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 in stock $8.95
Klonk (12")
Cat: DTR 007. Rel: 31 Oct 05
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
La Real
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 in stock $8.95
La Real (12")
Cat: CBX 002. Rel: 27 Mar 00
  1. La Real
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
Review: Surgeon's huge techno hit "La Real" gets a welcome repress. Originally inspired by the Spanish club of the same name, this mega-selling single developed a new sound in techno at the time that was then lazily (and usually badly) copied by many producers. Always a destroyer in a club, the "max" cut from Dubplates and Mastering gives it an edge that makes it cut through any mix, and it never fails to get feet moving.
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East Light
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 in stock $8.95
East Light (12")
Cat: DTR 005. Rel: 15 Feb 99
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
Floorshow (Part II)
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 in stock $8.95
Cat: CBX 014. Rel: 16 Oct 06
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
Review: Hot on the heels of Surgeon's recent smash on Counterbalance, "Floorshow Part 1", we have the second instalment...called, not surprisingly, "Floorshow Part 2". Another blinder this one, and again pushing his sound into new territories. Across the four tracks on this 12" we are presented with an eclectic but ultimately coherent selection of styles. A1 perhaps hints strongest at his recent fascination with grime and dubstep styles (which anyone who has seen him DJ recently will have witnessed), utilising as it does a sub-lo style digi-bass set against a classic Surgeon groove. The urgency is picked up on A2 which is a solid jack track, Chicago style, complete with razor-sharp edits. On the flip is a heavy DJ Skull-style shuffler, but the real surprise is saved for the closing track which combines bleeping melodies a la LFO with moody strings and crunchy filtering to create a classic middle of the night moment...Four cuts of techno perfection from an artist that refuses to settle for anything less than the best and who is constantly refining his style and incorporating new influences, rather than jumping on the latest 'cool' sound...
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Played by: Gunnar haslam
Dynamic Tension EP (remastered)
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 in stock $9.49
Cat: SRX 004. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. Action (6:11)
  2. Balance (6:10)
  3. Poise (5:49)
  4. Posture (6:01)
Review: This fourth SRX release sees Anthony Child and Dubplates & Mastering engineer Christoph Grote-Beverbor look back to 1995 to remaster one of the first records Surgeon ever released. This four-track EP went on to inspire the name behind Child's own label, Dynamic Tension, which he launched in 1997, and listening back to this reinvigorated version on the mid-'90s original, the boisterous sounds of a young Child (20 years younger in fact) sound all the more visceral. Similarities can be drawn to early Marcel Dettmann productions like "Tattered" in "Balance" and "Poise", which sound like mangled beats spluttering out of blown speakers, while there's splashes of dub techno, albeit Basic Channel, in "Action" and reverb is set to 11 on "Posture".
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Rare Tracks 1995-96 (remastered)
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 in stock $9.49
Cat: SRX 005. Rel: 08 Jun 15
  1. Fivo (5:07)
  2. Pagga (5:06)
  3. THX-1139 (Wirr) (5:49)
  4. THX-1139 (Level) (5:39)
Review: A fifth saunter through the '90s archives of Anthony Child arrives courtesy of the man's own SRX label, presenting some prime Surgeon material newly remastered by Dubplates & Mastering engineer Christoph Grote-Beverborg. As the title suggests, this 12" draws from Childs' techno experiments circa 1995 and Surgeon fanatics should focus on the two variations of "THX 1139" that originate from a limited and highly prized white label. Complementing these is the pounding minimalist loop techno of "Fivo" and "Paggo" with this latter track sounding so very clean in comparison to the scratchy Youtube videos for its original 12" release on a split with Funk D'Void.
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Unreleased Tracks 1995-1996
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 in stock $14.65
Cat: SRX 006. Rel: 13 Jul 15
  1. Spider (8:04)
  2. HARD (4:19)
  3. Lash Lite (6:35)
  4. Zilla (6:35)
  5. Lash (5:35)
  6. IT-2 (5:57)
Review: Anthony Child graces us with some exclusive unreleased material for one of the most seminal periods, not just within his career but for techno in general. From the same era that spawned classics such as "Badger Bite" and "Magneze" come six more finely executed scenes of sheer naked aggression. Undoubtedly influenced by the second wave of the Motor City at the time, namely Jeff Mills and Robert Hood; these tracks are still undoubtedly Child's own. Still, credit where credit's due; "Spider", "Lash Lite" and "IT-2" wear the M-Plant influence firmly on their sleeve with their entrancing synth stabs and claps on the kick. "Hard" and "Zilla" follow the instruction book for relentlessly hard grooves heard on Mill's Waveform Transmissions series. Essential listening.
