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California Analog Dream
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 in stock $6.47
Cat: RS 1305. Rel: 20 May 13
  1. California Analog Dream
  2. California Analog Dream (Bullion remix)
  3. California Analog Dream (Factory Floor remix)
Review: Everyone's favourite band named after a park in Amsterdam return with another gem from their acclaimed album Seabed. Yearning, textured and just a touch trippy, their Roxy-meets-Jono McLeery sound resonates with a deep dreaminess. Remix-wise Bullion shows his most sensitive side with distant jazzy breakbeats, faraway guitar plucks and great subversion on the vocal harmonies. Factory Floor, meanwhile, represent things in more angular fashion with a crisp acid edge and beautiful build dynamics. A very versatile package.
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California Analog Dream  (The Robag Wruhme Remixes)
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 in stock $8.37
Cat: PAMPA 015. Rel: 03 Jun 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. California Analog Dream (Robag Moppa Habax NB)
  2. California Analog Dream (Robag Habay Latoff NB)
Review: Despite some ill advised comments from Vondelpark stating their apparent lack of interest in current dance music trends, it's clear that the R&S signed troupe focus on a sound that makes them eminently remixable. Robag Wruhme is the latest producer to remould Vondelpark on this pair of remixes for DJ Koze's Pampa label, drawing on the sounds of "California Analog Dream" for inspiration. Kudos to Koze as the Kompakt mainstay is on sublime form here; the lead 'Moppa Habax NB' version retains certain elements of Vondelpark's original but weaves a loving ultra-violet sheen around them whilst laying down the kind of sumptuous house beat that makes you ponder the validity of Vondelpark's aforementioned comments. The accompanying 'Habay Latoff NB' version pulls the track deeper into DJ tool territory and feels like the sort of track Michael Mayer would drop deep into a set.
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Always Forever
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 in stock $5.67
Cat: RS 1309. Rel: 29 Jul 13
  1. Always Forever
  2. Always Forever (John Roberts remix)
Items 1 to 3 of 3 on page 1 of 1
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