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The Magic Sound Of Daniel Grau
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 in stock $13.77
Cat: SK 281CD. Rel: 29 Sep 14
  1. Dejando Volar El Pensamiento (Dejando Volar El Pensamiento, 1974)
  2. La Ceiba (Dejando Volar El Pensamiento, 1974)
  3. Delirio En Fa Menor (Mas Alla De Las Estrellas, 1976)
  4. Prama (Mas Alla De Las Estrellas, 1976)
  5. Tren Del Espacio (El Sonido Magico De Daniel Grau, 1978)
  6. Dulce Suave Y Ligero (El Sonido Magico De Daniel Grau, 1978)
  7. Robot Magico (El Sonido Magico De Daniel Grau, 1978)
  8. Beside Me (El Sonido Magico De Daniel Grau, 1978)
  9. Disco Fantasy (Disco Fantasy, 1979)
  10. Sonido Magico (Disco Fantasy, 1979)
  11. Atlantis (Disco Fantasy, 1979)
  12. Disco Dance (Kryptonita Liquida, 1979)
  13. Skylab (Kryptonita Liquida, 1979)
  14. Volando Libre (Kryptonita Liquida, 1979)
  15. El Leon Bailarin (El Leon Bailarin, 1980)
  16. Con El Cielo En Tus Ojos (El Leon Bailarin, 1980)
  17. Apartate (El Leon Bailarin, 1980)
  18. Corre Caminos (El Leon Bailarin, 1980)
  19. Por Que No Podemos Hacerlo (Por Que No Podemos Hacerlo?, 1981)
  20. Combination (Por Que No Podemos Hacerlo?, 1981)
  21. Cancion Del Amanecer (Cancion Del Amanecer, 1982)
  22. Meditacion (Cancion Del Amanecer, 1982)
  23. 440 Torker (440 Torker, 1983)
  24. Nunca Conocí Amor Igual (Fallen) (440 Torker, 1983)
  25. Funky Bip-Bot (440 Torker, 1983)
  26. Amor A Primera Vista (440 Torker, 1983)
  27. To Night (New Inedit Track, 2014)
Review: You'd be forgiven for not knowing who Daniel Grau is. For starters, his 1970s and early '80s productions - a sun-kissed blend of fusion jazz, bossa-nova, simmering soul and cosmic disco - were only ever released in Venezuela. This surprise retrospective, put together by Jazzanova and Trujillo, offers an excellent introduction to his warm, immersive and summery sound. Unlike the more obviously uptempo vinyl version, this double CD mixes genuine dancefloor dynamite - see "Disco Fantasy", the hard disco-funk of "Skylab" and the deliciously stargazing "Tren Del Espacio"- with hazy songs (the brilliant "Beside Me", for starters) and tactile, downtempo instrumentals. Excitingly, the collection also includes a brand new cut, "To Night", which is Grau's first recording in over 30 years.
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Everytime I Think Of U
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 in stock $8.47
Everytime I Think Of U (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: APERSONAL 27. Rel: 22 May 17
  1. Everytime I Think Of U feat Paulo Olarte (6:10)
  2. Hola Como Estas feat Paulo Olarte & Daniel Grau (6:02)
  3. Everytime I Think Of U (Telephones Activated Mix) (8:24)
Review: It's been relatively quiet from Trujillo recently, but now the Venezuelan producer casts out a transmission from his Berlin base to let everyone know that all is well and we can get back to the business of smooth grooving. "Everytime I Think Of U" speaks to the Balearic tendencies embedded in the producer's aesthetic, with a reflective vocal swirling amidst dreamy guitar chops and swooping synth warbles of a strictly blissed out nature. Telephones does a sterling job of remixing the original version into a warm and funky deep house jam peppered with organic delights.
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Night Shift
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 in stock $9.01
Cat: WOFV 03. Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Trujillo - "Midnight Plane" (6:27)
  2. The Silver Rider - "Crown Royal" (6:38)
  3. OOFT! - "Don't Go Near Water" (6:24)
  4. P-SOL - "Set Me Free" (7:08)
Review: As with previous Wall of Fame releases, Night Shift is an all-star affair, with a quartet of producers each delivering a track that blurs the boundaries between re-edits, remixes and original production. Trujillo kicks things off with the gentle nu-disco breeze of "Midnight Plane", where soft-focus disco beats and eyes-closed pianos are joined by an undulating electronic bassline and reheated chords. The Silver Rider dives into filter-heavy disco-house territory on the bumpin' "Crown Royal", while Ooft recruits Highlife/Huntleys & Palmers man Esa Williams for the deep disco meets deep house warmth of EP highlight "Don't Go Near Water". Finally, P-Sol necks a fist-load of happy pills and reclines with a pile of lazy, sun-kissed jazz-funk records on the sleepy "Set Me Free".
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