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Balance Remakes (reissue)
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 in stock $5.97
Cat: TRESOR 95. Rel: 28 Sep 15
  1. Box (version II) (4:45)
  2. Set One (version II) (4:55)
  3. Dialogue (Mick Harris remake) (7:39)
Review: One reissue for the heads right here! Some sturdy remakes of tracks from Anthony Child's 1998 album Balance, and they're all as fierce as you'd imagine. "Box (Version II)" is a relentless thrasher with walls of muted snares. "Set One (Version II)" is typical Surgeon; a grating body basher with an offbeat that eventually locks into the 4/4 as all hell breaks loose! Scorn's Mick Harris gives "Dialogue" a typically sinister overhaul; it's a stunning experimental soundscape with a dense and persisting sub bass supporting some seriously futuristic glitches.
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Played by: Vidinovski
Bland Ambition
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coming soon $8.95
Cat: DTR 011 . Rel: 14 Oct 16
  1. Bland Ambition Pt 1
  2. Bland Ambition Pt 2
  3. Bland Ambition Pt 3
  4. Bland Ambition Pt 4
Search Deep Inside Yourself
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 in stock $7.87
Cat: BP 044 . Rel: 29 Feb 16
  1. Search (6:04)
  2. Deep (5:57)
  3. Inside (6:41)
  4. Yourself (6:01)
Review: To commence their 20th birthday celebrations, British techno imprint Blueprint has naturally turned to some of their pals for fresh material. Thus, we get Search Deep Inside Yourself, Surgeon's first appearance on James Ruskin's imprint for 19 years. The Birmingham producer naturally rises to the occasion, surging between metallic loop-jams ("Inside"), bleep-heavy broken techno brilliance ("Deep"), and surprisingly warm, tribal-enthused techno anthems ("Search"). Arguably best of all, though, is closer "Yourself", which sounds like Jaydee's "Plastic Dreams" after 20 years on crack, several spells in jail, and a brutal gang beating. Sure, there are few surprises, but when does Surgeon ever disappoint? You know the drill.
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Surgeon EP (remastered)
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 in stock $10.04
Cat: SRX 001. Rel: 22 Sep 14
  1. Magneze
  2. Move
  3. Atol
  4. Argon
Review: The SRX label is a new endeavour from the increasingly shaggy bearded techno icon Surgeon, with six planned releases of his early, rare and unreleased works pooled from the original DAT tapes he rediscovered earlier this year. Working closely with long term mastering companion Christoph Grote-Beverborg of D&M Berlin, the series promises much on the basis of this inaugural edition which features material originally released back in 1994 as the Magneze 12? on Downwards. Newly titled the Surgeon EP, all four tracks naturally resonate with the sort of powerful loop based techno Downwards were pioneering at this time and expect to hear them in your dark basement of choice over the coming months ("Atol" is a particular highlight). Extra praise to NYC-based Common Name agency for the sublime sleeve design on these too.
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Force & Form (remastered)
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 in stock $15.18
Force & Form (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TRESOR 117. Rel: 01 Feb 16
  1. Remnants Of What Once Was: The Hollow Men/Ice (9:50)
  2. Black Jackal Throwbacks (11:48)
  3. Returning To The Purity Of Current (8:23)
  4. At The Heart Of It All (10:44)
Played by: Kaelan
From Farthest Known Objects
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 in stock $18.73
Cat: DTRLP 3. Rel: 01 Feb 16
  1. EGS-zs8-1 (6:44)
  2. Z8_GND_5296 (6:30)
  3. SXDF-NB1006-2 (6:45)
  4. GN-108036 (6:19)
  5. BDF-3299 (6:48)
  6. ULAS J1120+0641 (5:57)
  7. A1703 ZD6 (4:54)
  8. BDF-521 (7:03)
Review: Anthony Child claims that the inspiration for his seventh artist album came from using hardware to receive transmissions from far-flung galaxies. He then hooked up with astrophysicist Dr Andrew Read - a former collaborator - to work out the bewildering track titles. That's the concept. The reality is that From Farthest Known Objects is a dense, grainy work. It feels like Child has deconstructed or in some more extreme situations has hacked away at tropes like minimalism, clicks and cuts and dub step to reveal an inner, hidden world. On the first few tracks, this alternate reality resounds to a sluggish pace, amid the crackle and groan of cleaved percussion and tortured subs, but it gradually comes round to stepping, broken beat techno and lunging rhythms. That these also descend into pulverising walls of white noise and nausea-inducing frequency shifts at times also serve as a reminder that Child has tuned into something other or inner-worldly.
