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 in stock $10.06
Desire (12")
Cat: TREP 011. Rel: 09 May 16
Deep House
  1. Desire (4:48)
  2. Fantasma (7:45)
Keep On Talking
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 in stock $10.37
Cat: TREP 007. Rel: 29 Jun 15
Deep House
  1. Keep On Talking (5:59)
  2. The Walk (5:57)
Review: Marco "Tensnake" Niemerski is good at a lot of things, but few are better at crafting the kind of spine-tingling, retro-futurist anthems that sound like they could have been made any time in the last 25 years. "Keep On Talking", his first single since the release of last year's much anticipated debut album, Glow, is another great example of his skill in this regard. Boasting classic US garage organs, sleazy sampled vocals, a bold, addictive bassline and stuttering, late '80s style Chicago house percussion, it's the kind of record that makes you want to thrust your arms skywards and dance like a lunatic. In other words, it's going to be rather large this summer.
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 in stock $11.70
Glow (CD)
Cat: CDV 3123. Rel: 10 Mar 14
  1. First Song
  2. Love Sublime (feat Nile Rodgers)
  3. Pressure (feat Thabo)
  4. Feel Of Love (feat Jamie Lidell)
  5. No Colour
  6. Ten Minutes
  7. Kill The Time (feat Fiora)
  8. Selfish (feat Jeremy Glenn)
  9. Good Enough To Keep (feat Nile Rodgers)
  10. Holla
  11. Listen Everybody
  12. See Right Through (feat Fiora)
  13. No Relief (feat Fiora)
  14. Things Left To Say
  15. 58 BPM (feat Fiora)
  16. Last Song
Review: There's no doubt that Glow, the long-awaited debut full-length from chart-bothering nu-disco/deep house/synth-Balearica fusionist Marco "Tensnake" Niemerski, feels like an "event" release. Released on major label Virgin EMI, and featuring an impressive all-star cast of collaborators - Chic's Nile Rodgers, Jamie Lidell and Stuart Price amongst them - it perfectly captures Niemerski's floor-focused, radio-friendly sound (think chiming synth melodies, baggy grooves, addictive vocals and kaleidoscopic compositions). As befits an album of this nature, there are plenty of musical shifts (from the boss-influenced, piano-laden Balearica of "Listen Everybody", to the deep nu-disco shuffle of previous single "See Right Through", via the skittering, saucer-eyed, dubstep-influenced future R&B of "Holla"), and enough sing-along moments to impress even the most cynical of critics.
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The Walk/Keep On Talking The Remixes
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 in stock $9.74
Cat: TREP 010. Rel: 25 Jan 16
Deep House
  1. The Walk (Andre Hommen remix) (7:08)
  2. Keep On Talking (Gerd Janson raw mix) (6:57)
  3. Keep On Talking (Gerd Janson raw beats) (4:22)
Love Sublime
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 in stock $10.37
Cat: TREP 004. Rel: 24 Mar 14
Funky/Club House
  1. Love Sublime (Gerd Janson extended 12" mix)
  2. Love Sublime (Jonas Rathsman remix)
  3. Love Sublime (Duke Dumont remix - vocal)
  4. Love Sublime (Ewan Pearson remix - instrumental)
Review: No stranger to the high profile remix commission over his rise to commercial fame, Marco Niemerski is himself the focus of attention here with a bunch of club ready re-versions of his Nile Rodgers & Fiora featuring single "Love Sublime". Nestled in alongside remixes from Gerd The Word Janson, Duke Dumont and Ewan Pearson is Swede Jonas Rathsman, and the rising Gothenburg-based producer holds his ground in such esteemed company. Indeed Rathsman's version will probably go down well with the Disclosure set as will the B Side version from Duke Dumont. Running Back boss Gerd Janson does a sterling extended 12" mix that has a touch of the Compass Point Studios to it, whilst the Balearically inclined Ewan Pearson's version is strangely reminiscent of the music Tensnake first made his name on.
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All Gone Pete Tong & Tensnake Ibiza 2014
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 in stock $11.28
Cat: AGPT 07CD. Rel: 21 Jul 14
Funky/Club House
  1. Andhim - "Hausch"
  2. Douglas Greed - "Driven" (Seth Troxler remix)
  3. John Monkman & PeteTong - "The Bumps"
  4. Kingstown - "Jacana" (Pete Tong remix)
  5. Gusgus - "Crossfade" (Maceo Plex mix)
  6. Solomun - "Friends"
  7. S Man - "Dangerous Thoughts"
  8. Jaymo & Andy George - "Remember" (DJ Wild remix)
  9. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules - "Pushing On"
  10. Leon - "Bloosh" (Patrick Topping remix)
  11. Joost Kumtone - "Everyone Knows"
  12. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - "Lover's Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya)"
  13. Coldplay - "Midnight" (Tong & Rogers remix)
  14. Alex Metric - "Spiritism"
  15. Laszlo Dancehall - "Plimpton" (George Fitzgerald remix)
  16. Erobique - "Warmer Bruder"
  17. Richard Seaborne - "Is This Acid?"
  18. Aster - "Cielo" (Bicep remix)
  19. J Cub - "Give You My Love" (feat Sarah Story - Cristoph remix)
  20. Dimond Von Erckert - "Housem 2.0"
  21. HNNY - "Trummor"
  22. Basement Jaxx - "Samba Magic"
  23. Heiko Laux - "Canis Major Part 1" (feat Diego Hostettler)
  24. David Herrero - "Get Deep"
  25. Harry Romero - "Bad Day"
  26. Tensnake - "Pressure" (feat Thabo - Special Request remix)
  27. Tensnake - "Love Sublime" (feat Nile Rogers & Fiora - Duke Dumont remix)
  28. Daniel Bortz - "Pictures" (Tuff City remix)
  29. Vessels - "Elliptic" (Barker & Baumecker remix)
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