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House Masters
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House Masters (unmixed 3xCD)
Cat: HOMAS 26CD. Rel: 04 Jul 16
Funky/Club House
  1. Everything But The Girl - "Missing" (Todd Terry remix)
  2. The Todd Terry Project - "Weekend" (club version)
  3. The Jungle Brothers - "I'll House You" (club mix)
  4. Bizzare Inc - "I'm Gonna Get You" (Tee Urban dance mix)
  5. Playgroup - "Front 2 Back" (feat KC Flightt - Todd Terry remix re-edit)
  6. Todd Terry - "Something Going On" (feat Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown)
  7. Todd Terry - "Keep On Jumpin" (feat Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown - Tee Freeze mix)
  8. B.M.E. - "Pray" (feat Leroy Burgess - Tee Freeze mix)
  9. The Darryl James & David Anthony Project - "You Make Me Happy" (feat Fay Victor - Todd Terry re-edit)
  10. Todd Terry - "Play On" (feat Tara McDonald - Tee EQ mix)
  11. Todd Terry All Stars - "Get Down" (feat Kenny Dope, DJ Sneak, Terry Hunter & Tara Mcdonald - Kenny Dope original)
  12. Royal House - "Can You Party" (club mix)
  13. The Todd Terry Project - "Bango (To The Batmobile)" (club bang)
  14. Black Riot - "A Day In The Life" (club mix)
  15. Black Riot - "Warlock" (club mix)
  16. Masters At Work - "Alright Alright" (club mix)
  17. Masters At Work - "Dum Dum Cry" (club version)
  18. House Of Gypsies - "Samba" (Tee Freeze mix)
  19. Gypsymen - "Babarabatiri" (Tee Latin mix)
  20. Gypsymen - "Camarera"
  21. House Of Gypsies - "Sume Sigh Sey" (MAW remix)
  22. Dred Stock - "Pump (Dress It)" (Rah Freeze mix)
  23. CLS - "Can You Feel It?" (music house mix)
  24. Todd Terry - "Desire (What I Want)"
  25. Todd Terry - "Put Your Hands Together"
  26. Todd Terry presents Sound Design - "Make The Beat Pound"
  27. Sax - "Don't Turn Your Back On Me" (feat Elan - Halloween mix)
  28. Hardhouse - "Check This Out" (club version)
  29. Hardhouse - "Voices In My House" (voice dubba)
  30. Todd Terry - "Rock 2 The Beat"
  31. Todd Terry - "Drop That"
  32. Lime Life - "Baby Can You Reach" (original acetate mix)
  33. Todd Terry - "Can You Dig It"
  34. Todd Terry - "Ready To Go" (Tee InHouse dub)
  35. Todd Terry presents Sound Design - "Razen Theme"
Review: The latest volume in Defected's invariably excellent House Masters series looks back on the career of Todd Terry, who was arguably the first house producer from New York to achieve international acclaim. Across the three discs you'll find all of the former hip-hop DJ's best-known productions and remixes ("Weekend", "I'll House You", "Bango (To The Batmobile)", "Can You Party", his chart-topping Everything But The Girl re-rub etc.), as well as a slew of sample-heavy early jams (numerous Black Riot cuts, two very early Masters of Work productions) and a smattering of lesser-known later productions. As usual with the House Masters series, it's an appropriate celebration of a true house great.
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Played by: Patrick Topping
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