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Acceptance EP
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 in stock $16.80
Acceptance EP (double 12")
Cat: AMB 1301. Rel: 04 Feb 13
  1. Acceptance
  2. To Be
  3. Disappear
  4. Recognition
  5. Spirals
  6. Illuminations
  7. Mutual Divide (feat Indigo)
  8. Don't Want
Review: Continuing his productive run of form with R&S off-shoot Apollo, Synkro returns with yet another bumper-sized collection of tracks that show off his ever-enriching talents as a producer of silken, dub infused electronica. Acceptance as a mini-album of sorts is a more resolutely downtempo affair than previous releases, staying firmly in the realm of melancholic passages through blue-hued instrumentation and crystalline beats. There is a sense of experimentation present in the likes of "Disappear" with its lingering guitar strums, while at times he moves away from beats altogether, but this is still very recognisable as the work of Synkro.
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Memories: 2008-2011
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 in stock $9.33
Cat: AMB 1701. Rel: 24 Apr 17
Deep Dubstep
  1. Everybody Knows (6:05)
  2. Look At Yourself (4:34)
  3. Presence (5:31)
  4. Frontline (4:02)
  5. 4U (4:40)
  6. Synthetic (4:38)
Review: Apollo's recent retrospective of Synkro's early work, a must-have double-disc set entitled Memories: 2008-2011, was a fine reminder of the genre-defying brilliance of the producer's formative releases. This 12" gathers together a slew of tracks from that set, most of which are either hard-to-find or previously unreleased. Highlights include the rumbling bass, skipping post-dubstep garage beats and dreamy vocals of "Everybody Knows", the drowsy, late night wonder of "Presence", the ambient two-step bliss of "Frontline" - still one of the producer's most breathtaking moments - and the weighty, late night paranoia of "Synthetic".
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Changes (limited white vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AMB 1510LP. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. Overture (3:53)
  2. Shoreline (feat Robert Manos) (6:13)
  3. Your Heart (4:40)
  4. Changes (5:54)
  5. Let Me Go (3:51)
  6. Holding On (4:17)
  7. Body Close (feat Lyves) (3:14)
  8. Empty Walls (5:24)
  9. Midnight Sun (6:01)
  10. Harbour (7:59)
Memories: 2008-2011
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Cat: AMB 1701CD. Rel: 06 Mar 17
Deep Dubstep
  1. Just To See Her (2:00)
  2. Everybody Knows (2:00)
  3. Lost For Words (2:00)
  4. If Only (2:00)
  5. Inhale (2:00)
  6. Here's Your (2:00)
  7. Look At Yourself (2:00)
  8. Girl (2:00)
  9. Presence (2:00)
  10. Memory (2:00)
  11. Closed Doors (2:00)
  12. Departure (2:00)
  13. Letting Go (2:00)
  14. In Transit (2:00)
  15. Open Arms (2:00)
  16. Summer Blues (2:00)
  17. Progression (2:00)
Review: By the time he released his superb debut album Changes in 2015, Joe McBride AKA Syknro already had a seven-year career behind him, with releases on the likes of Med School, Smokin' Sessions, Box Clever and Z Audio to his name. Memories 2008-2011 gathers together some of the highlights from the producer's formative years, showcasing his deliciously hard-to-pigeonhole style. Take a quick skip through the clips of the two-disc selection, and you'll find confirmed garage rollers, soft-focus ambient/two-step fusions, dreamy but bass-heavy electronica, post-dubstep drowsiness, hazy future funk, and a gaggle of workouts that defy easy categorization. It acts as a neat reminder of McBride's unique musical voice and production skills,
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