  1. Intro
  2. All We Know
  3. Where You Gonna Go?
  4. Honey Cats
  5. Wait & See
  6. Running On A Rainy Day
  7. Fighting To Dance
  8. Is It Up To Us?
  9. Sitting In Circles
  10. Numbers Of Change
  11. Shaker Notes
Review: With a sizable legacy on One-Handed Music behind him, Paul White moves over to R&S to deliver this sumptuous album of exotic experimental fare that draws on plentiful amounts of found sound, organic instrumentation and pop vocal abstraction to create a wondrous listening experience. Whether it's the seductive chimes of "Where You Gonna Go?" or the sultry blues thrum of "Honey Cats", there's a whole world of music fuelling this truly distinctive sound, and it's one that never gets dull or repetitive. With a comforting approach to song writing woven into the adventurous sonic processes, this is a masterful album that appeals on many different levels at once.
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It's My Thing
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 in stock $21.59
Cat: LPSBCS 6D. Rel: 27 Nov 00
  1. It's My Thing (part 1)
  2. It's My Thing (part 2)
  3. Things Got To Get Better (Get Together)
  4. What Kind Of Man
  5. If You Love Me
  6. Unwind Yourself
  7. You Got To Have A Job (If You Don't Work You Can't Eat)
  8. I'll Work It Out
  9. I'm Tired I'm Tired I'm Tired
  10. I Made A Mistake Because It's Only You (part 1)
  11. I Made A Mistake Because It's Only You (part 2)
  12. In The Middle (instrumental)
  13. This Girl's In Love With You
  14. Sunny
  15. What Do I Have To Do To Prove My Love To You
  16. He's The One
  17. Get Out Of My Life
  18. Shades Of Brown (instrumental)
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