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From Farthest Known Objects
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 in stock $10.31
Cat: DTRCD 3. Rel: 01 Feb 16
  1. EGS-zs8-1
  2. Z8_GND_5296
  3. SXDF-NB1006-2
  4. GN-108036
  5. BDF-3299
  6. ULAS J1120+0641
  7. A1703 ZD6
  8. BDF-521
Review: Here's something to quicken the pulse of any dedicated techno fan: a first new album from Anthony Child in Surgeon mode for five years. Predictably, From Farthest Known Objects is a strong set, with the veteran noisemaker delving deep into his collection of analogue hardware to deliver a set that pops and whizzes with far-sighted intensity. Perhaps the album's most impressive feature is it's wonky melodic appeal, with the Birmingham-born producer delivering fizzing, intergalactic refrains that sound like they were created on broken space hardware. While the rhythms are sometimes as dense and full-throttle as you'd expect, he also doffs a cap to Drexciyan electro, and the kind of distorted, hard-to-describe grooves that were once a hallmark of Autechre. It's a blend that works wonderfully well.
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Played by: Plant43, THE EXALTICS
Force & Form Remakes (remastered)
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 in stock $6.78
Cat: TRESOR 116. Rel: 18 Jan 16
  1. Force (Surgeon remake 1) (5:28)
  2. Force (Surgeon remake 2) (4:29)
  3. Force (Mick Harris remake) (11:20)
Communications (remastered)
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 in stock $12.21
Cat: SRX 003. Rel: 13 Apr 15
  1. Syllable (8:54)
  2. Cable (5:04)
  3. Wire (5:31)
  4. Wave (8:52)
  5. Particle (5:21)
  6. Optic (6:49)
Review: It's been some 19 years since British techno mainstay Surgeon released his debut album, Communications. Here it gets a deserved reissue in freshly re-mastered form, with Anthony Child's immaculate loop jams sparkling like never before. In hindsight, it was the album that defined his formula, and while later explorations were even more forthright, there's plenty of robust, driving, angular fare alongside the deeper, more melodious efforts that marked out his early work (see the rolling organs of "Wave", or the intelligent techno lushness of "Syllable"). That it still stands up as an album is testament to the quality of Childs work, not to mention his unique musical vision.
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Played by: Ali Renault
Sound Pressure
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 in stock $8.95
Cat: DTR 003. Rel: 15 Jun 98
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
Fabric 53
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 in stock $7.05
Fabric 53 (low-price mixed CD)
Cat: FABRIC 105. Rel: 30 Aug 10
  1. Location Recording From Kuramae Subway Station, Tokyo, Japan
  2. Scuba - "Glance"
  3. Surgeon - "Bad Hands" (Drums Only)
  4. Marco Bernardi - "Giro" (Exium remix)
  5. Instra:mental - "Forbidden"
  6. Forward Strategy Group - "Applied Generics A"
  7. Reeko - "Agile Movement"
  8. Surgeon - "Bad Hands" (part 2 - Drums Only)
  9. Robert Hood - "Superman"
  10. Planetary Assault Systems - "X Speaks To X" (Al Tourettes & Appleblim remix)
  11. Ritzi Lee - "Black Star Ritual" (Ben Sims remix)
  12. T-Polar - "Crab People"
  13. Ital Tek - "Spectrum Falls"
  14. Surgeon - "Klonk" (part I - drums only)
  15. Subeena - "Picture"
  16. Fran Harnett - "It Was Written In Vapour"
  17. Mark Broom & James Ruskin - "Hostage"
  18. Stephen Brown - "Stress Free"
  19. Ancient Methods - "AM04B1"
  20. Surgeon - "Compliance Momentum"
  21. Greena - "Tenzado"
  22. Starkey - "Spacecraft"
  23. Starkey - "Stars" (feat Anneka - Slugabed Did A remix)
  24. Cari Lekebusch - "Spindizzy" (Luke Slater's L.B dub Corp remix)
  25. Surgeon - "The Crawling Frog Is Torn & Smiles"
  26. Orphx - "Threshold" (Substance remix)
  27. Gatekeeper - "Blip"
  28. Mark Broom & James Ruskin - "No Time Soon"
  29. Russ Gabriel - "El Juan"
  30. DJ Overdose - "What"
Review: The techno deity that is Anthony Child, aka Surgeon, compiles the 53rd instalment of the vaulted fabric mix series and my, isn't it something. Fusing tough, raw techno and dubstep, Child takes us on a relentless journey that unites the work of Scuba, Ital Tek and Instra:mental with Mark Broom, James Ruskin and a healthy slew of his own productions. The pounding, bone shattering drop into the Al Tourettes & Appleblim remix of Planetary Assault Systems "X Speaks To X" sums up what Surgeon is all about on this mix - the interbreeding of two genres into one serious workout. Indeed, his chosen moniker has never appeared so apt, cutting and slicing seemingly disparate beats into one flowing narrative. This mix is easily as essential as any of its predecessors, and that's saying something.
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