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In The End (remixes)
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 in stock $16.18
Cat: RB 0155. Rel: 14 Sep 15
Deep House
  1. Holding Back (My Love) (Tiger & Woods remix) (9:49)
  2. In The End (I Want You To Cry) (Lone remix) (6:00)
  3. The Then Unknown (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (7:21)
  4. Holding Back (My Love) (Shan Funhouse mix) (6:35)
  5. Holding Back (My Love) (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco version) (6:28)
  6. Holding Back (My Love) (Shan Warehouse mix) (6:29)
  7. Holding Back (My Love) (DJ Oyster mix) (6:53)
Review: While he'd been building a reputation for a few years already, it was 2009's In The End (I Want You To Cry) EP for Running Back that first thrust Marco 'Tensnake' Niemerski towards the spotlight. Some six years on, Gerd Janson has decided to put together an expansive new package of remixes. There's plenty to enjoy, from Pete Herbert and Dicky Trisco's breezy, guitar-laden boogie rework of "Holdin' Back (My Love") and Prins Thomas's dense-but-wonky, Scandolearic disco revision of the same cut, to the bright-and-breezy, rush-inducing melodiousness of Lone's sublime rework of "In The End (I Want You To Cry)". Tiger & Woods' remix of "Holding Back (My Love)" - all relentless build followed by thrilling boogie-meets-house release - is also pretty darn special.
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Love Sublime
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 in stock $9.82
Cat: TREP 004. Rel: 24 Mar 14
Funky/Club House
  1. Love Sublime (Gerd Janson extended 12" mix)
  2. Love Sublime (Jonas Rathsman remix)
  3. Love Sublime (Duke Dumont remix - vocal)
  4. Love Sublime (Ewan Pearson remix - instrumental)
Review: No stranger to the high profile remix commission over his rise to commercial fame, Marco Niemerski is himself the focus of attention here with a bunch of club ready re-versions of his Nile Rodgers & Fiora featuring single "Love Sublime". Nestled in alongside remixes from Gerd The Word Janson, Duke Dumont and Ewan Pearson is Swede Jonas Rathsman, and the rising Gothenburg-based producer holds his ground in such esteemed company. Indeed Rathsman's version will probably go down well with the Disclosure set as will the B Side version from Duke Dumont. Running Back boss Gerd Janson does a sterling extended 12" mix that has a touch of the Compass Point Studios to it, whilst the Balearically inclined Ewan Pearson's version is strangely reminiscent of the music Tensnake first made his name on.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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