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Narita Remixed Terminal 1
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in stock $9.37
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Cat: SEM 0441. Rel: 16 Nov 15
listen to all 3 tracks
  1. Mountain-Splitter (Surgeon remix) (8:24)
  2. Trance (Yves De Mey Lush 104 remix) (6:39)
  3. Trance (Yves De Mey Env Follower remix) (4:59)
Played by: Daniel Avery, 3.14, ANFS
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Review: Enrique 'Svreca' Mena turns to two very different but equally shining lights of the techno community that share his sense of individuality to remix music from the excellent Narita 12" he issued through his own Semantica label in January. First up is Surgeon, who pulls no punches with a fulsome take on "Mountain Splitter" which sounds like it could shift a few tectonic plates if played on the right soundsystem. Complementing this, Belgian artist Yves De Mey focuses on "Trance" and delivers two very distinct remixes with the Lush 104 version deploying a wonderfully off-kilter slow release 4/4 thud whilst the noise-drenched abstraction of the Env Follower take. The latter will appeal to fans of De Mey's excellent Sandwell District release.
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For Your Eyes Only Sampler One
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in stock $10.57
  1. Svreca & Skirt - "Hymen" (James Ruskin remix)
  2. Oscar Mulero - "Inside The Outside"
  3. DJ Nobu - "Sway"
  4. Recording From Konvent Cal Rosal (Bergueda). Barcelona
Review: Semantica return to For Your Eyes Only, the superb two disc mix put together by label boss Svreca last year, with the first in a series of vinyl samplers. Given the eye catching tracklisting and the all too limited nature of the mix - just 50 copies were pressed - this is a smart move by Semantica and this 12" features a quartet of standout tracks. Ruskin's gravelly reinterpretation of the Svreca and Skirt collaboration "Hymen" sets the tone and is complemented well by the pared back, chiming hypnosis of "Inside The Outside" by Oscar Mulero. "Sway" finds DJ Nobu crafting a cavernous vat of textural pressure and proceedings end on a curious note with the "Recording From Konvent Cal Rosal (Bergueda). Barcelona", an apparent field recording. Look out for the next sampler that features Orphx, Yuka, Tadeo and Grischa Lichtenberger!
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1
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