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 in stock $10.89
GPH21 (limited 12")
Cat: GPH 21. Rel: 01 Sep 14
  1. Eastern Renaissance - "42A 19' 53 N"
  2. Mike Parker - "Night Of 21 Hours"
  3. Echologist - "Burn Permit"
  4. Stanislav Tolkachev - "The Right Side Of Hell"
Review: Though largely a platform for full artist releases, Mike Parker's Geophone label does dabble in the occasional various artist release and the last one (GPH19) really set the bar high with contributions from Voices From The Lake, Stanislav Tolkachev and that sensational Shifted remix of Parker. For this latest issue, Tolkachev is invited back to the label and he provides a chaotic "The Right Side Of Hell" which sounds like X-101 gone wrong (in a good way), while Eastern Renaissance's "42A 19' 53 N" is like hearing Warp's LFO mixed together with Prologue techno. Echologist, aka Brandon Moeller, provides a beat down and pulsating "Burn Permit" - and as you'd expect, Mike Parker throws down some deep and throbbing modulations on "Night Of 21 Hours".
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Moments 2
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 in stock $8.82
  1. I/Y - "Bellwether" (6:22)
  2. Christopher Joseph - "The Key" (6:22)
  3. Stanislav Tolkachev - "Don't Be Surprised" (8:46)
  4. Irakli - "Walk Over" (5:05)
Review: Irakli and Yacoub aka I/Y have taken Berlin by storm in the last few years, becoming strong fixtures of the local scene since making the move from their native Georgia and setting up shop in the capital with performances at regular haunts like Berghain and about//blank with their revered Staub parties. Their label likewise is on to good things, already on to its second release. I/Y Moments offers up some great tracks by Flexxseal head honcho Christopher Joseph with the snarling and savage analogue techno jam "The Key" which sounds like Waveform Transmissions era Jeff Mills and Ukrainian master of hypnotic techno Stanislav Tolkachev who serves up the woozy and hysterical "Don't Be Surprised". I/Y themselves offer up another Jeff Mills tribute of their own with the cyclical chimes of "Bellwether" while Irakli flies solo on the deep atmospheric techno of "Walk Over".
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When You Are Not At Home
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 in stock $25.67
Cat: MORDLP 002. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Intro (0:39)
  2. Misfire (3:24)
  3. When You Are Not At Home (7:19)
  4. Mostly Harmless (7:14)
  5. Scar (6:12)
  6. Apexcordis (3:57)
  7. Disposable Killer (3:38)
  8. Proof (5:16)
  9. And Then She Fell (4:40)
  10. Five Grams Will Be OK (8:41)
  11. Bring (3:33)
  12. The Story Of Someone (5:03)
  13. See You Tomorrow (4:39)
  14. A Small Fortune (1:44)
  15. Idiom (7:15)
  16. Vot I Vse (5:26)
Textures 4AM
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 in stock $8.56
  1. Stanislav Tolkachev - "Acid Midnight Fox Bay" (6:29)
  2. Corcos - "Change Tomorow" (6:32)
  3. Society Of Silence - "Corners" (5:31)
  4. Antigone & Abdulla Rashim - "Mackandal" (6:34)
Review: Paris boat party turned label Concrete Music has clearly been giving some thought to its' textures series. This month, they're set to release a swathe of new split EPs, each themed around a time of day. There's 3pm, 7am and, here, 4am. As a result, much of the material here is dark, trippy and unrelenting, capturing the natural shift from peak time pump to more clandestine aural pastures. Each of the artists predictably catches the mood, which is perhaps best exemplified by the broken techno rhythms, melancholic pads and yearning mood of Antigone and Abdulla Rashim's "Mackandal". That said, Stanislav Tolkachev excels with the deliciously dark and intense "Acid Midnight For Bay", while Society of Silence's "Corners" is a metallic, percussive beast.
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Raw Raw #11
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 in stock $8.82
  1. Stanislav Tolkachev - "North" (4:50)
  2. Eric Fetcher - "Signal Control" (5:17)
  3. I/Y - "Scenes On Silver Grains" (6:55)
  4. Savas Pascalidis - "Dilemma" (6:15)
Locus Of Control
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 in stock $8.29
Cat: WCR 011. Rel: 21 Mar 16
  1. Stanislav Tolkachev - "Creeping Determinism" (4:38)
  2. Stanislav Tolkachev - "Cognitive Bias" (5:09)
  3. YYYY - "Khaliat" (5:47)
  4. YYYY - "Hath" (4:56)
Review: London based imprint Weekend Circuit is back with a ferocious back to back effort by Ukrainian techno hero Stanislav Tolkachev and a mysterious newcomer. "Creeping Determinism" is a moment of Tolkachev at his particular finest: a pounding and broken peak time groove featuring all his trademark dystopian aesthetic and best of all, it's actually mixable. Likewise "Cognitive Bias" is surefire dancefloor artillery with its 4/4 onslaught powered by expertly executed series of chimes and bleeps, hypnotising you into submission. On the flip we've got "Khaliat" by the mysterious YYYY: a menacing, Berghain ready, peak time destroyer in the vein of Developer or anything on his famed Modularz imprint. His second offering "Hath" is equally suited to a heaving main room: a tough, surefire cyclical techno cut in the vein of Robert Hood, Phase or Rodhad with hypnotic beats and the mandatory claps on the kick, wicked!
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Played by: JLG, Arnaud Le Texier
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 in stock $9.32
19 (12")
Cat: GPH 19. Rel: 18 Mar 13
  1. Voices From The Lake - "Reptilicus" (feat Donato Dozzy)
  2. Mike Parker - "Mnajdra" (Shifted remix)
  3. Stanislav Tolkachev - "Heartbeat"
Review: In what could be the biggest techno release of 2013 so far, Geophone delivers a rarely seen VA package, with Mike Parker only appearing in remixed form. Donato Dozzy and Neel's revered Voices From The Lake collaboration supply their first release outside of Prologue with some throbbing brain pulses in "Reptilicus" - much harder sounding than their album material. Shifted's remix to Parker's "Mnajdra" is outrageously Berghain-centric, as mechanically mutated insect buzzes hammer away to scraping and suctioned percussion. Ukrainian artist Stanislav Tolkachev, who is making a name for himself since his track "Building Peaks" on Developer's Modularz settles into Geophone's 19th release with his usual frenetic pace, this time employing thudding drums and melancholic atmospheres likened to Aphex Twin's more emotional material.
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