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Changes Remix EP
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Cat: AMB 1601. Rel: 15 Jul 16
  1. Your Heart (Sven Weisemann To Be Pure In Heart mix) (2:00)
  2. Changes (Legowelt remix) (2:00)
  3. Body Close (DBridge remix) (2:00)
Transient EP
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 in stock $6.35
Transient EP (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: AMB 1415. Rel: 22 Dec 14
Drum And Bass
  1. Someone (5:11)
  2. Transient (6:57)
  3. Contact (3:57)
  4. Falling (4:48)
Played by: Ian Blevins, ASC
Review: With drum and bass going through somewhat of a metamorphosis, Mancunian producer - and one half of Akkord - Synkro is an artist challenging the flexibility of the genre without falling too far down the rabbit hole of experimentalism. This mellow four-track Transient EP is Joe McBride's fourth for Apollo and first of 2014 which sees him provide two tracks of heartfelt, LTJ Bukem-styled drum and bass, while "Contact" sounds like something you might here from Giegling's Dwig mixed with R&B oohs and an ahhs. Synkro then completes the EP with a soft beaten, dubsteppy ambient number appropriately titled "Falling".
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Changes (CD)
Cat: AMB 1510CD. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. Overture
  2. Shoreline
  3. Your Heart
  4. Changes
  5. Let Me Go
  6. Holding On
  7. Empty Walls
  8. Body Close
  9. Midnight Sun
  10. Harbour
Review: Manchester's Synkro duo, who have previously landed on everything from Z Audio to R&S, and their Smokin Sessions household, return to the Belgian leviathan Apollo (R&S) with a stunning album made up of ethereal ambient scapes and glitchy, scientific IDM. Sounding like a hybrid of Autechre and James Blake, the pair are masters of suspense, creating tunes which contain the drive and guts of many late 90's electronica acts, but that also verge on calmer and more peaceful territories thanks to their injection of bittersweet vocals. "Changes" itself is a perfect example of their versatility and also of what they do best: moody electronic jams with a twist of pop and r&b. A smacker.
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Changes (limited white vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: AMB 1510LP. Rel: 21 Sep 15
  1. Overture (3:53)
  2. Shoreline (feat Robert Manos) (6:13)
  3. Your Heart (4:40)
  4. Changes (5:54)
  5. Let Me Go (3:51)
  6. Holding On (4:17)
  7. Body Close (feat Lyves) (3:14)
  8. Empty Walls (5:24)
  9. Midnight Sun (6:01)
  10. Harbour (7:59)
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